White discharge after abortion

White discharge 3 weeks after abortion. am i ovulating ? 1 doctor answer • 3 doctors weighed in. Share. Dr. Marilynn Frederiksen answered. Maternal-Fetal Medicine 47 years experience. Ovulation: After a pregnancy termination, you begin the cycle again, with ovulation in 2 to 4 weeks and bleeding in 4 to 6 weeks i have had a medical abortion about 6 weeks ago and since the abortion, my discharge has been a yellow colour. the doctor gave me candidal for yeast infection and it still has the same colour. i am also worried because there are other symptoms like lower abdominal pain esp the left side and cramps. i intend to go to the doctor ASAP, so i advice.

Dear patient, White discharge after 2 months of abortion may be due to infection hence visit your gynecologist for local examination and treatment MD. and also comes andgoes but what I noticed was the 2nd day, lil white discharge not thick but today Iits View answer. Answered by : Dr. Soumya ( OBGYN) Took abortion pill, bleeding with cramps and tissue expelled. Having fatigue, headaches, heavy breasts and bloated Vaginal Itching and discharge after abortion. Hi. About 2 months ago I had an abortion. Just recently (about a week ago), I have been experiencing a white creamy vaginal, foul smelling discharge, along with an itching sensation. My boyfriend and I have not been sexually active for about 3 months. So I am wondering if this itching is due to the. Brown discharge is your body cleaning itself by throwing out the leftover tissues from abortion. It is similar to the discharge many of us experience after our menstrual cycle. What To Expect - Discharge changing colour to whitish or yellowish couple of weeks after abortion

White discharge 3 weeks after abortion

What causes watery discharge after medical abortion? hello.. i recently had a medical abortion almost 3 weeks ago. bleeding and cramping have stopped but now i am experiencing a watery discharge with a slightly yellow tint to it. i noticed this morning that it had a very acidic (vinegar ) smell to it... what is this? should i be alarmed When you have a miscarriage, vaginal discharge and heavy bleeding accompanies it. This vaginal bleeding may carry on for quite some time. It is important to note that the vaginal discharge after a miscarriage is quite different from your normal monthly period Milky white discharge can be a sign that your body is preparing for ovulation. It could also be an early sign of pregnancy. When your body is preparing to ovulate, your body will produce a watery discharge. This will be thinner in consistency Mucous and clear vaginal discharge often begins one day before calving. With the appearance of white discharge from the cow after covering, it is worth thinking about the possible infection of the animal from the bull. Most often, such a diagnosis as vaginitis occurs. To cure the disease simply by using the course of Bitsilin-5 injections

Have a fever: 38.0° C or 100.4° F or higher for 4 hours in a row or develop a fever 24 hours after taking misoprostol. Have chills or shaking 24 hours after taking misoprostol. Have unusual vaginal discharge (green or yellow in colour) or discharge that has a bad odour The vaginal discharge after abortion is similar to the one that women face after childbirth. This discharge is medically known as Lochia and is made up of old blood, mucus and placental tissues. Lochia continues for 4 to 6 weeks after abortion and progresses through three stages Lochia rubra - It is the first discharge Ovulation usually happens 10-16 days before your period starts. You may notice more discharge when you're ovulating. This discharge tends to be clear and stretchy, like an egg white. Right before your period arrives, the discharge may become white and cloudy

