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Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now I use both 1000 and 2500 size reels for bass, depending on the rod. I'll use the 1000 size on UL or shorter rods (6'8 dropshot rod and shorter), since it balances better than a 2500 reel. I have the 1000 size reels spooled with 8 or 10 lb braid, and will use a 6-8lb fluoro leader as needed KastKing introduces Zephyr Spinning Reels, an extraordinary high level design, light weight fishing reel for bass fishing and trout fishing, and an excellent choice as a freshwater or saltwater spinning reel. Zephyr, meaning a light gentle breeze, lives up to its name. The 1000 size weighs only 7.3 ounces and is a perfect ice fishing reel, the. Most spinning reel brands rate their reels ability and size by a number between 1000 all the way up to 10,000. Some, prefer to use 20, 30, 40, and so on. In short, the smaller the number, the lighter the load the reel is designed for. A 3000 size spinning reel is not gonna cut it when trying to tie one on with a large grouper or snapper

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  1. 3500. 6-10lb (3-5kg) 6-14lb. Table 4: Best sizes for bass. The exact size spinning reel size for bass depends more on the technique you'll be using. For example for finesse fishing, you'll want to use a 2000 size spinning reel. This size works very well with ultralight lures, which is perfect for finesse applications
  2. Ultimate versatility in spinning reel size, you can buy this reel and not have to worry about buying another. Cons. Not as specialized as the 1000 or 2000 size reels. Reel Size: 3000 (30) When you reach the 3000 level, you've entered the large size of spinning reels for bass fishing
  3. No, the 4000 reel size is not too big for bass. The 4000 is the largest spinning reel you would want to use for bass, but no, it is definitely not too big. Loaded with an eight-pound monofilament, or even better, eight-pound fluorocarbon line, the 4000 series still provides the adaptability and power to land monster bass
  4. Best used with 4-8 pound line, the 1000 size works best when fishing for bass, walleye, or medium size trout. A good budget reel is the Daiwa Ballistic or the Abu Garcia President. Although there is no industry standard for the numbering system on reels, it can be confusing looking at the Abu Garcia 2000 size reels, they are the same size as.
  5. The Shimano Sedona 1000 Spinning Reel earns high marks for its excellent reviews, its affordable price tag, and unbeatable quality. Like all Shimano Sedona FI reels, the 1000 model boasts a cold-forged Hagane drive gear designed to withstand years of extensive use

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Here's the lowdown on spinning reel sizes and how to match each size reel with a compatible spinning rod for freshwater fishing. The 1000 or 10 size reel is ideal for fishing with 2-to 4-pound test monofilament line. I pair this reel with an ultralight rod measuring either 4 1/2- to 5 1/2- feet long. This is a great combination for trout. Is a 500 size spinning reel too small for largemouth bass fishing? Im looking to get into an ultralight setup and am trying to pick between a 500 and 1000 size reel 10 Best Spinning Reels for Bass in 2021 (Ultimate Review Guide) Reel selection is crucial when angling for a stubborn species like bass. We've made the buying decision easy for you by testing and reviewing the 10 best spinning reels for the bass on the market today I have spinning reels from size 1000 to 10500 and use size 1000-4000 for bass fishing. Size 1000 reels are fun for light tackle fishing but cast less far compared to a size 4000. You can put a higher pound test line on a size 4000 reel and have more line capacity compared to a size 1000 reel

Here's something that's really surprised me: reels in the 1000 class have been flying off of the shelves recently. For years, we (and most other inshore anglers) have mainly used 2500 or 3000 series reels when inshore saltwater fishing, but this new wave of 1000 reel buyers is really coming on strong One Bass Fishing reels Light Weight Saltwater Spinning Reel - 39.5 LB Carbon Fiber Drag,12+1 BB Ultra Smooth All Aluminum Inshore Reel for Saltwater or Freshwater 4.3 out of 5 stars 335 $19.98 $ 19 . 98 $21.98 $21.9 Shop freshwater & saltwater spinning reels at Bass Pro Shops. Find top spinning fishing reels like Abu Garcia, Daiwa, Pflueger, Browning, Quantum & more

