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For a south facing house vastu, you have to ensure that no underground structure (let it be a tank or reservoir or septic tank or water outlet) is placed in front of the house. The southern part of the house should not hold any element of water storage. It can lead to heavy financial losses Cons of South-Facing Can come to bite the residents during the summer, potentially turning the house into an oven, especially when there are larger areas of south-facing glazing. Energy savings in winter are offset by inefficiency during the summer to cool the house interior Disadvantages Of A South Facing Garden. But, it's not all plain sailing. There are also a number of disadvantages of a south facing garden, including: Too Hot - At the height of summer, a south facing garden can end up getting too hot to enjoy! The 'North' Side - The other side of the house may suffer more from damp and moss

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  1. Disadvantages of South Facing House. There are disadvantages to a house facing any direction. Their intensities vary. There are east facing and west facing house pros and cons too. You may consult the south direction Vastu for removing the defects. People living in south facing home seek the same
  2. If a South facing site is having Water well or sump : - This house site is having one well towards Southwest part or direction, this is very bad and immediately close it with heavy stones. You may ask your local pandits for a good day to close this water source or body. Waterbody towards Southwest always creates dangerous happenings
  3. Typically a south-facing home gets sun for most of the day, especially at the front of the house, and is therefore usually brighter and warmer. A north-facing home gets sun at the back of the.

South-facing aspect You won't get much sunlight at all from a southerly aspect. Without careful management your house will most likely be dark, with condensation becoming a potential issue that can cause mould and mildew. But sometimes you have to make this work Not suggestible. North & East are considered the best directions for most purposes. You could also have your horoscope evaluated to find the best directions for yourself. South east mostly suits women though. At a more mature level - It may be wro.. Disadvantages of a south-facing garden. While the advantages of a south-facing garden outweigh the disadvantages in the eyes of most, there are some more negative aspects of a garden that has sunshine all day: • In the height of summer, south-facing gardens can get too hot to sit i

Disadvantages of south-facing house. In case if you do not follow the Vastu principles in the South facing houses then you may have to face Financial Crises. It happens when you built an underground water tank or bore well in the Southeast, South, or Southwest direction. This also can be the reason for bad luck and misfortune if any cut or. Southeast Facing House: This house is exactly facing Southeast. There is a road in front of this house, this road is called Southeast road. This road passes from Northeast to Southwest direction. Or Southwest to Northeast direction. This is called a Southeast facing house. We thought this House vastu link information may be useful for the readers The South-facing windows and glass panels will decrease the amount of heat coming in during the summer and hot seasons. By contrast, the North-facing homes feel chilly and can give away a feeling of living a life in shadows. The stunning landscape of Benahavis, where Marbella Club Hills homes are located, is not a densely built-up area at all #vastu #astrology #south facing defect Do You Know South Facing House is Good or Bad?This Video is about south facing home, how can we remove the defects of.

South facing houses are - or I should say, have somehow become - third choice for people; first and second choices being North and East oriented houses respectively.दक्षिण दिशा: मानेंगे नियम तो बनेंगे मालामा The main advantage of a south-facing house or garden is the amount of sunlight you'll enjoy. As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the south side of any house will see the most hours of sunlight during the day - especially in the Northern Hemisphere - so a south-facing garden takes advantage of this

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  1. North, South, East, West. Which Is the Best Way to Face? By Bill Primavera The orientation of a home - which way it faces - is something to be considered when house hunting. My home buying history involves three purchases. The first was a wonderful town home in the historic district. This content is for Monthly Access and Annual Access.
  2. South Facing House - What Vastu Says About It. You must know - and understand - that vastu shastra has always claimed that all the directions are equally good, be it, North, East, West or South.. However, as per the same - yes very same - vastu shastra, one thing that can make a house inauspicious is the entrance/main door of the house (even if all other vastu rules are followed)
  3. Which Direction Should Your New House Face? You'll get all the benefits of natural and direct sunlight which helps save money and energy! So if you get to pick, always pick south facing! Final Thoughts on Home Orientation Direction: At the end of the day each direction your home might face has different benefits and disadvantages
  4. Depending upon the location of the house and its surroundings, orienting the house towards the north or the south has advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, there's no hard and fast rule about which direction is better. It depends upon the location of the house, the climate in the region as well as the surroundings
  5. Face the long, front side of the home within 20 degrees either side of true south. This positions south-facing windows to act as solar collectors that bring heat into the house in winter. The..

