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No Mow Lawn. Put an end to the constant cycle of watering, mowing and fertilizing, in favor of a quieter, healthier environment. A drought tolerant, low maintenance lawn, No Mow grows well in both sun and shade, and also performs well as a footpath or border with moderate traffic. Once established, No Mow forms a lush green carpet of grass that. No Mow Lawn, also called eco-lawn, is a drought tolerant, low-maintenance grass that needs mowing only once or twice a year. A cool-season blend of fescues, No Mow grows actively in spring and fall. Once fully established, No Mow requires very little water, due to a large dense root system that also serves to inhibit weed growth

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A No Mow Lawn requires minimal care, but there are a few steps that can be taken in the fall to improve turf quality and promote better growth the following spring. Overseeding Fall is the best time to overseed any open areas that result from damage due to animals, construction activities, heavy traffic, or summer fungal diseases The non-native fescue grasses in this blend require less maintenance, watering and mowing than conventional turf so are often used as a lawn alternative. Filter Options. Name (A - Z) Name (Z - A) Best Selling Availability. Eco-Grass Low Maintenance Lawn Blend. $6.00. Seed. Quickview. View Product A Prairie Moon • August 15 Hi Dale. Good Question. We refrain from calling it no-mow even though it is a similar blend of fine fescues sold under this name. A season's growth of these fescues can flop over and mat down in winter on some sites, resulting in heavy thatch build-up that can prevent the grass leaves from poking through in spring The fine fescues in the No Mow Lawn Mix grow well in soils within a pH range of between 5.0 and 8.0. The optimum pH range for these grasses is between 5.5 and 6.5, but will thrive in a wide range of soil acidity and alkalinity. Growing No Mow Lawn in Shade. No Mow is one of the most shade tolerant turf blends available, and thrives in light to. No Mow Fact Sheet. Prairie Nursery's No Mow Lawn Seed Mix is a specially designed blend of six slow-growing fine fescue grasses. The balanced blend of grasses in No Mow combines each variety's individual characteristics to create a turf that: • Forms an irresistibly soft flowing carpet of grass. • Reduces mowing to once or twice a year

Specialties: Prairie Nursery is a native plant nursery (Online only, no retail outlet). We specialize in native plants that range from the Midwestern prairies to the Eastern woodlands and ship nationwide through our online store. We guarantee our plants to arrive alive and healthy, and to thrive when planted in the appropriate growing conditions, and given the proper care. If you have concerns. It might be time to consider saying goodbye to high-maintenance lawns and hello to sustainable landscaping: Welcome to the no-mow zone. That's what Neil Diboll, 67, owner of Prairie Nursery in Westfield, Wisconsin, and his wife, Maureen, did decades ago. Diboll has been preaching sustainable landscaping for nearly 40 years In severe cases, the annual rye can outcompete the No Mow fescues and render the planting a failure. If a nurse crop is required in USDA Zones 5 - 7, oats can be seeded with the regular No Mow seed mix at a rate of 64 lbs per acre (1.5 lbs per 1000 sq. ft.) in spring and 128 lbs per acre (3.0 lbs per 1000 sq. ft.) in fall

PRAIRIE NURSERY NO MOW LAWN MIX FACTSHEET Prepared by Neil Diboll Prairie Nursery's No Mow Lawn Mix is a specially designed blend of six slow-growing fine fescue grasses. These are cool season grasses and are recommended for planting in northern climates of the United States and Canada (above approximately 37 degrees North Latitude) My sister has the no mow lawn from prairie nursery. Site prep and weed control are critical in the first couple growing seasons because it is so slow growing. I think the lawn is nice, its not real dense and I would probably double the seeding rate from what prairie nursery reccomends. (And I would consider overseeding it every couple years too..

Most of the natives we grow here at Prairie Nursery are available as potted plants, but we do offer a few species, mainly Read more How to Keep Your No Mow Looking Its Bes Prairie Nursery has an excellent catalog of native plants and seeds with well-organized, useful information, as well as a good long-standing reputation as a native plant nursery. Unfortunately my plant order in Spring 2009 was badly mishandled by the delivery company; some plants were destroyed and promptly replaced by the nursery No Mow for Erosion Prone Areas | Prairie Nursery The addition of Annual Rye to the No Mow Lawn Seed Mix provides the rapid soil stabilization needed on steep slopes and erosion prone sites Saved by Prairie Nursery Prairie Nursery offers pollinator favorites, grasses, sedges, shade plants and no-mow grass. You'll find natives that thrive in clay or sandy soils, moist or dry areas. The pre-planned gardens.