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10 Best Lightweight Spinning Reel Reviews. We have invested 100+ hours in researching and reviewing the best ultralight spinning reels in the market. These reviews will help you make educative decisions in selecting the perfect reel for all your needs. 01. Shimano Sedona FI 1000 Spinning Reel For Shimano the 1000 and C2000S (shallow) spools generally have exactly the same size spool diameter (and same size body). So the difference is in the depth of the spool. Often the 2000 even has a shallower spool - making it, on paper, a smaller reel All in all, the new Battle III spinning reel has been a good upgrade from the last generation, and it is worth taking a look. For the features it has and the blank that it comes with I consider it as the best spinning combo for bass. Now, let's talk about the spinning rod it comes along. Check Latest Price on Amazon

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  1. Just like the 1000 sized reel, the 2500 size is ideal for light lure fishing tactics such as spinning, drop shotting of even jigging. Only difference is that it has a slightly larger spool and line capacity. 3000. The 3000 size reel is the perfect sized trout spinning reel. It provides you with a happy medium between the 2500 and 4000 reels
  2. One reel I REALLY like is the Daiwa Lexa, check it out. Daiwa has the advantage of making 1500 and 2000 size reels, which fit in nicely between a 1000 and a 2500 size Shimano. I really like that in between size for some of my walleye rods. All the Daiwa reels in that $100 - $150 range feel niiiiice
  3. Best of the Rest: Spinning Reels (Clockwise from upper left) Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Signature Series, Duckett Paradigm SB3000, Duckett Paradigm SRi2500 and Daiwa KAGE LT. Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Signature Series. Bass Pro offers great store-brand reels at affordable pricing, and the Signature Series spinner is a noteworthy example
  4. The braid size depends on the fish types. If you want to target the standard size fish, you can use ten to twelve lbs braids for spinning reels. It is essential to increase the size of braids when you need to trap bigger fish. In this case, twenty or fifty, or sixty lbs braids are available in the market

Most avid bass anglers have a pile of casting reels, but spinning equipment needs to be in your arsenal for finesse applications and smallmouth fishing, espe.. As an angler, one of the basic knowledge you should know is about the spinning reel! Spinning reels are probably the most popular gears for all anglers from all walks. This fishing gear adds a lot to your catching success if you are fishing small to medium-sized fish, especially bass. Personally, I don't go out Top 8 Best Spinning Reels for Bass Fishing in 2021: Complete Reviews & Buying. How to you choose the best spinning reel size for your style of fishing? What is the best size reel to choose. Full time fishing guide Capt. Chris Myers expl.. Lancelot spinning reels use 5+1 ball bearings, and a CNC aluminum, high-capacity spool to ensure long and accurate casts. The Lancelot series includes four-reel sizes from a compact size 2000 all the way to a powerful size 5000 to cover almost all freshwater fishing needs. A smooth, powerful drag is an important part of any fishing reel and the. A 3000 reel will catch fish big and small bass. The 3000 size is ideal for the average bass angler. The pros and sports anglers would disagree and I completely understand why. High end smaller and lighter spin reels such as the 1000 and 2000 deliver unrivaled refinement and precision. Two features the pros value very highly

