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  1. Weekly Progress Thread - New + Ongoing Fasts. Progress. Now I saw another person on this Reddit who said they would dry fast for 18 days, and they disappeared soo I can understand that'll probably disappear too, lamo, but if it's all about trust and soo, take a peek at the youtube channel or this thread..
  2. John Meadows loves cluster sets and drop sets, and the program increases in volume every week for 6 weeks until you deload. In week 1 you are doing anywhere from 18-25 sets in a workout, by week 6 the hardest week has up to 38 sets. It is BRUTAL, but if you love training to failure and a bro split, I cannot recommend the program enough
  3. The Improved Reddit PPL Routine - Why It's Better. There are five key changes to this version of the spreadsheet that make it easier to use: It tracks up to 12 weeks at a time. (The old 1RM version of the program didn't do this.) It automatically calculates your progression based on the number of reps you achieve
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The program is run 2x per week, and the progression for Bench, OHP, Rows, and Squat is 5lb per session, and 10lbs for Deadlift per session Last edited by alisidd; 06-16-2016 at 02:00 PM . 06-16-2016, 02:21 PM # Load Progression Strategies. 1. Arbitrary Progression. An arbitrary progression is the simplest strategy we will cover and is simply adding a pre-determined arbitrary amount of weight from week to week. This would be commonly accomplished by adding 2.5 or 5kg each week Week 7: 4 x 4 (55% of 1-RM) Week 8: Deload (50% of 1-RM) Week 9: 4 x 3 (75% of 1-RM) Week 10: 3 x 2 (90% OF 1-RM) This is a basic program to allow you to progress quickly. But, when you're not doing this program, feel free to use varying rep ranges if you feel you can handle it. For example, 7 sets x 3 reps at a lower percentage (50-60%) of. In the first 3 weeks, there is no progression in the training. In week 1 to 3, the runner runs a total of 130 min, while all the progression has been placed in the final week. In this week, the person runs 210 min; i.e. an increase of around 60%. This is not ideal. It would be better to aim for a steadier progression every week. Steady Progression As with any program, results vary for a host of reasons. My favorite progression is a 3-week rotation where the trainee is working on a different rep range each week. On average, I get the longest sustained progress on programs like this. Or you can use a percentage based program that works off a 1rm

This program is an 8 week hypertrophy training program inspired by Reddit user and strength coach /u/BigCoachD. Good for off-season powerlifting training, bodybuilding, or anyone looking to increase their work capacity and get bigger. It is a 4 day program based on linear periodization. Week 1 starts at 5×12 @50% of 1RM and adds 5% each week. 8 Week Hypertrophy Program Spreadsheet (BigCoachD) Edit 9/22/19: Fixed an issue with the inputs. Using a . (i.e. period, full stop) is now supported in the 1RM input fields. This program is an 8 week hypertrophy training program inspired by Reddit user and strength coach /u/BigCoachD. Good for off-season powerlifting training

Reddit PPL Spreadsheet (Metallicadpa 6 Day PPL Program Korte 3×3 Program. Juggernaut Training Method Base Program Spreadsheet. The weight progression and week to week or month to month changes in sets and reps in the Juggernaut training method base program can be a little difficult to memorize, follow, and keep track of. The 16-week. Week Four: 5 x 5 x 72%. Week Five: 5 x 4 x 77%. Week Six: 5 x 3 x 82%. After 2-3 of the 3-week mini-cycles I'd start to bring the volume down a little bit (on the heavy days) in prep for a testing date: Week Seven: 5 x 4 x 80%. Week Eight: 5 x 3 x 85%. Week Nine: 5 x 2 x 90% Thanks to the community of Reddit, nSuns is a program that has created a huge fan base. The nSuns program is inspired partly by 5/3/1 with a twist. It uses linear periodization (weekly progression) instead of a monthly one that similar programs would use The idea is to get 6-weeks of progress using 5×5, so start with a weight that allows you to get all 25 reps in good clean form. Something around 70% of 1RM is a good starting place. Each week you can go up in weight about 2% which after 6 weeks will bring you to about 80% of 1RM. This will be very challenging but doable This keeps the lifter on a crisp linear progression cycle while still incorporating enough volume and back work to transition into intermediate programs. If you can't swing a 4x or 5x weekly program, give Ivysaur 4-4-8 a shot. I think this program is a great alternative to GreySkull LP. I'm sure you can make progress on either program, though

