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  1. Insert your thread through the hole in the bobbin from the inside to the outside. It might be easier for you to take the bobbin off the machine to do this. When the bobbin is back on and you've pushed it to the right again, use one hand to hold onto the excess thread. Illustration courtesy of Singer
  2. Find the bobbin winder on the top right side of the machine, at the front. Push the bobbin all the way down onto the winder, threaded end facing upward. Push the bobbin winder to the right. Step
  3. With a finger held gently on top of the bobbin, pull the thread until it stops in the slot (B). Then pull about 6 (15 cm) of thread and lead it towards the back of the machine under the presser foot. NOTE: This is also a very important step to assure the bobbin thread does not slip out of position. 6

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  1. The Singer Touch & Sew machine from the 1970s is an amazingly versatile machine still appreciated by Singer enthusiasts. Many of the features were state-of-the art at the time of their introduction. For example, the 700 series featured automatic needle threading and the wind in place bobbin
  2. Insert the end of the thread through the hole in the rim of the bobbin and place the bobbin onto the winder pin. Push the bobbin pin back to the right. Then, apply gentle pressure to the pedal to begin winding the bobbin. Continue to apply pressure to the pedal until the bobbin is wound and thread is nearly even with the rim of the bobbin
  3. Replacing the bobbin case after changing the thread spool gets you back to sewing. The Singer Simple model is designed for the beginning sewer. Even with its simplistic design, often getting started takes a bit of time, concentration and practice. Without the bobbin casing properly in place, the machine will not sew
  4. Pass thread end, from inside, through the small hole in the rim of the bobbin (illustration 2). 6. Place bobbin onto the pin. 7

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Feed the Bobbin Now take the bobbin and hold the thread in the center of the bobbin. There should be holes on both sides of the bobbin. Run the thread through one of these holes and place it on the bobbin winding spool while holding the thread's end Steps to thread a singer dressmaker sewing machine are: Press the inner button on the handle to unlock it and place a spool of thread in it Place the thread through all the guides of the bobbin and attach it to the bobbin pin. Push the press foot so that the thread gets tangled properl

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Step-by-Step: Inserting a Front-Load Bobbin 1. Raise presser foot. 2. Turn hand wheel toward you until the needle is in its highest position. 3. Open the hinged cover. 4. Hold the bobbin case with one hand. Insert the bobbin so that the thread runs in a clockwise direction. 5. Pull the thread through the slit and under the finger. 6 How to Thread a Singer Sewing Machine Upper Thread. After completing bobbin winding and installation, it's time to thread the top thread on your Singer sewing machine. Ensure your sewing machine remains off, the needle is in the highest position, and your thread is still on the spool pin. Next, raise the presser foot if you hadn't already

Pull an inch or two of thread to the right to prepare for threading. Pull the thread down toward you, making sure it catches under the tension spring. It should now run through a slot in the bobbin holder. Guide the thread up and to the right in a diagonal line over the bobbin Insert the bobbin into the case. Hold the bobbin case with one hand while slipping the wound bobbin into the case with the other. The thread should run in a clockwise direction around the bobbin as you insert it into the case. Keep a tail of thread roughly 4 inches (10 cm) long out of the case as you insert the bobbin

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With your machine and bobbin threaded, it is now time to put your bobbin into its case. Depending on your sewing machine, open up the machine and pull out the bobbin casing. Before you insert your wound bobbin, pull out a strand of thread and make sure it will move anti-clockwise Place your bobbin inside. Make sure the thread unwinds to the left (counterclockwise direction). Guide the thread through the slit in the needle plate cover. This is important because it makes the thread enter the 'tension spring' of the bobbin case To Replace the Bobbin Case After threading, take the bobbin case by the latch, holding it between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand. Fig. 5 Bobbin Case Threaded and Replaced Place the bobbin case on the center stud (A, Fig. 5) of the bobbin case base with the thread drawing from the top of the bobbin case The shuttle grabs on to the needle's thread and rotates around the bobbin, hooking on to the bobbin thread preventing the needle thread from slipping back through the fabric and creating a stitch! So in order to learn how to thread a sewing machine, Singer or otherwise, you'll need both halves of the stitch: the threaded needle, and bobbin

