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Knee Immobilizer Single Patient Use Only Rx Only INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE 1. Place brace against the leg such that the metal stay runs down the back of the leg (anteriorly). 2. If the blue foam popliteal pad is ordered by clinician, remove paper backing to expose adhesive and apply to the knee immobilizer as shown. 3. Close the brace so that the. therapy instructions for proper use. 3. Apply support to leg on a horizontal surface. Center the knee in the patella opening. 4. Adjust the panels to the correct size using the contact closure attachments. When immobilizer is applied, size adjustable panels should meet in the center to prevent straps from contacting the leg. Readjust if needed. 5 Step-by-Step Description of Procedure. Follow any available product-specific instructions and recommendations. Prepare the knee immobilizer and straps. Place the immobilizer behind the leg and centered behind the knee vertically and laterally. If the immobilizer has a patellar cutout, align the cutout over the patella

Knee Immobilizer, Universal Instructions For Use Please read these instructions completely and carefully before applying this brace. Correct application of the brace is important for proper function. Tracy, CA 95304 Phone: 866.592.0488 • Fax: 209.834.883 A knee immobilizer limits knee movement. It is used after an injury or surgery to help your knee, muscles, or tendons heal. DISCHARGE INSTRUCTIONS: How to safely use a knee immobilizer: Have your knee immobilizer fitted by your healthcare provider. It is important that your knee immobilizer is the right size for you and that it fits properly Toll Free: 866-277-3135 www.comfortlandmed.com Comfortland Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer . Fitting Instructions . Note: Your practitioner is familiar with your specific medical condition and is using this product as part of your total care

A knee immobilizer is a type of brace worn on the leg to lock the knee in extension and prevent motion of the joint. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, a knee immobilizer is often used after an acute injury to the knee, such as a ligament rupture or a fracture protect.Knee immobilizer standard/universal Knieortheseinfo@medi-asia.com Knee Brace Orthèse d'abduction pour le genou Ortesis funcuional de rodilla Gebrauchsanweisung. Instructions for use. Mode d'emploi. Instrucciones de uso. Instruções para aplicação. Istruzioni per l'uso. Gebruiksaanwijzing. Brugsvejledning. Bruksanvisning. Knee immobilizers are also commonly prescribed after a total knee replacement or ACL. Proper use of the knee immobilizer is crucial to preventing the knee from bending. Step 1. Place the knee immobilizer on a flat, raised surface. If it comes with a back knee pad, put it in the right place. Step 2 Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer Instructions for Use Indications: Ideal for post-operative and post-injury immobilization of the knee. Application Instructions: 1. Unfasten all straps and open the immobilizer completely. 2. Affix the foam to the inside of the immobilizer at the center of the brace. 3. Position the leg over the affixed foam where the. Place the brace slightly higher than your knee. This will allow for some wiggle room as far as slipping goes. Pull the Velcro straps of the leg immobilizer tight but comfortable. You don't want to cut off your circulation. Find a local orthotics supply store. A specialist there will be able to properly fit the brace to your leg

Ultra Tricot Knee Immobilizer Site Map 669 East Industrial Park Drive - Manchester, NH 03109 - Phone 603.623.3344 - Fax 603.623.411 Used to immobilize the knee joint post-operatively or after joint injury

Knee Sleeve, Closed/Open Patella, Reinforced Knee (24100,24105,24115) Open Popliteal, Open Patella Knee Sleeve (3605) Osgood Schlatter Sleeve (3647) Osgood Schlatter Sleeve, Short (3647S) KUHL™ Knapp™ Sleeve (5607) Immobilizers 16-22 Knee Immobilizer, Elastic Straps (203,204,205,206) 12-24 Three Panel Knee Immobilizer. Used for immobilization of the knee joint post-operatively or after joint injury Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer Sizes: 12″, 16″, 16″ XL, 18″, 20″, 20″ XL, 24″ Tri-panel, adjustable design to provide comfortable and secure knee immobilization 3-Panel Knee Immobilizer - 18 61020. 3-Panel Knee Immobilizer - 20 61024. 3-Panel Knee Immobilizer - 24 CONTACT INFO 2235 Pennsylvania Street. Fort Wayne, Indiana 46803 800-227-8748 sales @united-ortho.com. PRODUCTS. Knee Bracing. Ankle Bracing. Walking Boots. Foot/Toe Products. Shoulder Bracing

