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  1. A one-car garage is 12 to 16 feet wide and 20 to 24 feet deep. Expect to pay in the range of $11,500 and $31,000 for a single-stall detached garage. 2-Car Detached Garage Cost. The detached two-car garage cost ranges from $16,000 to $46,000. A double car garage is 22 to 26 feet wide and 20 to 24 feet deep. 3-Car Detached Garage Cost
  2. Potentially buying a house with a detached double garage which we want to turn into an additional room, the only problem would be its not connected to the house, what would be th cost to build a small type of hallway to connect the side door of house to side door of garage. It would only need to be around 1.5m wide then run about 4-5m to the.
  3. Generally, it will cost between $350 and $400 including labor and materials to install an outdoor outlet for a newer home. If the home is older and needs additional wiring or electrical panels installed, the average price ranges between $1,000 and $1,400. How do you put a bathroom in a detached garage
  4. Building an attached garage addition costs on average $22,000 to $43,000, with the average homeowner spending around $35,000 on a 24 x 24-foot, two-car garage with vinyl 1 siding, asphalt roof, and unfinished interior
  5. The layout of the house and garage: It will be more expensive to run a plumbing line between a garage and home that are further apart, or if the home's plumbing isn't conveniently close. When you're estimating the cost for your project, you may also consider if the addition of plumbing in your garage will boost your home value

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The average cost for a detached garage starts at $14,250 with the average homeowner spending $19,600 to $28,200. Since the construction begins from the ground up, it's much more expensive than an attached garage If you're ready to learn more information regarding hypemeanseverything review the internet site. Below are 10 top images from 14 best pictures collection of attaching a detached garage to a house photo in high resolution. Click the image for larger image size and more details. 1. Positioning Your Garage

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Q: I have a detached two-car garage. If I were to attach it to my house would my appraisal go up? -Anonymous, Newton County, GA A: Hello, I am assumin The precise cost of an installation will depend on the appliances or amenities being installed, the distance of the outbuilding from the house, and whether or not you need to replace the fuseboard. Andy estimates that you will need to pay at least £600 for an installation, which will probably take around two days to complete Nov 17, 2017 - Explore Trish's board Linking House To Garage on Pinterest. See more ideas about house, house extensions, house design That is because detached garages are built on independent space without any utilities such as plumbing and electricity, which will require extra work. The further away from the main house, the higher the cost. Garage conversion prices can differ based on various factors. It also depends on the complexity of the job, the size of space, and the. A separate outbuilding other than non-residential detached garages or sheds are illegal in most residential zoning classifications. 1) going to probably run another $1000-1500 minimum to run the water and sewer pipes to the building and possibly twice that or even more if you have deep frost (so need deep burial) or shallow bedrock that has to.

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  1. How To Match Your Detached Garage to Your House. A detached garage can be a beautiful thing. It provides extra storage and/or work space - and being separate from the house there's a nice noise buffer present for any power-tool activities you engage in.. But one thing can ruin this beautiful scene - having a detached garage that doesn't match the aesthetic of your home
  2. d, if there is a stunning breezeway between house and garage
  3. The detached garage has all kinds of electrics with a CU and runs under the driveway to the house. The seller of the house (didn't originally install the garage electrics) rewired the house but didn't connect the garage electrics to the house in case there was any problems with the signing off
  4. We've built detached garages that cost upwards of $350,000 but around $73,000 is the average. Connecting the house and detached garage is a patio area with arbor with landscaping. This detached garage design features a natural, earthy color palette that compliments the home but doesn't mimic it. They stand apart but go together beautifully
  5. e is probably not allowed or cost prohibited. Had once heard Angie's List is now Angi. IF the septic tank/house line is uphill from the garage, then for a detached house one would normally use a septic lift pump in the house to pump it to the.
  6. I have a detached garage approximately 50' from the house supply panel. I want to wire 6 outlets & maybe 2 overhead lights. I will have no heavy use, mainly 1 outlet & overhead lights. I have installed underground conduit approximately 25' between house & garage but not below the frost line. The main panel is all 20 amp breakers, with 12-2 wiring
  7. I had a 200 amp service to our house. A decent portion of it was routed out to my big detached garage. We just finished a huge addition to our house. I tried to get the power company to allow us to run a separate 100amp line to my shop, so the house could have all 200. It was a no-go. Now we have a 400 amp service to our house. Lol