Tug at the thread to pull it out, and wind it around the bobbin winding tension disc at the top of the sewing machine. This part is on the opposite side of the sewing machine, above the needle. The disc may also have a small wire attached to it that will help to hold the thread in place. 3. Thread the bobbin An improperly inserted bobbin will lead to weak, sloppy stitches. The Singer 534 Stylist is a lock-stitch household sewing machine that threads with a standard two-thread upper- and lower-threading system. You can either hand-wind the bobbin or use the bobbin winder on top of the sewing machine The bobbin thread is looped around the upper thread and can be pulled up. Carefully pull the upper thread upward to pull out the end of the bobbin thread . Pull up the bobbin thread , pass it under the presser foot and pull it about 10 cm (4 inches) toward the back of the machine, making it even with the upper thread

Then put your bobbin cover back on with the thread tail hanging out. Here's an example from 1 Singer machine's manual: Illustration courtesy of Singer. Put your bobbin cover back on. First, place the 'tab' on the bobbin cover (it's a rectangle piece that sticks out) inside the notch on the machine.. (2). - Snap thread into thread. Winding the Bobbin · 1. Place thread spool and corresponding size. spool holder onto spool pin. · 2. (A) Snap thread into guide at top of machine. · 3. If it is not, the. Products 1 - 40 of 1000+ — Bobbin Winder Tire Friction Wheel- 29 mm x 15 mm x 7 mm (Part # 15287A) $ 1. - DC Threadin Threading and inserting the bobbin. I open this up. Sep 11, 2018 — As the bobbin thread tension is factory-set and wouldn't usually be adjusted for normal sewing. So we'll be talking only about the top thread. I removed excess thread, reloaded the bobbin and started again. Singer Simple Sewing Machine features 21 built-in stitc The thread is long, and it will easily reach your machine. Further, the floor is a table, and it is unlikely that the spool will fall. You can pull the thread over a chair to allow for smooth movement and correct threading and sewing angles. How To Solve Thread Bunching. One of the most common problems while sewing is thread bunching. Thread.

How To Thread A Bobbin Singer Simple Insert it into the shuttle. How to put a bobbin into the bobbin driver on a sewing machine duration. DOWNLOAD IMAGE. How To Thread A Singer Simple 3116 With Pictures Wikihow Wind thread on a bobbin on a Signer sewing machine. By Robin Mansur. 8/1/08 12:44 PM. WonderHowTo. Get started on sewing projects today! Winding thread onto a bobbin will be second nature very soon. Watch this video sewing tutorial and be on the way to smooth bobbin winding. Video Loading Winding a Bobbin. Winding a bobbin is quick and easy when you follow the directions below. Always wind the bobbin before threading the machine and needle. 1. Place spool of thread on spool pin. 2. Slide spool pin holder/cap firmly over the rim of spool to prevent the thread from tangling. 3. Push bobbin winder pin to the far left if it is not.

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4. When the bobbin has enough thread on, put the little white button with the circle back to the right. The thread on a bobbin should be as smoothly wound as the thread on a purchased spool of thread. 5. The thread on a bobbin should not exceed the size of the bobbin. Expose the bobbin thread. Lead the thread down and around the tension mechanism Now, let us take a closer look at the various methods of using a cone thread. Using a bobbin. When you wind a cone thread onto the bobbin, then you have to use the latter in place of the thread spool. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below. Step 1: You will have to remove the bobbin, make it empty, and then put it in the winder. Step 2. Insert the bobbin so that the thread runs in a clockwise direction. Now that your bobbin is wound get it inserted in your Singer sewing machine and youre ready to start sewing. Remove the bobbin case cover and put the bobbin into position if you have a drop in style bobbin case

