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Adding other elements. There are many other elements in SAP Analytics Cloud that you can add to enhance your story. Some of them are: Live clock. RSS Feed. Embedded website. Input Control. Change background color. Adding images, shapes, and text is a simple, yet effective way to enhance your story Dynamic Column Header Name in SAP analytics Cloud. 1769 Views. Hi Experts, I want to change the name of Column as per report filter selection. for example if column name is budget and i have 3 report filter 1. Current month 2. previous month 3. Upcoming month forecast. I want to change the column name as per filter selections How to find User Assistance for SAP Analytics Cloud? Ask a question on the SAP Community! 2487011 - What information do I need to provide when opening incidents with SAP Analytics Cloud (Hint: Use component LOD-ANA*) Your feedback is important to help us improve our knowledge base

Getting Started with SAP Analytics Cloud. Anatomy of SAP Analytics Cloud. Data sources and models. Visualization. Collaboration. Presentation. Administration and security. Signing up for the trial version In the current scenario, you will add dynamic text to your Story page to describe the type of content it renders. Click on the Add icon. Dynamically change the colour of a Shape in SAP Analytics Cloud Story. Can we dynamically change the colour of a Shape in SAP Analytics Cloud Story using Conditional formatting or Story threshold creation? Or can we dynamically change or assign any image based on Thresholds/Conditional formatting? Help to improve this question by adding a.

In this video tutorial, you'll add images, shapes, and text to the pages of a story The SAP Analytics Cloud solution combines BI, augmented and predictive analytics, and planning capabilities into one cloud environment. As the analytics layer of SAP's Business Technology Platform, it supports advanced analytics enterprise-wide. Meet the analytics needs of all types of people and decisions with an end-to-end analytics. Explore SAP Analytics Cloud's Application Design use case in detail and learn how to build interactive & dynamic analytic applications. Menu. Reach out to our team here if you are interested to evaluate if SAP Analytics Cloud is right for you. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. SAP Analytics Cloud - Application Design Series 24 - Commenting SAP Analytics Cloud - Official Product Tutorials. The following tutorials have been developed to help you get started using SAP Analytics Cloud (formerly SAP BusinessObjects Cloud) and SAP Digital Boardroom. New content is added as soon as it becomes available, so check back on a regular basis. These videos include optional text captions that. Step 16: Connect the ABAP system to SAP Analytics Cloud. Login to the SAP Analytics Cloud tenant. Open the main menu and click Connection and on the Connection Window click Add. In the popup under Connect to Live Data click SAP S/4 HANA

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  1. We give you a kickstart in how to use the SAP Analytics Cloud, analytics designer. We offer you coding examples and we want to get you enthusiastic about the enormous flexibility you have for building advanced analytic applications. We want you to become a fan of our product seeking for the unlimited possibilities in the cloud
  2. Create strategic alignment across all departments, crowdsource plans across the enterprise, and empower FP&A teams with SAP Analytics Cloud. Act in the moment Make financial and operational decisions confidently by turning insight into action instantly using a personal sandbox planning environment, visualizing performance metrics, and.
  3. A dynamic measure variable whose value depends on the input control selection; NOTE: this article is intended for expert Web Intelligence users. Starting point. The starting point is a simple table with sales for both the current and the previous year. Creating a variable as a Dimensio
  4. Use all SAP Analytics Cloud features that are available with local models (e.g. Smart Assist features) Might provide a performance edge for overview dashboards with highly aggregated data and limited in-dashboard drill-down (drill-through to dashboards with live connectivity possible