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Find the best shade plants for any dappled sun spots.; Disadvantages of south-facing gardens. Some of the advantages of a south-facing garden could turn out to be disadvantages, of course. When temperatures heat up, you could find your coveted south-facing space is actually too hot to sit in South-facing house vastu tip #5: Cook facing the appropriate direction This depends on which direction your kitchen is facing. Vastu principles that govern the use kitchens in south-facing homes vary based on the placement of the kitchen itself. If the kitchen is to the south-east of the house, homeowners must cook facing the east

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Architecture does not say that south-facing homes are harmful. If it is to be built south-facing, it only specifies that it must be of the right magnitude south. The house can be boldly facing south to check if it is the right south. Care should be taken to check and understand by a trusted architect As a result, a north-facing house may remain cooler in the summer than a south-facing one. In warmer climates, north-facing homes can have the benefit of reduced cooling costs when temperatures.

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Southern exposure is important in the city, and also in any house that wants to take advantage of solar energy or natural light. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun comes from the south. This happens because the Earth is a sphere and spins on an axis that is tilted 23 degrees (see What Causes the Seasons? for information on the tilt) Disadvantages of an Attached Greenhouse During the summer months, a south facing greenhouse can easily get too hot and require a shade cloth to help protect the plants. An overheating greenhouse can hinder plant growth and be a nightmare for the grower. A greenhouse will work on any side of the house except North. Get More Details. Typically a south-facing home gets sun for most of the day, especially at the front of the house, and is therefore usually brighter and warmer. A north-facing home gets sun at the back of the house and is typically darker and naturally cooler than a south-facing one. The direction a home faces is also important in some cultural traditions Vastu - Lesson 11 : T point building. There is a lot of speculation when one talk about T point, T points are generally considered in-auspicious for residential complexes and auspicious for commercial buildings but that's not the complete story and it's not entirely true nor false. T points can be both auspicious and in-auspicious.

Additional natural light in the house means it can warm naturally. The upshot of this is that you will save on heating bills during the colder winter months. A south facing home can also utilise all the full advantages of an outdoor deck in the backyard to expand your living room in summer. In the winter this will still get enough sunlight to. The question is, however, are south facing gardens essential or merely desirable? Does a south facing garden automatically make a property better? Will having one increase the overall value? Is it all rosy in the south facing garden, or are there disadvantages as well? How do you even know if a garden faces south? All will be revealed in below South East Facing House Vastu is one great science of architecture which has the power to channelize the universal cosmic energy into one successful life span. In order to apply Vastu, the major key role is played by the main door direction of a house South-facing windows can let in sunlight for direct heating, while the rest of the house is set back into the slope. In regions with mild winters and hot summers, a north-facing slope might be ideal. Careful planning by a designer familiar with earth sheltering can take full advantage of the conditions on your particular site South Facing Windows and Orientation. It is ideal to have the windows (solar glazing) within 5 degrees of true south. However, windows that are within 15 degrees of true south are said to function almost as well. As the degree difference from true south expands, the overall potential solar efficiency of the structure decreases

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Vastu Remedies for South-West Facing House. After understanding the reason behind the problems you are facing, you should not make any further delay in finding the remedy for the southwest facing the house. Considering each part of the southwest facing house, there is a vastu remedy for all. Let's have a look To be fair I do have a lot of south facing windows and solar gain. The house stores the heat. You need to think about the total design of your house. If you live in the south then do think about how your house will fair all season round and get energy calcs. forget about needing fancy wood burners. You will never use it in a passive house

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Planning to make an attached, south facing greenhouse with all the bells and whistles however I have a few concerns. First the heat in the winter months, warming up the house since it is attached to the greenhouse. I am not sure how much a good, automated ventilation system would help. Oh, and I am in South Australia, summer quite sunny and hot While a house facing the west is considered to bring success and fortune to the youngsters living in the house, it also has a disadvantage. Having the house facing in this direction will cause the main female member of the family to spend a lot of time away from the house and her family