  1. Knee Immobilizers. Knee immobilizers are designed to prevent knees from bending for a short period of time either before or after knee surgery. Universal and sized supports are available to fit any patient. Our knee immobilizers are made of breathable perforated foam which allows for increased air circulation for added patient comfort
  2. Instructions Your Rehab III (Donjoy™) knee brace is intended to keep your knee from bending or moving from side to side to help prevent further injury to your knee joint. Dr Herald will preset your knee brace before you leave the hospital
  3. Aug 11, 2014. #8. I do coding for the facility side of the ED and we use 29505 for a knee immobilizer. This would be a long-leg splint. Last edited: Aug 11, 2014. A
  4. AliMed® Economy Foam Knee Immobilizers. Starting at $32.00. Quantity must be between 1 and 5000. Choose Options. Add to Compare. AliMed® FREEDOM® comfort™ Three-Panel Knee Immobilizer. Starting at $41.00. Quantity must be between 1 and 5000. Choose Options
  5. Universal Knee Immobilizer. Universal design allows for inventory reduction; features contoured posterior stays and movable medial/ lateral stay assemblies for optimal positioning and immobilization with 4 elastic patella strap for added compression; available in x-wide width. Indicated for post-op knee immobilization and mild to severe knee.
  6. Deluxe Universal Knee Immobilizer. Constructed of durable open-cell trimmable foam. Three posterior stays and movable dual medial/ lateral stays provide proper immobilization and positioning. Has a 4 elastic patella strap for lock-out
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  1. http://www.med.umich.edu/i/op/Policy%20&%20Procedure%20Manual/P&P%20PDF%20Folders/600%20PDF%20ver/Device%20Descriptions.%20PDF%20Files/KneeImmobilizer.pd
  2. DISCHARGE INSTRUCTIONS: Return to the emergency department if: You have severe knee pain or swelling. You cannot move or put weight on your injured leg. Contact your healthcare provider if: Your knee pain returns or becomes worse when you wear your brace. Your skin is sore or raw after you wear your brace
  3. The DeRoyal Sized Black Foam Knee Immobilizer is constructed out of black foam with a tricot liner, and features T-bar stays for protecting m ild to severe knee injuries, post-operative immobilization, fractures, and more.The Sized Black Foam Knee Immobilizer is available in both pediatric and adult sizes fit every size individual. Comfort is at the top of the list of features with this.
  4. The Medi-Wrap Adult Arm or Leg Immobilizers can be used to support and protect arms and legs in home care, hospitals, or physical therapy. To apply it, simply wrap it around a limb and adjust the Velcro closure for a secure, optimal fit. Standard and plus-sized Medi-Wrap Adult Arm or Leg Immobilizers are available

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The knee immobilizer/ brace/wrap supports the knee and helps prevent further injury. 3. Elevating the knee will reduce swelling, especially in the first 48 hours after injury. Keep the knee up on pillows, above the level of the heart. 4. Apply cold packs to the knee off-and-on for the first 48 hours after injury Knee Immobilizer Please read the following instructions carefully and completely before use. Correct application is required to ensure proper function of the device. Intended for single patient use. WARNING: This product should be used only under the supervision of a medical professional. If your pain increases or persists or yo A knee immobilizer, also called a knee brace, keeps your knee from moving or bending while it is healing. Different knee braces will have different instructions for use. Follow the instructions from your doctor

Knee Immobilizer. A knee immobilizer is a type of brace used to provide support and limit movement of the knee. This will make you more comfortable as your injury heals. Always follow your healthcare professional's instructions. Start New Patient Education Search. Contact Fairview. 24/7 appointment scheduling: 1-855-FAIRVIEW (1-855-324-7843 Application Instructions. 1. Unfasten the straps and slip the support up and over the knee until the opening is aligned over the kneecap (patella). 2. Adjust the straps. 3. When properly applied, the support should fit snug but not so tight that it deeply depresses the skin. 9917 KNEE IMMOBILIZER. 9917 PRODUCT FEATURES 2. How long do I wear the knee immobilizer? If you had a hip replacement revision, you will probably have a knee immobilizer on your leg. This is to make it harder for you to accidentally flex your hip too much. You must wear the knee immobilizer for the first six weeks. You may remove it only when supervised, and with someone else's assistance Provide all necessary prescriptions for post-operative medications, and provide you with a knee immobilizer, crutches or walker, cane, and cold-therapy unit. Confirm that home health care has been arranged and approved by your insurance