First, get the bobbin from the bobbin case. Then put the thread spool through the spool pin on the top of the machine ; Types: Fashion, Motors, Electronics, Sports & Leisure, Health & Beaut . Learn how to thread your SINGER® sewing machine including upper thread, bobbin winding, pulling up the bobbin thread, adjusting thread tension and more. The bobbin on a Singer sewing machine is an essential part of making a stitch. The bobbin holds the thread that is pulled up into each stitch from behind the fabric. If the bobbin is not placed in the Singer machine properly it will not create a stitch. The thread can bunch up and become tangled in the machine By Robin Mansur. 8/1/08 12:52 PM. WonderHowTo. Now that your bobbin is wound, get it inserted into the Singer sewing machine and it's ready to start sewing. Watch this video sewing tutorial and learn how to insert the bobbin into a Singer sewing machine. Video Loading

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Wind Bobbin: Before threading the top of your machine, you must first thread the bobbin. Get a thread spool, place it on the spin and push the bobbin winder pin to your left. Insert the bottom part of the thread via the hole in the bobbin's rim, then put the bobbin on the machine's winder pin Step 1. Place the bobbin onto the side of the handheld sewing machine. It will slip over a small peg sticking out the center of one side, typically the right side if you are looking at the sewing machine from the front. If the bobbin is part of the sewing machine, wrap the thread you want to use around the bobbin Open the bobbin case, pull out your bobbin and check your bobbin thread for knots. Knots prevent your thread from moving smoothly from bobbin to needle during sewing. Step 3. Cut off the knot to untangle it. Step 4. Rethread your bobbin and put it back into the bobbin case and proceed with your sewing. 2 Threading the bobbin on a Singer heavy-duty sewing machine happens on the top of the machine and is identical to winding the bobbin on a regular Singer sewing machine. There are some instructions printed on the top of the machine as reminders if you need a refresher. First, you need to put your thread spool on the spool pin In the 1970s, Singer produced several models of sewing machines that included new features which allowed the bobbin to be filled while still in the bobbin casing. Ultimately, this method of winding the bobbin was abandoned. If you find yourself in ownership of one of these sewing machines, don't fret: The bobbin can be wound without much hassle

Step 1: Fill the bobbin. Place the thread on spool pin (A) and cap it with the spool holder (if applicable). Step 2: Thread the machine. Note: It is best to thread the machine while it is turned off. Step 3: Insert the bobbin. This applies to top-loading machines. Step 4: Draw up the bobbin thread Bobbin threading on Singer 201. I was very happy to find a 201 and wanted to get it all set before posting, but I think I'm doing something wrong with the bobbin. I put it in according to instructions and put the thread in the slot to the left, then bring it forward through the slot. At this point, if I pull the thread, the bobbin turns freely. Pull the thread through the thread guide from left to right. Pass the thread around the tension disk. Step 4. Insert the end of the thread through a small hole from the inside of the bobbin. Step 5. Place the bobbin on the bobbin winder shaft, then turn it so that the groove on the bobbin aligns with the spring on the bobbin winder shaft. Step 6 Singer 6235. Turn the sewing machine off. Raise the presser foot. Raise the needle to its highest position by turning the handwheel counter-clockwise. Slide the metal plate, located under the needle, back to open up the bobbin case area. If there is an old or empty bobbin, remove it by lifting it straight up

Pull about 3 inches of thread across bobbin. To Prepare for Sewing— Turn hand wheel over toward you so that needle enters throat plate and brings up the bobbin thread. Fig. 6. Place bobbin in case and draw thread into slot 1. Fig. 8. O Close slide plate, allowing thread to enter notch in slide plate. Fig. 9. Drawing Up the Bobbin Thread Step 3. Place a small screwdriver on the head of the screw on the side of the bobbin case. Turn very slightly clockwise to increase the tension on the Singer bobbin. Turn slightly counterclockwise to decrease the bobbin tension. Holding the bobbin in the case, pull the bobbin thread and feel the tension, or how tight it is coming out of the case Place the presser foot in the upward position. Put a spool of thread on the spool holder. Traveling from the spool holder across the top of the machine, look for a minimum of one thread guide. Insert the thread in the thread guide (s). Now look for a tension mechanism. Bring the thread down to the tension mechanism, slip the thread between the. Put the spool of thread onto the spool pin. Pull the thread from the spool and pull through the first thread guide, wrapping once around the tension disk. Then pull the thread through the hole in the bobbin from the inside until it is about 3 inches long