GZCLP is a linear progression program specifically designed for beginner lifters. With GZCL novice program you will gain maximum strength and muscle mass in less time. GZCL method utilizes more practical basic training methodology backe nSuns is a user on Reddit that shared a popular weekly linear progression variation of 5/3/1 a few years ago. Key principles carried over from 5/3/1 include hitting the main lift of the day for a set of 5 reps, a set of 3 reps, and then a set of 1 rep, as well as the notion of using 90% of an athlete's 1RM as a TM or training max and. If the beginner program is too easy, a more advanced version called Strong Curves Gluteal Goddess is also available. Intermediate Full Body Workout Programs GZCLP. GZCLP is a linear progression version of GZCL, which generally progresses a bit more slowly. GZCLP progresses on a weekly basis, making it a great choice for intermediate lifters NSuns 5/3/1 Lifting Workout Program is developed by the reddit user nSuns. He took the fundamentals of Wendler's 5/3/1 and Sheiko's program for creating this workout routine. The progression scheme of nSuns 531 program keeps people pushing their rep maxes, leading to increased strength and muscle gain But in StrongLifts you will get 7.5 weekly sets for chest, shoulders, and biceps and 1.5 weekly sets for hamstrings. You have to incorporate more sets or reps to see good progression. In Ivysaur 4-4-8 program you will do optimum number of sets so that you can effectively use your initial months of weight training

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G ZCLP is the official name for Cody LeFever's Linear Progression program for beginners. A lot of people are asking what the hell it means: it stands for GZCL (Cody Lefever's screen name here on Reddit) + LP (linear progression). The program is relatively simple. Each workout revolves around the big 4 lifts — the squat, the bench press. While the nSuns program does follow linear progression, there is a slight difference. nSuns requires you to progress the weight on a weekly rather than monthly basis. Because the Wendler program is beginner-orientated, the volume is fairly low as beginners do not require a large training stimulus in order to make dramatic improvements in strength nSuns 5/3/1 is a linear progression powerlifting program that was inspired by Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 strength program. It progresses on a weekly basis, making it well suited for late stage novice and early intermediate lifters. It is known for its challenging amount of volume Wave Loading Periodization. For the 3-5, 4-6, 5-7, and 6-8 rep ranges, drop the rep target by 1 rep each week with only a 5-10 lb (2.5-5 kg) increase in load week to week. For the higher rep ranges of 8-12, reduce the rep target by 2 rather than 1 each week

Candito's program passes with flying colors in terms of specificity. Overload. Candito recommends increasing the weights 0-10lbs per week. Linear progression is advised, and the goal is 5lbs per week, but, ultimately, discretion is left up to the individual. For a true novice, I don't know that I particularly agree Originally developed on the Reddit Powerlifting subreddit, nSuns 531 takes concepts from the standard 531 Program and Sheiko Powerlifting Routine and combines them into one powerful plan. Utilizing high volume and a weekly progression schedule, nSuns 531 is another plan perfect for advanced novice lifters making the switch to an.

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  1. This page houses an organized list of Program Writeups and Reviews posted to r/weightroom by those who have run them. Last Updated: 12/27/2020 5/3/1 [Program Review] +1 Year of 5/3/1 [Program Review] 5/3/1 Leviathan [Program Review] 5/3/1 + CrossFit: An Eight-Month Journey [Program Review] Balancing 531 and BJJ [Program Review] 531 + Custom Accessories [Program
  2. Today I started week three of the 8-week program and I just wanted to share my thoughts on the program so far. Here are the pros and cons of the program as I see them so far: PROS. Lift 4 is only 4 workouts a week, so I have plenty of time for yoga and tennis! Most programs require 6days of workouts and I find that pretty restrictive and boring.
  3. The program itself is very straightforward. You alternate between Workout A and Workout B, leaving one full day of rest between each day of lifting. This is typically three days a week (ie, Mon / Wed / Fri) because it's easier to schedule, but can also be done A->Rest->B->Rest->Repeat if your schedule allows. Workout A. 3×5+ Barbell Row
  4. 6 Week Workout Program To Build Muscle Please read this before you start! (Especially if you are a beginner) The workout plan is a 3-6 day split you can follow for the next 6 weeks to build muscle. Its focus is to help increase muscle gain and strength development. The muscle building program is suitable for beginners and intermediates