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Formfit ® Pro Knee OA. Össur Formfit ® Pro Knee OA is a dynamic, lightweight, and compressive knee sleeve for people in an early stage of knee osteoarthritis (OA). This unique knee support provides unloading and pain relief for the knee. Category: OA knee braces. XS, S, M, M Comfort, L, L Comfort, XL, XL Comfort Universal Knee Immobilizer comfortably fits most legs with adjustable stays and straps. The movable stay/strap assembly facilitates correct medial and lateral positioning. 3/8 thick laminated foam with alternating hook-and-loop closures A knee immobilizer is a type of brace worn on the leg to lock the knee in extension and prevent motion of the joint. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, a knee immobilizer is often used after an acute injury to the knee, such as a ligament rupture or a fracture. Knee immobilizers are also commonly prescribed after ACL or total knee replacement surgery. Proper use of the. Universal Knee Immobilizers. Knee immobilizers are often used after surgery to help prevent unwanted movement that could re-injure the leg or cause harm to the healing area. A key example of this is during sleep, when a patient may toss and turn and accidentally reinjure the knee joint. Knee immobilizers are also sometimes called knee splints ZIM188350022. Universal Perforated Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer with Contoured Stays, 22 Long x 27 Circumference. 1 EA. Stock Allocated QTY : / Remaining QTY : / Allocation Reset Date : ZIM188350024. Universal Perforated Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer with Contoured Stays, 24 Long x 28 Circumference. 1 EA

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Knee immobilizer in place when out of bed and standing or walking x 24hrs. Out of bed to chair with assistance. You may be seen by the Physical Therapist for evaluation and initiation of your exercise program. Perform coughing and deep breathing Discharge Instructions Wound Car Seated Quad Set: With the leg straight and immobilizer open, place a rolled towel under your knee and tighten the quad muscles in the front of the thigh, pushing the knee down into the towel. Perform this 2-3 times a day. 25-30 reps each session. 3. Ankle Pumps: Move your ankle up and down frequently during the day Webbing swathe strap for shoulder immobilization. Soft foam neck pad for greater patient comfort. Slide buckle on strap for easy adjustment. Thumb loop. Velcro closure. HOW TO APPLY: Unfasten hook and loop closures on straps. Insert arm into pouch with elbow in the pouch corner. Bring strap across back and over the opposite shoulder The knee immobilizer is kept in place until postoperative day 2, when the dressings are changed and the wound is inspected to assess appropriate healing. VI. After the first wound check, a cylinder cast can be placed with the knee in full extension. Alternately, a reliable patient can be maintained in a locked hinged knee brace or immobilizer.. Ortocanis Knee Immobilizer The Ortocanis knee immobilizer stabilizes the articulation of the dog and helps dogs with limping and joint pain for an improved quality of life. Main Characteristics: Pain Relief: it reduces pain by increasing the joint's temperature, helping to reduce the inflamation

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Instructions for Use. The knee brace has to be correctly pulled up on the dog's leg until it covers the knee area. Place the fastening strap of the brace under the abdomen and over the back and fasten the Velcro on the outside. Be careful not to injure the dog when placing it,. Knee Immobilizer McKesson X-Large Elastic Contact Straps Up to 36 Inch Thigh Circumference 20 Inch Length Left or Right Knee. Ideal orthopedic solution for immobilization of the knee joint Extra-large design fits the left or right knee for patients with a thi Adjustable medial/lateral stays and rigid posterior stay provide stabi A knee brace is a support that can be worn to reduce knee pain, prevent injuries, and help you recover after an injury. There are different types of knee braces (e.g., a motion control brace, a knee immobilizer, and several more) which are composed of a variety of materials and offer a range of knee joint support levels