EPI-USE Labs is the Partner listed for On-premise and HR and Payroll Integration with SAP Analytics Cloud. Not only do we offer dynamic integration with SAP Analytics Cloud, the EPI-USE Labs' Query Manager solution is listed on SAP Analytics Cloud Data Sources slide for SAP Payroll, Payroll configuration and SAP On-Premise reporting (see bottom right) The message of your report is basically a text right now, but for the title we can make use of an interesting option in SAP Analytics Cloud, which is the dynamic text - and SAP Analytics Cloud even takes care of it by default. For example, when you create a new chart, you will automatically get a chart title that includes the measure, the. In addition to the aforementioned elements, you can change the appearance of the table using the options provided in the Styling tab under Designer.Besides the conventional styling options you have already applied in previous exercises, the Styling tab allows you to change the table pattern, merge cells, and add rows and columns. These options will be discussed later in this chapter Overview and Positioning of SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer. Key Capabilities. SAC Stories vs. SAP Analytic Applications. Creating Analytic Applications. Working with the different modes of an application. Working with various widgets like Crosstab, Chart, Filterline, GeoMaps etc. Introduction to Data Analyzer. Positioning of widgets The stories in SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics include the capability to create bold, impactful charts and dashboards with data from across the SAP SuccessFactors portfolio. They use modern visualization tools from SAP Analytics Cloud and provide end users with the ability to easily interact with the charts and dashboards created

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Data analysis through the SAP Analytics Cloud solution; Integration of cloud solutions and broader business network; To further support essential business services and drive customer success, SAP integrated its off-site service delivery framework. Remote delivery has been a significant part of SAP's services for more than 25 years Executives from some of the world's top companies explain how SAP solutions help their businesses run live and run simple. SAP and Google Cloud. Contact Us. Contact Us. Call Us. talks about innovation through analytics and how SAP By Design helps Skullcandy simplify business decisions to redefine the audio experience. Play video . Dynamic Data Exploration and Full Text Search* SAP Cloud for Analytics for business intelligence Core workflow § Create sophisticated, dynamic analytic applications like planning front ends. § Use the included templates to rapidly deploy self service analytics Describe the features of SAP Analytics Cloud Digital Boardroom Lesson 3: SAP Analytics Hub Lesson Objectives After completing this lesson, you will be able to: Describe how SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Analytics Hub simplify access to analytics in an organization Lesson 4: SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile Lesson Objective SAP on Google Cloud. Google Cloud has an ongoing partnership with SAP to provide SAP-certified infrastructure for all of your SAP systems. You can even choose Google Cloud to power SAP cloud offerings, like SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Ariba, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, and the SAP Cloud Platform itself

Import Connection setup with SAP Analytics Cloud - Configure the connection between SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning and SAP S/4HANA in the Public Cloud. Inbound Service for Predictive Analytics Integrator - This scope item helps setting up inbound services for Predictive Analytics Integrator • Dynamic modification of inspection scope Nonconformance Detailed Analytics Analytics - X SAP S/4HANA 1709 1809 Cloud 1811 SAP S/4HANA •Text toolbar instead of icons •Right-aligned labels •New icons •Merged SAP Fiori header •Tabs with SAP Fiori visualizatio SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office 2.8. SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office is an Add-In embedded in Microsoft Office that helps to gain insight into business data and make intelligent decisions that impact corporate performance. Previews of SAP Knowledge Base Articles and publicly available KBAs are listed here Master Data (Hierarchies & Attributes) Maintenance Analytic Application - SAP Analytics Cloud SAP Analytics Cloud 47 Context: The Idea behind this blogpost is to create a Master Data Maintenance Use Clinical Data Intelligence for Life Sciences from OpenText automates the capture, analysis and filing of clinical trial documentation with AI-augmented capture, text mining and content analytics. Cloud for Government from OpenText empowers federal agencies with stronger, risk-based security features, enabling deeper visibility, automation and.