Cost of Rewiring a House. The labor cost of rewiring a house falls between $65 and $85 per hour. The amount of labor your project requires will be the biggest cost factor. For a 1,200-square-foot home, estimate two hours per wiring connection at a rate of $130 to $170, excluding parts. Rates for work on an existing structure vary greatly. Light Socket Wiring in Detached Garage, House, 19 replies Wood garage door - cable has detached from bottom, House, 3 replies Anyone done a detached garage with upstairs living area?, House, 10 replies Plumbing for a Pool Bath in a Detached Garage, House, 12 replies Moving a detached garage about 50', House, 22 replie

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The total cost range was from $112K to $285K. The total cost average was $181K. The cost per square foot range was $162-$682/sq ft. The cost per square foot average was $305 per sq ft. If we plot the costs, a couple trends appear, and an important development principle of housing makes itself evident to us They each have vinyl 2 siding, windows, a door, and two garage doors. Electrical wiring is built-in, but other finishing options are minimal. Both are built by a professional contractor. The attached garage is estimated to cost $7,500-$27,040 while the detached garage is estimated to cost $58,430 - $86,400 Cost To Run Electric To Detached Garage. The cost to run electric to a detached garage is about $4,000. This is more than what it costs to wire an attached garage because you will have to pull a main line from the house to the garage and then wire all the lighting and outlets. Wiring a Basement Cost051G-0020: 2-Car Garage Workshop Plan with Flexible Loft

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The finished toilet must have at least 21 inches of clearance in front of it and 15 inches from the center of the bowl to a wall on either side. Add the rough-in distance — usually 12 inches — plus half the bowl width to determine the clearance needed from the back wall. There must also be 24 inches of clearance in front of the shower entry. The wire run was about 100 feet. We had quotes $8000, $3300 and $1800. We went with the $1800 quote and it worked fine. Two years ago, we bumped the garage up to 125 amps when when we had solar, Powerwalls and 3 load-balanced wall connectors installed. That job cost $3000, including the 3 wall connectors

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The 100 amp panel on the new garage side would be a 120/240v sub Panel. The ground wire in the sub-feed should suffice depending where you are located.The worst scenario is to install a 10' ground rod and connect a piece of number 8 to the sub-Panel. But in most place you should be fine with just the ground from your sub-feed I've got a detached casita/garage. I'm feeding it off my main house panel through a 125A breaker. It feeds a subpanel in the casita. I'm trying to decipher the disconnect rule in the NEC and I can't quite tell if I need an additional disconnect on the casita side of the feed, or can I just connect into a regular 125A sub-panel and run all my circuits to that panel Filter, save & share beautiful Detached Garage remodel pictures, designs and ideas. Looking at this home today, you would never know that the project began as a poorly maintained duplex. Luckily, the homeowners saw past the worn façade and engaged our team to uncover and update the Victorian gem that lay underneath

2,449 Posts. #2 · Nov 29, 2011. Roundeye said: I want to run power to my detached garage. Its about 100 ft from the breaker box in the house, but there is also a power pole about 10 ft the garage. If I could get the power compant to come out and run power to the garage im sure all the lights and outlets will have to be ran and the box will. Plan to run 220V to 3 car detached garage, from 200 amp home service, about 65 feet or so, indirectly. I'll be running fairly large garage air compressor, stick welder, lights, maybe electric heat and A/C. Garage door openers. First off, do I even need 200 amp, or is there any advantage to.. May 9, 2021 - Explore rebecca-miller jackson's board Garage detached with breezeway designs on Pinterest. See more ideas about breezeway, house exterior, garage design Many homeowners also choose to construct a new garage when they build a breezeway. In that case, the price of the project can vary greatly, depending on what you want in a garage. You can expect to spend anywhere from $40,000 to $150,000 for a job like this. However, garage additions stand as one of the most profitable remodels you can make.