Print. Email. Loading the bobbin is an important step for setting up any sewing machine. This is a page about how to load the bobbin on a Singer 6268 sewing machine. Advertisement Bring the thread back to the left (clockwise) to lock the thread between the cutout of the bobbin case and the spring inside. Continue to bring the thread left to catch the cutout on the left hand side of the bobbin case. Pull the thread up toward the needle to double check that it is caught on both cutouts. Pull the length of the bobbin thread.

A bobbin is the part of the sewing machine that holds the lower thread. When you sew on a sewing machine, the upper thread and lower thread lock to form a stitch. The Elna 1010 is a basic, entry-level sewing machine with everything a beginning seamstress needs. Winding the bobbin on an Elna 1010 is similar to winding the bobbin on other Elna. It is a Singer Merritt 2404. It has a drop in bobbin and is about 45 years old. It is in great condition. I have just totally drawn a blank on the steps to thread the bobbin. I know you place the bobbin in the bottom and the thread in the top, loosen the wheel but can't exactly remember how to thread it properl Improperly threading your bobbin can cause poor stitch quality and bobbin thread breakage. Always use the same style of bobbin as that which comes with your machine. Don't substitute. For example, if your machine comes with a Class 15 transparent bobbin, use only that style - don't substitute for Class 15 metal bobbins 1. Thread the machine with your left hand while gripping the thread with your right hand. Hook thread to the thread guide on the needle bar and pull it toward you leaving about 4 (10 cm) clear. 2. Hook thread to the twin thread guide (A and B). 3. Pull thread gently into the thread cutter/holder to cut and hold it in place And then resume filling the bobbin way when the threat gets like enough on the on the bobbin when it rubs up against the bobbin one year stop it will stop spinning that's if you want to fill the bob and you don't have to feel it just to use it if you want to just put a little bit on for the project you're working on um that's fine so I'm gonna.

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Step 12: Step 11. Now to get the bobbin string to the top of the casing so you can sew. Holding the top thread in one hand and turning the wheel with the other, turn the wheel one revolution toward you and you will notice that the thread goes down into the casing and fishes out the bobbin thread. Pull the loop out straight and then close the. HELPFUL TIP: Before you put your spool of thread on the spool pin, find the beginning of the thread. You'll need this piece of thread easily available. If you are using Aurifil thread, you can pull off the orange bottom of the spool to find the end, and then reattach the bottom. (yes, really!) Step 4: Place the spool cap on the end of the. 1. Insert the bobbin in the bobbin case with the thread running counterclockwise direction (arrow). 2. Pull the thread through the slit (A). 3. Draw the thread clockwise until it slips into the notch (B). 4. Pull out about 15 cm (6 inches) of thread and attach the bobbin cover plate. (C) Turn power switch to off (O) before inserting or. Part 3 of the Getting To Know Your Singer Featherweight 221 series will show you how to properly set your Singer Featherweight needle. This tutorial by Ruthie will be especially helpful if you notice your machine having skipped stitches or even if your bobbin thread won't pick up easily Join Becky Hanson for Lesson 2: Bobbin Types and Thread Tension of Singer Quantum Stylist™ Sewing Machine Model 9960 - Fast Start on CreativeLive. Available with seamless streaming across your devices. Get started on your creative journey with the best in creative education taught by world-class instructors. Watch a free lesson today