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  1. This means that now one Extended ECM for SAP instance can support all the SAP S/4HANA Cloud instances, as well as the On-premises SAP S/4HANA ERP and older SAP ECC ERP systems. Update 5: Extended ECM for Government - embedded AppWorks to support dynamic case managemen
  2. SAP Analytics Cloud is one simple cloud solution connecting your people, information, and ideas to enable fast and confident decision-making. SAP Analytics Cloud enables analysts to create dynamic visual stories based on your key business areas with trusted data that is managed by IT
  3. g language that's useful in SAP Analytics Cloud. In this segment, let's go to the Dplyr package and see how it could be used.
  4. SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP's strategic cloud offering and analytics platform, brings together analytics capabilities such as business intelligence and data visualization, planning and augmented analytics for different user roles into one integrated product and user experience. In addition to using it with its own data models, the product can also be used as a front end for other SAP data.
  5. ReportServer's Dynamic List is a powerful yet intuitive tool to create and manage ad-hoc analyses. The Dynamic List is the preferred method in ReportServer for fast and user specific analyses of data. The real data (i.e., the raw data) for user reports is usually stored within in tables (aka. lists). With ReportServer's Dynamic List users ca
  6. Guidelines. In general, use the standard format. Follow the rules of the corresponding control to format the data appropriately. (For example, show 1.7M instead of 1,700,000 in the object list item.); Use float numbers to prevent truncation of decimal places
  7. SAP HANA Calculation View − Star Join. Once view is activated successfully, right click on view name and click on Data Preview. Add attributes and measures to values and labels axis and do the analysis. Benefits of using Star Join. It simplifies the design process. You need not to create Analytical views and Attribute Views and directly Fact.

  1. SAP's lift-and-shift-to-the-cloud plan will need more than CGI to convince users it has a clear vision for ERP. SAP stock price crashes 23%, €28bn wiped out as firm warns of Klein (er) revenues, profits ahead due to COVID-19. But SAP might take some comfort from users' attitudes in North America. Among ASUG members, 24 per cent saw RISE as.
  2. SAP Analytics Cloud is the future for reporting and analytics in SAP. As shown in the image from SAP Analytics Cloud's official list of data sources, Query Manager is specified as the Partner to provide SAP On-Premise data, SAP Payroll data and Configuration data
  3. Full range of development tools, downloads, documentation, discussions and more supporting SAP developers across all products, solutions and technologies. We use cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, improve performance, analyze traffic, and to personalize content
  4. SAP certifies a wide range of Google Cloud machine types for use with SAP HANA on Google Cloud. SAP also certifies Compute Engine VMs for SAP HANA dynamic tiering. Certified machine types for SAP HANA. The following table shows the Google Cloud machine types that are certified by SAP for production use

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Date Title, Replay, and Source Material Agenda Presenters; 4 February : SAP Cloud SDK: Update Call for SAP Community Replay Presentation: In this series of calls for SAP Community, we will give you regular updates on the latest releases of the SAP Cloud SDK, its roadmap, and topics around extensibility of SAP Business Suite, SAP S/4HANA, and other SAP offerings using SAP Cloud Platform SAP Analytics Cloud combines planning, business intelligence, and predictive analytics as a unified cloud-based platform allowing visualization, planning and prediction to be performed within a single tool. It is built on top of the very fast SAP Cloud Platform, and integrates nativel

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SAP Training and Adoption Forum 2021. Online - Live. June 30, 2021. Event details. Virtueller SAP-Infotag für internationalen Zoll- und Außenhandel. Online - Live. June 30, 2021. Event details. Journey to SAP S/4HANA - Business Innovation Framework APPLIES TO: Azure Data Factory Azure Synapse Analytics This article outlines how to use the Copy Activity in Azure Data Factory to copy data from an SAP HANA database. It builds on the copy activity overview article that presents a general overview of copy activity

