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Single Crochet Granny Square Border. The following are instructions for a border for a typical granny square. Many crocheters decide to do one large granny square instead of doing multiple and sewing them together. My personal goal was to come up with several designs that can be applied to a typical granny square A quick video showing you a technique for joining your granny squares. Granny Square tutorial: https://youtu.be/7RlAUgKqmj4Find me on Instagram: https://www... Rainbow Granny Square Blanket With A Single Crochet Edge Inspired By A Blanket I Saw No Pattern Followe Crochet Edging Crochet Projects Granny Square Crochet Double Crochet Granny Square Border Pattern The Crochet Crowd Crochet A Flat Border Around Solid Granny Squares Sort Of Tutorial Sort Of Pattern Hooked By Robi The single crochet stitch is actually one of the best options for a border for crochet granny squares. A single round of single crochet provides a nice finish to the square, especially if it's worked in a color that complements the colors in the granny square and allows the granny square design to really stand out How to add a simple shell border to a granny square baby blanket - Crochet Tutorial A pretty shell border is the perfect way to finish off a crochet project. You can use it to edge a blanket, a hat or even the cuff of a sleeve..

Single crochet edging is made by simply crocheting sc stitches into each stitch around, with a little bit of adaptation for the corners, particularly if you are going to work multiple rounds. Learn how to crochet this edging around any blanket (or any other square or rectangular crochet project for that matter. Granny Square Edging/Border by Petals to Picots: This simple granny square inspired edging includes both written instructions and an international stitch symbol chart. Quick and Easy Blanket Edgings by Petals to Picots: These three border patterns can be added to fabric blankets and include a tutorial for preparing the fabric for a crochet edging Corner to Corner Heart Blanket for Baby. Warm Up America Crochet Rectangle #2. Warm Up America Textured Crochet Rectangle #1. How to Crochet a Classic Granny Square. Ombre Classic Crochet Blanket Pattern. Crochet Weighted Blanket using Bernat Blanket Extra. Easy Crochet Baby Blanket with Ripples

For my Cow Potholder, I worked up a crochet picot border that could work well for multiples of 5. Row 1. Sc all around. Row 2. (Sc 2, [sc 1, picot 1, sc 1] all in the same st) all around. 5. Slip Stitch and Drop Stitch Border. Even simpler than the single crochet border, you can finish up your project with this easy slip stitch/drop stitch border Oct 3, 2019 - Explore Christine Mason's board Crochet blanket border on Pinterest. See more ideas about crochet, crochet blanket border, crochet patterns

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A border will add the finishing touch to a blanket, it will neaten a uneven edge, square everything up and give substance to your blanket. Your choice of crochet edge can make or break your blanket. Leaving an edge unfinished is fine, but if you really want your project to stand out, choosing an appropriate edging can really give it 'the edge' !! ;-) There are many decorative border designs. You can get about 4 squares out of one skien of yarn. Abbreviations: Ch = Chain. SC = Single Crochet. Solid Grit Stitch Granny Square Pattern. Pattern works in multiples of 2+1. Finished size: approximately 6×6. Chain 25 (24+1), SC in third chain from hook, *skip one chain, 2 SC in next, repeat from * until the end of your chain except you. For the border, I basically applied the same premise as in the aforementioned Granny Square border tutorial and did a bit of dc2tog action. I did {2 double crochet, chain 3, 2 double crochet} in the corners, a double in every double from the square below and then, a double crochet 2 together over the chain spaces on the long straight sides.Does that make sense

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The trouble begins when you put three double ( U.K. treble ) crochet in each corner of your granny square.It would be fine for a narrow border but if you are planning to make a wide border it will not lie flat and end up all frilly Whoa - this is one stunning blanket! You start with a single granny square, and build on that motif, to create a rippling square effect. Use bright yarns for a show-stopping afghan, or tone it down for a more subtle look. No yarn or hook size are listed for this free pattern, so experiment with swatches until you are creating a fabric you like The more unique and elegant borders are perfect for very simple stitched blankets. Simple borders can compliment busier crochet blankets just to give it a nice finished touch. A crochet blanket done in all single or double crochets can be dressed up with a unique border to really make it stand out If your Granny Square blanket looks a little warped, there are a few things you can try. These apply to both a blanket made out of one giant granny square, or blankets made of individual granny squares. Adjust the Number of Chain Stitches Between the DC Groups. There are many different ways to make a granny square

