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recognize these sites in a better manner in itself is the 'marketing' of these sites. Today, India compares itself with the world on development front but at the same time it also needs to compare itself on the promotion of Geoheritage sites and the correct showcasing of these sites which many countries in th Geological Survey of India (GSI) declares geo-heritage sites/ national geological monuments for protection and maintenance. The State-wise details are given in Annexure. GSI or the respective State governments take necessary measures to protect these sites Geological heritage site / National geological monument Sl. No. Geological heritage site / National geological monument ANDHRA PRADESH. 18. Kishangarh Nepheline Syenite, Ajmer Dist. 1. Volcanogenic bedded Barytes, Mangampeta at Cuddapah Dist. 19. Welded Tuff ofJodhpur Dist. 2. Eparchaean Unconformity, Chittor Dist. 2

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India is a storehouse of fascinating and exquisite landforms and landscapes. On account of varied geology, structure, tectonic history, climatic variability and a long coastline there is immense diversity of landforms (geodiversity) PDF | On Apr 30, 2020, Punyakrit Singh Ranawat published RECOGNIZED GEOHERITAGE & GEOTOURISM SITES IN INDIA | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGat b. Evaluation of all the selected geoheritage sites based on the proper assessment method. c. Analysis of Geotourism potential of the selected geoheritage sites and proposition of some strategies for their conservation as well as development of Geotourism. 2. Geotourism development and Geoheritage assessment in context of India It is not that India does not have any geoheritage sites. There are 34 national geoheritage sites designated by the Geological Survey of India (Mazumdar and Bayan 2019). Some of them are of global significance. Besides these designated sites, there are some landscapes in India which also qualifies as a geopark

Geological Survey of India (GSI) declares geo-heritage sites/ national geological monuments for protection and maintenance. The State-wise details are given in Annexure. GSI or the respective State governments take necessary measures to protect these sites. There is no proposal pending with UNSECO for declaration of geo-heritage sites. Annexur National Geological Monuments are geographical areas of national importance and heritage, as notified by the Government of India's Geological Survey of India (GSI), for their maintenance, protection, promotion and enhancement of geotourism


  1. Geoheritage Sites hold enormous potential for education and recreation which can be connected for raising public awareness. Geological Survey of India (GSI) is the parent body which is making efforts towards identification and protection of such rare and unique geological sites in India. In 2001, GSI concisely described 26 unique geological.
  2. es conservation of sites and materials--use, protection and practical heritage management--as well as its interpretation through education, training and tourism
  3. 2. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh Source. Located in Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho is a famous UNESCO World Heritage site in India. Khajuraho is a unique heritage site which is renowned for a group of Hindu and Jain Temples situated 175 km south-east of Jhansi. They are well known for their Nagara style symbolism and erotic figures and sculptures.These sensuous stone carvings of human and animal form.

In 1976, the Geological Survey of India had included the site among the lists of National Geological Monuments and there are 12 such geoheritage sites in Rajasthan #GeoHeritageSites #GeologicalMonuments Geological Survey of IndiaGeo-heritage Sites in IndiaLunar Crater LakeEparchean UnconformityJoin this channel to get a..

Geo-heritage sites need recognition: expert. India does not have a single geological heritage park, while China has 27 listed in the 100 geo-heritage parks that are recognised by the UNESCO across. Top PDF Potential Geoheritage & Geotourism Sites in India Potential Geoheritage & Geotourism Sites in India According to Springer, Geoheritage can be defined as, a generic but descriptive term applied to sites or areas of geological features with significant scientific, educational, cultural or aesthetic value Owing to its geological significance, the Geological Survey of India declared it as a National Geoheritage Site in 2014 while state government notified it as a Protected Area in 2016. Attempts are now underway to establish a Visakhapatnam Geopark by combining several geological and cultural sites in the region

Shillong, Oct 30 (PTI) The Geological Survey of India (GSI) on Tuesday said Meghalaya is a treasure trove with records of many geological events and the institution is working closely with the. In 1976, the Geological Survey of India had included the site among the lists of National Geological Monuments and there are 12 such geoheritage sites in Rajasthan. Since then, this site had been lying forgotten but thanks to the initiative taken by the Department of Mines and Geology in joint association with the Chittorgarh district. Geoheritage sites can be small but scientifically significant sites, such as a road cut, or named and managed sites of a few acres, such as Boiling Springs (a groundwater site of two acres in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, USA). Geoheritage sites can also be extensive areas with international recognition, such as the Grand Canyon (Arizona.