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OpenText Analytics developer community is on the move. On September 22, 2017, OpenText™ retired the OpenText Analytics (Actuate) developer community. Resources such as product information, documentation, quick-start, trials, FAQ, and blogs continue to be available on www.opentext.com. Please refer to the links below for quick access to this. Enfo offers SAP services for: System/process analyses and planning services for. - Conversion projects, SAP ERP road map planning. - Capacity planning, archives and data management. - Forklifting the level of automated operations in SAP. - Ensuring the ease of use abilities. Deployment projects with S/4HANA on cloud, hybrid or datacenter Image 4: Key Figure Condition. 5. Now drag the 'Calculated Key Figure' into 'Marks' and place it under Text. It results in a visual as shown below, Image 5. Image 6 - Key Figure. 6. To get the threshold as a dynamic input field right click on the threshold and select the below option as shown in Image 7. Image 7 PAT RESEARCH, 265 Port Union Road, Toronto, M1C 4Z7, Canada. PAT RESEARCH is a B2B discovery platform which provides Best Practices, Buying Guides, Reviews, Ratings, Comparison, Research, Commentary, and Analysis for Enterprise Software and Services. We provide Best Practices, PAT Index™ enabled product reviews and user review comparisons to. Unified data connectivity across your SAP solution landscape is within your grasp using the APOS Live Data Gateway, which allows you to connect to your non-SAP data assets, and strategic SAP data assets, then consume them in SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and other SAP platforms and applications

The session will share ways these challenges can be addressed with cloud technologies, such as SAP Cloud for Utilities, and will provide actionable insights to help energy companies successfully navigate the rapidly evolving terrain, reveal future value and business opportunities and execute at scale SAP Qualtrics XM for Suppliers turns supplier feedback and signals across the supply chain into real-time insights so you can take action to improve business operations. Ensure secure critical supply, improve resiliency, and increase savings and innovation with powerful analytics that process all data from your global supplier network in real-time Young and Dynamic Team with a focus to Simplify World Around You! Among 1st Software Companies to deploy UX SAP FIORI in India. Among 1st Software Development Companies to implement SAP Design Studio in India. One the Largest Power distribution companies of the world uses BSC Global's analytics Solution. One the Largest health care companies of the world used SAP UPgrade solution and.

Any SAP Commerce Cloud setup is based on a multi-server setup organized as web cluster. This product comes with clustering support out of the box since very early versions. However, many years in a row, it is still one of the most challenging topics. JGroups is an essential component of SAP Commerce Cloud English. Welcome to the Community home for Database and Data Management, where you'll find the latest on SAP HANA and in-memory innovation, SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Data Intelligence, SAP Master Data Governance, and more. Follow and join the conversation with other users. Topics Jun 23, 2021. DevOps

SAP HANA SPS12 Rev122: Configured as single Tenant database. Transform decision processing by streamlining transactions, analytics, planning, predictive and text analytics on a single in-memory platform. Default 'ec2-user' SSH : HANA One instances are now more secure with SSH root disabled To connect to a SAP HANA database, select Get data, choose Database > SAP HANA Database, and then select Connect: When you connect to a SAP HANA database, specify the server name. Then from the dropdown and input box, specify the port. In this release, SAP HANA in DirectQuery mode is supported in Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service Realistic SAP performance testing. Micro Focus comprehensive load, stress and performance testing solutions give you an array of SAP and other protocols, assets and license centralization, advanced reporting capabilities, lab management, and more. Integrations with open source and proprietary tools will simplify your SAP modernization, and help. SAP offers its BI tools including self-service business intelligence, modeling tools for geo analysis and multi-level hierarchies, data exploration and visualization via its SAP Analytics Cloud. SAP Analytics Cloud is a complete, end-to-end SaaS solution that delivers all the analytics capabilities such as business intelligence, enterprise.

Background I have 2 Floating Field of Text Field type that are bind to same Context. I would only like to have one of them to be shown in all UpperCase. I've tried to include the below in its layout:ready this.rawValue = this.rawValue.toUpperCase(); But with the above, it changes the rawValue of.. 5. SAP Lumira. SAP Lumira has also made its place in the list of top 10 BI tools. According to the Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms 2019, SAP Lumira is categorized as a visionary BI tool having great potential. SAP Lumira is a self-service data visualization and analytics tool known for its ease-of.