May 27, 2021 - Explore Prairie Nursery's board No mow lawn, followed by 2176 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about mowing, lawn, seeding lawn With Prairie Nursery since 1997, Kirk is currently VP of Sales and Marketing. Kirk enjoys being outside in general, especially with his kids, whether in a stream, a prairie, or their own backyard. Mary Evans Mary is the Marketing Specialist at Prairie Nursery and she takes care of all things 'E': E-commerce, E-news and so on 1. Native Wildflower Planting signs are a great choice for urban plantings and gardens, where accidental mowing or spraying is not a threat. Exclusive to Prairie Moon. 2. Native Prairie Plants signs specifically request no spraying or mowing and are ideal for larger plantings, or along roadsides. Exclusive to Prairie Moon Prairie Nursery's no-mow blend, which is a mix of cool-season grasses appropriate for the Northeast, Midwest and Pacific Northwest, has a flowing, wavy look, Diboll says, kind of like shag carpet

Prairie Nursery, Westfield, Wisconsin. 26,618 likes · 91 talking about this · 42 were here. Prairie Nursery is an online retailer of native plants and seeds. Order on our website, or by phone:.. Prairie Nursery developed the original No Mow Lawn seed mix in 1994, as a sustainable alternative to the traditional high-resource-input lawn. A specially designed blend of fine fescue grasses, No Mow forms a lush green carpet of grass in full sun or partial shade. No Mow Lawn forms a dense sod that withstands moderate foot traffic and inhibits. No Mow lawn is a blend of creeping fescues that interlock with bunch-forming fescues to form a dense sod that withstands moderate foot traffic and inhibits weed growth About No Mow Lawn Seed Mix | Prairie Nursery

No Mow Fact Sheet. Prairie Nursery's No Mow Lawn Seed Mix is a specially designed blend of six slow-growing fine fescue grasses. The balanced No Mow Lawn Seeding Instructions IMportaNt prELIMINarIES prairie Nursery's No Mow Lawn Seed Mix is a special blend of six different fine fescue varieties. Fescues have some of the deepest roots of all the turf grasses, making them more drought tolerant than bluegrass and other lawn grasses. Fescues also require much less nitrogen fertilizer. of No Mow Lawn The fine fescue grasses in Prairie Nursery's No Mow Lawn Seed Mix require minimal of care, but there are a few steps that can be taken in the fall to improve turf quality and promote better growth in the following spring. OVERSEEDING Fall is the best time to overseed any open areas that result fro

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Prairie Nursery's blend grows in both sunny and shady locations (see lower left). The nursery also has a rye nurse crop blend for areas with unstable soil or slopes where the rye produces rapid growth that can stabilize the area until the No-Mow Blend is established Prairie Nursery sells a no-mow lawn mix. It is Fescue. Problem is you do have to remove the previous grass. I have been removing grass & starting gardens since I got here, but my stamina is failing.. Price per 10 Lb No Mow | Low Grow Lawn Seed - is a unique eco-friendly, low maintenance, cool season mix comprised of fine-leaf fescues. Grows in almost every soil and sun type. Sun, Part Shade, or shade, this grass will..

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  1. No Mow Lawn Grass Seed: 5 lbs covers 1000 square feet; 10 lbs covers 2000 square feet. Low Work and Water Dwarf Fescue Grass Seed: 5 lbs covers 500 square feet,10 lbs covers 1000 square feet. To make sure you're spreading the seed evenly, scatter 1/2 of the seed walking north to south and 1/2 of the seed walking east to west. 3
  2. If you are a landowner looking for no mow/no spray signs, here are some options and where to purchase them. If you are using these signs for roadside plants, contact your state department of transportation or your county roads department to see if you also need to be on their no mow/no spray list. They may have no mow/no spray signs available free of charge as well
  3. Several other nurseries offer drought-tolerant, low-maintenance lawns, including Prairie Nursery's No Mow Lawn Mix, Prairie Moon Nursery's Eco Grass or buffalo grass lawns, and native grass plugs or seed from High Country Gardens. Read a LessLawn article on native grass lawns

As low as $11.99 Sale $9.59. Per Plant - 5 Deep Pot. Agastache Ava is one of High Country Gardens very best plant introductions, renowned for its tall spikes of deep rose-pink flowers held by raspberry-red calyxes. This vigorous hybrid Hummingbird Mint blooms for many months beginning in mid-summer. 2005 Plant of the Year Benefits of No-Mow Grass. Economic: As it needs less water and fertilizers, a significant amount can be saved. Environment-friendly: Running a gas lawn mower for 1 hour emits an equal amount of pollutants as a car does after driving for 100 miles. So, when you have low- or no-mow grass, you do not use the mower as much, which ensures lower carbon dioxide emission, thereby reducing your carbon. I killed the weeds and then I installed a No Mow Fescue mix from Prairie Moon Nursery. This is a slow growing, drought tolerant lawn that only needs to be mowed every month or so. This is a slow growing, drought tolerant lawn that only needs to be mowed every month or so No Mow Lawn Mix is great for open, sunny swaths where native prairie grasses once grew, such as the cooler, medium-rainfall areas of the upper Midwest, Northeast, and Pacific Northwest. And hardy Eco-Lawn thrives even in difficult spots, such as under spreading trees or in clay soils No-Mow Mix. Clip: Season 4 Episode 3 | 4m 15s Watch Full Length. Learn about alternatives to a traditional manicured lawn from Neil Diboll of Prairie Nursery. Slow growing, draught resistant fine.