vaginal discharge after abortion creamy off white

  1. Periods after a surgical abortion may be lighter at first. They should normalize within a few months. Any blood or discharge you have shouldn't smell bad. Foul-smelling discharge could be a sign of..
  2. White discharge after taking misoprostol. PAST HISTORY : No medical history . i had all my blood test done prior and it was normal. i had also undergone a pelvic usg and i was 5 weeks pregnant. after 2 weeks from abortion i had a pelvic usg done and doctor reassured it was done and my uterus was empty.i strted bleeding on 21st march 2013.
  3. Common Reasons for White Discharge: Pregnancy; As one of the early symptoms of pregnancy, a woman may notice a white, milky discharge from her vagina. That's related to the thickening of the vagina's walls, which starts almost immediately after conception. The increased growth of cells lining the vagina is the reason for white discharge
  4. For some women, abortion can be a painful experience while for others it is a tough decision to take. Your reasons may differ, but the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy lead to many complications, most common one is lactating after abortion
  5. Reason for the milky white discharge. Using the emergency contraceptive pill for preventing the pregnancy can be the cause of the milky white discharge. It is much better than going for abortion due to the unprotected sex. But, the dangers of the morning after pill are several and unavoidable
  6. Abortion can be of 3 types as in it can be involuntary complete when you started bleeding and you expelt the entire product of pregnancy or it can be done th..
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Discharge slimy and tissue after abortion - Doctor answers

Post abortion, sometimes after you have had an abortion, the uterine lining is still irritated and thickened. The vagina is also susceptible to infection. In these times contracting a bacterial infection is common and can result in a gray discharge. The discharge is also accompanied with a fishy smell After a miscarriage, a women's menstrual cycle will restart. The first day of bleeding will be day 1 of the new cycle. For people with regular cycles, ovulation typically occurs around day 14

It begins from the 2 nd or 3 rd week after the abortion. Lochia alba; the last stage of the Lochia is signified with a yellowish-white or white discharge which is close to normal. It has less red blood cells and is made up of mucus, fat, cholesterol, epithelial cells and leukocytes Hi, I am 25 Yrs old. I had an abortion on 10 may and on 14 the bleeding gets start and it will continue till 27 May. and after that white discharge is there and a pain in my lower porton of my stomach.Aprt from that I am feeling feverish sometime and pain in my legs also.I am not feeling active and fresh even after 1 month of my abortion.Is it normal or is it somthing serious How far along were/are you? Which abortion pills did you take? Depending on how pregnant you were/are, you might be seeing is the expulsion of the fetal tissue, that can show up as a white streak. If you had pregnancy symptoms and they're now goin..

Vaginal Itching and discharge after abortion - Women's

  1. Discharge after abortion I had a medical abortion about 5 weeks ago and I have been having tissue like discharge that is white. Last week my vagina was itchy and swollen but it's not at all anymore
  2. Normal vaginal discharge may contain some white flecks, but it can also be thin and stringy with no aggressive odor. The amount, smell, transparence or thickness of the vaginal secretion can be changed by many physiological factors, like for example: ovulation, sexual arousal, pregnancy , emotional stress, etc
  3. Discharge from breasts — After a second trimester abortion, some people experience breast pain, firmness (also called engorgement), and yellowish-white nipple discharge. This is normal and happens because the breasts begin to produce milk after a certain point in pregnancy
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Fleshy Mass Passed Vaginally by a Young Woman. LOUIS STRAUSS, MD, McLeod Family Medicine Residency Program, Florence, South Carolina. Am Fam Physician. 2018 Oct 1;98 (7):449-450. A 19-year-old. For some women, abortion can be a painful experience while for others it is a tough decision to take. Your reasons may differ, but the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy lead to many complications, most common one is lactating after abortion

what does white discharge mean after iui. PAST HISTORY : normal . i had all my blood test done prior and it was normal. i had also undergone a pelvic usg and i was 5 weeks pregnant. after 2 weeks from abortion i had a pelvic usg done and doctor reassured it was done and my uterus was empty.i strted bleeding on 21st march 2013 and doctor. 7. Vaginal Discharge. After an abortion, two types of discharges from the vagina - mucus type and the brown to black in colour type. This is nothing to be concerned about as it is just a natural response of the body, a way in which it cleans itself . But, if the discharge is foul-smelling, pus-like, itchy, or is accompanied by a fever, then you. After both types of abortion procedures, it's typically advised that you wait about two weeks before having sex or inserting anything vaginally. This reduces the risk of infection, and is an. Clinical signs. Post parturient vulval discharge occurs initially as a clear mucoid, serous or bloody discharge and normally dries up. It may persist for 5-7 days. Pus may then be seen during urination or may be found on the floor behind the sow. Extended weaning to service intervals may be recorded