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Spinning reels come in several sizes — series 1000, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, etc. — and while these series numbers don't define reel size in terms of weight or dimension (there are no manufacturer standards), it can help to think of them as x-small, small, medium, large, etc Best Spinning Reels For The Money. Lews Mach 2 Spinning Reel. Cadence Stout Saltwater Reel. Penn Pursuit III. Kastking Summer and Centron. Abu Garcia Silvermax. They have many uses. From using finesse lures, to drop shots to throwing spinnerbaits. However, they are also an extremely versatile piece of gear Reel Size. Any 1000 2000 2500 3000 Shimano Nasci 1000 FB Reel More Info. £76.99. View Details. Shimano Nasci 2000 SFB Reel More Info. £78.99. Whether you fish in fresh or saltwater, we understand that a quality spinning reel is an essential part of every lure angler's armoury. We stock the best brands like Shimano, Daiwa, Abu, Spro. Shimano Stradic FL models: Shimano Stradic FL ST1000HGFL - A finesse reel, designed for light lure casting for bream and trout using fluorocarbon or braid. Weighing 6.5 oz, the Shimano Stradic FL 1000 matches perfectly with a 1-2kg or 1-3kg responsive graphite rod. Featuring 6+1 bearings and a smooth felt drag system with 7 lb of power The 1000 size reels are good and work fine for rigging and vertically jigging where casting isn't important and the new limp lines are low in memory. If your casting,I have gone all to 2500 Diawa Steez spinning reels costly but the reel besides a great drag, has a large spool and weights in at less then 7.0 oz and it is not a composite.

It has a 9+1 stainless steel bearings and a gear ratio of 5.4:1 on 1000 and 2000 size reels and 10+1 bearings with gear ratio 6.0:1 on size 3000 and 4000 reels. The gears help in providing a velvety smooth performance and they complement the rigidity of the body for a smooth operation Known as the Shimano Sienna FE spinning reel, this spinning reel comes in three sizes: 1000, 2500, and 4000. The three sizes are suitable for all kinds of light line situations, including lure casting and bait fishing The St. Croix Panfish Spinning Rods will start around $100 for shorter (5.5 feet) models with the 9 foot rod costing around $150-160. For most anglers, pairing this with the Shimano Sedona FL Spinning Reel will be a worthwhile investment of roughly $200. Length: 5.5-9 feet Small sized fishing reels are generally suitable for light fishing situations such as saltwater and freshwater river fishing, lake fishing, bay fishing bream fishing, bass fishing, trout fishing and any other situation that would be classified as light. In this range fishing reel sizes are; 1000, 2000, 2500, 3000, 10, 20, 25, 30.. 2500 size reels fit the bill for me perfectly when it comes to bass or Peacock bass fishing. I haven't bought a spinning reel in YEARS, and the ones I have are either Shimano Stradics or Sahara's. Depending on your budget, there are several good brands out there. If I had to do it over again, knowing what I know now

Shimano Sahara Spinning Reel $ 79 99-$ 89 99. 4.8 (29) Shimano SLX XT Baitcast Reel $ 129 99. 4.7 (32) H2O XPRESS Mettle M3 Baitcast Reel $ 59 99. 4.8 (24) Lew's Classic Pro Speed Spool SLP CP1SHC Baitcast Reel. PENN Battle III Spinning Reel. 4.6. (44) Write a review. $119.99 - $159.99. Order by 4pm E.T. for Jul 8 delivery. Buy now. Pay us back later Although the 1000 model is downgraded to 5.2:1 gear ratio. For those of you who don't know what gear ratio is, it means how many times the spool turns for every single turn of the handle. So, a 6.2:1 gear ratio means that the reel will turn exactly 6.2 times on every 360 degrees spin of the handle Q: What size spinning reel should I start with? A: This is a great question! Spinning reel sizes are categorized in this way: 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 and so-on. Basically the bigger the number, the bigger the reel. For me, I use a 2,000 reel on almost all my rods. It's just the right size for me The line retrieve of this reel is 43.1, which will surely boost your fishing performance. The gear ratio of Daiwa BG Spinning Reel is 5.7:1, which is ideally designed to catch striped bass. The reel has a total of 7 ball bearings, and they will make your fishing experience smoother. The body of the reel is anodized

Comments: I own 3 of these reels, 2 in the 3000 size and 1 in the 2500 size. For $200, these reels are absolutely the bomb! Buttery smooth, super light, and a drag that'll tame even the hardest fighting smallmouth. These are 100% my #1 favorite spinning reels! From: Lincoln: Pool 4 Minnesota 3/4/2 Most of my smallmouth rods are between 6 feet, 9 inches and 7 feet, 3 inches. Second, since smallmouth are usually out away from shoreline cover and since smallmouth waters are typically quite clear, it's generally more important to make a long cast than it is to make a pinpoint-accurate cast. Thus, a long rod is better Pick the Correct Spinning Reel Size. Choosing the correct reel size is as easy as determining the size fishing line you intend to use most often. The lighter the line you intend to use, the smaller the reel you should purchase. Ten-pound test line should be the highest strength and diameter used on a spinning reel