SAP BusinessObjects 5 Named Users - PREMIUM. SAP BusinessObjects AMI includes a full suite of business intelligence products in the Cloud. With cloud-based solutions, businesses are discovering that they can run better faster. They don't need to order servers or have a team of programmers and database administrators SAP Cloud Automation. The SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation will help clients drive processes in a dynamic cloud-driven automated environment. This is achieved with the native interaction of three essential components - Intelligent Enterprise Suite, Intelligent Technologies

MasterDataOnline Pricing. Starting From: A product's price can vary greatly based on features needed, support or training required, and customization requests.When you find a product that fits your needs, you should talk to the vendor to figure out what they can offer. $5000.00 /year. Pricing Model: Flat Rate SAP Analytics Cloud . Roambi Analytics!! Learn More ; Our Services. Implementation Digitization and global connectivity has resulted in a dynamic and diverse change in the features and expectations from the solutions designed for global operations Sodales Solutions is an award-winning SAP Business Technology Platform solution extension partner with pre-built functional business content and industry content for regulatory compliance. Sodales cloud extensions fill critical requirements for highly regulated industries for enterprise health & safety, leave management, labor relations, union. Devasena Rajamohan, Head of SAP Cloud For Customer May, 2020 SAP Sales and Service Cloud •Extending UTM for Analytics Objects , SLA rules •Enterprise Search to Elastic Search Dynamic relative select Definitio

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ERP - SAP ECC - SAP Technology Platform Cloud Solutions - Ariba - Success Factors - E-Bee BI & Analytics - SAP HANA & BI - Big Data Mobile Technologies - SAP Fiori - SAP Mobility (SMP) Services Implementation and Consulting Services Application Management Services Resource Consulting Application Development Corporate Trainin A data fabric, which is a custom combination of architecture and technology, uses dynamic data integration and orchestration to enable frictionless access to and sharing of data across a distributed environment. Data management in the cloud: Many companies are moving some or all of their data management platform to the cloud. Cloud data.

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lineage end-to-end across SAP and third-party enterprise applications, databases, and business intelligence tools, regardless of whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. You can gain comprehensive visibility into how data is transformed across SAP technologies as well as in linked systems - SAP Ariba Spend Analysis - SAP Ariba Payables - Ariba Network. ated catalogs, and free-text POs • Marketplace capabilities that take sourcing and SAP S/4HANA Cloud, or SAP Fieldglass solutions, replac-ing the affected on-premise licenses and maintenanc Text analysis - not as simple as it sounds, This is where SAP will talk about 'dynamic tiering' in the SAP HANA service pack 9 (SPS9) release this month. data analytics and. Add a text box. You can add a text box to your dashboard and choose from a variety of font styles, sizes, and colors. This feature is only available if you are using the absolute layout. Select the text box using the visual editor by clicking the Add Text button ( ) in the editing toolbar New to SAP S/4HANA Cloud? This is the book for you! Get detailed descriptions and screenshots to see what is possible in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, from core functionality like finance and logistics to reporting with embedded analytics and KPIs

OpenText Magellan Analytics Designer Enterprise Embedded Reporting Software. OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Designer (formerly OpenText Analytics Designer) allows developers to design and create dynamic reports with embedded analytics, data visualizations, interactive web applications, and customizable dashboards for personalized insights and better end user experiences When it comes to procurement, SAP Ariba solutions are our backbone. They have allowed us to stay agile and flexible and keep our services running by giving us total visibility into our supply chain, so we can manage risk and deliver real business value. George Booth, CPO, Lloyds Banking Group plc