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Watery discharge after ovulation. Ovulation usually happens 10-16 days before your period starts. You may notice more discharge when you're ovulating. This discharge tends to be clear and stretchy, like an egg white. Right before your period arrives, the discharge may become white and cloudy. Watery discharge after your perio Answer: Dear vaginal discharge is green or yellowish, strong smelling, and/or accompanied by redness or itching, you may have a vaginal infection.One of the most common vaginal infections during pregnancy is candidiasis, also known as a yeast infection. So consult to ur dr take medicine as ur dr suggest u ,use v wash nd take plenty of liquids nd water ,wear cotton panty too try it dear A miscarriage is the loss of a fetus within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. A miscarriage may also be called a spontaneous abortion or an early pregnancy loss. DISCHARGE INSTRUCTIONS: Seek care immediately if: You have foul-smelling drainage or pus coming from your vagina. You have heavy vaginal bleeding and soak 1 pad or more in an hour Bleeding after the abortion. On average, women bleed for 9 -14 days after doing a medical abortion. Some women bleed or pass clots for as long as 4 weeks. After the first few days of more intense bleeding some women will have little or no bleeding, some will have bleeding that stops and starts, and others will have bleeding Read more » Pai

Bleeding 2 weeks after abortion, is it normal? If you are bleeding two weeks after abortion, it's likely you still have some retained fetal tissues. If bleeding is light or you have brown discharge, it's not abnormal. See your doctor if bleeding continues more than 2 weeks. Still bleeding 3 weeks after abortion, should I be concerned Try gently squeezing your breasts to see if anything comes out. If you notice a milky discharge, it is more likely you will produce breast milk. Researchers have not tested the likelihood of producing breast milk after an abortion, but we can learn a lot from looking at data on late pregnancy losses. A small study of women whose pregnancies.

White discharge commonly occurs three to five days before the start of your period. This happens because hormonal changes can increase the mucus produced by your vagina. But white discharge along with itching or burning could be a sign of a yeast infection or an STD.  Visit Insider's Health Reference library for more advice It is important to be aware of what is considered normal during pregnancy and to inform your health care provider about any changes that may appear abnormal. Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy is called leukorrhea and is thin, white, milky, and mild smelling. During pregnancy do not: Use tampons-they can introduce new germs into the vagina Any bleeding may change in color from bright red to pink or brown. Lower abdominal cramping in the few days after treatment is also common. You should contact a doctor right away if the bleeding gets heavier after the miscarriage instead of lighter, if a fever develops, or if vaginal discharge or a strange or unpleasant vaginal odor occurs Yeast infections often cause thick, white, clumpy vaginal discharge that usually doesn't smell (or only smells slightly different than normal). You might also have a creamy, whitish coating in and around your vagina. Most yeast infections lead to itching, burning, and/or redness in or around the vagina. Vaginal itching usually gets worse the.

The appearance of blood discharge can occur after an abortion. After one week, it is necessary to see a doctor and have a controlling ultrasound. The presence of mucous discharge of white color or transparent mucous discharge with the presence of white streaks after the end of the cycle, before the start of menstruation, talks about cervical. The most common reason why you might experience increased white discharge during pregnancy in second trimester is leucorrhoea. It is a normal part of pregnancy and happens to many women. In fact, this is the same white discharge you might have seen before your periods. The only difference is this time it is thicker and more in amount Mucus Discharge While Pregnant In a pregnancy, the body goes through many changes as it makes place for anot; White Discharge At Week 39 There are several signs and symptoms that a woman goes through, during the st; Discharge in Early Pregnancy Vaginal discharge is a fairly common phenomenon during pregnancy. Vaginal dis; Discharge In 1st Trimester Women have vaginal discharge for many reasons The extra discharge is due to a boost in estrogen production and increased blood flow early in pregnancy, she says. When normal, it should be somewhat thick, clear to white in color, and odorless While there is an array of color and consistency to vaginal discharge, it it's quite common and normal to have bloody vaginal discharge after your period. Other causes of bloody mucus or brown discharge can arise from periods based on your age, bacterial or yeast infections or an STD. Read below for associated symptoms, other causes, and treatment options