The Rolyan AquaForm Knee Immobilizer is a custom-molded knee support that immobilizes the knee and helps reduce pain. The amount of knee flexion is adaptable for the individual. A hook & loop closure is attached to low-temperature thermoplastic and allows adjustments to be made for fluctuations in soft tissue mass 9910 / THREE PANEL KNEE IMMOBILIZER. Three panel immobilizer, wide range of circumference adjustment. Distinctive gray foam with black hook-and-pile components for adjustment. Medial, lateral and posterior stays in extra long web casings - padded interiorly. Contact closure straps, adapts for edema / atrophy, easy to apply and remove Designed to stabilize, immobilize, and protect the knee Polyester exterior with foam core and soft nylon lining Reinforced rigid aluminum medial and lateral stays for greater immobilization Reinforced anatomically-contoured aluminum posterior stays with fortified center beam Loop-and-lock straps allow quick adjustment of fit and level of compression Detachable 4-wide elastic patella strap. Instructions; Add On Options (Available in Cool or Full Foam.) The Exoform Knee Immobilizer is the most adjustable knee immobilizer available. Ossur's unique Slide-to-Size approach enables the care provider to fit the widest variety of patients. This allows you to reduce your inventory. The Exoform's unique posterior stay and dual-cuff design.

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Created Date: 10/10/2011 4:35:26 P Simple knee immobilizer . We regularly see patients come into the office with a simple knee immobilizer that has slid down around their ankle, which is obviously not stabilizing their knee. The simple knee immobilizer is defined as a non-functional brace. Non-functional braces aren't designed for the wearer to be active in The knee turns one way while the lower or upper leg goes another way. A sprain also can happen when the knee is hit from the side or the front. If a knee ligament is slightly stretched, you will probably need only home treatment. You may need a splint or brace (immobilizer) for a partly torn ligament. A complete tear may need surgery Formfit ®. Ultimate in breathable support technology. Unlike uncomfortable braces that trap moisture, the Formfit Pro range is precision-engineered 3D knitted to deliver professional-grade compression. Proven superior to other leading brands for moisture wicking and breathability, Formfit Pro technology helps skin stay cool and comfortable

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Make Offer - Large 18-20 Brand Used DeRoyal Universal Knee Brace Immobilizer. White. White. Warrior Knee Brace Regular Wrap Around Small 15½ - 18 Thigh 1461100 Sizing Instructions Sizing Instructions Keep in mind your knee cap will be in the middle of the immobilizer brace. So if you were to order a 20 you would have 10 inches below and 10 inches above the knee cap. DETERMINE YOUR SIZE Please follow directions below to determine your siz Knee immobilizers are removable devices that maintain stability of the knee. Follow any available product-specific instructions and recommendations. Prepare the knee immobilizer and straps. Place the immobilizer behind the leg and centered behind the knee vertically and laterally

Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer Please read the following instructions carefully and completely before use. Correct application is required to ensure proper function of the device. Intended for single pati ent use. WARNING: T his product should be used only under the supervision of a medical professional. If your pain increases or persists or yo • The knee immobilizer needs to be worn for four weeks. • You may remove your immobilizer for range of motion exercises, when lying around, and at night. However, you may be more comfortable wearing the immobilizer for the first week following surgery. • You must wear the immobilizer when walking in a knee immobilizer and told not to bend your knee at all)! You may continue this exercise if you simply had a torn meniscus trimmed or removed (more common). 4. Calf Raises Stand, using chair for balance. Raise up on toes, through full range. Return to start position and repeat. Hold exercise for 4 Seconds. Rest 3 Seconds between sets You will go home with a knee immobilizer brace to use when walking, until your post-operative office visit 2 weeks after surgery. Your doctor will give special instructions in some cases. You should step up and down stairs using the unaffected leg only at this time for both types of implants. For instructions about walking with crutches, go to

IMMOBILIZER/POST-OP BRACE: The purpose of the knee immobilizer/brace after surgery is to protect-stabilize the knee and to help maintain full extension for the first few weeks. Until instructed otherwise, it should be worn at all times except to perform exercises that require flexion (bending) or access to the knee. CRUTCHES If watching TV, do this during every commercial. Straight Leg Raise: Tighten your quads (muscle in the front of your thigh) with the knee immobilizer on and raise your leg 8 to 12 inches off the bed. Do at least three times a day. 3. Side raises: Laying on your side lift the leg 12- 24 inches off the bed