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  1. The SAPFire Analysis Engine can support multiple 64-bit solvers for analysis optimization and can perform both eigen analysis and Ritz analysis. SAP2000 offers a single user interface to perform modeling, analysis, design, and reporting. The customizable SAP2000 interface allows users to define window layouts and toolbar layouts
  2. SAP Analytics Cloud Used successfully by small and medium-sized organizations worldwide since 1991, SAP Crystal on-premise solutions have more than 1,000,000 regular users in 100+ countries
  3. SAP reference books and videos. Espresso Tutorials offers you learning media that focuses on the essentials for your journey from taking initial steps as a beginner to being an SAP professional. With our SAP learning platform et.training, we offer you a flat rate for eBooks and videos that can be accessed on-the-go

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  1. Easily migrate your applications (e.g.: Java, PHP, .NET) in almost any language, PHP, Ruby, Java, C, the list goes on:Support for ANSI SQL, ODBC, JDBC, Odata/JSON, and certified 3rd party tools Support more standards: JSON and XMLA over HTTP so it is a truly multi-dimensional platformBuild new web applications with any open source HTML5.
  2. SAP HANA, also known as HANA, is a relational database management system (RDBMS). It is column-oriented and uses in-memory storage to provide faster access and processing of data than is possible with traditional, persistent storage databases. You can use HANA on-premises or in the cloud. With SAP HANA, you can
  3. Itechmatics - Home. Big Data Solutions. Hadoop Implementation. Discover how Big Data Analytics tools, technologies and processes can help your organization succeed and get an advantage over the competition. According to analyst firm Gartner, 75% of businesses are wasting 14% of revenue due to poor data quality. Learn about us

Supercharge your ERP experience. Now is the time to move past traditional enterprise resource planning—to speed and agility in the public cloud. SAP S/4HANA Cloud for upstream oil and gas. The enterprise solution includes: Next-generation finance, hydrocarbon accounting, streamlined procure to pay, asset management, and AI and machine learning SAP Customer Influence. Log On. E-Mail, ID, or Login Name . Continue. Register. One for all accounts: Create your SAP Universal ID now.

How to Get Ahead Using the Core Benefits of SAP Cloud Analytics April 4, 2016 How to Export Data from SAP to Excel January 3, 2016 How to do Bank Reconciliation in SAP February 20, 2014 How to Find Cost Center in SAP November 6, 2014 How to Create Variant in SAP October 23, 2014. 2) Oracle business. Oracle E-Business Suite which is also known as Oracle EBS. It is an integrated set of business applications for automating CRM, ERP, and supply chain management processes. Features: Helps you to reduce costs of managing time and attendance record keeping. Easily enforce organizational policies Micro Focus Cloud Solutions offer the largest toolkit of cloud solutions so businesses don't just survive, but thrive in the cloud. Along with our comprehensive portfolio, we provide flexible pricing and trusted insight to make sure you have everything. you need when moving software from on premise to the cloud. Comprehensive Portfolio › Enabling OData V2 via Proxy in Node.js Apps. CAP Node.js supports serving the OData V2 protocol through the OData V2 proxy protocol adapter, which translates between the OData V2 and V4 protocols. If Node.js projects, add the proxy as express.js middleware as follows: Add the proxy package to your project: npm add @sap/cds-odata-v2-adapter.

Process Runner makes SAP data management fast and easy. Run Tcodes, BAPIs, GUI Scripting, and Data Extractor technology right from Excel. Process Runner offers deep automation capabilities for all SAP modules including FI/CO, SD, HR/HCM, MM, PP, SM, QM, and PS, and full support for SAP S/4HANA Ready to learn as much as you can We put strong emphasis on training our people on S/4HANA and all the new cloud products from SAP, both functionally and technically. You will get the chance to work in our fastest growing and most dynamic region in the west, with a wide range of top clients across all industries Essbase is a multidimensional database management system (MDBMS) that provides a multidimensional database platform upon which to build analytic applications. Essbase began as a product of Arbor Software, which merged with Hyperion Software in 1998. Oracle Corporation acquired Hyperion Solutions Corporation in 2007, as of 2009 Oracle marketed Essbase as Oracle Essbase (an on-premises product. To start, click on the Analysis for PowerPoint icon in the start menu residing in the SAP Business Intelligence folder. As before, now you can see an Analysis tab in the PowerPoint application. This opens up the same tab you saw in the excel add on. Go on to the Insert Data sources button as marked and followed the steps as before