Even after manual abortion like D&C some women are likely to get brown spots of blood leakage for few days after the procedure. Read More On White Vaginal Discharge. 6. Normal Abortion. During pregnancy, the uterus gives room for protecting the growing fetus creating extra thick lining through which nourishment is provided. During sudden. She may experience vaginal discharge in the days or weeks after the miscarriage, but it should decrease and eventually stop with time. Take note of any peculiarities in the discharge and notify your vet, especially if her miscarriage was caused by an infection A discharge which is white and, as some put it, cottage cheese-like Pain with swelling around your vulva. Signs of bacterial vaginosis: Some redness and/or swelling of the vagina & vulva A fishy odor that is strongest after washing with soap or following sex A yellowish, gray or white vaginal discharge Burning and/or itchin

The woman's secretions mixed with the foreign substance can appear yellow or white. Some common causes of this type of cleansing discharge include semen, spermicides, latex condoms and harsh soaps 23 24. As with other causes of vaginal discharge, when the secretions dry, they may appear yellow in a woman's undergarments reports DermNetNZ.org Most of the time, the discharge will be odor-free and be white or clear in color. Throughout the menstrual cycle, it can range from a thick to a sticky consistency. Right after and right before your menstrual cycle, the discharge will tend to be thick and white in color. During the middle of your menstrual cycle, the discharge will normally be. Scenario 1: The horse has a watery or white nasal discharge and shows no other clinical signs. Horses with a bilateral watery or mucoid discharge could be reacting to environmental irritants (such. Normal vaginal discharge often appears clear or milky when it dries on your panties. Occasionally, you may notice a discharge that is thin and stringy looking. You might call it clear and snotty. Things that can upset the natural pH balance of your vagina and lead to vaginal infections include: 3 . vaginal douches

Immediately after the cervical cerclage procedure, you can expect spotting or light bleeding, minor abdominal cramps, and pain while passing urine for a few days. This is followed by a white vaginal discharge that lasts throughout the pregnancy.Your doctor will give you analgesics to alleviate the surgical pain.. Cervical cerclage is a procedure in which the doctor puts a single stitch around. Thick white discharge is also a symptom of ovulation. But during ovulation, the cervical mucus is like egg white and is also known as Egg White Cervical Mucus (EWCM). Read more: Cervical Mucus During And After Ovulation. During the later stages of pregnancy, the amount of cervical mucus reduces Yellow discharge can be caused by a number of conditions, some completely normal, others that require medical attention. Yellowish discharge is often caused by menstrual blood mixing with normal discharge before or after your period, but it can also be a sign of a hormonal imbalance or an infection It begins from the 2 nd or 3 rd week after the abortion. Lochia alba; the last stage of the Lochia is signified with a yellowish white or white vaginal discharge which is close to normal. It has less red blood cells and is made up of mucus, fat, cholesterol, epithelial cells and leukocytes Women with this infection will have smelly vaginal discharge, which looks yellow or grey white. One notable sign of the infection is a fishy smelly odor coming from the discharge and this may feel worse after having sex. Sometimes, women may not notice any symptoms