As if through some divine sign, later that night, while thumbing through the Prairie Nursery catalog, dreaming of fall planting, I came across No-Mow grass seed. Prairie Nursery's No-Mow grass was billed as the ecological alternative to a traditional high maintenance lawn. When I read the following growing characteristics Ground Covers That Replace Grass and Take Foot Traffic. 3 hours ago Thespruce.com Related Item . There are fine-fescue mixes for California and the upper Midwest, such as Prairie Nursery's No-Mow Lawn and Wildflower Farm's Eco-Lawn.Ground Covers That Tolerate Mowing.Yes, sedges can be mowed once a month, if you like, or left unmowed for a meadow look Photo: Prairie Nursery Ferns Photo: Karen Deaton Photo: VanDusen Botanical Garden Photo: Agrecol Pennsylvania Sedge aka No-Mow Lawn (Carex pensylvanica) This fine grasslike plant does well in sun or shade, in a variety of soils — best in light shade and well-drained soil. Spreads gently by rhizomes and by see This fine-leaved sedge makes an excellent ground cover or lawn alternative for that shady spot. The fountain-like clumps of dark green foliage are soft to the touch. It stays short only reaching 6-12 inches. Over time, the individual tufts will grow together forming a thick sod. In the fall, the clusters turn a nice tan

o Prairie Nursery's No Mow Lawn Seed Mix-- www.prairienursery.com o creeping red fescue o chewings fescue o hard fescue o blue fescue o sheep's fescue Olbrich's Moonlight Meadow - 3000 sq. ft. o Earth Carpet's Green Resistor turf-type tall fescue blend w/Carefree blend Small Residential Fescue Meadow, Madison, W Agrecol's Native Nursery is a premier grower of native plants and seed in the Midwest and offers over 400 species of native plants and native seed for residential, commercial, conservation and restoration projects Prairie Nursery has seeds and plants of many native prairie, wetland, and woodland species of wildflowers, ferns, grasses, and sedges, as well as a no-mow lawn blend. They provide an array of consulting services, including site evaluation, planting design, site preparation, planting, and post-planting management for sites of all sizes

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Prairie Nursery specializes in native plants that range from the Great Plains and Midwestern prairies to the Eastern woodlands, including forbs, ferns, grasses, sedges and shrubs. We offer a large selection of native plant species, pre-planned native gardens, native seed mixes and No Mow lawn seed mix The Cost of seed for a No-Mow lawn ranges between $3.75-$5.95 per pound, and is recommended that a five pound bag will be needed per 1,000 square feet (L.Kaiser, Yes, You can Have a Lawn you Don't Have to Mow). If a property owner, or landscaper intends to use plugs the cost heightens to $0.50 per plug, and two plugs per square foot would be.

Too Wet to Mow Seed Packet . Small, wet areas of your yard are problems no more! One packet of our Too Wet to Mow Mix will cover areas up to 250 square feet. Woodland Edge Seed Packet. Got shade? Plant this packet and your shady spot will transform into a rainbow of colors that only wildflowers can provide. Ohio Prairie Nursery dba OPN Seed. Both slow growing varieties do best in full sun, but can handle some shade. Andow-Jansen sells 1,000 NoMow grass plugs, enough to cover 500 to1,000 square feet of lawn, for $125. She sells a pound of seed at $110 to cover 2,500 to 5,000 sq. feet. Diboll suggests 5 lbs. of Prairie's No Mow grass seed per 1,000 square feet at $5.50 per lb

