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Okay, scenario in mind, you're proposing a political split between remaining federalists and possible radical left or right-wingers screaming for change. If the movement proposed is strong enough to break up the government then it would be reasona.. What form would the civil war take? If you are talking about Dems and Repubs taking up arms in the streets, there there is no role for the national military. That would be a domestic issue and it would be handled by the local police. If necessary.

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The American Civil War occurred during an eventful and violent period in European history. The experience and study of the European wars that occurred between 1853 and 1871 occupied European military thinkers and meant that the experience of the American Civil War exerted less influence on Europe than might otherwise have been the case For the United States, the Civil War saw the unprecedented mobilization of manpower and materials alongside unprecedented carnage on the battlefield. The Civil War was a total war because it involved every aspect of society. The South wanted a short war and needed European support A Saturday op-ed in the Daily Beast asked, If Trump's Rage Brings 'Civil War,' Where Will the Military Stand?. The question is a serious one as the president enjoys a strong standing. Continued. On July 7, during the height of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation putting into effect the first military draft after several months of registration. It was. Begin your Civil War Research Learn about resources at the National Archives for researching individuals who served in the Civil War. Request Copies of Records You can order online or use NATF Form 86 for military service records and NATF Form 85 for pension records. Teach using Civil War Documents Use our online tool, DocsTeach, for teaching with primary sourc

You may do research in Civil War military service and pension files in person at the National Archives Building, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20408-0001. Begin your research in the Microfilm Reading Room. Staff is available there to answer your questions The two valved brass instruments that played a big role in military bands during the Civil War were the cornet and the Saxhorn. Over-the-shoulder Saxhorns now became a common instrument within American brass bands. Developed by Adolph Sax during the mid-to-late 1830s, Saxhorns featured bells that faced to the rear of the player Sergeant. Served in regimental color guard or in companies of the regiment. Could be further divided by administrative duties (first sergeant, ordnance sergeant, quartermaster sergeant, etc.) Both behind and in line of battle depending on role. Guided troop movements and kept men in position leading by example and command Civil War President Abraham Lincoln once stated, All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the Earth (our own excepted) in their military chest, with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of a thousand years.

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  1. In the Civil War, as today, the success of large military organizations and their commanders often depended on the effectiveness of the commanders' staffs. Modern staff procedures have evolved only gradually with the increasing complexity of military operations
  2. Marching and fighting drill was part of the daily routine for the Civil War soldier. Infantry soldiers drilled as squads and in company formations, each man getting accustomed to orders and formations such as marching in column and in a company front, how to face properly, dress the line, and interact with his fellow soldiers
  3. e Civil War battles on two levels: the strategic doctrine as formed by the major commanders and tactical developments that affected the conduct of battle at a lower echelon of command
  4. Military Planners understood there weren't any good military options when it came to war with Iran. But the nuclear deal had given Iran over $100 billion in hard cash
  5. Casualties of War. There were an estimated 1.5 million casualties reported during the Civil War. A casualty is a military person lost through death, wounds, injury, sickness, internment, capture, or through being missing in action. Casualty and fatality are not interchangeable terms-- death is only one of the ways that a soldier can.
  6. e who was eligible for a pension
  7. Counties of New York. Military Affairs in New York. Of New York State Milita Units in 1861. Volunteer Organization of the State and New York State Militia / New York National Guard. Article: Answering The Call: The New York State Militia Responds to the Crises of 1861 , by Gustav Person

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American Civil War - American Civil War - The military background of the war: At first glance it seemed that the 23 states that remained in the Union after secession were more than a match for the 11 Southern states. Approximately 21 million people lived in the North, compared with some nine million in the South of whom about four million were slaves Despite the image of civil-military comity during World War II, there were many differences between Franklin Roosevelt and his military advisers. George Marshall, the greatest soldier-statesman since Washington, opposed arms shipments to Great Britain in 1940 and argued for a cross-channel invasion before the United States was ready war remains our most contentious, and our bloodiest, with over six hundred thousand killed in the course of the four-year struggle. Most civil wars do not spring up overnight, and the American . Civil War was no exception. The seeds of the conflict were sown in the earliest days of the republic's founding, primarily over th This comprehensive six-course Civil War certificate covers the social, cultural, economic, and political developments in the North and South during the Civil War era. The program also studies military strategy, the operational command structure, and the evolution of tactical command and control in the years leading up to and following the war