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If you've been searching for the perfect crochet edging tutorial to add to your latest crocheted blanket, then this Classic Granny Blanket Crochet Edging is just what you need. It's made in three rounds two rounds of chain loops and followed by a final round of shell/scallops. This crochet edging is a lovely finishing touch that really completes the pattern and brings it all together. It can. How to make a clean border in crochet. When finishing a blanket or other project to which you will be adding a border, always start with a single crochet row first.It is the smallest (read: shortest, least conspicuous) of the crochet stitches and if you choose your yarn color wisely, you may not be able to see it at all When your blanket is the size you want, you can add a border. This is a simple picot border that I think looks finished and understated. A picot (pronounced PEE-koh) is a word meaning border with loops or twists. In crochet, it is often made by chaining 3, then slip stitching into the 1st chain Tips for Perfect Crochet Borders. It's best to work a round of single crochet as your border first, even if the pattern doesn't call for it. This is especially helpful if you are working a different color border from the body. This helps even out the edges and it really looks a lot neater. So, work that round of single crochet before moving on

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Add a border to the outside of the blanket if desired. Once your granny square blanket is complete, you can crochet a border around the outer edges for an extra decorative touch. This will also prevent the edges from curling up. Try single crocheting around the edges of the blanket for a simple, narrow border The biggest challenge to doing a border is keeping it even. This isn't as challenging if you are doing a granny square project but if your blanket is done in rows it gets a bit more tedious and tricky. I'm going to let you in on my secrets for crocheting evenly around your blanket. Crochet a base round of single crochet in the main color of. Now lets start joining all of those solid squares! There are a variety of ways to join granny squares, but I love joining these solid squares with the basic single crochet stitch. It leaves a ridge separating each square and gives the blanket texture and dimension. It really pairs well with the 3 dimensional daisy flower appliqué This crochet granny square blanket is great for beginners, uses 3 balls of Bernat Blanket yarn and finishes up at 41 inches square. Of course you can add more balls of yarn to make it larger if you like! I love making a blanket that looks dynamic without making it difficult Granny Square Afghan Crochet Edging. The design is created using treble crochet stitches separated by single crochet stitches. Via The Spruce Crafts . Via A Crocheted Simplicity . Pom Pom Edging . This pom edging was Rnd 6 of the Warp and Weft blanket, but you could add it to almost any border-or as a stand-alone border

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  1. Free Single Crochet Granny Square Pattern. More Patterns Like This! Tags Free Amigurumi Dog Patterns. Free Granny Square Blanket Patterns to Crochet. Crochet Sea Motifs - Shells & Starfish. 50+ Free Crochet Butterfly Patterns. 30+ Crochet Owl Patterns All Free. Borders, Stitches and Motifs. Crochet Border and Edgings (27) Crochet Circles.
  2. Crochet granny squares tend to be the go to project for beginners; they are perfect to practice even tension and stitch size. Adding a border to individual granny squares adds that finished look to projects like cushions or granny square blankets. Crochet borders also really help to make any uneven edges look even and neat
  3. This is a free crochet blanket pattern. You get four square patterns in one—the big center square, and three different designs for the smaller surrounding squares. Even if you don't want to make the blanket, these granny square patterns can be used to make everything from scarves to shawls. Continue to 5 of 14 below

Aug 17, 2015 - Explore Wanda Mascari's board Crochet - Blanket Edging, followed by 1076 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about crochet, crochet edging, crochet borders But in order to create the border you need to finish out the blanket, you first have to create a single crochet edge around the entire business, which is what we're learning today. But guys, this afghan is so much fun. It's literally the most amazing crochet project I've ever made and I'm super in love with it, but I'm getting. Granny Finish Crochet Blanket Edging Crochet Blanket Border Granny Square Crochet Pattern Lullaby Lodge How To Add A Simple Shell Border To A Granny Square Baby Blanket Crochet Tutorial Blanket Edge Crochet Blanket Border Crochet Edging Patterns Crochet Blanket Edging How To Single Crochet Afghan Edgin

