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Brush, roll or spray paint over the entire surface of the wallpaper using your base color. Allow to dry thoroughly, at least 12 hours. Step 5 Paint the raised design carefully with the highlight color using a sponge or small brush Brush, roll or spray paint over the entire surface of the wallpaper using your base colour. Allow to dry thoroughly, at least 12 hours. Paint the raised design carefully with the highlight colour using a sponge or small brush. Allow to dry thoroughly Baz, If the Paper is embossed, then there is a strong possibility that an emulsion paint will not be happy, to both secure a lasting result and allow the emulsion to bond. Paint the paper with a thinned oil based undercoat prior to the emulsion. Dec. TheDec, 29 May 2013. #3

Thanks! The issue really is that your substrate will soak up paint, whether painted by brush or by roller. You should start with a thin penetrating undercoat, which can be brushed or rolled, and then proceed with rolled top coats - 2-3, depending on colour. 06-25-2014, 03:40 AM. #3. Transit Ensure that bristle length of a paint roller should be at least one and a half time of its width. In order to pour the paint on the surface gently, you need to buy a brush with split ends Selecting the right brushes and rollers is a crucial step in making your paint jobs look better while helping you to do your work more easily and efficiently. Brushes. A paint brush is a very personal tool. That is why there are many different sizes and styles from which to choose. A brush is an ideal choice when painting trim, corners and. Spray Paint. Using an airless sprayer is perhaps the fastest way to paint your home's exterior. If you're short on time, you can paint an entire wall in a matter of minutes instead of hours. In many cases, you will get good coverage with just one coat. Another benefit is that you get a smooth finish free of roller or brush marks Using a small-sized paint brush with angular bristles will give you the most control while working with the smaller widths of the door trim and edges, leading to a better-quality finish. If you'd like to speed up the process, you can consider using a 4-inch length (or smaller) paint roller instead

The best way to paint your door is by using both a paintbrush and a foam roller. You should begin by brushing a light coat of paint on the door. Because the brush can leave drips or runs, it is best to do this first, before the rest of the door is painted. If you have a paneled door, brush the indented parts of the panel as well Stubborn paint on rollers and brushes can be tricky to clean, and will ruin your decorating tools. We show you how to avoid such paint based problems after. Cover the wall with a latex primer before painting. Apply the primer with a roller and touch up any unreachable areas with a brush. Step 3 Cover the wall with paint using a roller As mentioned, we use two methods for painting cabinets: spray painting and fine brush and roller. Spray painting cabinets involves using a paint sprayer to evenly apply each coat of paint over the cabinet doors. Although the terms sound similar, our method of spray painting cabinetry has nothing to do with using cans of spray paint Standard wall rollers are 7 to 12 inches wide, with 9-inch rollers being suitable for most home projects. Smaller rollers of 6 to 7 inches are suitable for small furnishings or baseboard molding. Mini rollers and mini roller covers of less than 5 inches can be the best paint rollers for small surfaces and narrow areas such as edges, corners.

(Go rent one though) if no sprayer, roll with a 9 inch roller into a 5 gallon bucket with you product. work in 2 to 3 board sections and have a brush handy to get in the cracks. If you are a perfectionist have someone on the other side of the fence doing the same to eliminate darker spots... with stain.... with paint, less necessary Painting a panel door will require using both brush and roller for a finer paint finish. Having painted 1000's of these over the years, knowing what works best, you'll want to pick out your favorite Purdy™ or Wooster™ brush with a fine bristle, and thick shank. Dipping brush, you'll want to brush evenly all of the indented moldings, of the. How to paint a wall, this video will show the best technique for painting walls with a roller. Also it will show you how to roll a wall and get an even finis.. Use a brush that has water-dampened bristles. Dip the brush into the paint to about one-third of the total length of the bristles. Step 2 Dab the brush against the inside of the paint can or the paint tray to remove excess paint The best paint brushes to use depends on the type of paint, but always use professional grade paint brushes for the best results. Generally, 2-1/2 and 3 inch brushes will be the best sizes to use. You have a choice of angled or flat bristles. The best for you depends on your own preferences. I like the flat sash brushes