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How to put a new bobbin in a singer sewing machine Since bobbin thread is thinner, don't sew areas of a garment or item that will rely on the strength of the seam. You would not, for example, want to sew the crotch of even lightweight pants with bobbin thread. Since a crotch seam is dependent on seam strength, bobbin thread is not the bes Not all models will need to do this. Step 4: Thread the Machine Place the bobbin, with the holes on the top, on the bobbin winder. Put your selected thread onto the spool pin. Loop the thread around the thread guide, then pull the thread from the inside into the small hole in the top of the bobbin. Wind a bit of thread around the bobbin manually The clear cover for bobbin allows you to keep an eye on the thread supply. 30 stitch patterns including 2 styles of one-step fully automatic buttonholes handsewn quilt button sewing heirloom and decorative stitches. 299 249 Save 17 Needle Clamp Thread Guide Singer 88089

HOW DO I THREAD THE BOBBIN ON A SINGER 248 SEWING MACHINE OR WHERE CAN I GO FOR PICTURES INSTRUCTIONS. Answer by Joe: Submitted on 4/21/2004: Rating: Rate this answer: how do i put thread on a bobbin from a portable sewing machine #7011 and how do i thread a thread from a spool to a needle . Answer by imber: Submitted on 8/10/2004: Rating: Not. How to install a singer bobbin case of damage if you continue using the machine.How Do You Put More Thread on A Bobbin?You can wind a new bobbin using the mechanism available on your specific machine. Each machine or model has a different winding mechanism but the idea is to use your main thread to wind new thread into a bobbin thread. The bobbin feeds the lower thread when sewing, which provides a beautiful stitch on your products. Today I will install the bobbin into a Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine and show you how to do it. In order to insert it into the sewing machine, it is important for the bobbin to be properly wound (the threads must fill the bobbin evenly) Then bring the thread around the thread guide (this time go from the left to the right) and back to the bobbin thread guide and into the hole on the top of the bobbin. Follow the other directions for bobbin winding. Slide open the bobbin cover. Next make sure that you put the bobbin into the bobbin case with the H logo up

Remove the bobbin cover located to the right of the needle/foot of the machine. Place a new bobbin in the bobbin compartment. Make sure the thread of the bobbin is pulling counterclockwise. Turn the hand wheel toward you to make the needle go down into the needle plate. This will bring the end of the bobbin thread up through the needle plate When you hold the bobbin up with the thread hanging down it should look like the letter 'p'. Checking this may avoid your thread tangling in the future. Also ensure that the thread is running between the tension spring blade and the bobbin casing. This will help with having good tension and getting a great result from your sewing The bobbin, which holds the thread beneath the machine, is one of those pesky things sewers have to deal with. If you recently purchased a Brother sewing machine (specifically the LS 2125), you may think that you need to take out the bobbin and the holder in order to thread the machine Also, the bobbin winder wheel should spin freely. If it does not spin freely and additional pressure is the only solution to winding even bobbins, then here is a test. Put a loaded bobbin onto the winder. Attach the bobbin case tension meter clip to the end of the thread and pull up

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When trying to thread the bobbin on a singer model 7422 it is making a small grinding noise and not threading the bobbin - Answered by a verified Expert. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website In this tutorial, we learn how to thread a horizontal sewing machine. Start off by setting the spool on the top of the machine and placing a cap on the top to hold it on. Next, thread the string through the thread guide and then through the number one. After this, it will go down through the slit and end up at the bottom. It will go through the number two, then go up to the top and go through. As you install the bobbin you ave to take care that the needle does not come in contact with anything. When doing this make sure the needle touches the needle stopper. How To Put A Needle In A Singer Sewing Machine Singer Sewing Machine Sewing Machine Singer Sewin The bobbin case is responsible for the bobbin thread tension. Any accumulation of lint, oil residue, or corrosion on the bobbin case or behind the bobbin case flat spring can cause intermittent problems in stitch quality that masks itself and leads one to think the remedy is to adjust the top thread tension

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