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By default, Facebook is now displaying the Top Stories from your friends on your homepage instead of the Most Recent stories. By changing this setting, you will see posts from a more diverse set of your friends. View the Most Recent posts instead of Top Stories: Go to your Facebook homepage Your friends can, however, see your posts if they go to your Facebook page. You can also set who sees your posts on your page. In the photo below, I have set this specific post to public, which means everyone (not just my friends) can see it. I can change the settings though to show the post to only my friends or just specific friends So in other words, for both business and personal pages, unless your friends/fans commented on one of your posts within those few weeks or vice versa - you are now invisible to them and they are invisible to you! How can this be fixed When you share, make sure the permissions are set to either friends or Everybody (it's right there on the screen/page, you probably have to click on the little people-button) If the permissions are correct and they still can't see your photos, then your Facebook is broken and only Facebook can fix it for you What does the Friends/Friends (+) privacy setting mean?. If you don't want your photo or post to be visible to the friends of the people you tag, you can adjust this setting. Simply click on the audience selector next to the story, select Custom, and uncheck the Friends of those tagged box

If the posts on your page are 2-3 years old then they may not show up in the Facebook API and so may not be able to be displayed by the plugin Friends allows anyone who you add as a friend to see your posts. Friends except allows you to build a specific list of people who can't see your posts. Specific friends allows you to build the reverse, a list of specific people who CAN see your posts. Only me shows your posts to no one except you, which is a little odd

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  1. Some of the 12 answers · 25 votes: There can be various reasons regarding why you are not able to view your friend's profile Why aren't my friends' posts showing up in my 4 answersJul 4, 2015My friends are active on Facebook, but why can't I 8 answersJan 26, 2018Why I can't see my friend's posts and her timeline 1 answerAug 25.
  2. One of them confirms that you're friends with that person. If you hover over that button, one of the options will be get notifications. Click this and make sure it's checked. When this option is enabled, you will get a Facebook notification when that user posts something new. Sometimes it will be on a slight delay - I've seen up.
  3. Press 3 horizontal lines then Press Settings and Privacy Open your smartphone Facebook app and press the three horizontal lines in the corner of the screen. In my case it's on the lower right corner. You'll see a screen appear that look like the image below
  4. Here's one example of the meme, debunked by the Washington Post: How to avoid hearing from the same 26 FB friends and nobody else: Here is a post explaining why we don't see all posts from our friends. News feed recently shows only posts from the same few people, about 25, repeatedly the same, because facebook has a new algorithm
  5. Facebook's site may be unavailable. Facebook might have changed its privacy settings, limiting what you can see until you and your friends adjust their privacy settings online. Facebook may be implementing a software update, temporarily reducing your ability to connect
  6. If your friend blocked you or deactivated their account, you won't be able to see their Facebook page. They may also have set their account to private or manually made it more anonymous. And of course, there's always the possibility that your app or browser is malfunctioning. A Quick Recap: Where'd My Friend Go
  7. I think I reasonable assume that a person excluded from access to any 'broadcast/share' you make on Facebook (or similar) would only know that you excluded them if they saw something sent to someone else's page & wondered why it wasn't visible on.

Explain to me why I don't see my friends comments on posts, but I commented on a public page's post (about the way my fiance proposed to me) and my ex-boss liked the comment, despite not following the page or even being a friend that I interact with a lot on FB Sarah writes: OK, something weird is going on with Facebook, and I only noticed because today is my birthday and no one posted anything to my Facebook timeline. Instead, they all wished me happy birthday through individual Facebook messages. Turns out there's no way to for any of my friends to post anything to my timeline wall In the drop-down menu, choose Friends. Now only people you're friends with on Facebook can see your posts. You may also choose other options, but don't choose Public because this selection allows anyone with online access to see your posts