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Load the paint roller cover with paint. Load the paint roller cover with paint by dipping into the paint about 1/2 in. and then rolling it against the screen. Filling a dry roller cover with paint will require five or six repetitions. After that, two or three dips are all you need. Leave the roller almost dripping with paint Using a paint brush in this way, i.e. for detail, is called cutting in and this is dealt with in our project about choosing a paint brush. Rollers come in varying widths, from about 90 mm wide to 450mm and all have their uses. There is no correct or wrong width for any given job but the obvious thing to remember is the larger the surface, the. If you are thinking of painting a piece of furniture, it's best to have both a brush and a roller handy. Along with the brush and roller, you should have a small clean container or tray to pour your paint into. Keeping it small allows you to hold the container in one hand and the brush or roller in the other as you work around the piece Wallpaper Rollers. Some people opt to use a wallpaper roller instead of a wallpaper brush when it comes to DIY wallpapering. Primarily a roller is used in a similar way to a brush in that it applies a thin, even layer of wallpaper paste to the wallpaper or directly onto the wall in order to make hanging the wallpaper as easy as possible Load the Roller Cover With Paint Slide the roller cover onto the roller frame. Immerse the roller cover into the paint bucket. Do not immerse far beyond the roller cover as this will cover the roller frame in paint and result in drips

For best results, take the door of it's hinges and paint each top horizontal surface one at a time with a small roller. This will allow you to thin your paint (for a streak free finish) without concern that the paint will sag as it's drying (which is what happens if you thin too much and then paint a vertical surface) Paint the wall with an oil-based interior bonding primer using a paint roller with a heavy nap to lay paint evenly across the textured surface. The oil-based primer won't soak into the paper like.. Best way to paint ceiling edges without marks; Best way to paint high ceilings; Before we dive into the best ways to paint your ceiling, let's explore the best roller brushes for ceilings. If you're working with a textured ceiling, you might also want to check out our guide to the best paint brushes & roller for popcorn and textured.

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A properly loaded roller should not drip when moved and does not require you to apply force against a surface when painting. Step 1. Grab your tools. Step 2. Pour the paint into the tray. Step 3. Dip your roller into the paint. Make sure the roller is completely saturated. Roll it up and down on the tray to remove any excess paint A 100mm brush is ideal for applying emulsion paint to walls, while a 75mm one is better for gloss-painting flat woodwork. The wider the brush, the quicker you can paint, making it easier to keep a wet edge as you work. Read more: How to prepare tiles, textures, bricks and problem surfaces Get the best from a cheap brush Selecting the right brushes and rollers is a crucial step in making your paint jobs look better while helping you to do your work more easily and efficiently. Brushes. A paint brush is a very personal tool. That is why there are many different sizes and styles from which to choose. A brush is an ideal choice when painting trim, corners and. Just like with a brush, you have to use the roller in the same direction or else you'll see the change of direction in the paint. You should also load up on the paint with your roller and not stretch out the paint. Because rollers are made of foam, they absorb the paint, so you have to make sure you have a lot of paint on your brush

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Painting ceiling, like all best quality paint application, is about stopping and checking your work. The best paint rollers action is smooth and damp (full), not overly wet, and even the best paint rollers can't work well without good paint and a quality paint roller extension pole I used the foam brushes to get into places that I would've had a tough time using a roller. Because I'd thinned it out, the paint just flowed out even when using the foam brush. If you're doing multiple coats, you're going to want to do them six hours later. That way you won't have to sand between coats

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  1. i roller so add this one to your painting arsenal
  2. Step 1 - Remove Paint. Remove any excess paint from the brush or roller before it dries. This will help ensure an easier cleanup and improve the life of your equipment. For brushes, run the bristles along the lip of the paint can to remove any excess paint. You can also wipe away paint using old newspaper or cloths
  3. Using a good quality primer, paint the primer on the wood paneling, ensuring it goes into the grooves of the paneling. When the primer dries (1-2 hours), paint the paneled area with a paint roller. If the paint goes into the grooves using only the roller, skip step 3. Paint the grooves with a paint brush. Edge the ceiling, baseboards and around.
  4. Looking for the best rollers for painting doors? Whether you want to paint interior or exterior doors, we have you covered! I love painting a door - whether you want to paint it white, black, or add bold color, giving a door a fresh coat of paint it a great way to modernize it and add a bump of your personality to a space
  5. Paint Roller. Ideal for bigger ideas such as, walls, cielings, and large furniture. The porous surface of the roller holds much more paint than a brush and distributes an even layer of paint much faster. Rollers with a smooth surface will produce a smooth finish. Rollers with a thick or fluffy surface will create a more textured finish
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  7. Another good tip many painters use painting soffits is a 4 inch wide paint roller with either a 3/8 or 1/2 roller skin. These hold a lot of paint, making soffit painting a breeze, compared to a brush. However, good to have a 3 sash brush handy as well, in same cut bucket. Painting smaller soffits is much easier using a roller/brush method