In India, GSI has taken the responsibility of protection and promotion of the physical attributes of India and has declared 26 such sites in different parts of India as Nationa The Saketi fossils park is also the best site for Geotourism development. Exhibits also include an Indian postage stamp with images of two elephants and tusks, issued in 1951 on the occasion of the centenary of the Geological Survey of India. Some Geotourism site around the Fossil Park Triloknath Cav

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  1. Geotourism in Kutch has an exemplary potential of being designated as a site for perfect establishment of a National Geopark. The paper is aimed to describe the geological significance of the sites with basic concept of creation of geoparks and promote geotourism. The financial, infrastructural aspects, deliverables to the society are presented primarily focusing on the local economic and.
  2. Hyderabad: Members of Geological Survey of India, Society to Save Rocks and the Society of Earth Scientists organised a Geo Heritage Walk at Necklace
  3. The site of Zawar, an important centre of zinc production for contemporary India, is located in the rugged terrain of the Aravalli Hill Range that extends from Delhi in the north-east to Ambajee in Gujarat, in the south-west. In the 1950s, the Zawar hills were described as possessing India's richest deposits of lead, zinc and silver
  4. We selected the Augusta-Chateau area as our inaugural Montana Geoheritage site because of the diversity of geologic features present in this landscape, the rich cultural heritage of the people who live here, and the stunning beauty of the Rocky Mountain Front. This project is being done as a service learning project by students Mariah Cannon.

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Geoheritage and Conservation Themes. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, India: A possible potential Geoharitage site for Geopark. Developing sustainable palaeotourism in South Africa. The Kitching Fossil Exploration Centre, in the Eastern Cape as a case study There are a total of 38 sites (Cultural, Natural and Mixed sites) which have been listed as World Heritage. Out of these 38, 30 sites have been listed as Cultural Sites. They are - 1. Agra Fort (1983) 2. Ajanta Caves (1983) 3. Archaeological Site. The cliff seen in the Varkala beach is a unique sedimentary geo-morphological structure on the flat Kerala coast. The surrounding areas have become India's first national geopark under a Geological Survey of India (GSI) initiative to preserve geologically important sites in the country

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days. 1. Geothermal energy provinces in India: A renewable heritage. Increasing demand of energy leads India to switch from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources One aspect that has been missing in the historical narratives of Udaipur region of Rajasthan, Mewad kingdom of yore, is why was it so powerful and rich that its kings could construct grand forts, palaces, lakes and had standing army that successfully defended the kingdom and the culture, & in the process whole of India, from the Arab invasions from the west Geotourism and Mining Sites Geoheritage . 7 A significant feature of geotourism is that it does not require untouched landscapes as its playground. A great tour can equally be delivered overlooking a man-made excavation, or in a historic mining area e.g. Broken Hill in New South Wales, Chillagoe in Nort As of now, India has just 38 World Heritage Sites (WHS) out of the world total of 1121. Of these, 30 are of Cultural Category-Human-Made, while 7 are natural categories, all of which are of biotic and none of Geoheritage category

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UDAIPUR: In a major step to conserve the geological marvels in Rajasthan, the Geological Survey of India has accepted two major sites, one at Ramgarh Meteorite Impact Crater (Bara) and Zawar. select sites across Nova Scotia by Hickman Hild and Barr (2015) provided additional depth. The Database There are currently 195 geoheritage sites defined in the database (Calder and Poole, in press). Every site is assigned a unique four digit identifier that helps to link all the information that is maintained for the site in the database Metcalfe Geoheritage Park - Almonte, Ontario. Home BHiargl~ 2018-11-04T21:49:57+00:00. Metcalfe Geoheritage Park was made possible by the support of the Mississippi River Power Corp., the Municipality of Mississippi Mills, the Canadian Geological Foundation, the APGO Education Foundation, and the Metcalfe Geoheritage Park Committee The geoheritage sites covered in this volume showcase only a small spectrum of the geoscientific endowment of India. Some of the sites are planned to be covered in geological excursions while others may find reference in scientific texts and discussions during the proceedings of the 36th IGC 26 geological sites as National Geological Monuments (NGMs). As the national custodian, it is the bounden duty of GSI to delineate and maintain the geoheritage sites in India either on its own or in collaboration with the State Government authorities who have been convinced on its intrinsic worth and geotourism potential. Although GSI i