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1. Reel Size. Trout is not a massive fish, which is why reels sized 1000 to 2500 should do the job quite nicely. Some companies have experimented with 3500 size reels making them quite lightweight so that they fit the lightweight category. The thing about such reels is that they offer superior strength 4 Pflueger President - Best Saltwater Spinning Reel Under 100. 5 Daiwa BG - Reliable and Innovative Saltwater Reel. 6 Okuma Avenger ABF - Best Budget Bait Feeding Reel. 7 Pflueger Supreme XT - Strong and Durable Saltwater Reel. 8 Shimano Baitrunner D - Best in Baitrunning Performance. 9 Penn Clash - Best Saltwater Reel for the Money Spinning Reel Size: (2500 or 25) Suggested mono: 2.5kg-4kg (5-8lb) Suggested Braid: 5-12lb Common Applications (Guide only): Small fishing reel mostly suited for light fishing in lakes, rivers, bays, harbours etc. Popular for fish type (most common species): Bream, Trout, Whiting, Bass, Flathead, Perch, Luderick. Choosing a fishing rod to go with this size reel: 2500 or 25 size reels are.

Spinning Reel Size: (3000 or 30) This is the size that would be a good choice for most bass fishing techniques and probably the best choice for most weekend fishermen. Common Applications: Drop Shot, Wacky Worm and Shaky Head. Suggested mono: 6-10lb Suggested Braid: 8-15lb. Spinning Reel Size: (35/350/3500) This size is a little big for most. Piscifun® Viper X Spinning Reel, Gear Ratio 5.2:1/6.2:1 High Speed Fishing Reel Size 500-5000. $34.99. Sold Out In 1955, the ABU 444, the company's first Spinning Reel, was produced, launching a line of Freshwater Spinning Reels designed for versatility and maximum casting distance. Today, our line of Spinning Reels is designed to be lighter, more compact, and more powerful than ever What size suits you? With these reels, you can go for finesse fishing the likes of Trout, Bream, Bass, Whiting, and Flathead. Tackle a larger class of the same fish by sizing up your reel. The numbers (1000, 3000, 4000, 5000) in the model code represents the spool diameter. You can spool more line with a fishing reel with a larger spool diameter The CS6 is ideal for gamefish including freshwater fish like bass, walleye, and trout as well as favorite inshore species like redfish, speckled trout, and flounder. The CS6 series of spinning reels will exceed your expectations with features, quality, and design you have come to appreciate in spinning reels costing almost twice as much

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Daiwa Regal LT Spinning Reel. The Daiwa Regal LT is part of Daiwa's Light but Tough series. Marked at a very reasonable price, it gives many anglers, experienced or novice, a reliable, dependable, and affordable options when looking for their next crappie reel. There is a 9+1bearing setup with this reel that provides a smooth transition. For vertical jigging with lightweight jigs (usually 1/8 to 1/4 oz), the best setup is a 6'3 medium light power, extra fast action spinning rod paired with a 1000 size reel. For casting larger jigs (usually 1/4 to 3/4 oz), the best setup is a 7'0 medium light power, fast action spinning rod paired with a 2000 size reel Our flagship model, Exist has personified excellence throughout Daiwa's history, and now the new Exist LT introduces even more ground-breaking Daiwa technology. The all new Exist LT features our brand-new Light & Tough (LT) concept, reducing reel size while at the same time increasing strength and power