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  1. 5 months ago our house appraised at $440,000. The main house has 2,427 square feet. By connecting the detached guest house casita, the additional square footage will be 400 square feet and that would make the house about 2827 square feet. We are hoping that it increases the value by $30,000 or more
  2. Costs for adding circuits to a garage range from $1,000 to $4000, with the high end of the range representing detached garages where an underground feeder cable must be buried beneath ground running from the main service panel to the garage
  3. Electrician Scott Caron shows a homeowner how to bring power to a detached garage.#ThisOldHouse #AskTOHSUBSCRIBE to This Old House: http://bit.ly/SubscribeTh..
  4. If you're planning on selling your home with your finished garage, you may want to weigh the costs of your renovation with the resale value of your home. A garage renovation will typically range from $5,955 - $22,800 or more, depending on the number of extras you tack onto the project
  5. Most solar homeowners use the roof of their home for solar panels, but sometimes a detached garage or even a shed is a better choice. Last updated: March 24, 2021. The average size of a home solar installation in the United States is around 6 kilowatts, which is about 17 high efficiency premium solar panels, or more if you go with a cheaper panel
  6. RadioLabs Building connection Kit, has AMAZING range. If your building , barn, shop or remote outbuilding is within a few hundred yards and your home router is powerful enough to even give a perceivable, 1-2 bar signal at 50-100 feet outside your house, our kit will connect and give you up to a 150 MBPS WiFi link to virtually any building
  7. Detached Garages Are Not Always Included. If you have a detached garage on your property, again, let your insurance agent know. These structures might not come automatically on your policy. You want to be sure your agent adds them. This can add a bit more cost to your policy. However, it does not mean it will be very expensive

Garages are generally one of two types, free-standing (or detached) or attached. Free-standing garages are quite easy to build and easily appointed to complement the home. All that is necessary to make them aesthetically compatible with the home is matching or complementary shingles, roof pitch, color and materials While building a new detached ADU is almost always very expensive, there are some rare occasions where homeowners are able to convent a pre-existing structure into a legal permitted ADU at a significantly lower cost than building an ADU from the ground up.This post about garage conversion costs is going to dive into the factors that can help a homeowner feasibly convert the garage into an ADU. If you have a detached garage, install a breezeway to connect the structure to your home. A breezeway, which is an open structure similar to a hallway with a roof, protects you from the elements when going to and from your car. It can also make your property look more attractive if executed in a design-conscious manner

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In this video, electrician Scott Caron shows a homeowner how to bring power to a detached garage. Steps: 1. Call the local utility company and have them check for buried pipes or wires. 2. Rent a gas-powered trenching machine and dig a trench at least 12 inches deep from the house to the garage. 3 For the vast majority of garages, particularly detached garages, you will want to use a 50-amp breaker that has an 8/3 wire running between the house and the garage. This is in order to properly handle the electrical current that runs between 84700. A shorter answer is, a new cable needs to be run into the garage and various connections made to comply with building regulations and the current edition of the regulations. This is a building control notifiable job, a professional would be able to advise you of the best way to carry out the job. For the simple installation described it.

Our Final Take. After reading this how-to guide for wiring a subpanel to a detached garage, we hope you feel confident to proceed with your project!. On average, this DIY installation could cost you somewhere between $1,500 to $4,500, but in the long run, wiring a subpanel to your garage saves you money because it will reduce the number of calls/requests sent to the main panel House Plans with Breezeway or Fully Detached Garage. The best house floor plans with breezeway or fully detached garage. Find beautiful home designs with breezeway or fully detached garage. Call 1-800-913-2350 for expert support. Read More. Read Less Average Cost of Adding a Bonus Room to Your House. Like any major home improvement, the costs of home extensions are significant. Based on the most recent data, the national average cost for building a home addition or extensions is about $42,000, with the range extending from $21,000-$65,000

The Whitmore is a single story craftsman-style 2 car detached garage built on a slab foundation. It has a small shed dormer above the 16'x7' garage door and a side entry. This floor plan is a great addition to any craftsman style bungalow. As always, we can modify any of our garage plans with our in house home plan alteration department Charming Detached Garage. 101346595. Details make a difference in a detached garage that's blah and one that's a standout architectural element in the landscape. Here, this story-and-a-half space benefits from traditional extras, including shutters, light fixtures, and double garage doors that open at the center The house I am buying is a part of 60 houses development. The garage is located behind the rear boundary of the garden. There is a communal walk-path (2 meters wide) between the rear fence of garden and the garage. The garage is a part of the coach house made of 3 garages on the ground level and 2 bed flat on the first floor