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Description. Web Dynpro is SAP's state-of-the-art technology for creating application user interfaces (UIs). This course explains the fundamental concepts of how to develop applications based on Web Dynpro for ABAP. Build modern user interfaces using Web Dynpro for ABAP, and learn how to create applications which use all fundamental concepts. Real-time access to your data from anywhere, including databases, spreadsheets, text files, cubes, big data, or cloud apps. Watch the how-to video (2 min) Connect to more than 100 data source types including IBM Cognos, Planning Analytics, AWS, SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, Excel, and many more. See all data source

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Text Data Processing allows you to process large volume of text data. SAP BODS - Adding Transform to a Dataflow. In this chapter, you will see how to add Transform to a Data Flow. Step 1 − Go to Object Library → Transform tab. Step 2 − Select the Transform that you want to add to the data flow. If you add a transformation that has option. If you are using Adobe Analytics with a custom proxy configuration, you need to configure two OSGi bundles (for example, with the Web console) required for the Apache HTTP Client proxy configurations. Both are required as some functionalities of AEM use the 3.x APIs, while others use the 4.x APIs A leading worldwide construction materials group in Switzerland, LafargeHolcim enables its customers to reduce overall road project costs by up to 33% and carbon emissions by up to 50% when it engages IBM Services to design and build a container-based service platform as part of a broader go-to-market engagement

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EON Group. EON is a technology company pioneering the future of end-to-end connectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT). EON works with brands, retailers and stakeholders throughout the value chain and leadership across connectivity and circularity to power end-to-end connectivity across the fashion, apparel and retail industry Advanced Options. Check the Customize Word Cloud box to see additional options. Change Background Color. To change the color of the background behind the word cloud, select the icon for Background Color.The option opens a dialogue in which you can use a slider and pointer to select a color, or you can enter the hexcode for a color SAP ERP is an enterprise resource planning software developed by the German company SAP SE.SAP ERP incorporates the key business functions of an organization. The latest version of SAP ERP (V.6.0) was made available in 2006. The most recent Enhancement Package (EHP8) for SAP ERP 6.0 was released in 2016 The DVW Alteryx Connector for SAP offers Read and Write capability for all of your core SAP systems including: SAP ECC. SAP S/4HANA including SAP S/4HANA Cloud. SAP BW including SAP BW on HANA and SAP BW4/HANA. SAP Business Suite applications i.e. SAP CRM, SAP ERP, SAP PLM, SAP SCM & SAP SRM ISBN 978-1-59229-888-4. With this book, get answers to typical ABAP development problems or tasks: persistence programming, interface programming, security and tracing techniques, etc. The complexity of the recipes ranges from the simple starter plates to the complex main courses—and some sweet deserts, of course

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Use Sentiment Analysis to determine whether text data reflects positive, negative, or neutral sentiment. We recommend that you don't use the Text Pre-processing tool to process text data for use with the Sentiment Analysis tool.The Text Pre-processing tool can remove features that the Sentiment Analysis tool relies on to determine sentiment Power BI. Tableau. Power BI is the business data analytics tool to analyze the business and derive insights from it. Tableau is the business intelligence and data analytics tool for generating reports and data visualization with high flexibility. Data Sources: Limited access to other databases and servers. When compared to Tableau Delaware Consulting is a fast-growing, global company that delivers advanced solutions and services to organizations striving for a sustainable, competitive advantage. We guide our customers through their business transformation through the smart use of technology

#askSAP Analytics Innovations Community Call: How SAPSAP Document Design using Grid Controls10 Powerful Business Intelligence Tools for Data AnalystsPartners | Chief Data & Analytics Officer Singapore