Size down to the 1000 size and you're looking at a 5.6oz spinning reel. While most spinning reel manufacturers cut features and quality to create a lighter-weight reel, Shimano has managed to pack all of their highest end spinning reel features into the lightest possible package This open-face spinning reel comes in 8 different sizes. The lightest model starts from 1000. Between 2000 and 3000, there is another size of 2500. With the body of 2000, the 2500 size features a bigger rotor and spool. Spinning Reel For Bass. How to Choose a Spinning Reel Size And the 4th reel on our reviews of Ultralight spinning reel is Okuma Ceymar! Like most of the other models we examined, this one comes in several sizes. The C-10 size is ideal for 2 - 6 lbs. test fishing lines, which will be great for fishing trout, bluegill, sunfish, and other smaller fish I have a Pflueger (don't remember which one - about 50$) for panfish that works ok but it's near the end of it's life. Two years ago I bought Lews G2 speed spin (size 300) for a bass rod, really liked it and bought a size 200 for a crappie rod. Both of these seem to be holding up quite well

In this independent review of the Daiwa Tatula LT Spinning Reel, we're finding out if Daiwa can design a lightweight reel without sacrificing performance and durability. The Tatula LT comes in five different sizes. The 1000 and 2000 have 11 max pounds of drag, and the reel only weighs 5.8 ounces Gomexus Reel Stand For Shimano Nasci Sienna 1000 - 3000 Spinning Reel 42mm . $9.95. Free shipping. 57 sold This type of fishing refers to the act of taking your spinning reel and rod out into the ocean, either in the shallow waters near the coast or deeper portions of the ocean. The majority of these reels by Shimano are designed to be used. A spinning reel to match the rod above will always be the go to for trout fishing. The best spinning reel for trout will usually be a size 1000 up to size 2500. These size reels are perfectly suited to the rod described above and are designed to use light line in the 2 to 6 pound range RELATED POSTS: Shimano Sienna — Best ultralight spinning reel — Best line for bass fishing Shimano Sedona: Choosing the Right Size The other good thing about the Shimano Sedona is it comes in a full range of sizes from 1000 right up to 8000 Shop for Spinning Reels in Fishing Reels. Buy products such as Lew's MH2-400A Mach 2 Speed Spin400Sz, Spinning Reel, 9+1, 6.2:1 / at Walmart and save

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Spinning Reel Size: (1000 or 10) Suggested mono: 1-2kg (2-4lb) Suggested Braid: 4-8lb Common Applications (Guide only): Small fishing reel mostly suited for light fishing in lakes, rivers, bays, harbours etc. Popular for fish type (most common species): Bream, Trout, Whiting. Choosing a fishing rod to go with this size reel: - As the 1000 or 10 sized spinning reel is quite small, a rod you. Daiwa BG 2500 : Best size for bass fishing. Recommended Braid line: 5-12 lb. recommended Mono: 5-8 lb (2.5 kg-4 kg) The fishing rod for this size reel: 2500 size reels suits best for anglers using a 6-7 ft long rod which have a line rating of around 4-10 lbs. This impressive small reel is ideal for spin or soft bait fishing of any sort, in both. The reels carbon fiber drag can produce about 13.2 lbs of fighting power to stop the largest bass from running away with your lure. The progressive drag settings hand you the ability to fine-tune the drag pressure depending on the situation and size of your fish KastKing Megatron Spinning Reel,Size 4000 Fishing Reel - The Editor Choice. KastKing Megatron Spinning Reel,Size 4000 Fishing Reel is any other high quality product from KastKing. Starting from 57.99, it is a probably the most reasonably priced one out there. (*100*)The Buyer's Guide for the Saltwater Spinning Reel Under 100