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  1. Making the Border. Round 1: Starting in any corner, ch 1 and make 3 single crochets in that same corner space. Single crochet across your edge making 1 sc in each stitch. Make 1 sc in each ch space. Keep repeating around, making 3 sc in each of the three remaining blanket corners. Join with the first stitch of the round using a slip stitch
  2. 14. Reverse Shell Blanket Border Crochet by Heart Hook Home. This crochet border is so much easier than it looks. Just a repeat of three of the most basic stitches: the single crochet, the double crochet and the slip stitch. Use two contrasting colors for your reverse shell border to make those shells really pop or use all one color as featured.
  3. I am finishing up my granny square scrapghan and am loving how it came out! I decided on a very simple crochet edging and of course want to share the pattern with you in case you want to try it too. If you haven't tried making your own scrapghan yet, check out my free granny square pattern here to get you started. Granny Square Afghan Crochet Edging Pattern The best part about this granny.
  4. In my previous pattern and tutorial of the Sunburst Granny Square Blanket, I have done some web searches to find ways to join granny squares.There are so many methods and styles, and I am glad to find one to use for my blanket. Besides some of those basic methods I have been using, I have also encountered some interesting fancy joining methods that I haven't come across
  5. To start, crochet your desired number of granny squares. If you've never made a granny square or can't quite remember the details, see my post here on how to crochet a granny square to get started. I've included a handy chart as well as written instructions. The blanket pictured here has 49 squares in a 7×7 grid. Each square is four rounds
  6. I guarantee you will heart this blanket. I'm keeping things on the sweet side with this pretty pastel blanket. The Spring Abstract Blanket is hooked up in Aran weight yarn, so it's a speedy make using solid granny squares. This twist on the classic granny square creates a really soft, snuggly fabric that's perfect for a baby or lap blanket
  7. Mixed Up Granny Square Instructions. Rnd 1: Using the color needed for solid portion of square, ch 5 and join to form ring. Ch 3, 2 dc in ring, ch 2, 3 dc, ch 1, change color (see notes for working one-color square), [3 dc, ch 2]x2. Join to beg ch 3 with sl st. Turn. Rnd 2: Sl st into corner space
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Then measure the circumference of your blanket (mine was 140″). Divide 140″ by 4″ to find the number of repeats (35). Multiply 35 by 64″ to equal the total amount of yarn needed to do a dc border around the blanket. Mine worked out to 2240″ or 62 yards (57 meters). Add a couple of yards for good measure Easy Crochet Blanket Border LEFT HANDED, Moss Stitch Border. Easy Crochet Blanket Border, Moss Stitch Border The only written pattern i have for the granny square is within the mood blanket pattern which can be purchased from my store for £4.00. For the next four rows you would just need to increase the number of single treble stitches. For background i am working on a bag in the round. I am not following any pattern, just winging it with stitches that i find interesting. The bottom came together well as a flat circle ( 6 sided spiral) in single crochet. I made the corner to start up the sides. Did 2 inches in single crochet up the side, got bored with the stitch

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I have followed the instructions here to create a border around my blanket. The whole thing is double crochet, so I have made 2 single crochet stitches along the sides for each row of double crochet. The top and bottom lie flat, but the sides still end up ruffley if that makes sense. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong Apr 11, 2019 - Crochet tutorial - How to add a simple shell edging to a granny square baby blanket. Learn how with this easy crochet border pattern suitable for beginners.. Solid Granny Square Blanket - Criss Cross Crochet Blanket Pattern. The Criss Cross Blanket is a deceptively easy solid granny square crochet blanket that uses beginner stitches and clever construction to create a fabulously delicate yet cosy look and feel. A great crochet motif project if you're looking for a quick and easy beginner crochet. Rounds of single crochet randomly in the colors of the blanket. I like how it looks and I like the different texture. If I had to do it again (or had more time to re-do the border) I would do the border with a size or two larger hook than I used for the body of the blanket Healing Granny Ripple Crochet Blanket Pattern. The Healing Granny Ripple Blanket is crocheted back and forth in rows. Once you reach the blanket length you want, add the edging in rounds to the blanket. CROCHET BLANKET PATTERN FOR THROW SIZE . Using your 6 mm (J) hook (or size required for gauge)

Each Granny Square is made up of a single colour. The pattern requires double knit yarn in seven different colours, but can easily be adapted if you prefer to use more or less colours. The finished item is approximately 107cm by 107cm, but the pattern can be easily adapted to bigger or smaller if desired Border: Once all of the squares have been assembled, work around the border of the blanket in single crochet. After you have completed one round of single crochet, work two more rounds of half double crochet. Fasten off and weave in all loose ends The double-crochet technique is easy to master and creates a thicker border than single crochet. These instructions work for any blanket that is a rectangle or square with straight sides. Blankets that have uneven or scalloped edges should be left with these decorative details as edging

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How to single crochet evenly around a square and placing extra stitches in the corners Corner to Corner Heart Blanket for Baby. Warm Up America Crochet Rectangle #2. Warm Up America Textured Crochet Rectangle #1. How to Crochet a Classic Granny Square. Ombre Classic Crochet Blanket Pattern. Crochet Weighted Blanket using Bernat Blanket Extra. Easy Crochet Baby Blanket with Ripples

We're adding this border to our Mini Granny Square Temperature Calendar Blanket. Grab your hook and let's Crochet the Cross Back Stitch Together! Learn How. How to Crochet a border for your Granny blankets and afghans! This super simple crochet edging gives a lovely finish for your granny edged blankets. Worked i.. Single Crochet Border. Ch1, sc in same st, sc in each stitch around and 3sc in each corner, join with sl st to top of 1st sc. Fasten off and weave in ends. Tassels. How to add a simple shell border to a granny square baby blanket - Crochet Tutorial

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