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The experiences of civil rights icons like Evers and Williams and a long list of others form a collective narrative of those who served in the U.S. military during WWII and the Korean War and then. Gender, Race, and Rape During the Civil War. Slavery, the value of chastity, and laws that favored men all made it difficult for women to find justice during the chaos of war. While researching a. While Scott only was promoted to brevet lieutenant general, Grant, during the Civil War, achieved the full-fledged Regular Army rank of lieutenant general, the first officer to hold that rank since George Washington. The highest Confederate rank was full general. During the summer of 1861, Confederate president Jefferson Davis was authorized by. Answer by Jon Davis, veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps: These are the accounts of the Second American Civil War, also known as the Wars of Reunification and the.

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To get a better understanding of how the Civil War played out as it did, it is helpful to evaluate the strategies of both the North and the South in the Civil War.. The battles and events that took place were not random encounters or skirmishes but were instead, well-planned and thought-out strategies to secure supplies, keep lines of military communication open, prevent wide scale casualties. The Civil War: Sex and Soldiers. Traditional histories of the Civil War steer clear of sex and birth control in favor of heroes and battles. This ignores reality. Court martial records list over 100,000 incidents of sexual misconduct, and the Surgeon General of the United States Army documented 183,000 cases of venereal disease in the Union Army

The Civil War is something that no one in the United States of America is proud of but is something that changed our country and the world, for all of time. While for the most part the Civil War was fought between the North, or what was known as the United States of America and the South, which was known as the Confederate United States of. Unfortunately, many Americans now think that civil war is looming in the country's near-term future. A Rasmussen poll in 2018 found that 31% of Americans think a civil war was likely in the. Abraham Lincoln. The commander-in-chief of Federal forces during the Civil War, Lincoln had very limited military experience as a volunteer in the Black Hawk War. Being a genius, however, allowed.

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Do I think there will be a civil war? No, but there could be. This is the Age of Black Swans, and anything is possible - we could easily see the country split into red and blue Even those of you who think a new civil war is necessary or would be easy, or a good ideayou're out of your damned minds. War is hell. Act now for peace. You've been warned The Civil War was likewise started from a single shot, this time at Fort Sumter. World War I was started by the killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The point is, all it takes is one shot to start a war. If both sides don't take a big step back after that first shot, the war quickly escalates Typical fare during the Civil War was very basic. Union soldiers were fed pork or beef, usually salted and boiled to extend the shelf life, coffee, sugar, salt, vinegar, and sometimes dried fruits. The Virginia Military Institute Cadet Corps is called into active service for the second time during the Civil War, this time against Union general William Averell but again sees no fire. A detachment is ordered to capture deserters in the Shenandoah Valley

In his 1951 essay Robert Futrell claimed that the topic of Federal military government in the South was virgin territory in the history of the American Civil War and that given the worldwide governmental activities of American leaders an examination of the development of the field of military government was now pertinent The Civil War, beginning in 1861, largely resulted from tensions between the North and South, including slavery, its expansion, and regional economic competition. Ohioans played an important role in the Civil War effort, supplying 319,189 Union soldiers for at least 29 artillery units, 13 cavalry units, and 198 infantry units