surveys the conditions of Geoheritage sites around the country. To add the dimension of scalability here, the reader must note that as of today, there are 34 recognized National Geological Monuments (NGMs) in India, so the survey doesn't have to utilize as many resources as the Swachh Survekshan report each year does Available online 8 March 2021. Avijit Ghosh | Sutapa Mukhopadhyay | Saurodeep Chatterjee. Exploration of geoheritage sites is a new venture in tourism studies. The objective of the study is centred around the Geoheritage site conservation for geological and geomorphological interpretation.. /geoheritage sites in India is important from the viewpoint of geo-tourism. Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India have the treasurer of different geomorphosites but at the same time they also known for its unique biodiversity and very fragile ecosystem therefore any type of tourism development require an understanding about the carrying capacity. LARGS: A GEOHERITAGE SITE? Last Intergalcial site stands out as a terrace abutting a bedrock ridge Just 8km north of Maitland in the NSW Hunter Valley lies the small village of Largs.It is adjacent to the growing urban precinct of Bolwarra Heights, but its rural character remains intact with its cute corner pub and the striking Soldiers Memorial Hall

Geoheritage sites play three important roles: Conservation and Preservation--The quality of life we enjoy in modern society is largely dependent on use of natural resources to sustain our personal and communal lives: energy, mineral, water, and soil resources.The long-term health of humanity requires that we seek wise and sustainable ways for society to use our limited resources on Spaceship. Government of India Geological Survey of India Kolkata, 6th May, 2015 No 193 /150/CD/Geological Heritage Site/TN/2015 RESOLUTION On DECLARATION OF BADLANDS OF KARAI FORMATION WITH CRETACEOUS FOSSILS ALONG KARAI-KULAKKALNATTAM SECTION, PERAMBALUR DISTRICT, TAMIL NADU AS GEOHERITAGE SITE 1

In 1964 the author had the opportunity to guide the delegates of International Geological congress held in Delhi to this wonderful geoheritage site. Likewise the hatcheries of dinosaur eggs at Pat Baba and Bara Simla hills have been dug out and taken away by geoscientists from different parts of India and abroad The proposed monograph on 'Geomorphological Landscapes of India' will aim to describe and explain in simple words the geomorphological characteristics and the origin of the above-mentioned landforms and landscapes. The proposed monograph will provide the background information about the geology, climate and tectonic framework of the Indian region, as well as cover Indian climates of the. Geoheritage Sites of India. Columnar Basalt, Coconut Island(St. Mary's Island), Udipi District. Geoheritage Sites of India. Lonar Lake, Buldhana District, Maharashtra. Geoheritage Sites of India. Malani Igneous Suite Contact And Welded Tuff. Content development and design by Heritage Education and Communication Service of INTACH

Find the best Historical & Heritage Sites in Shimla, Kangra, Kullu, Kinnaur and Hamirpur. Masroor Monolithic Rock cut temples. Location: Masroor / Masrur (Nagrota Suriyan) Masroor Rock Cut temples temples are the only rock shrines in the northern part of India. Enquire Now Vizag's Erra Matti Dibbalu (Red Sand hills) near Bheemili was declared as a scientifically significant geo-heritage site by the Geological Survey of India (GSI) in July 2014. But after so many years this heritage site has become a symbol of negligence and needs care and protection. Without even a signage, fencing or gate, the place is filled with garbage left behind by picnickers and revellers Written by a panel of 46 authors from 14 countries in all continents. Based on conceptual, methodological, and applied research carried out by academics and practitioners. Includes 160 colour images and maps of geoheritage sites. Features six case studies from sites in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America Pursuing a holistic approach towards such sites will sensitise the general public to the need for geoconservation of significant geosites and promote it through geotourism. It is a crucial issue, as various countries around the world are eager to develop their geoparks and are working for the conservation of geoheritage sites at the national level

