Rubber taste in mouth after tooth extraction

Four days after a tooth extraction, this little rubber

Four days after a tooth extraction, this little rubber thing came out of my mouth when I was rinsing with chlorhexidrine. Posted by 10 hours ago. Four days after a tooth extraction, this little rubber thing came out of my mouth when I was rinsing with chlorhexidrine. Did the dentist leave this in my socket? I had these swollen taste. Infection can sometimes happen after having wisdom teeth taken out. After the first swelling period (2 to 3 days), continued swelling, pain, and discomfort may be a sign of infection. You may get a fever or feel sick. Pus may drain from the infected socket and leave a bad taste in your mouth. If this happens, call the Clinic at 902-473-2070. A deep cavity will taste bad if the nerve in the tooth has died, pus and gunge from the infected nerve space will leak out into the mouth, but the tooth won't be painful. The leakage is preventing pressure build up which is what causes pain Two of these cases actually resulted in death. In both scenarios, each patient had left the dental office after an extraction with instructions to use chlorhexidine rinse at home. As previously mentioned, it takes 1,200 ppm of chlorhexidine to achieve results. 2 For this reason, it should not be used with open wounds

Tooth with deep cavity tastes very foul - also

Acid reflux is caused by the improper placement of stomach acid in your body. It can often cause a sour or bitter taste in your mouth. However, there is evidence that acid reflux can lead to mothball breath Gum tissue flaps and suture placement. Some tooth extractions require the creation of a gum tissue flap, so to gain better access to the tooth being removed, or the bone that surrounds it.And then the placement of one or more sutures (stitches), whose purpose is to stabilize soft tissues loosened up during the procedure until the needed degree of healing has had a chance to occur

Chlorhexidine—the good, the bad, and the ugly Registered

  1. It means that saliva and bacteria are seeping in between the crown and the tooth, which will lead to decay of the tooth. By the time you have this metallic taste, it is likely the decay is severe, which could mean the tooth must be extracted. The longer you leave it, the worse the situation will become
  2. After the Root Canal Tooth Extraction. It was weird to be missing two teeth for a while, but I was glad to be rid of the super-psychos. The dentist offered me an antibiotic the day of my surgery, since he knew the baddies were out and running around. I said no thanks, that I wanted to help my body manage it. And it did
  3. horrible taste in mouth 4 days after tooth extraction Wisdom Tooth pulled, Tooth socket now has bad odor and taste Horrible smelling mucus drainage from my nose and mouth after wisdom tooth extraction Sinus Infection Headache or Migraine after having 4 wisdom teeth remove
  4. Enhanced experience eating and chewing. Improved bite and lowered pressure on the rest of your teeth. Upgraded ability to speak clearly (for those with bridges in the front of the mouth) Reduced drooping of your face or cheeks. We recommend paying particular attention to your dental routine after a bridge procedure

Yes, it tasted terrible between the rotting food and the blood clot, etc. Definitely stop with the mouthwash and go back to salt-water rinses/gargles. Check in with your surgeon - they should be available for followup if you seem to be experiencing any weirdness Oral complications are common in cancer patients, especially those with head and neck cancer. Complications are new medical problems that occur during or after a disease, procedure, or treatment and that make recovery harder. The complications may be side effects of the disease or treatment, or they may have other causes. Oral complications affect the mouth

Find out if the weird taste in your mouth is caused by gum disease, medication, dry mouth or a more serious illness. Occasionally having a bad taste in your mouth is totally normal. But if you've had a strange taste in your mouth for days, it could be a sign of an underlying dental or medical problem The majority of pain after dental treatment should go away in 1-2 days. For wisdom tooth surgery, pain may last closer to 1-2 weeks. If you have TMJ pain after dental work, it may take months for the pain to go away. Typically, I recommend asking the dentist who will perform your procedure what kind of pain you should expect afterwards Dental bridges and permanent bridge implants act like a false tooth as they are placed between two crowns to fill in the gap left by missing teeth in order to look like a natural tooth or dental implant. They literally act as a bridge between two teeth. Bridges are an alternative to dentures and allow you to speak and chew properly