The program is for someone who has decent legs, but lacks upper body mass and strength. This is a five-week program, the fifth week being a recovery week. Now I know this program will not work forever, so in week five, halve the volume and the reps to give your body and central nervous system a chance to recover The 5-Week, Whole Body Single Kettlebell Workout. DIRECTIONS. A - Kettlebell Swings. Each Swing workout starts with 3x5 Goblet Squats, 60s rest. Swings are seven reps per minute for the prescribed number of sets. Seven swings will take about 10 seconds; rest for the remainder of the time Note: The programming that starts in week 3 continues as long as possible and when progress is no longer possible, then the program becomes more complicated. To take this workout to the next level, check out Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training and Practical Programming for Strength Training available at startingstrength.com , on Amazon. Find a bench, staircase, or piece of furniture to perform a push-up on. The goal should be feeling this in the lower pec region. Extended Plank: 4 x 20-25 seconds. Week 1: 20-25 seconds. Week 1: 5 x 5 x 70% (5 sets of 5 reps at 70% of 1RM) Week 2: 5 x 3 x 75%. Week 3: 5 x 1 x 80%. Week 4: No deadlifting, but feel free to do accessory movements like good mornings, weighted back raises, reverse hypers, or pull-throughs in the 10+ rep range. Week 5: 5 x 5 x 75%. Week 6: 5 x 3 x 80%

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Goal: Increase your jumping time while decreasing your rest time from 60 to 30 seconds between sets. This week is when great progress is made, as total daily jumping time triples by the end of the week. Perform 4 workouts. First 2 workouts: 4 sets of 60 seconds. Next 2 workouts: 4 sets of 90 seconds Monday: Upper-body strength training (45 to 60 minutes) It's no secret that strength training is a critical part of any weekly workout schedule. Sure, dumbbells and barbells may look overwhelming at times, but strength training can help build lean muscle, increase bone strength, and prevent injury. Try this upper-body dumbbell workout, or. Thanks for watching!Any questions/tips? leave them in the comments!After finishing David Laids DUP program I wanted to share the progress i made.I have been. A weekly progress report serves as a means of coordination and communication between different departments involved in a project or an activity. It is also a tool used to evaluate an employee's performance as it keeps the management informed on his accomplishments and achievements

The program reviewed here became popular on Reddit, and is a linear progression program for new lifters. Unlike Starting Strength and Ice Cream Fitness, the Reddit PPL workout is a 6 day a week program When completing a program, in this example a 4-week workout plan, you should not simply jump ship or change every single aspect of the workout. Rather, a good program will systematically progress so that the tweaks are small yet noticeable, often swapping in some exercises, leaving others, and changing sets/reps/volume The spreadsheet is made by LiftVault.com, and the program originated from the Reddit user u/Metallicadpa. Metallicadpa V3.04. With this version you can track up to 12 weeks at a time. It can automatically calculate progression depending on the number of reps you achieve and record; You can vary the progression rates on each exercis

Week 3 is test week. You'll warm up to one single work set of as many reps as possible (AMRAP). Once you've completed week 3, it's back to week 1 with slightly greater loads. Rinse and repeat. Rationale and Benefits. The bigger and stronger you get, the more physically challenging it becomes to train the deadlift in a linear progression. This program is designed to peak you at the end of the five weeks. If you wanted to do a meet on this program, you'd simply time it so that Week 6 landed on meet week. Being a program designed for a powerlifter by a powerlifter, you can easily peak for a contest using Candito's Six Week Strength Program This article, we will focus on a 6-week metabolic conditioning progression. Metabolic conditioning, or metcon for short, is often associated with intense workouts that leave participants completely metabolically exhausted and physically fatigued Putting It All Together: A Double Progression Program. Here's a sample double progression program; perform each workout once per week on nonconsecutive days. For maximum variety and to reap the benefits multiple rep ranges offer, this sample program uses low reps (Workout 1), moderate reps (Workout 2), and high reps (Workout 3). Workout Week 2: 3 x 3 x 90%. Week 3: 3 x 5 x 80%. Week 4: 2-3 x 2-3 x 95%. Week 5: 3 x 4-5 x 85%. Week 6: New Single. We've done this cycle twice now, each time, we've hit a a new 20-lb PR in Week 6. The first 3 weeks are generally not too hard, and in fact, in this second cycle we actually wound up pulling 8-reps in the last set at 80% in Week 3