Thick White Vaginal Discharge: Causes and Reasons for

  1. if you start having brown discharge after abortion in 2012 - better visit your gynecologist. Brittney on March 27, 2015 at 9:08 pm . I've always had white milky discharge, now for about a month (before and after my period) it's turned dark brown and stringy? It's more itchy down there, not all the time and it has a super strong odor
  2. Soon after pregnancy is confirmed, it is best to stop this medicine. It does not cause abortion. Can Asokarishta be taken during periods? Yes. If it is advised for treating heavy periods, then it can be taken during periods. Is it useful in leucorrhea (white discharge)? Yes
  3. After menopause, many women have an abnormal discharge. It occurs because the decrease in estrogen levels causes the vagina to thin and become drier. Moderate to severe thinning and drying is called atrophic vaginitis. A thin, dry vagina is more likely to become irritated and inflamed, resulting in a discharge
  4. But while some women don't give much thought to the color or consistency of their discharge, egg white cervical mucus (sometimes abbreviated EWCM) plays a vital role in fertility. Egg white cervical mucus is fertile fluid that helps sperm travel from the vagina to the uterus. It's called egg white cervical mucus because it looks and feels.
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I used mifepristone and misoprostol tablet and had white

Yellow Discharge After an Abortion. After an abortion, it is fairly common to have yellow vaginal discharge. This is because your body is still trying to flush out tissue with cervical mucus. You may also experience bleeding or cramps. As long as there is no swelling or itching, you should be fine 2. What symptom is present in 80 to 90 percent of women with cervical cancer? a. Abnormal vaginal bleeding b. Abnormal vaginal discharge c. Pelvic pain d. Ectopic pregnancy 3. Which of the following is a preventive measure for vulvar cancer? a. Avoiding exposure to HIV b. Not smoking c. There is.

NURS6551 - Midterm How can liver and renal diseases result in abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB)? a. They cause an imbalance in platelet aggregation. b. They result in an inability to adequately cl ear estrogen from the body. c. They cause thyroid dysfunction, which leads to bleeding abnormalities. d. They result in elevated prolactin levels, which lead to bleeding abnormalities Time of Occurrence: After period; after abortion; after menopause. Fertile?: No. Due to being very dry and clumpy, sperm cells cannot travel to the uterus - that's why the days immediately after your period are called dry days. 2. Creamy White Discharge Besides the regular white discharge in third trimester, if you experience discharge that is yellowish or greenish in color and with foul smell, you should immediately get in touch with your doctor. There could be various causes for it and it should be controlled before it can affect the baby. Abnormal discharge can be caused due to many reasons This group also features a warning that after abortion women should, avoid stimulation of the nipples to reduce breast discharge like colostrum and milk. Producing milk can be an overwhelming reminder of a lost child in post-abortive hearts It's important to be gentle and care for yourself after an abortion. and red blood clots. There may be nipple discharge, elevated body temperatures, and emotional changes too. Pregnancy symptoms should disappear within 1-10 days. Abnormal recovery usually consists of heavy bleeding, passing white, gray or green tissue; pregnancy symptoms.

Caring for Yourself After an Abortion Planned Parenthood

Foul-smelling vaginal discharge; After a medical abortion, you'll need a follow-up visit with your doctor to make sure you're healing properly and to evaluate your uterine size, bleeding and any signs of infection. To reduce the risk of infection, don't have vaginal intercourse or use tampons for two weeks after the abortion Discharge after miscarriage. I'm 4 weeks post my second natural miscarriage. Bled for about 2.5 weeks and then it changed to brown spotting and then brown discharge. I have now been having brown stringy discharge for the last few days. EPU won't see me because of lockdown so I never got a scan post miscarriage Discharge after menstruation, having a liquid consistency, may indicate the development of endometritis and endocervicitis. But the bloody discharge of white color, having an unpleasant smell, speaks of inflammatory processes occurring in the pelvic organs, or the development of infectious diseases Bacterial infections can spread and become septic quickly, so if you have any of the following symptoms after a miscarriage, contact your doctor immediately or go to the emergency room: Chills. Fever over 100.4 degrees. Foul-smelling vaginal discharge Leucorrhoea (vaginal white discharge) - cause, symptoms and remedies. Posted by Dr. Amrita Sharma March 27, 2021 Posted in health ☘️Leucorrhoea is a medical term for vaginal white discharge it is a condition where excessive,thick ,white or yellowish discharge occurs from vagina