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  1. On the left-hand side of the results, select Posts From You to see your earlier post, then select Share to see who else has shared it. Select the search box at the top of Facebook and type in a phrase connected to the post, then press Enter . On the left-hand side of the results, select Posts From You to see your earlier post
  2. Makes the post more visible because it appears in the news feed and timeline of the friend or Page you tagged (if the person has set the post to be visible to friends or public). When a friend or Page is notified that they have been tagged, it increases engagement because they are more likely to comment on or like the activity in which they.
  3. You can still find them and see their comments in posts by mutual friends, and you can still see whatever portions of their profile or their feed that are open to the public. However, if someone.
  4. 2. The tone of the post is uninspiring. Remember, Facebook isn't necessarily a business environment. You want to keep things conversational and inspiring. That doesn't mean you need to throw eight exclamation points at the end of every post, just be positive and try not to sound like a robot

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Phase One: See First. My first change was to prioritize pages and profiles to see first in my feed. When you click News Feed on the left-hand side of the Facebook desktop site, an option to. Boris: In the top right corner of your friend's post, you will see a V. Click on that and you will see Hide Post, Unfollow BLAH and the almost irrelevant Hide all from X Facebook's Graph Search makes it pretty easy to creep on just about anyone, even if you aren't friends with them, and find tons of images that they're tagged in

Open your story within the Facebook app. Look for the eye icon in the bottom left of the screen. Select that icon to see who has viewed your story. Depending on your privacy settings, you may see Friends, Connections, and Randoms with Friends at the top. Either way, you can precisely see who has viewed your story and when If your Facebook feed isn't updating then it could be due to one of the following reasons:. 1) Posts are shared to your Facebook Page from a user's Personal Profile or a non-public Facebook Page. If your Facebook feed doesn't appear to be showing the most recent posts, or if some posts which are shared to your Facebook page are missing, then the most likely explanation is that those. When I go to see my newsfeed, it says that there are no posts to display, then suggests I find friends. wrote frustrated Facebook user Kristen Fraser on the support forums. I, of course, have.

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But I have a way by which you can check hidden friends you just need is one mutual friend of the person whose hidden friends you want to see. So we are here with See Someone's Hidden Friends On Facebook. The method is far simple than you are thinking. Just follow the below steps to proceed Facebook Page Tagging - An Update. Since I published my previous post on Facebook Tagging, I've received many questions from readers about their challenges trying to tag photos on Facebook Pages.Many are confused over the lack of notifications, who can be tagged and when 3. Keep your face out of Facebook's clutches After a privacy backlash, Facebook renamed its facial recognition software tag suggestions, but don't be fooled: tag suggestions are facial recognition. In Facebook's own words, If a friend uploads a photo that looks like you, we'll suggest adding a tag of you. Protect yourself by turning tag suggestions off Get your friends to check. One of the surest ways to find out whether somebody has blocked you or deactivated their Facebook account is to get somebody else to check. If your friend can search for the person and view their profile, but you can't - then you are definitely blocked

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  1. Under Who can see my future posts? you'll see two primary options: Public or Friends. If you want your posts going forward to be included on Facebook Search, go with Public. If not, go with Friends
  2. Why Can't I Comment On My Friends' Wall Using My Facebook Business Page? In order to protect people from spam from unscrupulous companies or pages, Facebook does not allow a business page to post on personal profiles. The reason is quite obvious. Would you like it if any company could come and post on your personal profile willy-nilly
  3. Click Login, and you will see a message saying Account Disabled. Click on My Facebook account has been disabled on the page, and you will be shown a link that says Submit an appeal. Click on the link and an appeal form will open. Fill in all the required details on the form, and then click Send
  4. ders, birthdays, etc. Instruction to turn off and on the Facebook.
  5. Go to Facebook and to your account. 2. Go to the bottom of the Home page (the very bottom, it may take more than one try as the page continues to populate the posts on your wall). 3. Select Edit Options. 4. Click the Show posts from dropdown and select All of your friends and pages. 5
  6. The Facebook news feed algorithm has basically censored brands and brand pages from the feed. They want the brands to pay to amplify their posts to the people who have said 'yes' I would like updates from that brand. Too bad, because Facebook hides posts. It sucks. And, frankly, it has made my Facebook news feed boring
  7. On lap top timeline there are only two posts showing. At the bottom it says more stories, but when I click on it nothing happens. Also I can't like or comment on any post. I can't see my messages or the posts that friends have like or commented on. 08-28-2015 05:43 PM