It has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe pain and discomfort caused by tooth extraction. 5. Calendula. If you find that your mouth is dry and uncomfortable after tooth extraction surgery, try using calendula, a member of the marigold family, to restore moisture and reduce pain. How to Appl Other signs of a tooth abscess are a bad taste or bad odor in the mouth. Swelling of the face, jaw, or surrounding lymph nodes often signals a growing infection. Jaw pain from the swelling can be present, as well. It is also important to note that abscessed teeth may not have any symptoms at all GELFOAM Dental Sponges are small, sterile, surgical sponges prepared from specially treated and purified gelatin solution which is beaten to desired porosity, dried, sectioned, packaged, sealed, and sterilized by dry heat. GELFOAM is pliable, and is capable of absorbing and holding within its meshes many times its weight in whole blood.. Taste is one of the five senses. It involves various neurological functions. When a person notices a metallic taste in the mouth, it can be due to a number of factors, including changes in health

Dental abscess treatment is best carried out by the dentist himself but in case of the abscess bursting on its own, here are a few steps that you should be following almost immediately. The first and immediate step is to use salty water for rinsing your mouth. Take some warm water and add a teaspoon full of salt and keep mixing till all the. Problems after Tooth Removal Swelling and bruising. There may be swelling and sometimes bruising after surgery, especially after wisdom teeth removal. The worst swelling, pain and jaw stiffness normally happens 2 or 3 days after surgery (although after some difficult wizzie extractions, the pain is often worst on day 4) Removal of the entire tooth (extraction) or necrotic dental pulp (root canal / endodontic treatment) is the only successful treatment for a dental sinus. Antibiotics such as penicillin or metronidazole may be also required. The sinus will usually heal 1-2 weeks after extraction or successful endodontic treatment

Radiating to the jawbone, neck or ear. Other oral symptoms of infection include: Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. Bitter taste in the mouth. Foul-smelling breath. Gum redness and swelling. Loosening of the tooth. Swollen area in the upper or lower jaw. Open, draining sore on the side of the gum The tooth may be capped with a crown to make it stronger, especially if this is a back tooth. If you care for your restored tooth properly, it can last a lifetime. Pull the affected tooth. If the affected tooth can't be saved, your dentist will pull (extract) the tooth and drain the abscess to get rid of the infection. Prescribe antibiotics

How Socket Preservation Helps After A Tooth Extractio

  1. Once the fluid has been drained, a small soft rubber drain may be placed to keep the area draining for 2-3 days. This drain is secured in place with a stitch, and must be removed (does not dissolve). Dry socket treatment- Dry socket (also called alveolar osteitis) is a pain and bad taste due to loss of the blood clot following a tooth extraction
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  3. So I'm 21 and I just recently has my wisdom teeth extraction + an extra tooth removed (5 teeth all at the same time). It's day 12 since I've had the surgery. As someone who was terrified to have wisdom teeth surgery and a fear of being sedated/anesthesia, I know I had tons of questions and fears going into this surgery, both about it and aftercare
  4. If after tooth extraction or tooth removal there is something left behind and is causing bad taste then it can be most probably due to any broken root piece that is left unextracted in the extraction socket. It can cause Infection and bad smell in mouth.. However weight gain does not seems to be due to it.

These types of injections are performed when you need the gum tissue on the roof of the mouth to be numb and/or when the procedure requires the tooth to be super numb (like an extraction or root canal). In my experience, for most fillings of upper teeth, palatal injections are NOT needed. Why Palatal Injections Hurt so Darn Much Poor hygiene and dental problems. The most common reasons for a bad taste in your mouth have to do with dental hygiene. Not flossing and brushing regularly can cause gingivitis, which can cause a.

Symptoms. There are several symptoms associated with the development of the fungal infection. In addition to having a white, yellow or cream-colored curd-like appearance, oral thrush can cause a burning sensation in the mouth, soreness and/or sensitivity to acidic and spicy foods, an unpleasant taste in the mouth and bad breath (halitosis) No, it shouldn't hurt whatsoever. If it does, you must inform you dentist who will use more anaesthetic. You will undergo other sensations, like noises (including swearing from the dentist if it is a tough one) and pressure. Patients often describ.. Dental extraction. In cases where root canal treatment is not possible, the infected tooth should be extracted. In the surgery you also have to drain the accumulated pus and clean the infected area very well. Antibiotics. Beyond the dental treatment that you get, it is usually necessary to supplement with the use of antibiotics