Gripper (TM) 16 GP Hinge Knee Brace with Neoprene Gripper (TM) 16 GP Hinge Knee Brace with CoolFlex Gripper (TM) 2 Hinged Knee Brace with 1/8 Neoprene Gripper (TM) Hinged Knee Brace with 3/16 Neoprene Gripper (TM) Hinged Knee Brace with CoolFlex Padded Knee Sleeve Patellavator® knee orthosis Universal Foam Knee Immobilizer

A: Most braces come with a set of cleaning instructions that you should follow. For most of them, a mild soap or laundry detergent and cold water will do the trick Follow the doctor's instructions for taking care of your child's cast or immobilizer, which is a protective brace that keeps the knee from moving. Do not remove it until your doctor says you can. Prop up the sore leg on a pillow when you ice it or anytime your child sits or lies down during the next 3 days The knee immobilizer needs to be worn for four weeks. You may remove your immobilizer for range of motion exercises, when lying around, and at night. However, you may be more comfortable wearing the immobilizer for the first week following surgery. You must wear the immobilizer when walking

Instructions. 1. First of all, you should get the most appropriate medial unloader knee brace. It is better to take advice from a doctor who will help you in choosing the right knee brace for you. 2. After getting a medial unloader knee brace, you should place it in a position that keeps your knee in the middle of the brace.. Instructions for Wearing Your Shoulder Immobilizer Brace Parts of the Immobilizer The shoulder immobilizer has 4 parts: a large chest band/strap, an upper arm cuff, a hand/wrist cuff, and an over the shoulder strap. The pictures below show the different pieces that will be placed together to apply the shoulder immobilizer Created Date: 1/26/2012 9:55:33 A Knee Arthroscopy Discharge Instructions In the first 24 hours after surgery: If your doctor wants you to use a knee immobilizer, you will be taught how to use it and told when you can stop using it. Daily knee exercises are important for the return of a functional and healthy knee. Your doctor will talk to you about what exercises to do and.

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KNEE IMMOBILISER. Orliman's knee immobilising orthosis is made from terrycloth on the inside and breathable honeycomb fabric on the outside. It features side splints and a rear splint to keep the leg immobilised in extension. The side splints can be set to two positions to fit the physical characteristics of each patient (they have to be. Phone Number: 800-872-5488 Fax Number: 800-455-5488 1850 Diplomat Drive, Suite #100 Farmers Branch, TX 7523 Step-By-Step Knee Brace Application Instructions. Now that you're prepared for proper application of your knee brace, we've prepared a step-by-step guide to ensure the perfect application, every time. Step 1: Initial Preparation. A. To start off the application, sit on the edge of your firm surface in a stable position

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A knee brace is a blessing and a curse. It gives your knee a chance to rest, to heal, and it also slows you down. What do you do when knee brace migration begins and you see your knee brace slipping constantly? Your leg shape, injury, and brace combined will determine what you can do so you don't experience a knee brace falling to your ankles You should use the immobilizer each night until we tell you it's ok to stop. Following knee surgery it is important to work on both the bending and straightening. It is imperative to use this brace in order to keep your knee straight at night time which will provide extra extension therapy. Posted in: Frequently Asked Questions About Surgery

DonJoy TROM Advance Knee BracePadded Strap Shoulder ImmobilizerDonjoy Drytex Playmaker Knee Brace - Knee SupportsCorflex Inc: Stride OA Osteoarthritis Knee Brace OTSCorflex Inc: Shoulder Abduction Pillow w/Firm Fit Sling

Please read these instructions before undergoing an ACL reconstruction for guidelines of how to properly care for yourself after your treatment. Dressings: Keep dressings dry and intact with knee immobilizer in place for 3 days unless otherwise instructed by your doctor RCAI prefabricated orthoses are handcrafted and made at the RCAI manufacturing facility in St. Petersburg, Florida. Developed under the guidance of certified orthotists and tested in leading teaching hospitals, RCAI products address the effects of immobility and neurological conditions associated with traumatic injuries and chronic disease, including joint contracture and pressure sores The Compression Knee Immobilizer is an excellent knee brace after surgery that offers optimal immobilization of the knee as well as maximum patient comfort. This post-operative knee brace is ideal for doctors' offices, emergency rooms, and surgery centers because of its universal sizing. It is also available with optional pockets to accommodate.

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