The best engagement, in order, is a Share, a Comment, and a Like on your posts. When a fan shares your post, their friends see the post in its entirety. When a fan comments on a post, their friends see the comment and a link to your business page. When they like your post, their friends see that they liked the post and a link to your page Click down arrow in the top-right and select Settings. Click Notifications in the left column. Click Close Friend Activity, then click On Facebook. Click next to Close Friends activity, then select On or Off. If you're getting notifications when people post and they aren't on your Close Friends list, learn how to receive fewer notifications By this post, I got a number of things that are essential for my facebook safety. I upload many pics and post and I just want only those people can see my post who is my facebook friend. Apart from that, my facebook can open that one who is my friend list. So, I needed to read this type of post. So that I can also add a restriction on my facebook

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  1. How to See All Notifications. To see all the notifications come from anywhere and everywhere: To get notifications on a Facebook Page, click the Follow drop-down and then select See First. You have to make sure that Notifications are ON. This is the way how to get Notifications in your Facebook account
  2. Hiding the Facebook comment will keep it hidden from everyone except that person and their friends. They won't know that the comment is hidden, so you can avoid potential fallout. Deleting the Facebook comment will erase it; no one will be able to see it. The user will know that the negative comment has been deleted if they go to view it.
  3. Types of Followers. When you say you want to see a list of your followers on Facebook, you may mean one of three different things. First of all, you have profile followers. Personal profiles have a follow option in addition to the friend option. In the past, the only way you could interact with a personal profile was to add them as a friend
  4. For my blog's Facebook page, I regularly target an audience of female colorists in the United States with my boosted posts. I've saved this audience so I can use it over and over. In one particularly successful boost for this blog post, I targeted this audience and reached over 3,400 people
  5. That doesn't mean you'll never see posts from them. If they post something that's earning a lot of interaction from their close Facebook friends—like getting a new job, getting married, or having a baby—that post will likely show up in your Newsfeed. Facebook Page. The Facebook Page algorithm is quite different than the one for Profiles

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  1. Click the share option and you should see the name of the person who shared your Facebook post. This is based on their personal privacy setting, eg, if the post is shared by someone your not friends with on Facebook, and their privacy is set to friends only, then you might not be able to see their name
  2. My Facebook Messages Won't Load, I can't access my messages on Facebook, Can't access private messages or chat on Facebook, and so on Facebook tech support have even posted a short instruction ( My messages aren't loading ) at their Help Center, but I've tried it, and it didn't solve my problem at all
  3. Hi MB - If you have a friend on a restricted list, and then you comment on someone else's public post, the restricted friend won't see a notification; but, they could see your comment in certain situations, for example in a search on Facebook, or if they also follow the public page/person who posted the update that you commented on
  4. One thing the program (also available as an app) doesn't do is let you know why people unfriended you. If you post too much or have done one of these 6 things you should never do on Facebook.
  5. Thus, any posts you make can be attacked by trolls on the Network. If you ever detect such behavior by one of your contacts, the first thing you should do is to block them from your page. If they can't see your posts, they can't attack them

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Select the name of a friend - preferably one that is NOT in a list that you publish specialized content to - to have a look at what they see. Check an Individual to check on a Custom List: If, like me, you maintain custom Facebook lists, for selective posting. you will need to view your profile as a member of that list would see it Facebook offers a great -- and free -- way to connect with friends and family, but if you are not careful about your security settings, your site activity can be published for anyone to view. Comments you leave on other posts, for example, are displayed and made available for liking and commenting by other users as. What to Do When a Good Friend Posts Your Ugly Photos . When you see that a close friend has posted a photo you don't want online, confront them. Don't leave a comment on the post, however. Comments can be deleted and can also be viewed as complaining when viewed by other clueless sorts who think you're being too sensitive Posts from friends, family and Facebook groups were given new weight, over and above organic content from organizations and businesses. To get traction, brands would now need to earn a lot more high-value engagement (eg., comments, reactions, comment replies—and if a post was shared over Messenger to a friend, that counted too)