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The average cost of demolishing a garage is $4-$8 per square foot, but that price can vary a great deal depending on a number of factors: Attached or Detached Attached garages cost more to demolish than detached garages because more goes into the overall project, from planning to physical demolition and to repairing the remaining structure Retrofitting a garage for plumbing is a challenge best handled by a pro unless you are a seasoned DIYer. Adding a sink, tub, shower, washing machine, or toilet means that you'll need water lines run, drain lines connected, and shutoff valves added. Water lines can be run through the walls, but drain lines have to be taken through the floor You can have a trellis structure to connect between your garage and house. In designing a breezeway, plant fast-developing vines or ivy to climb the shafts of the trellis and over the members of its roof. In a few years, the growth will fill in and make a secure walkway. In the event that your home and garage are very different in terms of. The cost for an ADU garage conversion can usually range from $80,000-$120,000 depending on the homeowner's requirements. Costs to construct a new accessory dwelling unit can also vary considerably based on size, the number of stories, location, access, etc, but will generally range from $100,000-$400,000

Which means single family owner can add two rental units on their property: an ADU and a JADU. Size - JADU max of 500 sq. ft. Location - JADU must be within a proposed of existing single-family dwelling or attached accessory structure (attached garage/pool house/recreation/bedroom etc). Expansion - JADU may include an expansion of up. Below, I will present the costs, pros and cons of detached and attached garages. If you're ready to add or remodel your garage, you can connect with local garage contractors here. Costs. The costs will largely depend on the size and material you choose. For example, brick will be more expensive than wood and windows will add additional costs A load-side connection is the simplest and most cost effective way to connect solar power in to a house. An additional circuit-breaker is added to a panel and AC power is fed IN through that breaker. There are some limitations to this. For example, the total input breakers can't add up to more than 120% of the bus bar capacity

Garage Addition Plans Two Car Plan 047g 0013. Pin Cape Cod House Breezeway Attached Garage Home. Garage Addition Plans Two Car Plan 047g 0013. Traditional Style House Plan 40689 With 1366 Sq Ft 3 Bed 1 Bath. Small House Plans With Attached Garage Evaninterior Co. Inside This Stunning 18 Garage Attached To House Ideas Images Does removing a garage devalue your house? any garage that does not share a wall with the home is detached. Detached garages that do connect to the home by a continuous roof are often referred to as an attached detached garage. a detached garage building can cost anywhere from $3500 for a simple one car garage up to $50,000+ for a. Final cost will depend on the distance as well, but assuming you have enough room in the panel, and assuming about 20' between the house and the garage, probably $1000 - 1500. If you are wanting to run off the same service but run a completely separate panel you could have it laid off the meter instead of a sub panel The most expensive window was $350 because it was a custom cut and quite large. New light fixture $300. I had to have something low enough that I could get to it to change the bulbs. I had mine shingled as the house and garage are shingled and that adds to the cost. I did not finish mine on the inside

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Extend WiFi to Garage - Barn - Shop - Any Access Point. Rated 4.94 out of 5 based on 18 customer ratings. ( 18 customer reviews) $289.95 - $299.95. Connect and Extend WiFi to any building, garage, shop, home instantly, connecting any building to any WiFi Access point you have connection to. Simple connection kit, allows you to connect. Significant upfront cost - An attached ADU will cost you upwards of $40,000. The price goes up significantly in the case of a detached ADU that can cost you more than $100,000 to build and outfit. Potential covenants and sale restrictions - Since there are varying zoning codes regarding ADUs, it can get a tad complicated at the time of a. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. What size wire to use from house to wood shop? 1. Need help choosing wire for a detached garage. 2. What size wire gauge for 1000ft service run? 1. 100 Amp Sub-Panel in Detached Garage - Which Wire and Breakers for Code Compliance? 3 For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 1 sub-panel, the cost to Install an Electrical Sub-Panel starts at $1,390 - $1,690 per sub-panel. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. To estimate costs for your project: 1. Set Project Zip Code Enter the Zip Code for the location where labor is hired and materials purchased. 2