Bojunda Stromatolite, a Fossil Park close to Chittorgarh, is an exposure within the huge Bhagwanpura Limestone of the Vindhyan age. The Geological Survey of India had included the site in 1976 among the lists of National Geological Monuments. In Rajasthan, there are almost 12 geoheritage sites. Form that time, this site had remained ignored A unique or rarely seen natural rock formation is of geological importance hence such a thing is called a geological or geoheritage monument. Based on the rareness or uniqueness the monuments are awarded a status by the geological department. There are around two dozen national geoheritage sites across India, of them four sites are in Karnataka Geoheritage sites are geological areas of scientific, cultural and educational value. But the development of these sites and this field hasn't been the significant when compared others fields. India remains poorly documented, suffers constant damages to its geological wealth and doesn't realise the economic contribution, which can arise. Buy Bitcoin in India. Unodax is another exchange that Unocoin operates. Founded by IIT graduates, also crypto enthusiasts, Bitbns is an Indian crypto exchange which started operations in December Today, you will learn about some of the best sites in India where you can sell Bitcoin and earn money

Geological Survey of India has declared Sendra area as Geoheritage site. This author as geologist have studied many areas of geological interests in Rajasthan state. And presenting information on one such site in central Rajasthan which can boost tourism Ritesh Arya is an Indian geologist known for finding water at multiple locations in the high-altitude cold and mountainous desert of Ladakh, including the Siachen Glacier, which has made him a Guinness World Records holder. In 2014 he was Director Water and Geothermal Section at the International Sustainable Energy Organization (ISEO) Promote Geoheritage in India through geoconservation, geotourism and Geoheritage education. Catalyze the process of identification of educational, scientific and recreational important geological sites and suggest and help to take appropriate measures for their conservation and preservation for the benefit of future generations In China, Japan, and South-Korea there is a vivid trade with Bitcoins on exchanges, while Arabian countries like the Emirates are more or less Bitcoin-free. India's central bank, the Reserve bank of India or the RBI, which regulates Indian rupee, had earlier cautioned users, holders and traders of Virtual currencies VCs , including Bitcoins Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now

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India is a storehouse of fascinating and exquisite landforms and landscapes. On account of varied geology, structure, tectonic history, climatic Geomorphosites and Geoheritage Sites in India | springerprofessional.d site. India lags far behind when geoheritage issues are concerned. Awareness and significance of geoheritage issues as sume negligible priority in the minds of public and the decision-makers as well. The threat to geoheritage sites is growing commensurately with the rapid growth o Presently it is populated with all the accredited Indian Geoheritage sites declared by Geological Survey of India, Visit site. ODK Central. This is the collection & storage place for data collected using the OpenDataKIt. Requires for access. Visit site The La Soufriere volcano by definition can be described as a Geoheritage site. The word geoheritage is defined as the heritage of features of a geological nature. The mixed nomination will include a cultural heritage aspect in the form of the Lasham Sugar Factory Ruins, and natural features such as the West Petit Bordel Bay, and the mountain.

The Geological Survey of India (GSI) declares geo-heritage sites/ national geological monuments for protection and maintenance; Other Similar Place: The only other place in the country to have a similar stretch of red sand dunes is Tamil Nadu, which has the Teri dune complex. There are 32 Geo-Heritage sites in India. They are lised below Monument. Geological Survey of India [GSI], an Attached Office of Ministry of Mines, has issued a Resolution on May 28, 2014 declaring Varkala Cliff, Kerala as a National Geoheritage Site and requested the Government of Kerala to issue an appropriate Notification for protection and conservation of this Geoheritage Site logical sites in the tourist map of India. Ignoring the rare features is a loss to the nation par- ticularly the local community that has large commercial wealth. The present project is aimed to identify the po- tential geosites in Kutch and to suggest creation of a geo- park to conserve the geoheritage. The outstanding geo

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Geoheritage site developments around Udaipur (sedimentary and tectonic structures and stromatolites of Jhamarkotra and Bojunda, Chittaurgarh for local population and visiting tourists and pan-India and wider aspect. Zawar Geopark, all the formalities desired by GSI from the Rajasthan State government side, right from Secretary Mines down to. Suchita Tripathi, Geoheritage Sites and Scope of Geotourism in Land of Chhattisgarh, India, Global Geographical Heritage, Geoparks and Geotourism, 10.1007/978-981-15-4956-4_13, (225-239), (2021). Crossre