When you see that icon, it means this person has restricted the audience who can see Timeline posts made by you. If you post a message directly on her Timeline, she will see your post, her friends on Facebook will see the post, but the broader public at large who are not her friends will not be able to see the posts My advice is to save your rants for your close family and friends, and no not the public friends you have on Facebook. Business Page Some of the items I listed above could apply to your fan page too, but I wanted to touch on a few things that are specifically related to your Facebook business page

When you post a Story, it'll automatically be available to all of your friends, and will show up in the Stories bar at the top of their newsfeeds on the mobile app (just like in Instagram) Kite Media decided to take a deeper look and we found a few surprising factors that contribute to why you will see certain friends' photos show up more often in your friends picture box on your profile. Facebook's algorithm looks at a lot of factors to determine which friends appear first. These factors include: Interactions on Facebook Sometimes, your Friends of Friends recognize you and they would like to be friends on Facebook. 4. Some people just want to see what you post and your progress, your lifestyle etc STEP 2: Login to your Facebook account from chrome browser. STEP 3: Open the target user profile and click on friends. STEP 4: You will find a link called Reveal Friends, in blue color, Click on.

There could be several reasons why your review is not showing. If you can see it but no-one else can, it usually means that there are symbols, such as $ % * ( ) or @ in the text, or you have included an email address or URL. Please check your review and remove any of these items and try posting again You can change this default setting by logging into Facebook and going to your Facebook settings. Then choose Business Integrations from the left side menu. Find Livestream Broadcast in your app list and click V i ew and edit. In the window that pops up, scroll down and change your visibility and post audience to Public, then save your settings Why Can't my Friends Share My Posts on Facebook 2020? Whether or not your friends can share your posts depends on your privacy settings. If you allow for the sharing of your posts, your friends can view the button and share content. But if sharing is set on Only Me, you limit how much your friends can see and distribute

View your Facebook profile as the public and your friends see it, and then use Facebook's global settings to restrict access to and use of your posts, photos, and other information. Dennis O. How do I recover an old Facebook account I can't log into? How is my original audio in reels shared on Facebook? How can I make sure I don't lose access to my Facebook account? How can I contact the friends I've chosen as trusted contact... How do I help my friend get back into their Facebook account Go to the Profile page of the person whose photos you want to see. You can click on their name on your News Feed, find them in the friends list of a friend of yours, or use the Search field at the top of your screen to search their name. Click or tap Photos. This button will be next to About and Friends on the tabs panel below their cover photo To hide a post from a certain person, log in to your Facebook account in a browser and write your post in the Status box. Click the Friends button to the left of the Post button and then click More Options.. NOTE: The name on the button to the left of the Post button changes depending on your selection for who should see.

Right now the Voice indicator shows that if I post on the Page, I am posting as the Page. You always want to post a status update on your Page as your Page, not as your personal profile.. If I were posting a status update as my profile, the post would appear in the Recent Posts by Others section with my personal profile name and would not go into the News Feed of all my fans Confirm Limit Past Posts, to ensure that only Friends can see them. This can be undone at a later date but you may have to switch all of your posts back one by one so make sure you're certain. To recover deleted messages on Facebook, or even, the old messages, for example, you need to open the subfolder named HTML as the following example: In that folder, you can see, contact info, events, Friends, messages, and all your Facebook archived data. Click messages and you will see them in your web browser If a Facebook user has blocked you, then you won't be able to send him a message. Blocking means that you can't interact with that person at all -- you can't even see the public view of his Timeline when you're logged in from the account he's blocked. You shouldn't attempt to contact users who've blocked you


Your News Feed pulls posts that your Facebook friends make into one place so you can read them all at once. But sometimes you want to read all about just one person. Fortunately, all their posts have been collected on their Timelines. The Timeline is kind of like a News Feed all about one person. [ Facebook has changed its friend-sorting algorithm a lot since its beginnings. Today, your Facebook profile shows images of nine people who are always on top of the list. You see these nine friends. If somebody on Facebook is getting to you, you can unfriend them, block them, snooze them (so you won't see anything from them for 30 days), or hide their posts. Here's how One kind of notification generates far more excitement than others, though: a friend request. Fake Facebook friends requests can come for a variety of reasons — some harmless, some malicious.