Perform the program on a 3 day per week schedule, on non-consecutive days, i.e. Mon/Wed/Fri, Tues/Thurs/Sat or similar. Most healthy men between the ages of 18 and 35 or 40 can add 10 lbs to the squat the first 2-3 times it's performed, 15-20 lbs to the deadlift the first couple times, and 10 lbs the next several times it's performed Free 12 week program.Check the @occamathletics IG for info to sign-up for the jerk clinic.Follow me on IG @untamedstrengthUntamed Strength is a Powerlifting/..

Every week I beat my last week's numbers by either poundage or # of reps. Last week: Max sets of 235 x 7, 235 x 6, 235 x 5, 235 x 5. This week: Max sets 245 x 7, 245 x 6, 245 x 5. So should my regimen increase with my progress or should I hold out and just kill the hell out of my previous 1 Rep Max? Thank The bundle contains 6 autoregulated programs + a program builder for creating your own training plans. Your purchase of this bundle gets you access to all this: SBS Strength Program: This is a 21-week program, split into three 7-week blocks. Each block increases in intensity (% of 1RM), while reps per set decrease

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Daily Undulating Periodization ( DUP) Program. First plan your exercise sessions and your warm up exercises like pullups (3×8), pushups (3×15) etc. And then plan your per day DUP cycle. So, the DUP program will be like -. Monday: Bench press (5 sets of 3), Deadlift (4 sets of 4), squats (3 sets of 10) progress by adding weight The first weekly workout is more moderate, while the second is far more intense. If you are competing, your week 6 one rep max attempts will occur on competition day. To turn this into a longer off-season program of 8-10 weeks, you can start peaking one of the lifts on week one, the next lift on week two, and the third lift on week three A construction progress report template is a document helpful for the construction site engineers to create daily, weekly, or monthly progress reports of the construction project. In this article, you can understand the basics of the construction progress report samples and free download the excel templates When you reach 95% of 1RM, retest and start the program again for weeks 7 to 12. Record all your workouts as Ed Coan testifies that his progress came from consistent and accurate record-keeping of his deadlift workouts. Take a Break. It is not a bad idea to schedule a break of 1 week after every 6 or 12 weeks of deadlifting

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Additional Program Notes. - Before beginning this peaking program, it is recommended that you run an eight to sixteen-week pre-peaking program. - Each lift is to be performed twice per week - one heavy session and one moderate session. - Four to six minutes worth of rest must be taken between sets of primary exercises The program itself is broken down into two, four-week blocks, each designed to prepare you for increased strength and muscle growth as the weeks progress. Week nine is a deload week, with a tenth week being dedicated to AMRAP (as many reps as possible) testing of the main lifts (squat, bench, deadlift) or the first week of another program

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The percentage of weight you train with will continue to increase from week to week, and your volume will drop. During week 5 the intensity is high; working at 97.5% of your max, and volume is low; 1-4 repetitions. Since this is a 6 week training program, Jonnie provides lifters with three options to choose from for week 6. Skip Week 6 Now, you don't have autoregulation of weights from session to session, or even week to week, but at least your monthly progress is determined by performance during realization week. Instead of being stuck to fixed 5lbs or 10lbs increments, you can earn bigger jumps just as you do in the PowerliftingToWin Novice program IOur 12-week program is your lean muscle cheat sheet, specifically designed to take you from your current starting point to an enhanced, confident version of you. The goal is simple. Throw everything you've got into just 3 months of grit and hard work and come out the other side with a completely transformed body and mind You progress through workouts based on your performance, making you your biggest critic and cheerleader. Compete with yourself, and reward yourself with progress. The program is delivered through an online portal (via teachable) where you will have access to all videos, pdfs, and other resources necessary to complete the training