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Inviting prosperity through the Main Door - On 08/21/2011 - 149677 View(s) - 38 Comment(s) The Main door being the most majestic & huge should always open inwards & the location of main door in a house or a plot is one of the most significant aspects that would bring in stability in the home or office constructed Passive solar design takes advantage of a building's site, climate, and materials to minimize energy use. A well-designed passive solar home first reduces heating and cooling loads through energy-efficiency strategies and then meets those reduced loads in whole or part with solar energy. Because of the small heating loads of modern homes it is very important to avoid oversizing south-facing. North-south sites on the south side of the street should be wide enough to accommodate an entry at the front as well as private north-facing living areas. Set the house back to accommodate a north-facing garden and consider creating a private outdoor living courtyard with plantings or even a garage on the northern boundary where planning permits - South-facing spaces benefit from warm light all day long - but in the summer, the midday sun is very bright. South facing extensions are great for bringing light into both the new extension, but maybe even more importantly also into the existing main house, which will become darker as the roof is extended outwards

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Best Trees to Plant Near a House. These trees make the list because of their non-invasive roots or low-maintenance cleanup. Plus, it helps that they're all beautiful trees! Crabapple (Zones 3-8): A short, flowering tree that matures at about 20 feet tall. Be sure to pick a disease-resistant tree to avoid headaches later South facing glass admits solar energy into the house where it strikes masonry floors and walls, which absorb and store the solar heat, which is radiated back out into the room at night. These thermal mass materials are typically dark in color in order to absorb as much heat as possible. The thermal mass also tempers the intensity of the heat. Cave dwellings are common in certain areas of northern China where they serve as homes for more than 40 million people. In the provinces of Shaanxi and Shanxi where the yellow earth (called loess) is quite compacted, cave houses have been in use for centuries. Below is a picture of this terrain in Shaanxi If you believe in Fengshui, you should have a house facing south. By this direction, either front or back won't hit directly by sun. 08-24-2007, 11:59 PM Lobo51 : 3 posts, read 118,359 times Reputation: 27. I just bought a home and insisted in only viewing homes where the back yard and the main living parts of the home were facing SOUTH..

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1. Introduction to sleeping in bed facing North-South (feet facing South) In this article series about sāttvik living pertaining to various aspects of how to sleep well, we are looking at various parameters of how to sleep well. In this article we will study the effect of sleeping with our feet facing South 4. Create a great indoor-outdoor connection. And there's one of the greatest benefits of a courtyard design - creating a great indoor-outdoor connection. With a courtyard design, you can have between two to four walls opening onto the courtyard. With the addition of sliding or bi-fold doors and windows, you can create a home which seamlessly. Avoid a property which has a door facing South West as it is the entry of the devil energy and brings in struggles and misfortunes. If the wealth energy as per advanced Feng Shui of that house is. Disadvantages & Drawbacks of Indoor Plants. Houseplants add beauty and bring part of the natural world into your living space, and they also remove many common pollutants from your household air. North Facing House Vastu - 10 Do's. Place the main door in 5 th pada; this'll give lots of wealth. You can place entrance in padas 4 th to 1 st if pada 5 alone is small. Make walls in North and East slightly shorter and thinner than South and West. Make sure that kitchen is in SE or NW

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Advantages of a north-facing garden. Long evening sun: Having established that you have a North-facing garden, be pleased that one of these does mean your garden has the potential to get a fair amount of evening sun from May through to October.Hurrah! Planting perks of shade: Even plants that really do love the heat, will enjoy some midday shade. And, when it comes to the planting, there are. I have a story and a half house facing south. I was thinking about using SW snowbound on the body. I have a grayish light brown roof, depending on the time of day. My new front door is already gray . Should I paint the trim the same as Snowbound? How about the foundation color. It is very prominent in the front and back of the house as well as. West facing house plans are ideal for people who like enjoying the setting sun. If you are wondering what a west facing house is, this is a house that is located on a plot with a road on the west side. One of the main advantages of the design is that it allows you to enjoy the warm evening sun. It's believed that houses that face west bring more wealth and prosperity and the owners of these.

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RAE tubes are named after their inventors Ring, Adair and Elwyn who described the use of their novel oral preformed tube in pediatric patients in 1975 (Ring et al., 1975).RAE tubes were designed with the intention to facilitate intra-oral and some types of facial surgery by keeping the part of the ET tube outside of the patient away from the surgeon's access <p>As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the south side of any house will see the most hours of sunlight during the day - especially in the Northern Hemisphere - so a south-facing garden takes advantage of this. *Others prefer the opposite, having the house face west so the backyard is facing east and benefits from the shade on a hot summer afternoon. If a home has more width. Because they are designed with south-facing windows, and different construction types have either skylights or a domed ceiling that is co-linear, they receive plenty of light. Earth-Sheltered Home Disadvantages Initial Cost. The initial cost of construction can be 20 percent higher than a house built from traditional materials. Also, a lot.