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  1. Hands down, the best way to guard this siding against the elements (and various bugs and critters) and protect and lengthen its lifespan is to paint it. How to Paint T1-11 Siding. Clean. Use a pressure washer to remove dirt, mold, and old loose paint. Use a wire brush and paint scraper to remove loose old coating (if applicable.
  2. d once you paint an exterior wall, by the 1st winter if its normal paint, the.
  3. The Best Ways to Paint With a Wall Roller or Brush. Not all home improvement wall-painting projects are the same, so roller and paintbrush techniques vary from job to job. But some basic painting.
  4. 1. Start with the top half of the wall, so that drips fall on unpainted areas. Dip the roller about halfway into the paint. Run the roller along the grid until the sleeve is nicely saturated but not dripping. 2. Work in small zones—two to three square feet at a time—and listen to the roller. It should sound wet
  5. Using a paint brush in this way, i.e. for detail, is called cutting in and this is dealt with in our project about choosing a paint brush. Rollers come in varying widths, from about 90 mm wide to 450mm and all have their uses. There is no correct or wrong width for any given job but the obvious thing to remember is the larger the surface, the.

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Load A Brush. Step 1. Use a brush that has water-dampened bristles. Dip the brush into the paint to about one-third of the total length of the bristles. Step 2. Dab the brush against the inside of the paint can or the paint tray to remove excess paint. Don't wipe the brush against the rim of the can as the rim will fill with paint, making the. APPLY THE FIRST LAYER OF PAINT. Painting in the direction of the wood grain using a 1″ or a 1½ angled brush, first, apply a thin and even coat of paint to only the recessed or detailed areas of the cabinet door. Next, take your mini foam roller and paint the remaining flat areas A typical paint project will often require several steps to produce a nice finish on something like an interior wall. The top pick earns its spot, in part, by providing all the paint rollers you will need along the way from primer to finish. The Stanley Premium Paint Kit will give you two rollers to use at any point of the project To use chalk paint with a brush: For a smooth, uniform finish, choose a natural-bristle brush with long, flexible bristles. Dip the brush into the can, and tap the handle against the lid of the. How To Easily Paint A Room With A Roller And Brush - Tips And Tricks Painting a room in your house can be fun if done correctly and if you take the steps to do the proper painting preparations. A bedroom or a living room can be painted within a few hours following some of the tips and painting tricks we will show you here

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Key features - Sizes: 9in, 4in; Sleeves: 1 x 9in emulsion, 1 x 4in emulsion, 1 x 4in gloss; Extras: 1 x 1in emulsion paint brush, 1 x 2in emulsion paint brush, 1 x 1in gloss paint brush, 12 x. Dampen your paint roller with a wet towel first. Roll it across the paint tray, then roll it across the ceiling. Start at 1 corner of the room and work towards the other in 4 by 4 ft (1.2 by 1.2 m) sections. If you have a textured or popcorn ceiling, use a paint roller that has a 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 in (1.3 to 1.9 cm) deep nap Once the wallpaper has dried completely, you can paint it. While you can use any type of interior paint, these papers typically look best with a flat paint or an egg shell finish. While the texture will stand out more with a semi-gloss or satin paint, this often creates a very dated look that's a little over the top