Local symptomatology began 4 weeks after initiation of this treatment. A combination of ipilimumab and nivolumab was started 2 months after the onset of the symptoms. In most cases, tooth extraction or any dentoalveolar surgery or infection or local trauma represent the triggering factor for MRONJ, even if some cases are spontaneous You can use a hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse, made with a maximum 3% HP and diluted with two parts water, to ease pain and facilitate the healing of oral cuts, canker sores, sore throats, and inflamed gums. You should only use this mouthwash until you are feeling better, as prolonged use can damage your tooth enamel Hello, I see you asked your question late last night. I am sorry that know one had yet replied. Besides dental decay and gum disease, causes of bad breath can include gastric reflux and diabetes. Some people can have poorly fitting caps on their teeth or tonsil stones - both are problems that can harbor odorous bacteria. Certain medications and respiratory infections can result in this problem.

Removal of the entire tooth (extraction) or necrotic dental pulp (root canal / endodontic treatment) is the only successful treatment for a dental sinus. Antibiotics such as penicillin or metronidazole may be also required. The sinus will usually heal 1-2 weeks after extraction or successful endodontic treatment Mouth and Dental Problems. A number of different mouth and dental problems can arise and a strange taste in the mouth may be one of the symptoms. From tooth decay to gingivitis and oral candidiasis (mouth thrush), any disease involving the mouth and teeth may affect the taste buds. Sometimes it is due to secretions from the diseased area but at. Dental Implants. A dental implant is a prosthetic replacement for a missing tooth. Natural teeth consist of the crown and the root. The crown is the visible section that is covered with white enamel. Supporting the crown is the tooth root which extends into the jawbone. The root is the part of the tooth that is effectively replaced by an implant Dental procedures, such as a tooth extraction or root canal, can lead to less-than-obvious infections which must be resolved if you want to feel completely better. Tooth extraction (that leads to cavitation). When you have a tooth or teeth extracted, there is a risk for a cavitation to occur Hi Dental extraction means removing your teeth from socket under local anaesthesia. The procedure is an outpatient only that means you can immediately after your extraction done. Mostly dental extraction is recommended for the tooth when there is.

Dental work includes all of the cleaning, filling, restoring and other procedures performed in a dentist's office, and almost all of the time, activity is centered in the mouth alone. There is stretching, biting, drilling and rinsing as well as pulsing, filing and painting -- none of which involves a person's stomach, but all of which can have. Because the tooth is no longer vital and can be prone to fracture, most dentists recommend a full crown after completing the root canal treatment. Maintaining good dental hygiene, visiting your dentist regularly, and protecting your teeth from injury can help prevent a dead nerve in a tooth. But if the nerve dies, there's no need to worry

Tooth Extraction Healing: What's the White Stuff

  1. e whether you can taste a difference between the two. More than 90 percent of taste is smell, so almost all of chocolate is the smell, not the taste of it, Hirsch says. If you lose your sense of smell, it tastes the same as vanilla ice cream
  2. If you develop pain in a tooth after a root canal, you may need another root canal on the same tooth, but different root. The crown will be removed, the tooth completely cleaned out again, and re-filled. Eroded Filling Material - The rubber material and filling material can breakdown overtime. This can lead to a whole new cavity and pain in.
  3. Extract the tooth. Place a partially unfolded 4 x 4 gauze posterior to the tooth to prevent inadvertent loss of the tooth in the throat; do this gently to avoid gagging. The key steps are to. Release the cuff of gingiva attached to the tooth. Gain initial tooth mobility using an elevator
  4. Braces treatment may need a tooth extraction. Sometimes, people need to get 2, 4, or more teeth extracted for braces. Drying the mouth. After the cleaning, he will also dry your teeth and mouth. Interarch Rubber bands. You get rubber bands when additional pressure is needed to move teeth forward or backward. These elastic bands connect.
  5. Infections in your mouth. Bad breath can be caused by surgical wounds after oral surgery, such as tooth removal, or as a result of tooth decay, gum disease or mouth sores. Other mouth, nose and throat conditions. Bad breath can occasionally stem from small stones that form in the tonsils and are covered with bacteria that produce odor
  6. Push the toothbrush bristles up between the wires and your teeth from the top and the bottom and get all that stuff out, because it's just going to start smelling. Besides causing bad breath, the gunk you leave on your teeth to rot also causes decalcification of your front teeth. If you don't clean your teeth well while you have.