A healthy sea of native grasses and flowers fills Benjamin and Jaclyn Vogt's front yard. When Benjamin Vogt and his wife, Jaclyn, moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, their suburban property matched their neighbors'—a lot of lawn. Vogt filled front borders with astilbe, hosta and other go-to perennials No Mow Eco Grass Lawn Prairie Nursery. CODES (7 days ago) No Mow Lawn offers a drought tolerant, low-maintenance alternative to the more energy-intensive turf grasses. Also called eco-grass or eco-lawn, No Mow forms a thick green carpet of grass with a natural appearance that requires very little, if any, watering Small, wet areas of your yard are problems no more! One packet of our Too Wet to Mow Mix will cover areas up to 250 square feet. Moist Meadow Seed Packet. By customer request, our Moist Meadow Mix is now available in a size that covers areas up to 250 square feet! Moist Meadow thrives in areas that may have standing water in the spring and fall. Grassland Sedge is a smart choice for dry, shady areas. It handles competition from tree roots in established landscapes, a notoriously difficult spot to keep covered. Some sedges melt in the heat and humidity of our central North Carolina summers, but this Carex has sailed through with flying colors. It's not fussy about soil type, either

An ecologist by training, he's been promoting the restoration of native prairie and the use of tallgrass prairie plants in garden settings for more than 35 years. For clients who also want to incorporate turf into their landscapes, he developed No Mow Lawn Mix suited to the climate of the Midwest, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Pacific Northwest Native lawns. Lawnsthose ubiquitous constructions of man that have turned vast areas of the world into virtual green deserts and parking lots. A conservative estimate for lawns in the U.S. is 41 million acres, most of which are comprised of non native shallow rooted turf grasses that require constant mowing and provide little ecological benefit No-Mow or Eco-Lawn (photo courtesy of Prairie Nursery) With all the choices out there, it is important to always select the right plants for the conditions in your yard. If you are choosing among native grasses, including sedges, be sure to mix both warm season and cool season grasses so that when the green of a cool season grass fades in the. Direct the downspout's flow away from building's foundation. Drain the water from the rain barrel and hoses. Remove and store the screens and hoses. Turn the rain barrel upside down or cover the top to prevent water accumulation, which can lead the rain barrel to freeze and crack. After the spring thaw, return the rain barrel to its online.

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  1. g an increasingly popular alternative to traditional high maintenance landscapes. Our native prairie flowers and grasses are stunning both as individuals, and as a complete prairie plant community. Perhaps best of all, the prairie
  2. • Prairie Moon Nursery. Free Shipping on Retail $100 Seed Orders. 2 uses today. Sale • Prairie Nursery. Free Shipping on No Mow Lawn Seed. 1 use today. Cod
  3. Prairie Nursery passed the test with flying colors and I look forward to ordering more native plants for my garden from them next year. They look to have an amazing selection of hardy native plants, many of which I cannot find locally or anywhere else. The no-mow feature is a bonus. It does grow long but it falls over, my friend calls it a.
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Great plants. Knowledgable, good people occupying a niche that should have more of a presence within the region than it does. Take the time to visit, make the time to learn, and be willing to spend more for these plants than the big boxes will charge An internet search for no mow grass turns up Prairie Nursery in Westfield, WI as a major supplier. A colleague used their product, and they were extremely helpful on the phone, so I ordered the No Mow Lawn Seed Mix online. (more) Residential New Construction. Green Building Certification Replace your lawn this season and save time and resources with our low maintenance Freedom Lawn I. This mix contains cool season fescue grasses that are drought tolerant. Initially, they will grow to approximately 18 tall and fall over to create a fountain grass look. The finished height will be about 6 to 12 inches

Picnic on garden natural grass lawn of No Mow fescue meadow Neil Diboll Garden Wisconsin, Prairie Nursery bees, but could also include native species like purple prairie clover that support some of Minnesota's wild bees. Minnesota has over 460 species of wild bees all playing a unique role in the ecosystem and they rely on a diversity of native wildflowers and grasses that bloom all season long Mow-Less Tall Fescue Blend. 33% Matador Tall Fescue; 33% Coronado Tall Fescue; 33% Pure Gold Tall Fescue ; Mixture of the latest generation of dwarf tall fescues with slower growth less mowing. Dark blue green color, and natural heat, drought, shade, and insect tolerance. Augusta: Plot #10. No-Mow Mix Prairie Nursery 800-476-9453 25% SR5100. Educational signage can improve natural habitats by interpreting its purpose and benefits to anyone that passes. Whether it's a habitat in your yard, a community garden, or a roadside or utility right-of-way, posting signs helps draw attention to the value of that habitat for monarchs and other pollinators, or any other suite of species that may use that habitat

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Drought Tolerant No Mow Lawn | No Chemicals or Fertilizers The interlocking blend of fescues forms a dense sod that inhibits weed growth. Free Shipping. Types: for sun and shade, for erosion prone sites, Free Shipping PLANT DESCRIPTION: Solidago nemoralis is a low growing unbranched perennial with pubescent green or reddish stems. This species can form clonal colonies from its fibrous root system, thick branching caudex and network of rhizomes. The leaves are alternate, pubescent and up to 4 long and 3/4 wide. Blades are grayish-green and narrowly.

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