The site of Zawar, an important centre of zinc production for contemporary India, is located in the rugged terrain of the Aravalli Hill Range that extends from Delhi in the north-east to Ambajee in Gujarat, in the south-west. In the 1950s, the Zawar hills were described as possessing India's richest deposits of lead, zinc and silver The endeavour is to persuade the State authorities and GSI to declare the site as a recognized significant geoheritage, take measures to protect it by providing a suitable buffer zone and increase awareness about it amongst the general public. Year: 2018 'World Heritage Sites (Natural) in India', 'Policy and Legislation for Natural. India, on account of its unique geological history vis-a-vis physiographic, biotic and geoheritage manifestations of varied geo-events and consequently meteorological differences prevailing in, is one of the richest repository of varied geo-heritage sites including bio-sites studded with record and documentation of evolutionary lineages.

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Bojunda Stromatolite Fossil Park is an exposure within the massive Bhagwanpura Limestone of the Vindhyan age. The Geo-Heritage Site was declared as National Geological Monument (NGM) by Geological Survey of India (GSI) in 1976. This site is a Stromatolite Park.The original park had an area of about ~3.5 ha which has now reduced to ~0.5 ha India is a country with rich geo-wealth and geoheritage. There are numerous fascinating and exquisite landforms and landscapes in the Indian subcontinent that have immense cultural, socio-economic and scientific value and are significant from the point of view of geotourism and geoeducation. Presently, India has 32 World Heritage Properties, including seven natural properties The Volcanic Geoheritage of the Elephanta Caves, Deccan Traps, Western India: Neda Torabi Farsani · Mohammad Mortazavi · Ali Bahrami · Roya Kalantary · Farhad Khosravi Bizhaem · Farhad Khosravi Bizhaem The Importance of Geosites and Heritage Stones in Cities—a Revie There are numerous fossil parks in India that have some interesting specimens on display. But lamentably, we have little value for our fossils, fossil sites and our geoheritage. Most of our fossils are in poor condition, maintenance costs are high and some lie nearly forgotten in back rooms at institutes

The 136-137th issue of G'nY is devoted to the Geoheritage sites of India. India's geological diversity is as rich as its cultural diversity. These geosites act as window to the past Earth processes and have great educational value. As such eminent geoscientists have written articles on various geoheritage sites spread across the country for. Uttarakhand Disaster 2013: Response and Mitigation measures using remote sensing and GIS. Pre workshop full publication In: National work shop on Geology and Geoheritage sites of Uttarakhand with special reference to geo-scientific development of the region, Indian geological Congress (IGC) Meet, Roorkee, Nov 11 to 12, pp 37-45 India's scientists are lobbying lawmakers to protect the country's myriad geological sites and fossils from looting and development. Among the country's geological gems are a large. Geoheritage and geoconservation are concerned with the preservation of Earth Science features, and are important endeavours globally, as reflected in various international and intra-national bodies set up for conservation, with agreements, conventions, and inter-governmental initiatives. Historically, the United Kingdom is considered the birthplace of the discipline of Geology, and with its.

Geoheritage this volume Sheth H , Samant H , Patel V , D'Souza J ( 2017 ) The volcanic geoheritage of the Elephanta caves, Deccan traps, western India . Geoheritage this volume Showstack R ( 2015 ) New commission aims to protect volcanic geoheritage Japan, Canada, India, South Africa, Brazil and U.K. Objective: Geoheritage makes an important contribution to national and regional economies. Our international team of researchers is identifying naturally occurring stones of cultural, historic, geological and economic significance for particula UNESCO World Heritage Sites were created in 1978 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). They began designating important sites around the globe as part of an effort to preserve the world's cultural and natural heritage Brilha, J., Inventory and Quantitative Assessment of Geosites and Geodiversity Sites : a Review, Geoheritage, 119-134, 2016. based on the evaluation of tourism potential ability of each parameter and its scenic beauty for a selected site of Ganpatipule beach in Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra (India) most significant importance to.