Tooth infection spreading to the body: Signs and symptom

  1. Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) is a hot feeling or sensation which can affect your tongue, lips, palate, or areas all over your mouth. BMS is sometimes called 'glossodynia'. You get this feeling when there are changes in the way the nerves in your mouth send messages to your brain - for example, about taste and temperature
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  3. Try warm heat after the first 24 hours after your tooth extraction, as long as the swelling has gone down. 4. Essential oils. Essential oils, including clove, oregano, and tea tree oil, may improve dry socket pain. To apply essential oils for pain relief, mix them with a carrier oil, like coconut oil, before applying
  4. After all these things take a proper treatment accordingly,if there is sufficient space for its eruption,you can remove that flap over this tooth. If not you can go for this tooth extraction. Mean while maintain good oral hygiene,rinse your mouth with warm saline ,rinse your mouth after each meal. Nothing to get worried. Take Care
  5. While the tooth is numb, a special rubber sheet will be placed around the tooth to keep saliva away. An access hole is drilled on top of the tooth, and a series of root canal files are placed into the hole to remove nerve tissue, the pulp, and bacteria. If any tooth decay is seen, it will also be extracted with special dental tools
  6. After anesthesia is applied, your endodontist creates an access point in your damaged tooth to remove all tissue from the pulp chamber. The inside of the tooth is disinfected to remove all traces of infection. Next, the tooth chamber is filled with a rubber-like substance called gutta percha that replaces dental tissue and keeps your tooth.

If the tooth comes in contact with hot coffee, the pain will typically linger after you have finished drinking. This can be for as little as 30 seconds or as long as several hours. 3. Lumps Near Your Tooth. When your tooth needs a root canal, a little white, yellow, or red lump will form on the gums above the tooth The same happens in case of that white stuff in tooth extraction hole. It implies that you don't have to worry about that white stuff and continue following the instructions you have received from your dentist because it's just a damaged gum tissue in the healing process Complications can arise when a sodium hypochlorite spill or leakage occurs through the negligence of a dental practitioner. USE OF SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE IN ROOT CANAL TREATMENT Sodium hypochlorite is used to clean the clean the canals and pulp chamber of a tooth to dissolve the bacteria and acts as an effective antimicrobial agent Mouth sores can be caused by oral cancer or bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Some other causes include: Irritations, such as dentures that no longer fit properly and rub against tissues. Loose orthodontic wires or the sharp edge of a broken tooth or filling

Osteoradionecrosis (ORN) is a serious complication of radiation therapy in cancer treatment where radiated bone becomes necrotic and exposed. ORN occurs most commonly in the mouth during the treatment of head and neck cancer, and can arise over 5 years after radiation. Common signs and symptoms include pain, difficulty chewing, trismus, mouth-to-skin fistulas and non-healing ulcers Health Effects After Dental Amalgam Removal blood, kidneys or other organs, which they thought was caused by ionized toxic metals (f) general discomfort in the mouth, irritability, indigestion, loss of weight and radiating neuralgic pains through branches of the trigeminal nerve. Huggins16 describes a 17-year old female wh After a tooth extraction, a blood clot normally forms to begin the healing process. Dry sockets occur when the blood clot is lost from the socket. This can happen because of negative pressure in the mouth, perhaps from sucking on a straw or smoking, which prevents clot formation Dentures (false teeth) Dentures are removable false teeth made of acrylic (plastic), nylon or metal. They fit snugly over the gums to replace missing teeth and eliminate potential problems caused by gaps. Gaps left by missing teeth can cause problems with eating and speech, and teeth either side of the gap may grow into the space at an angle Keep all mouth guards separate from other sporting equipment or accessories to minimize the risk of contamination. After every use, wash the mouth guard with lukewarm, soapy water (very hot water may distort its shape) Before replacing the mouth guard into its case, soak in mouthwash to prevent bacteria growth