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I might suggest the 12 week muscular endurance cycle with the 8 week program. They should work well together and you should see some great results. I generally wouldn't add it to the 9 week strength program as that program can take about 90 minutes just with lifts and WOD. Adding in the running can be too much time for many The program is designed to add some quality lean muscle to your frame. What you'll find here is a 12 week weight lifting program, 7 day menu, and a supplement schedule to help you pack on the beef. (Click here for a printable version of this workout) I've decided to give the average weight trainer a program that you can simply follow There are also progressions to the Novice Program from the basic format to an Advanced Novice program. This progression reduces the frequency of certain lifts or changes the intensity on one lift for one day of the week. How you manage both of those changes will depend on the lifter. If you were on a periodized 12-week training. An 8-Week Training Program for a Higher Vertical Jump. Week 1 Guess The Line: Jets Vs. Panthers. Week 1 Guess The Line: Jets Vs. Panthers. The Vertical Jump is a benchmark test to help determine. Week by week breakdown. Here's what the program looks like: Weeks 1-4: Dusting off the cobwebs and laying down some muscle. Weeks 5-8: Ramping up the intensity and building strength and mass. Weeks 9-12: Turn up the cardio dial and strip back the fat

Week 29: Baby is really pulling through. My tummy is registering harder kicks and stronger undulations. Week 30: Bigger and Better and Beautiful. Week 31: Coming round to the home stretch! Week 32: With such a big piece of canvas, a little doodling never hurt anybody. Week 33 : outwards and onwards A progress report is typically written for a supervisor, colleague, or client. You might write it on your behalf or work with your teammates to produce a team progress report.. Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, you might need to give a progress report weekly or monthly, or for every 25% project milestone Strength-training Program: 4-week Progression. The focus of this program is a four-week progression, working up to doing five sets of five for the Turkish Get-up, Romanian Deadlift and Barbell Deadlift exercises (the chin-up should be performed to fatigue during each set and the Kettlbell Swing should be performed for time)

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Perfect Progress Report Template for monthly, weekly & daily project report. A progress report template is a document may outline status of any program, project or activity. The document provides measurable progress details with exactly how far the deadlines, and how much time and efforts needs completion of a project Keep alternating workouts A and B. Week three and five will look like week one. Week four and six will look like week two. If this doesn't make sense, signup to my daily email tips to get spreadsheets - you'll get an overview of your first 12 weeks. The app also auto-alternates workouts A and B.. Start light so your body can get used to Squatting, pressing and pulling three times a week

Progress Report Template - Daily, Weekly, Monthly (Excel, Word & PDF) A progress report is a written document may contain status of the works progress with allocated budget & scope for a specific time period. Generally, most of the businesses are using this report to ensure monitor the growth of works and overall project progress facing plans. Week 2 Exercises. In the second week of the program, progress to doing two sets of each exercise resting for 30 seconds between each set. Complete both sets before progressing to the next exercise. For optimal results, try to do the exercises at least two times during the week and once on the weekend for a minimum total of three days per week Day four is a cardiovascular training day. During weeks 5 and 6 you will train five days during the week. Ideally, this will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Again, you are free to structure your training days to accommodate your schedule. Four days are strength-focused and day five is a cardiovascular training day 9 Week Control Freak is Beachbody's latest workout program created by fitness expert Autumn Calabrese, famous for other programs like 21 Day Fix and 80 Day Obsession.. 9WCF is 9 weeks long, broken up into three 3-week phases and uses some unique equipment as well as dumbbells. I'll dive into that a bit later