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  1. Painting wood paneling is a simple way to change the look of a room. A fresh coat of paint quickly updates old wood paneling or wainscoting for less than the cost of replacing the walls. This Home Depot guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to paint paneling. It lists paint tools you'll need, tells you the best paint for paneling and gives tips on choosing a primer for wood paneling
  2. Step 6 - Keep Them Clean. Now that you have them cleaned off, make sure that you keep them that way. When not being used, the clean roller should be dried and wrapped in heavy paper or newspaper for storage.During future uses, clean off the brushes or soak them immediately after each use to avoid any further hassles with dried, caked-on paint
  3. ROLLINGDOG 4 in 1 Paint Brush Comb,Brush Roller Cleaner Tool, Heavy Weighted For Sufficient Cleaning And Maintaining Your Paintbrushes And Rollers. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 148. $9.99. $9
  4. WHIZZ. 4-in WHIZZFLOCK Cabinets, Doors, and More Flocked Foam Mini Paint Roller with Frame. Model #34000F. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 976. Valspar. 2-Pack 9-in x 3/4-in Knit Polyester Paint Roller Cover. Model #888442950
  5. Mistake #5: Not Thinning Paint. Thinning thick paint is the BEST way to avoid brush marks because it allows a longer dry time so the paint has time to settle and lay nicely. Here are a few ways I thin my paint Mixing in a little water directly to the paint; Dipping my brush bristles into the water before I dip my brush into the paint
  6. Re: Best way to paint a trailer? Dont be shocked but a paint roller works well in this situation. It leaves a smooth finish when thinned properly. When we have touchups on big jets, its rolled on, not sprayed. Another route is to spray everything you can get to, then brush or roll the supports underneath (things you cant)
  7. In this video, learn the right way to load a roller and use it without leaving streaks and bumps. TIP 1: Remove lint from a new roller cover with painter's tape or a vacuum, and roll it into the paint tray until it's half coated. Roll the cover up onto the grooves, then back into the paint

You can use a spray painter tool, but a brush and ¾ roller made of lamb's wool will also work as well. Simply paint with the roller and touch up with the brush where needed. Step 4. Paint. Once the primer is dry, you can use the same roller and brush to apply the acrylic interior paint or perhaps a low-odor latex paint to the red brick The Best Paint Sheen for Shiplap Depending on which room you're painting, the sheen is going to be a very important thing to consider as well. If your shiplap is in a high-traffic or moisture-filled room (like an entryway or bathroom) then semi-gloss is the way to go

How to Paint a Ceiling With a Roller. There are a few different options for painting a ceiling, but by far the best one is using a roller on an extension pole. Painting with a brush or roller while standing on a ladder is not only neck-straining work but also arduous because it requires moving the ladder every few feet as you finish a section Step 2. Ordinarily, a paint sprayer can be used. But this was a small house, so we chose to use a combination of large paint brushes and rollers with a 3/4-inch to a 1-inch nap. Start from the top of the house and work down. We started by cutting in with a 3-inch brush along the roofline and around windows Anaglypta was developed by Thomas Palmer over 130 years ago. The name being taken from the Greek, for 'raised cameo'. Lincolnshire Brick. It's the perfect compromise between pattered/multicolour wallpaper and painted, plastered walls. Anaglypta gives your room some dimension and depth plus the option to update your room colour easily with.

This is a poor way to load a brush, causing paint to build up both on the brush and the sides of the can. When the built-up paint dries it turns into little chunks of hard paint that fall back into the fresh paint and end up as lumps on the wall. Here's the right way: First, dip the brush 1 to 2 inches into the paint Rollers come in 3 different sizes. A short roller is generally 5-8mm thick and is best with glossy paint. It doesn't hold as much paint but it delivers a smoother finish. A medium or all-purpose roller is 8-12mm thick. It can be used with any paint and produces a soft clean finish on smooth and semi smooth surfaces In my studies and day to day practices, I have found the best way to apply paint is by applying with an airless sprayer and back-brushing. Back-brushing is the practice of brushing over paint that has been applied with either a roller or sprayer Use a fully loaded brush. Using the brush parallel to the area to be cut, let the paint brush open up into a semi-oval and bring it into the line you are cutting. Follow the line until the line of paint begins to break up. Repeat. It is best to cut in while breathing out or holding your breath. Work into the previous area