Have a bad taste in your mouth; Suffer from a severe toothache; Detect discoloration; Have a pimple on your gums; If decay has spread to the pulp, you will likely need a root canal. An apicoectomy can be performed after root canal therapy if the infection still remains in the root tip. In the case that your tooth is no longer viable, extraction. The most common source of pain in the tooth after a root canal is inflammation of the tissues surrounding the root of the tooth. Inflammation can occur if the dentist's root canal files poke beyond the tip of the root or if debris escapes in this area. While a good dentist does everything they can to prevent this from occurring, it can happen A toothache is pain on or around a tooth. It may have a variety of causes, including a cavity, abscess, or even sinusitis. Toothache symptoms include pain, headache, earache, bad taste in the mouth, and gum swelling. Dental X-rays and other tests performed by a dentist are used to diagnose the cause of a toothache A sudden but persistent bad taste in your mouth. With prompt attention, an infected tooth can often be saved with a root canal. The only alternative is tooth extraction, which would be excessive in many cases. Meanwhile, extraction alone will eventually result in bone atrophy at the extraction site. This can be prevented with a solution such as.

Mothball Breath: Causes and Solution

Instrument: Dental Tray Function: Function:To provide an area specific for instruments Characteristics: Different designs for different procedures, e.g. hygiene tray, operative tray, surgical tray. Instrument: Mouth Mirror To provide indirect vision To retract lips, cheeks, and tongue To reflect light into the mouth Once the area is numbed, a rubber dam is placed around the infected tooth to protect the mouth and to prevent anything from falling into the back of the throat. In order to access the infected tooth pulp, your doctor for root canals makes an opening through the top of the tooth to get down into the pulp chamber Dental caries (tooth decay, cavities, rotting teeth) is a bacterial infection that causes destruction of the teeth. The bacteria consume sugar and food debris on the teeth, gums and sulcus (the space between a tooth and its surrounding gum), producing acids, enzymes and toxic by-products. These acids corrode and destroy the teeth

The inner tooth layers are then sealed by using gutta-percha, a rubber resembling material. Later a crown or filling is put off the tooth so that it is restored. The method provides for tooth pain at night relief. Tooth pain when lying down after the root canal is lesser, and is subdued completely after some time Root canal therapy is a treatment performed to eliminate infection from a tooth's root canal system, protect against future reinfection, and save the tooth from extraction. To do this, harmful bacteria and infected pulp tissue are removed from inside the tooth, the root canals and pulp chamber are extensively cleansed, and the tooth is filled. Systemic complications. Adverse reactions can occur due to: Toxicity caused by direct extension of the usual pharmacological effects of the drugs. side effects, overdose reactions, local toxic effects. Toxicity caused by alteration in the recipient of the drug. a disease process like liver or kidney failure, congestive heart failure

Smoking can certainly irritate the oral tissues, particularly the palate. It's not likely related to dental work, though short-lived complications from local anesthesia are a possibility. Overall, I would not be worried, but express your concerns to your dentist if it worsens. 2.3k views Reviewed >2 years ago When removing amalgam fillings do it properly with a rubber dam, amalgam meter, good ventilation, and a serum compatibility test for replacement dental materials. If a tooth extraction had a dry socket the likelihood of a cavitation increases. bad taste in the mouth, bad breath and loose teeth. Bacteria is shared by spouses, children.

When a tooth with a crown needs a root canal, you can expect the following sequence: You will be given local anesthetic so that your tooth is totally numb (and other parts of your mouth too). A rubber dam will be placed over the tooth. A small hole will be drilled through the crown into the tooth and into the nerve chamber After filling the cavity, they will file and smooth the tooth to ensure it does not interfere with your chewing. This process will be complete in a few minutes. After completing the process, the numbness in your mouth will persist for another couple of hours until the anesthetic wears off The antibiotics listed above may affect the absorption of zinc, and zinc deficiency leads to a metallic bad taste in the mouth. Clarithromycin ( Biaxin ), metronidazole ( Flagyl ), and tetracycline are other antibiotics that may also cause metallic taste—but we don't know why that occurs. Allopurinol, used for the prevention of gouty. My husband went to the Dentist for a few tooth extractions. After teeth were pulled he started having pain in his neck , bad head ache and a swallow face on the side his teeth were pulled on. He also felt dizzy, light headed and nauseous. What can be done to make him committable. Jane on June 11, 2017 And when metal rubs against the gums, it can cause gum damage that may lead to tooth loss. The mouth is also a haven for bacteria, so piercings raise the risk of infections and sores. Also, with a.