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  1. The unprecedented casualties of the American Civil War presented unprecedented challenges to both armies, with no consistent means of dealing with the dead—a sanitary problem that had existed since mankind's first major wars. The winning side (i.e., the one that held the ground at the end) buried its own dead with as much dignity as it.
  2. The answer is that unlike the War of Northern Aggression in the 1860s, today the weapons in the hands of the military are devastating compared to those in the hands of the public. Unlike in the past, it is impossible for a citizens' militia to stand against the weapons and body armor that the military has
  3. Civil War - Nursing Care of the Wounded. Impact of War. Approximately two thousand women, North and South, served as volunteer nurses in military hospitals during the American Civil War. In the antebellum north and south women had a duty to care and were expected to nurse ill members of their families and neighbors
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Look for additional information about Civil War records in the FamilySearch Research Wiki. Search the topic United States Civil War and click on the link to Union records. These can also be found in the FamilySearch Catalog under the name of the state and the topic Military Records—Civil War 1861 1865 There were a number of military challenges that faced President Lincoln over the course of the Civil War. Among these challenges were: The simple fact that the North had to invade the South to win

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The great military theorist Carl von Clausewitz put it another way: Tactics is the art of using troops in battle; strategy is the art of using battles to win the war. Strategy and tactics, however, have been viewed differently in almost every era of history Civil wars can be incorporated into military strategy if one so chooses. A nation can choose to start a civil war in a another nation to weaken them prior to invading them. An example could be Germany starting a civil war in the Soviet Union to weaken the country before invading it Civil War and New Market Explore Our Online Collections The VMI Archives contain a wide variety of primary source materials relating to the Civil War era and the participation of VMI Cadets in the Battle of New Market

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  1. Jackson's military experience before the Civil War was a West Point graduate with a record of heroism and skill earned during the Mexican War. After standing like a stone wall against Union attacks in the first battle of Bull Run, he earned the nickname Stonewall Jackson
  2. Short Description: The Guatemalan Civil War was a particularly bloody, 36-year national conflict that ultimately resulted in the deaths of over 200,000 people, mostly indigenous Maya. Key Players/Participants: General Efraín Ríos Montt, several other Guatemalan military rulers, rebel insurgents in both Guatemala City and the rural highlands
  3. This comes from the descriptions left by a man named Frank Wilkeson. He enlisted in the Army of the Potomac and served from late 1863 throughout the rest of the war. One punishment much affected.
  4. Civil War A benefit for OGS members, the Ohio Civil War Center has resources about Ohio's role in the Civil War. The Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal has excellent articles. The Society of Civil War Families of Ohio is devoted to the Civil War. African American African American research is challenging. First names do not always appear in.

The Civil War, also saw the appointment of the first official Jewish chaplain in the US Army, Rev. Jacob Frankel of Philadelphia's Congregation Rodeph Shalom, on September 18, 1862. While Catholic chaplains had been appointed first during the Mexican-American War, to serve the needs of the large influx of Irish immigrant enlistments, the same had not been accomplished for Jewish Americans. It was the 1860s, the Civil War was raging and Republicans, led by President Abraham Lincoln, wanted to let Union soldiers vote from the battlefield. The opposition Democrats balked The younger military veterans will tell you of the War Dogs, German Shepherds, used in Vietnam. Those of my generation will remember the War Department's drive during the early 1940s to secure canine donations — many excellent dogs were volunteered for the war effort and served with distinction in both the European and Pacific theatres Spanish Civil War, (1936-39), military revolt against the Republican government of Spain, supported by conservative elements within the country. When an initial military coup failed to win control of the entire country, a bloody civil war ensued, fought with great ferocity on both sides. The Nationalists, as the rebels were called, received aid from Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany

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Civil War Unit Structures: A Basic Breakdown. Platoon, division, battalion, regiment, squadron, company, army corps - these are all military unit designations that the genealogist or historian will encounter when conducting research on an individual who served in the military. Although those terms have been in use for hundreds of years and in. Since the Civil War, the United States has employed a variety of strategies in military conflicts, but in all of them has sought to apply advantages of size and productive capacity. In World War I, the overall strategy of attrition was set by Allies, and the U.S. contribution was generally perceived as supplying military mass The Civil War was the first time in American history that the United States had to forcibly enlist its citizens to fight a war. Unsurprisingly, people who have no interest in fighting with rifles. Many consider July 4, 1863 to be the turning point of the American Civil War. Two important, famous, well-documented battles resulted in Confederate defeats: the Battle of Gettysburg (Pennsylvania. Military force can also be used when a country uses unconventional weapons against its enemies or its own people. For example, in 2014, the decision of President Obama to seek Congressional authorization to strike Syria was justified because Syrian Air Force in their civil war allegedly used sarin gas and chemical weapons on their own people