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I've used 1000 sized reels and even 500 sized Shimanos for bass, smallmouth, walleye, etc. and they've held up just fine. I think they're better suited for open water or dropshot techniques. I wouldn't count on them much if you're fishing cover because the drags aren't strong enough and you won't have enough capacity for heavier line By Reel Size. 1000. 1000. Sort By: Shimano Sedona 1000FE Reel. £45.99. Daiwa Liberty Club 1500 Reel (Right Side Wind) £64.99. Shimano Aernos XT 1000. £43.99 Lure Geek stocks thousands of bass lures and a huge range of bass lure fishing tackle. Subscribe to our newsletter. Email Addres 1000 (17) 1000H (1) 2000 (10) 2500 (31) 2500D-XH A quality spinning reel can make the difference between a frustrating day on the water and returning home with a cooler full of prized catches. When you're buying a new spinning reel, make sure to check whether it can hold the amount and size of line that you'll be using.. Fishing a spinning reel is the most popular way of fishing because of its strength and versitality 5:1 gear ratio spinning reel in 1000 to 2000 spool size Main purpose: light line bass fishing with shaky heads, drop shots; back-reeling is a bonus Advertisemen

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A size 1000 or 2000 ultralight reel is the most common sizes used, anything over that and you are getting into light/medium spinning combo for bass. A good reel is a serious investment and the best reels will have a solid drag system, strong internal gears and a spool that allows line to flow off of it with ease If we lower the price of an item to a certain level, we can only show that price in the cart. If you change your mind about the item, simply remove it from your cart. The savings are worth a few extra clicks. Choose Options. Sakana SK-S4 Spinning Reel. (5) $25.99 $39.99. Save $14.00 ( 35% Off ) Choose Options

Lew's Carbon Fire Speed Spin Spinning Reel. $69.99. Quantum Smoke PT Spinning Reel. $159.95 - $179.95. Lew's Custom Pro Speed Spin Spinning Reel. $129.99. Daiwa QR Ultralight Spinning Reel. $29.99. Daiwa Revros LT Spinning Reel. $49.99. Pflueger President XT Spinning Reels. $89.99. 13 Fishing Creed X Spinning Reel The reason over half of the spinning reel models offered by Bass Pro Shops sell for less than $50 is because that's what most people who walk into a BPS actually buy. Bass Pro Shops is perfectly willing to sell an $800 Shimano Stella instead of an $80 Bass Pro Shops Carbonlite (or an $18 Bass Pro Shops Stampede), and if they sold a lot more of. cabo spinning reel . $209.95 - $239.95. view details drive spinning reel . $39.99. view details energy baitcast reel . $119.95. view details energy spinning reel . $99.95. view details invade baitcast reel . $39.99. view details.

The Shimano FX Spinning Reel gives anglers the solid and reliable Shimano quality at a cost effective price that is suitable for a wide range of fishing applications. The Shimano FX comes equipped with a roller clutch for eliminating the handle from winding backwards and an ARC Spool is a patented spool design with an angled spool lip PENN® Spinning Reels Are An Anglers Dream. At PENN® we design all our gear to meet superior standards, but it's no secret we take the most pride in our Spinning Reels. It's a fact: a Saltwater Spinning Reel is a true-blue companion for serious anglers requiring the ultimate performer. We know fishing enthusiasts of all stripes respect our.

Penn Gold Label Series | Best Deep Sea Fishing Reel ForSHIMANO New Releasing Spinning Reels – Fishing Festival1000 vs 2000 size spinning reel - Fishing Rods, Reels0 no Mepps Aglia Decores Beyaz Zemin Kırmı Noktalı, 0 no

SAHARA FI. The Sahara is a powerful spinning reel with unparalleled durability at its price point. Incorporating X-Ship and Hagane Gear in its G-Free Body. It offers performance and value that will appeal to novice and experienced anglers alike Bass Mafia; All Accessories; All Freshwater Brands; Bass Product Finder; FLY FISHING. Rods; G Loomis; St. Croix; Daiwa Revros LT 1000 Spinning Reel Daiwa Revros LT 1000-CP Spinning Reel Daiwa Revros LT 2000 Spinning Reel Daiwa Revros LT 2000-CP Spinning Reel Daiwa Revros LT 2500 Spinning Reel Daiwa Revros LT 2500-CP Spinning Reel Daiwa. From versatile spinning reels in a variety of sizes to heavy-duty conventional baitcast reels for serious catfish hunters. And we never stop looking for ways to make fishing easier and more fun. So look for New for 2019 as you shop to find all our latest, greatest reels