In the case of tooth extraction, do the procedure in a supine position to prevent from operating in the patient's respiratory tract. 2-During removable partial or complete denture try-in, stop touching other items in the dental workplace after contacting the saliva of the patient. 3 Why would thermal bone injury be a complication of tooth extraction? a. The bur will overheat and damage the soft tissue and bone b. Thermal injury is not a concern, as you are removing the tooth anyway c. Tooth elevators cause excessive heat, which could injure the soft tissue around the tooth that is being extracted d Maxillary sinusitis is inflammation of the maxillary sinus which are air filled spaces inside inside the cheek bones. It is one pair of sinuses that is located above or at the level of roots of molar teeth. The maxillary sinuses are connected to the nasal cavity through an opening and therefore any nasal infections can trigger maxillary sinusitis Right after the implant surgery. You can get a small infection under the gum; This occurs frequently within 2 weeks of the implant surgery. It's normally triggered by bacteria left behind when a tooth is extracted right prior to the implant is put in. Another possible cause is bacteria in the mouth getting in under the gum during the implant. The Sinus-Tooth Connection: Much like how the ears, nose and throat are connected, so are your sinuses and teeth. There's only a thin barrier of bone separating the sinuses from the dental canals of the upper jaw. Sometimes when that bone is breached, hypochlorite seeps into the sinuses and drips back into the patient's mouth, leaving an.

Dental stitches (dissolving vs regular) as used with tooth

Beginning 24 hours after your tooth extraction, you can gently rinse the socket with warm salt water (1/2 teaspoon of salt in a cup of water) after meals and before bed. Do not use commercial mouth rinses. They may irritate the extraction site Foul Taste In Your Mouth. the canals will then be filled with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. After root canal treatment, the tooth must be properly restored to ensure it's completely sealed. In many instances, even after receiving a dental filling, a full coverage crown is necessary to prevent the tooth from fracturing. Other. Rubber dam will decrease chance of particulate inhalation. • Consider prescribing fluoride rinses to use at home to reduce caries incidence, especially for patients using β2 agonists. • Assess orthodontic needs for malocclusion. • Be aware that sinus pressure on maxillary nerves can cause referred tooth pain in patients with allergies Dry Mouth Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms, Causes and Treatments for Dry Mouth. Dry mouth syndrome, also known as xerostomia, is a dry, uncomfortable feeling in your mouth that results from a decrease in the amount of your saliva. It can be temporary or a chronic problem

Metallic taste from a tooth that has a crown/bridge? - QC

Bridges are fixed into the mouth by attaching them to neighboring teeth. Therefore, unlike dentures (which are removable), these stay in your mouth. The most common type is a conventional bridge where the teeth on either-side of the gap are crowned, with a false tooth stuck to those crowns, in order to fill the gap I'm 26 years old, and for years, every time I see a celebrity or a person crack open a mouth full of perfectly straight teeth, I can't help but feel envious and a little upset that my teeth don't. Tooth Infection Prevention. Good dental habits can help keep your teeth and gums healthy: Brush with fluoride toothpaste twice a day for at least 2 minutes each time.; Don't rinse your mouth. mouth after using a steroid inhaler to reduce the incidence of oral candidiasis. Occurrence can also be reduced if a spacer (aerosol-holding chamber) is attached to the metered-dose inhaler. Smoking is the major cause of COPD, as well as an important risk factor for periodontitis. Dental hygienists should counse

an unpleasant taste in your mouth; problems opening your mouth; In other cases, the affected tooth may never break through the gums and remains in the surrounding jaw bone. This is known as a fully impacted wisdom tooth. When do I need to get my wisdom teeth removed Tooth decay can lead to cavities, which can cause pain, infection, and even tooth loss. It is often caused by a build-up of plaque and tartar. A diet with sugary foods, a tendency to snack between meals, and a decrease in saliva production all contribute to the build-up of sugar and acid in the mouth Ayurvedic tooth powders could be made with black pepper, alum, salt, and turmeric. 18. Mint . Because of the germicidal properties, mint is able to stop harmful bacteria from developing inside your mouth. Also, it keeps the teeth as well as tongue clean. Being used in most mouth fresheners, mint can be a real solution for your gum problems. 19 (The term deafferentation means that the sensory input from the nerve is disrupted. In dentistry, this is accomplished by either removing the tooth's nerve [via root canal treatment] or removing the entire tooth.) But even after the offending nerve tissue has been removed, painful sensory input still comes from the same area

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