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The United States Military Academy was established at West Point, New York in March of 1802. Its mission was to train the new nation's young men in advanced military and engineering skills and prepare the future leaders of the United States Army. The Academy produced 445 Civil War generals: 294 fought for the Union, and 151 for the Confederacy We've published the full answer from Quora user Jon Davis, a Marine veteran who is now a writer and blogger on military, veterans, and Middle Eastern affairs.In Oct. 2014, Davis' answer was optioned by a Hollywood producer for a potential television series.. These are the accounts of the Second American Civil War, also known as the Wars of Reunification and the American Warring States Period A New Civil War Will Not Have the Same Outcome. The coming civil war will not have the same outcome of the U.S. Civil War of the 19 th Century. In the 19 th Century, the U.S. had a more solid and cohesive ideological, social, political, and economic fabric. The people of 19 th Century America wanted to preserve the U.S. Constitution Military Intelligence: The Civil War Provost Guard. The Confederate provost guard functioned as a combination rear guard and prison keeper during the American Civil War. With the bombardment of Fort Sumter in April 1861, the Civil War began in earnest. The first recruits, on both sides, were completely uninitiated in the ways of military life

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Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) at the time of the Civil War. I was in the Civil War two weeks. In that brief time I rose from private to second lieutenant. The monumental feature of my campaign was the one battle which my command fought - it was in the summer of '61 One of the many roles of women in the Civil War was that of a soldier. Due to the fact that women were not allowed to serve in the military at the time, these women disguised themselves as men, cut off their hair and adopted male aliases in order to join the military The last Union combat veteran of the Civil War lived to see the Cold War. In 1949, six men gathered in Indianapolis for the last meeting of the Grand Army of the Republic, a Civil War veterans organization. At its peak, it boasted 400,000 members with thousands of posts nationwide. By 1949, however, only 16 remained Active for the remainder of the war, the Soldier's Journal had a phenomenal 20,000 subscribers, among the most eminent of which were Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant. Once the Civil War came to an end, most of the soldier newspapers were quickly forgotten. Short print runs for most of these titles contributed to their general obscurity

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The federal government restricted constitutional liberties during the Civil War (1861-1865), including freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Union generals took measures to prevent newspapers from publishing battle plans and to keep Confederate sympathizers from aiding the enemy by disseminating military information or discouraging. of the war, Union and Confederate military and political orga-nization and reorganizations, war finance, inflation, and diplomacy. Civil War scholars can also study the organization and service of philanthropic societies such as the United States Christian Commission, the United States Sanitary Commission At a time when fear of removal from tribal homelands permeated Native American communities, many native people served in the military during the Civil War. These courageous men fought with distinction, knowing they might jeopardize their freedom, unique cultures, and ancestral lands if they ended up on the losing side of the white man's war

Whether there will be a civil war will depend on the military. Sensing the danger, the Tatmadaw announced a monthlong unilateral cease-fire on March 31 with groups that did not oppose their. 15) Battle of Franklin. The Battle of Franklin took place right outside the city on November 30, 1864. It left 6,000 casualties, highly effecting the Army of Tennessee. Fourteen Confederate generals were also killed, which is higher than any other battle in the Civil War Donald Trump's win is a prophetic sign of impending civil war and anarchy, followed by America's worst military defeat ever! But don't blame the politicians or the race-baiters or the professional rioters. This situation exists in America only because of the sins of the nation—of all Americans The U.S. Officer's Hardee Hat was the American Civil War dress hat authorized for all officers by regulation. This hat is made of good quality Wool Felt. Officers Hardee Hat has a ribbon hat band and a ribbon binding sewn around the brim edge. The hat plus Trim comes with Branch Insignia, Hardee (Jeff Davis) Eagle. Since the Civil War, generations of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and Native Hawaiians have gone on to serve and distinguish themselves in the U.S. military. That includes the Army, Marine.