For a brush, pour solvent in a small container and swish the tool from side to side, using the edges of the container to push out paint. Then give it a rinse with clean mineral spirits. For a roller cover, remove excess paint with a 5-in-1, dip and roll it around in a paint tray filled with solvent, and do a final rinse with clean solvent After you use the roller a couple of times, you can use two or three dips. When the roller is fully loaded, it is one of the best painting tips to avoid roller marks. Sweeping Strokes. When you are ready to paint the wall with a full roller, you will want to use a sweeping stroke to get the paint nice and even Cut in or use a brush to paint about 2-3 inches along the perimeter of the edge. An angled brush will work well for this application. You can also buy special edgers in roller form, for this project. The roller edgers will be best for getting into the stipple, as opposed to flat ones

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For me, this extra work wasn't worth it, and the roller/paint brush combo still gives a quality finish. Watch the video above for more detail on this process. Prepping The Cabinets For Paint. Step 1: Remove the Doors and Drawers - Take a screwdriver or a drill and remove all of the hinges and any other hardware attached to the cabinets. The. There are many ways to paint a fence, the most obvious being with a paint brush or roller. Whilst this will do the job, and will allow you to get neat and precise results every time, it can be extremely tedious and time consuming, especially for larger projects The tiny little foam roller is the best version to choose when it comes to painting on wood. It allows you to only apply a little pressure and also just a little paint. Rather go over the stencil a couple of times. If you add too much paint it bleeds underneath the pencil and the paint smears If your painting often using same colour and oil based, usually white, then yes deffo recycle the white spirit between jobs. Store the used white spirit in a screw top bottle and use for the initial clean next time. After using the recycled stuff, the brushes will need another clean in a smaller quantity of new white spirit Use the right size roller cover. Larger surfaces need larger rollers. Use the right style of brush for the type of painting you are doing. For example, a roller meant to be used with acrylic paint will likely not work as well if used with oil-based paint. Use a high-quality paint. Low-quality paint does not stick well and does not look good.

Start by using a smaller paint brush to paint in between the boards. This is the step to take your time with. Make sure you apply a decent amount of paint to your brush and really get in the cracks of the shiplap. Once you have in between the boards painted, take your paint roller and roll the wall as you would any other wall The Two Different Types of Paint Brush Spinners. One need only to do an Internet search to find there are two different models of paintbrush spinners available for purchase today. Professionals and amateurs alike can benefit from the use of a paintbrush spinner to remove the excess paint from brushes and rollers Top tip: Even if you're using a roller or a spray gun, keep the best paint brush you can handy to pick up any drips quickly. 5. Apply the first coat of paint Now it's time to paint some color on. If you're painting a fence with vertical panels, use your brush, roller or paint sprayer vertically How to Hang Anaglypta Wallpaper Measure out from the corner and mark the wall the width of the paper minus a 1/2 inch. Unroll the wallpaper and hold it against the wall. Cut the wallpaper into strips. Place the strips pattern down on a large table. Apply an even coat of clay based paste with a paint roller HOW TO PAINT FURNITURE SPINDLES - NO BRUSHMARKS:: First, let me say there are a NUMBER of ways to get smooth painted spindles and I think I've tried them all. I've used my spray gun, spray paint from a can, I've tried various brushes from round, soft, synthetic, natural and I've also used a sponge. The only thing I haven't tried.

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Because of the dark stain I expected that I would be putting on the first coat as a primer coat. Using a standard brush, I began applying the paint starting on the front of the chair, pushing the paint into the weave. The key is to NOT glob on a ton of paint on the brush. You don't want to end up with a lot of drippy looking sections Buy high-quality 100% acrylic paint (without ammonia which reacts w/aluminum). You can also choose UV-protectant paint for better protection but this is not necessary as aluminum has a low risk of damage from UV rays. Benjamin Moore of Behr sells this kind of high-quality paint. You can use either a sprayer or a brush to apply the paint I also had my doubts about applying paint to the boat with a brush or roller without leaving unsightly brush marks. A smooth paint job with liquid paint would require a spray gun and air compressor. That adds significant costs and complexity to the project. Spray paint (rattle cans) simplified the process and cut the costs