Hi RK, Yes, A detached garage is separate from the house, even if it is attached with a breezeway with the same roof line. You have to physically walk out of the garage to the home. An attached garage is attached to the house - you drive in your garage and have access to the house through the garage. Hope this helps So we have a separate garage that isn't attached to our house. It has large room above it that we may be finishing off into an apartment. I want to run either fiber or ethernet from our house to the garage. It would probably be about 200 feet in total run length from connection to connection 20,060. 114. Oct 13, 2016. #3. depending on where you live many TV carriers have wireless boxes now where you can just put the tv anywhere as long as there is a power outlet to plug the tv and ther box into. 0 A garage remodel intended simply to improve the garage (and still use it as a garage) can usually be done for about $1,000 to $5,000. This type of remodel can be a DIY garage conversion for the handyman as it usually does not require permits. A basic conversion to an office or bedroom usually costs about $5,000 to $10,000

Complexity. Most importantly, if the garage is anchored to a concrete slab, it will be more expensive to have removed. Also, if the garage is wired for electricity, the wiring will have to be disconnected, perhaps removed—all of which will be reflected in the price. Overall, garage removal costs can vary a great deal, from $1,000 to $3,000. These plans enhance your property in any number of ways - they can be a children's playroom, a guest house, or a source of income if you decide to rent, and as always, they come in a number of styles to suit your design preference. If you need assistance finding a garage plan, please email, live chat, or call us at 866-214-2242 and we'll be. A pole barn can be an excellent choice for a garage. If you own a house and want to add a garage, you have to decide whether you want it to be attached to the house or detached. In some cases, you may be able to attach a pole barn garage to your house so you won't have to walk outside to go from your house to your car and back Hello All, I'm building a detached garage about 70' from the house and want to run power to it (for welders and air compressors). However, my garden is full of trees, shrubs and bushes - there is no suitable route for a buried cable that won't severely disturb the roots (I have dug a number of pilot holes to check) and I don't want to injure my protected trees, not to mention that if I do lose. A garage with simple equipment needs a minimum of 24KWh per month to run all the devices. Typical detached garage needs 45 KWh for operation every month. With 6 hours direct sunlight every day, you need 1 to 3 solar panels (300 Watt type) to power your detached garage

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The best granny pod home floor plans. Find guest house designs, detached mother in law suite flats, cottages, casitas &more! Call 1-800-913-2350 for expert hel Whether the garage is attached or detached also influences the price, as an attached garage will cost you between 10 to 15 percent less than a freestanding one. However, this also depends on whether you like electricity and plumbing access in your garage, where an attached garage is easier to connect as this will save you the trouble of laying.

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Garage Square Feet: this is the #1 determinant of heater size. Simply measure the width and depth of your garage to arrive at square footage. Hint: a 3-car garage is usually 20×30′ = 600sqf. Climate Zone: there's a big difference between heating a garage to 60-degrees in northern Georgia than in Minnesota When you liked this post and also you would like to be given more info regarding shawnee structures generously check out the web page. Below are 8 top images from 16 best pictures collection of house plans with breezeway to garage photo in high resolution. Click the image for larger image size and more details. 1 Attached vs. Detached. If you want a free-standing garage that's a completely separate structure from your home, then it's called a detached garage. These can be added to your property relatively easily compared to attached garages, because all you need are the materials to construct it. It can even be added to your property after you. Dekton Countertop Cost; Cost to Demolish a House; Detached Garage Cost; Replace Door Frame Cost; Double Wide Trailer Cost; Dredging Cost; Drop Ceiling Installation Cost; Dryer Belt Cost; Drywall Tape Cost; Air Duct Cleaning Cost; Dumbwaiter Cost; E. Easy Climber Elevator Cost; Egress Window Cost; Ejector Pump Cost; Home Electrical Inspection.

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via Atec Builders. Cost: For a single car garage, expect to pay between $25,000 and $45,000; while a double garage will be in the vicinity of $50,000. This includes materials and professional labor costs. Cost per square foot: $35-$70. ROI: Best return on investment can sometimes be achieved for a detached garage, especially when coupled with an added living space above the garage itself Want to build a garage on your property? If you pay someone else to do it, it'll cost you a pretty penny. On average, it costs somewhere between $8,000 and $11,000 to build a one-car garage with help from a contractor. If you want them to help you build a two-car garage, it's going to run you somewhere between $13,000 and $17,000

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2. Use a narrow ex-garage to create a multi-purpose space. The integral garage of this house was once used for storage rather than the car, and the owners wanted to garage conversion ideas to help them add a home office as well as utility room and downstairs toilet and shower area to their home Connect to the Home- If you have a detached garage the space between the house and the garage can be an area utilized for a garage bump out. This addition can provide homeowners access to their garage without braving the elements of nature. The bump out could provide a new laundry area, storage or allow for a workshop supply be provided to a detached garage to feed lighting and socket-outlets. The supply to the dwelling is PME. required to connect the water pipe in the garage with the Main Earthing Terminal in the dwelling. The cable run from the house to the garage must be suitably protected either by being run overhead (see Regulation 412-05-01) or.