Contrary to popular belief, most women do not need to go through any psychological intervention after an abortion with pills. It is true that the experience differs for each woman, but mostly it is a feeling of relief after being faced with a difficult decision and having to make the best choice for oneself These changes can last for up to 2 years after your abortion. Sometimes, you may also notice some pregnant symptoms, like swollen breasts, fatigue and pain in your lower back, while menstruating after your abortion. You are likely to experience more clotting, pain and premenstrual syndrome symptoms when having your first period after abortion. 3 GUIDELINE European (IUSTI/WHO) guideline on the management of vaginal discharge, 2011 J Sherrard MBMS FRCP*, G Donders MD PhD†, D White MBChB FRCP‡ and Lead Editor: J Skov Jensen§ *Department of Genitourinary Medicine, Churchill Hospital, Oxford, UK; †Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Regional Hospital H Hart Tienen, University Hospital Gasthuisberg Leuven, and University. - white discharge - perineal pruritis - incr occurrence during pregnancy. a woman has pain midway in her menstrual cycle... Mittelschmerz. self care after abortion/miscarriage - observe for excessive bleeding/signs of infection - follow up visits - contraception - rhogam if baby is Rh+

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Milky White Discharge Or Pregnancy? 5 MAIN Causes Before

While abortion pills have low risk of infection because medical abortion is not an invasive procedure, some amount of infection may occur when administering the misoprostol vaginally. A persistent high fever above 100.4 F, pain, and severe bleeding are signs of an infection. 10. Other Risks. Beware of where and how you undergo a medical abortion Bleeding, passing blood clots and cramping are all normal after an abortion. Bleeding: may be light or none for the first 3 days after an abortion; may become heavier on the 4th or 5th day with clots, dark bleeding, and cramping; can range from none at all to like a heavy menstrual period; light bleeding or spotting may last 2-4 weeks after an. A watery and/or bloody discharge following the NovaSure® endometrial ablation procedure is normal. It could start anywhere from immediately after the procedure to a couple of weeks afterwards. The discharge may last only briefly or for up to a few months. It could even come and go, increasing after certain activities After the abortion process is complete, women may experience breast tenderness and a milky nipple discharge for 5 to 10 days. Tips on Recovery after Medical Abortion. After the abortion pill process is started, one should take certain steps to alleviate risks and complications of abortion

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Discharge after abortion: brown and yellow, scanty and

  1. Clear or light white discharge: This can be due to pregnancy. Causes Of Discharge. The discharge can be classified as normal or abnormal, depending on the reasons stated below: A bloody nipple discharge is never normal, even if discharge takes place from a single breast or that occurs without stimulation or irritation is considered abnormal
  2. If you are experiencing a vaginal discharge, it might look like a gel-like discharge. At this time in your menstrual cycle, your discharge may be thicker, causing its gel-like appearance. When it comes to its color, it is frequently very light or clear, even somehow white in color. A very good example of how this discharge looks like is an egg.
  3. Here's a novel thought: have you considered seeing an ob/gyn? I don't know a lot about abortions, but I would think as is true of an invasive medical procedures, there should be follow up with a medical professional before long. You yourself ackno..
  4. Light Green Discharge. Normally, the vaginal discharge is clear or milky white in color and contains no smell. The amount of discharge you have depends on the amount of hormones you have in your system. If you suffer from some sort of vaginal infection, however, the vaginal discharge can change in character

What causes watery discharge after medical abortion

Vaginal discharge is a fluid or semisolid substance that flows out of the vaginal opening. Most women have vaginal discharge to some extent, and a small amount of vaginal discharge is a reflection of the body's normal cleansing process. The amount and type of vaginal discharge also varies among women and with the woman's menstrual cycle. A. A brownish vaginal discharge is a sign of old blood (which may have been retained within the uterus or vagina) being expelled from the vagina. It may be caused by : Miscarriage. Missed abortion - in early pregnancy, when the fetus is dead but is retained within the uterus without spontaneous abortion). In some cases of induced abortion