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Clean the Roller's Frame. Run the roller under cold water for a minute or two, and repeat the step above. Next, partly fill the sink with cold water and work the roller to and fro in the water. Repeat this step a couple times. Then remove the roller sleeve from the paint roller frame and thoroughly clean the frame. Use a scrub brush if needed Soak the paint roller in the paint remover best for the paint type you used (we covered this earlier). You may have to let the paint roller or brush soak in the solution for a while to rehydrate the paint and get it to come off. When the paint's gone, rinse and dry as usual. Drying Paint Rollers (The Right Way Purdy offers a full line of surface preparation tools to scrape, brush and strip old paint and other compounds from almost any surface. Purdy also has faux finish tools to leave an exceptional and durable finish. Faux application brushes, rollers and sponges help produce beautiful effects with ease. View all Prep & Finish Tools > The best way to describe Resene Broadwall Surface Prep is as a hybrid paint and • Very easy to apply by brush or roller. • As it contains spheromers, which act like tiny ball bearings, 'cutting in' is faster and more accurate. such as Anaglypta Your brush and roller soak up more paint when they're damp, so wash them prior to use. Step Three: Cutting In. Begin by cutting in with a brush. Start at the top, then bottom, and go around any edges or features. We recommend painting in weather between 10-30°C

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  1. g. Once the paint is dry (follow manufacturer directions on the can and don't rush!), sand and clean again
  2. BEYOND PAINT ® works best with a high quality all-purpose fabric or woven (3/8 nap) roller. Choose a roller that does not have a button on the end, allowing you to use the roller end in crevices and around raised panels etc. Use haphazard short rolling strokes in every direction with a light touch
  3. g in at 3-4 inches instead of 9, and you can choose a skinny version too

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Next, paint the door's surface. Apply the paint with a 4-inch closed-end foam roller. Run two or three roller widths the full height and across the door face. To remove any lines, lay off the finish by brushing from bottom to top with a lightly loaded brush or lightly coated small roller if desired Patented Technology uses Fine-line Brush for Sharp Edges. In this video, Accubrush Inventor Chris Pyles explains how the patented combination of a roller, shield, and brush work together to quickly paint straight lines along the edges of walls and along trim. Roller holds a lot of paint, allowing you to paint 6-8 feet per load

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This is definitely the quickest and easiest way to paint large surfaces. Just remember to do a good masking job beforehand else everything will be covered in paint! There is a whole bunch of items you need to do a proper job so consult a professional beforehand. Roller: The paint roller is the second best option and still much faster than a brush 6. Use the 2 brush and ProClassic Interior Acrylic Latex Paint to paint the mortar along with any cracks and crevices of the brick. Then use the 6 ½ roller with ½ nap to paint the rest of the fireplace, ensuring that the paint is applied as evenly as possible. Tip: Always clean your brushes for future use

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Step #1: Prepare with the Right Paint & Tools To get started, you will need a 2½-inch angle sash brush, painters tape, a nine-inch roller, sleeve and pan, an extension pole, a step ladder and Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint. In addition to your paint, make sure your brush and roller sleeve are high quality and that your roller sleeve is the appropriate nap for your ceiling texture Yes, paint type is important too. But the best paint will look terrible if applied with an el-cheapo brush & roller. I've been using Purdy supplies for years because they give the best-looking results. The specific brush you need to cut in a straight ceiling line is a Purdy 2.5 inch ClearCUT glide brush with an angled edge Apply paint to only one side of the sponge, and carefully apply even layers of paint behind the toilet. Start at the middle of the tank and work your way out to the sides. Option 2: Wooster Brush Miniroller (for one-inch of clearance) If you have only about an inch of clearance between your toilet tank and the wall, the Wooster Brush Miniroller. The goal is to seamlessly match the paint brush strokes in with the roller strokes. Tip: Use a dry paint brush to quickly fix drips and remove paint where it has pooled in the corners. I like to keep my roller on hand as I use my paint brush. I'll use my brush to fill in the details and then quickly roll over the areas the roller can reach Use a roller or paintbrush to prime the faces of cabinet boxes and drawers and both sides of doors. If your cabinets have a lot of detailing, it will be easier to use a tapered brush. A roller works well on larger flat surfaces and flat doors. Paint cabinets with one light coat of primer; let dry

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The last indication before we say you should replace your paint roller is if pieces of the roller start to break off and fall away. Since paint rollers are a cheap and easy way to cover more surface area faster, it is in your best interest to replace it before the bristles start falling out