There's one big step you have to go through before you can proceed with the holiday themed backgrounds to your Facebook posts: Create your Facebook Avatar. It can only be done from the Facebook for Mobile app, so you'll be doing the task on your Android or iPhone device My Contacts - It is the privacy mode, and in this option, your profile picture will only be visible to those numbers saved in your contact.. Nobody - Here, your profile picture is hidden, and only you can see it; no other person can see it.. So in general, WhatsApp status by default (once an account created first) is set to My Contacts and profile picture to Everybody

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With photo editing clearly out of the picture, let's see what can be done when you see that a photo you posted or embedded in a comment is the wrong one or could be improved upon. For one, you can add new pictures to a picture post on your profile, group, or page, and replace the original photo No wonder Facebook is the biggest social network as of today with over a billion of users across the world, and Facebook is getting smarter and smarter day by day, it get updates around in every month, Facebook updates security and privacy for user's profile, one of the privacy feature added by Facebook lately is to hide your friend list even from your friends If you want to send another friend request, unfriend someone else first. If they have following enabled, follow them instead. You'll still be able to see their public posts. Note: You won't be able accept a friend request from someone who's reached 5,000 friends. For example, if you had ten friend requests waiting on approval, but two of them. Business Manager is a Facebook tool that helps you organize and manage your business. When you join Business Manager, coworkers can't view your personal Facebook profile unless you approve their friend requests. Coworkers can only see your name, work email address and the Pages and ad accounts you have access to

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2018 Update - with all the massive changes and controversy at Facebook at the moment (in the light of the Cambridge Analytica 'scandal'), it's become more important than ever to take care of the privacy settings on our Facebook accounts. Instead of. deleting your Facebook account, it is possible to lock down your account or just take some more control Getting a jump on things. Saw your birthday is tomorrow. Hope it's a happy one! Several of my Facebook friends liked the post and added their own post to my wall: Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday. All your friends and subscribers are turned into people who like your page. you will no longer will able to contact friends like you did from the personal account. all you will see is facebook pages and social ads. if you do not want to be in this situation, you may try to be revert to personal account. Click here My friend posted a photo album to Facebook and the album's privacy settings are set such that only his friends can see the album. I'd like all of my friends to see this album (not just our mutual friends). In other words, I'd like the album to appear on my wall and in the newsfeed that all my friends see about me. I tried using the Post Album. Being in the public figure category, it feels bad to not be able to at the very least see who shared my posts. If they can hide it ( which they do) I can't see it. Only those that allow me to see if they shared it show up. This feels unsafe. Yes, there is enough desire for those of us that have had crimes against us done b/c of Facebook posts.

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However, you can modify the setting from the Facebook native settings page to make your posts Public. To modify the settings, please follow these steps - Go to facebook.com Click on the down arrow at the top right corner Click on the settings Click on Apps and Websites in the left column Search for Crowdfire app Select Public from the first. No, Facebook is not restricting the content you see on your News Feed to just 25 or 26 friends. Over the last year, a hoax has been making the rounds on the social network. It claims, in essence. Facebook has it's own SEO game, just like Google does. You need interaction and engagement for more of your posts to be seen by your friends/fans on Facebook. In my mind, captivating and interesting photos with well written descriptions are the way to do that. Unless it's of extreme importance, I wouldn't waste money on the Boost/Promote.

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Facebook Friends List: I Can't See Their Name on My Friends List. An easy way to tell if a person has unfriended you is through your friend list. If someone unfriended you from the platform, you won't find them on your list. Being Facebook friends is a mutual thing; if someone has removed you from their list, they'll be removed from yours. Set people as close friend if you want to see more of their status updates on Facebook. Photograph: PR. For pages - whether brands, musicians or other public figures - you can manually. Show or Hide Facebook posts from specific friends. Visit your Facebook profile and enter your message or link in the text box. Once you finished, click the Public button at the bottom to get advanced options. Tap More to expand the list. Facebook lets you manage the post visibility in five ways. If you choose the third or fourth option. 2. Instagram doesn't show you the whole picture. Most people don't go on to have super close relationships with their ex. And Dr. Mei notes that unless you're actually talking to them on a regular.