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UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites in India. It is a matter of great honour for every Indian that some of our beautiful geological places have been enlisted in UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites. These sites include: Kaziranga National Park: Home for the rare one-horned rhinoceros, this was declared World Heritage Site in 1985 LARGS: A GEOHERITAGE SITE? Just 8km north of Maitland in the NSW Hunter Valley lies the small village of Largs. It is adjacent to the growing urban precinct of Bolwarra Heights, but its rural character remains intact with its cute corner pub and the striking Soldiers Memorial Hall geoheritage based geotourism in trans-himalayan district of lahaul and spiti district, india June 8, 2020 June 8, 2020 0 By The Geoecologist In News & Update This present study Analytical Hierarchy Processes (AHP) techniques, PVI and SVI indices were applied, calculate and identified the physical and socio-economic, cultural, historical and environment criterion and sub-parameters (05 major criteria and 22 sub-parameters) based on the evaluation of tourism potential ability of each parameter and its scenic beauty for a selected site of Ganpatipule. Book Chapters. Agarwal, A., 2019. Lonar: The Impact Crater, in: India's spectacular geoheritage sites. Geography and You, India. 19 (25-26), pp.70 -8

4 a Chandanapuri site where the pediment slope deposits

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Visakhapatnam: EAS Sarma, former Secretary to Government of India urged District Collector V.Vinay Chand and VMDA Commissioner Koteswara Rao to get the instance of a film company trammeling the Erramatti Dibbalu, in Narellavalasa village in Bheemunipatnam mandal, with heavy equipment disturbing ecological balance. He appealed to the authorities to punish the culprits India is a country of Pilgrimages, in a way that unites India like few other. (A New Idea of India). 10. India has not invaded any country in the world. It believes in live and let live. 11. Four religions were founded in India namely Sanatana Dharma, Jaina Darsana, Buddha Vakhya and Sikh Dharma Sites of geoheritage significance, regardless of their scale, are important to Society in that they preserve a history of the Earth, can be used for research and teaching, provide reference localities, provide a record of the history of scientific enquiry, can function as sites for geotours, and may be linked to Indigenous cultural history and.

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Gond. Geol. Mag., V. 28(2), December, 2013. pp. Geo-heritage Status for Cretaceous Sedimentary Outcrops of the Ariyalur area, Cauvery Basin, India R. Nagendra1, P. Sathiyamoorthy1 and A. N. Reddy2 1 Department of Geology, Anna University, Chennai-600 025, India 2A.201, Majestic Shore 208, Choolaimedu High Road, Chennai-600 094, India *E-mail: ABSTRACT Cretaceous of Trichinopoly as is widely. Brunei Darassalam and Palestine ratify the World Heritage Convention 08-Mar-2012. Events (1) International World Heritage Youth Forum: Living with Heritage: Temple, Environment and People (T.E.P.) 08-Jun-2013-17-Jun-2013 Help stop the destruction of the Ainslie Volcanics Overdevelopment and increased traffic on Limestone Ave, removal of grassland and endangered species by the NCA's proposed approval (1000+ residents) on this very significant site. You would be forgiven for not knowing about the NCA's public consultation, it was released during COVID-19

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The Nagpur bench of the Bombay high court (HC) on Monday came down heavily on state bodies for failing to uphold their responsibilities in preserving the 113-hectare Lonar crater lake in Buldhana. The Geoheritage Journal Impact IF 2020-2021 is 3.062. More IF Analysis, Trend, Ranking & Prediction India's first two sites inscribed on the list at the Seventh Session of the World Heritage held in 1983 were the Agra Fort and the Ajanta Caves 4. Over the years, 30 more sites have been inscribed, the latest being the Great Himalayan National Park in 2014.[4] Of these 32 sites, 25 are cultural sites and the other seven are natural sites The Girnar laccolith was intruded into a thick covering of basalt of late Cretaceous or early Eocene age in Kathiawar, India, which was lifted up in the form of a dome. Slow cooling of the magma gave rise to olivine-gabbro, diorite, monzonite, syenite, nepheline-syenite, and granophyre. Vishwas S. Kale Geomorphosites and Geoheritage Sites.

Ammonite specimen in a scientific collection, an example