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House plans with detached garages offer significant versatility when lot sizes can vary from narrow to large. Sometimes, given the size or shape of the lot, it's not possible to have an attached garage on either side of the primary dwelling. The building lot may be narrow or the driveway may be located on the other side of the property. In either case, a detached garage may be the perfect. 2. Attached or Detached. One of the main things to consider when planning your garage conversion is whether the garage is attached or detached from your house. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. Attached Garages. Attached garages benefit from the connection to the home - thus resulting in easy climate control and access for the. Depending on your specific situation, you can expect your garage conversion cost to be in the $70,000-$125,000 range, including plans, contractor labor, materials, and city permits. There are several ways you can save on garage conversion costs, check out our Top 5 Cost Saving Tips for ADUs

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A breaker box in a detached garage is usually a sub-panel to the main circuit panel in the home. The advantage of installing a breaker panel in the garage is that it allows you to have multiple circuits available while only needing to run one line to the garage from the house Lumber materials: spruce and pine are most common, and cheapest, with cedar and redwood incurring the highest cost. $0.50-$2.00 per sq.ft. 400. $200-$800. Concrete slab or base: optional. $15-$20 per sq.ft. 400. $6,000-$8,000. Roofing materials: metal roofing and standard shingles are most common, prices vary by material choice Detached garage: the basic overall installation cost of a new detached garage for various sizes. Item. Cost per Unit. Cost. Two-car garage. $86 per square foot. $58,432. Four-car garage. $60 per square foot The cost of building an annexe depends entirely on the build route you take. Basic, kit-style wooden annexes are far cheaper than brick-built structures. Similarly, freestanding annexes that require no connection to the house will be cheaper to build than one that's adjoining and requires exterior walls to be opened up for connecting door ways Most single garage conversions will cost between £7000 and £20,000 with the average cost being around £13,500. A double garage conversion, depending if its an integral, attached or detached garage is going to cost around £15,000 - £55,000. Now you may think this is quite a large variance, and you're right

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Detached garages are nearly extinct. But need it be? A detached garage connected with an enclosed walkway offers most the benefits of an attached garage, but avoids some of the problems. The problem of the front-facing attached garage is a problem of the cities and the suburbs. Narrow lots do not provide enough room to approach the garage from. For a garage detached from your house, for instance in the back of your lot, please read these instructions . To convert your carport into a garage, we have provided this information. And finally, to discover six good reasons to build a studio apartment over a detached garage, read the following text. In any case, you will need a garage door

Start by drilling a small hole with a long bit to make sure you're in the right spot. Then drill a one-inch hole for the LB and conduit. Screw a 1/2-in. conduit connector into the back of the LB and then attach a piece of 1/2-in. EMT that's long enough to reach an easily accessible box in the basement or crawl space Cancel. Jwawersich on Jun 25, 2019. They aren't that hard to install. You want to have a 1/4 drop per 10' of run, place the scupper and down spout at the low corner. You can get all the parts you need at Menards, Lowes etc. Connecting to the old could be a problem, best to replace that also. 2 marked as helpful Reply How to Connect a Sub-Panel from Main House Power by Amanda Flanders / in Home The three most common reasons a homeowner would need to add a subsidiary electric panel, commonly called a sub-panel, are a disconnect for a large appliance, an outbuilding -- such as a garage, greenhouse or barn -- or the main panel box is full and additional room. Plan Description. This is a single story traditional 3 car garage built on a slab foundation. There is a person door on the side for easy access. This detached garage is great for storage or a workshop. As always any Advanced House Plans home plan can be customized to fit your needs with our alteration department Hi RK, An attached garage is attached to the house - you drive in your garage and have access to the house through the garage. Attached garages can be on the side, the back, the front, etc. A detached garage is separate from the house, usually back. You have to physically walk out of the garage to the home