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There is no universal 12-week program. The best 12-week program will depend on one's goals. Due to that reason I've included both bulking and cutting workouts to suit individual requirements. Bulking Workout A. When bulking, the goal is to pack on as much quality mass as possible while limiting an unsettling increase in body fat pitch smart preseason throwing program * includes days with flat-ground pitching and mound pitching length of progression ages 9-10 ages 11 -12 ages 13 14 ages 15 1 Coming off a 6 week running program. Body part split style training 5-6 days a week. No supplements besides vitamins (omegas, zinc, d, b12, a, cal-mag, coq10) 1,500 daily calorie intake (28/57/16 - P/C/F ratios) Intermittent fasting 5-6 days a week. 7-8 hours of sleep a night. WHAT I'M CHANGING. Decrease in cardio, only 30min 2-3 times a wee Do you issue weekly or quarterly progress reports to the parents of preschoolers enrolled in your Child Care program? Parents want to know how their kids are doing in your program and a weekly preschool progress report is a great way to keep parents informed. A preschool progress report should inform parents of the following

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The Weekly Program. For resources to do with developing your weekly programs, and for your bigger program cycle, this is the page for you! There are resources for Challenge Areas, for ceremonies, as well as general programming guides. If you need to access purchasable items (badges, books, etc.), there are links available here too January 1, 2011 Case Management F - Evaluating Client Progress F - 1 F. Evaluating Client Progress Intent: The intent of evaluating progress is to maintain client communication and accountability, and to continue providing the most appropriate services to the client and family. These services include not only case plan activities but program Week 19 - 245 x 1 Week 20 - 250 x fail You can see from this example that the first two months of the program will function as a volume and muscle building stage, Next you will have a slight transition period where you quickly scale down to a single set

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Keeping Records: Phase 2 Weekly Progress Chart. 1 MIN. 1. HMR Team. September 25, 2020. Use our Phase 2 record-keeping chart to check off your progress throughout the day. Keeping records of your progress can help you stay on track towards to your goals. HMR's record keeping structure is fast and easy. Check off your progress throughout the day DMH Weekly Progress Note form . Title: Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services Progress note Author: ksmith Last modified by: Shannon Rushton Created Date: 3/13/2016 4:11:00 AM Company: DMH Other titles: Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services Progress note. Progress should be monitored frequently, at least monthly, but ideally weekly or biweekly (Fuchs & Fuchs, 2006). A student's progress is measured by comparing his or her expected rate of learning (e.g., local or national norms) and actual rate of learning (Fuchs, Fuchs, & Zumeta, 2008) With precedent for depth in the Reputation system set with the Mists of Pandaria Tillers Friends reputations, and continuing with Bodyguards and Fisherfriends in Warlords of Draenor and Legion, a slightly different secondary Reputation system is now front and center in Shadowlands: Renown.Renown is a Covenant reputation that players will earn once they have selected and joined a Covenant at.

3 eggs (scrambled or fried) (215 calories, 14g fat, 1g net carbs, 19g protein) 1 tsp butter (36 calories, 4g fat, 0g net carbs, 0g protein) 2 pcs cooked bacon (92 calories, 7g fat, 0g net carbs, 6g protein) Coffee with 2 Tbsp Heavy Cream (120 calories, 12g fat, 1g net carbs, 0g protein Posted August 3, 2021 at 8:10pm. Individual senators' holds on bipartisan amendments slowed debate on a nearly $1 trillion infrastructure bill Tuesday, casting doubt on Senate Democrats' hopes. 4-Week Agility Training Program | Udemy. Preview this course. Current price $12.99. Original Price $34.99. Discount 63% off. 9 hours left at this price! Add to cart. Buy now. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

with regular program-level guidance and support from the day you start until the day you graduate. Your program mentor will set up regular telephone appointments (weekly at first) with you, which you will be expected to keep. The mentor will review program competencies with you and work with you to develop a plan and schedule for your coursework Monday of Match Week. At 11:00 AM Eastern Time, program directors learn if their program(s) filled. Notification is sent via email and is posted in the Registration, Ranking, and Results ® (R3 ®) system.Programs are invited to join the NRMP, AMA, AACOM, AAMC, and AOA Match Week celebration by sharing messages, photos, and videos using #Match2021, emailing video submissions to socialmedia. According to the program's manual, Clearfield County is believed to have had the first established Master Gardner program in the state with the first graduates completing their training in 1982 Jennings obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in organizational leadership from Greenville College and brings 23 years of employment and training experience at C.E.F.S. to the WIOA Program Director position, previously holding the positions of Workforce Programs Planner, Eligibility Specialist and Family and Community Development Specialist