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Though often overlooked, more than 50,000 British citizens served in various capacities in the American Civil War. Historian Amanda Foreman looked at their personal writings and tells the story of. Civil War. The Civil War was the single greatest conflict in America's history and involved hundreds of thousands of soldiers in both the north and the south. More than 200,000 men served from the state of Indiana, and Indianapolis became a major staging center for the training and organization of troops

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9 April 1865. Lee offered a succinct explanation for why the South had lost: The Army of Northern Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers and resources.. In the years after the civil war, white southerners followed Lee's cue, telling an emotionally powerful story of a heroic and noble struggle against overwhelming odds RG 59-14 Michigan Military Establishment Regimental Service Records, 1861-1865. The Michigan Adjutant General kept various records during the American Civil War concerning the inner workings of Michigan regiments. Records include muster rolls, letters to and from the Adjutant General, lists of dead, monthly returns and more Civil War Casualties. The American Civil War was an internal conflict fought from 1861 to 1865 within the U.S. The Union went up against secessionists in 11 Southern states that grouped together to form the Confederate States of America. The Union ultimately won the war, but it remains the bloodiest one in U.S. history Albany County, New York In The Civil War. The following is taken from Third Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics of the State of New York, Albany: [The Bureau], (C. Wendell), 1866.. The news of the first hostile demonstration made by the so-called Southern Confederacy, created a profound sensation in the city and county of Albany Kentucky's military history from the War of 1812 to the present day Army and Air Kentucky National Guard. The Paper Trail of the Civil War in Kentucky 1861-1865 2 during the Civil War, nineteen in the last fifteen months. Twelve by Confederates, eight by guer-rillas, and two by Union accident. Guerrillas burned th

However, after the Civil War, the government was in a position to rein in the south and put it under military control. This effectively reunited the nation after long years of conflict. After the Civil War, the south was no longer able to secede (Olsen, 2002), and, therefore, had to surrender to the central government for administration 504. Deaths per day during the Civil War. 2.5. Approximate percentage of the American population that died during the Civil War. 7,000,000. Number of Americans lost if 2.5% of the American population died in a war today. 8,064. Number of American soldiers who died in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (as of 3/13/13) 3

As the war progressed, however, African Americans could sign up for combat units. By the end of the Civil War, some 179,000 African-American men served in the Union army, equal to 10 percent of the entire force. Of these, 40,000 African-American soldiers died, including 30,000 of infection or disease Civil War. Civil War Sesquicentennial Narratives Project This project highlights Maine people who lived during the Civil War. The stories draw on primary sources from the Maine State Archives and other historical societies and libraries around the state to document Maine's experiences during the period from November 1860 through 1865 Sailors in the Civil War. The same might be said for the sailors of the Civil War. Only a fraction of one percent of the Hoosiers who served in the U.S. military during the Civil War did so as sailors. Their experience was remarkably different from that of Hoosier soldiers

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The Civil War was undoubtedly a watershed in American history, and Russia's leaders, though living far from the battles, closely followed events and eventually played a small but vital role that. An historic highway in Metro Detroit is getting a new name designated to part of the roadway to celebrate the men who organized in 1863 to fight in the U.S. Civil War The Civil War was one of the darkest periods in American history. To better understand the people and events of that terrible time, it's helpful to visit the battlefields, homes and historic places where the war unfolded. Fulfilling its role as America's storyteller, the National Park Service preserves over 75 of these locations. By no means a complete list, below are a few of the many.

Civil War, 1861-1865. Civil War and Reconstruction - ADAH Public Information Subject Files Alabama Civil War Service Cards File - Microfilm in Research Room Confederate Regimental History Files Muster Rolls of Alabama Civil War Units, 1861-1940. Muster Rolls for Alabama militia and home guards, 1858-197 The Civil War is sometimes called The Boys' War, because so many soldiers who fought in it were still in their teens.The rule in the Union Army was that soldiers had to be 18 to join, but.