Vaginal Discharge During and After Miscarriag

  1. Artificial abortion is common due to the no pregnancy intention, limited medical resources, and poor reproductive health education [1,2,3].In recent years, artificial abortion still has a high prevalence and has become an important public health problem [4,5,6].Artificial abortion may cause mechanical damage to the endometrium, which increases the risk for some complications such as.
  2. Vaginal discharge is almost always considered abnormal, except in cases where the rabbit is discharging postpartum fluids -- the fluids that leave the uterus after birth. Symptoms and Types. The signs, symptoms and types of vaginal discharge vary from rabbit to rabbit and may vary according to the sexual status of the rabbit
  3. Hi, I am almost 45 and I had an abortion about 6 weeks ago. Before the procedure I was not given any antibiotic. I refused to take metronidazol because I am allergic to it. After the procedure I was bleeding for 9 days, very light in comparaison to my regular period. 15 days later I had a follow up visit with a ginicologyst. She said, that everything is Ok, but there was still some blood at.
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Abortion is one of the most common surgical procedures done Abortion is always unsafe, and complications are common If symptoms (bleeding and a discharge) persist after polyps are removed, a sample of tissue from the lining of the uterus (endometrium) may be examined under a microscope (endometrial biopsy) to exclude endometrial cancer.. Discharge before and after ovulation (by day) Discharge during period lasts 5-7 days. Menstruation is replaced by so-called dry days (8-11 day of ovulation). Day 12-13. Watery secretion appears. It is sticky and not abundant (beginning of ovulation period). Day 14 Metritis is defined as inflammation of the uterus that develops in the immediate postpartum period and occasionally after abortion or breeding. Metritis may also be associated with retained fetuses or placentas. On physical examination, the uterus is distended and a red vaginal discharge may be seen. Definitive treatment involves. Get And Sign Planned Parenthood Abortion Discharge Papers Form . Lecture • Court Case Presentations • The West Wing: The Supremes HW: Study for Key court cases and key terms Mon 3/31 (Tues 4/1) • Key Court Cases and Key Terms test • Institutions review game • Court Case Presentations HW: AG 10.334-344; key terms cards; download Pocket Justice app; court case research HW. I'm Karthika! I got conceived and it ended with missed abortion! So doctor recommended me to do d&c! Before that, they prefer me, medical abortion tablets! I got my bleeding in June 21, it remains incomplete abortion! On 26th June, d&c was done! Calculating from my bleeding date, now I again missed my period! And still white discharge is seen

Learn about what thick, white, clear, or colored vaginal discharge means for a person's health, as well as how to prevent unhealthy discharge. READ MORE Causes of heavy vaginal discharge Vaginal discharge is normal. Its consistency changes throughout the month and is a key sign of ovulation. Some women naturally have more discharge than others. However, it is never normal to have green vaginal discharge. Green vaginal discharge can be a sign of something relatively easy to treat, such as a yeast infection

You could have a brown discharge immediately after your period when your vagina cleans itself from the last traces of menstrual blood. Then this discharge becomes white, consistent, but it`s eliminated in small amounts. During ovulation, the vaginal discharge changes - it becomes more abundant and gains the consistency of egg whites Vaginal discharge in pregnant cats may indicate: A vaginal or uterine infection (i.e. pyometra) Chlamydia, which can affect the kittens (i.e. eye infections, respiratory infections) Abortion of kittens, 1 or several fetuses may be aborted. All these are serious conditions that can endanger the health of the cat and the unborn kittens 1. Threatened Abortion. This is often an extremely common and a highly serious cause for bloody discharge during the first trimester. It is a serious cause since in the case of a threatened abortion, the fetus is still alive and can be skillfully salvaged with proper care Dilation and evacuation (D&E) is an abortion procedure done in the second trimester (after 13 or 14 weeks of pregnancy). It can be done in a healthcare provider's office, a clinic, or a hospital. The steps for D&E are similar to vacuum aspiration. However, your cervix will need to be dilated more because the fetus is larger

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