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Run your chisel along the bottom edge of both sides of the cut and score a clean line before you give in to the temptation to whack the shit out of it. Use a sharp chisel to clean out the base of the notch so the beam will rest level Buying a pergola can real wood. We notch out a portion of the top of. Notched: Custom Structures that Provide Shade at Incredible Prices . Pergolas. We use grade Douglas Fir free of heart FOHC and also offer 2 grade Cedar, both of which are This applies to any size or wood species Plumb cutting rafter tails begins with establishing the desired overhang. Place a stepladder at the end of a wall where the rafter tails will be cut. Loosen the adjustment knob on a sliding bevel square. Slide the square inward, toward the wall, and align the inner edge of the blade with the vertical face of the wall It's important to hold the saw flat on the face, and not enter the wood at an angle, or to depart the wood at an angle, which makes an uneven line when the material is cleared away. You can see here, that I made the cuts closer together, so that that knot will break off easier. It's helpful to clean most of the sawdust out of these cuts I am planning on building a 10' X 20' wood pergola. Beams are 2X10, joists are 2X8, and the slats on top will be 2X3, set on the 2 side for maximum shade every 4 inches. For cosmetic reasons, I will be notching the 2X8 joists ~1 to accept the 2x3's. I have to cut a LOT of notches in tops of the 2X8,(more than 500!)

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Step by step example of how to build an alfresco area in your backyard. Special attention is give to building a solid pergola and deck, with very little boun.. Building a Deck and Pergola - To notch or not to notch for deck beam. by Andrew (Ontario) I am having trouble finding a consistent answer to my problem while designing a low level deck that will have a pergola above. I don't know if I should notch the support post to accept the beam First, take a piece of wood and line it up against a wall. Drill a hole in the middle of the wood. You should have about 1″ left over, this is going to be your ridge pole or the support pole for the top of the pergola. Now, cut a 3″ diameter circle out of your wood and mark the edges of the ridge pole Use your bolt and 2 washer each sides and the nut to tighten (don't over-tight, washer will penetrate into the wood). then open the clamps. do the same thing for all posts. you will have something similar in the picture

Learn the process carpenters use for making accurate notches in wood posts. Make sure to check out the best part at 6:45 in the video! This method requires.. Kerf the joist notches. Use a square to transfer a notch layout to the bottom of the joist. Set the circular saw to cut 2 in. deep. Clamp the joist to sawhorses with the bottom facing up. Now make cuts to define the sides of a notch and then cut several kerfs across the bottom between the side cuts Cut and Attach the Capitals Make 45-degree cuts on the miter saw for the four-sided capital. Attach each side of the capital one at a time to the top of each column with a nomadic brad nailer. If you want capitals at the bottom of each column, repeat the previous steps After measuring from the inner edge of the ledger beam out to the edge of the patio, add 2 inches and cut the number of needed pergola beams from 2 X 6 lumber. Use a jigsaw to cut a notch at the end of each 2 X 6 pergola beam to fit into the notch cut out on the ledger beam that will be attached to the exterior wall ATTN: Viewers in Canada now have access to tools used in this video through Amazon.ca to get the low online prices you expect WITHOUT extra import duties, et..

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  1. Jazz up an outdoor space with a cool backyard pergola. This is not an ordinary pergola because it is tall enough to let the breeze in but it has crisscross beams on top to block out the sun better. You will find this pergola simple to do yet a bit complicated when it comes to design
  2. Oct 7, 2017 - Learn the process carpenters use for making accurate notches in wood posts. Make sure to check out the best part at 6:45 in the video! This method requires..
  3. In warm climates, winter and early Spring are the perfect time of year to take care of outdoor tasks, like staining and sealing wood. In cooler climates it'll soon be time to get out your brushes and other supplies for staining outdoor wood structures such as pergolas

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how to notch wood for pergola + how to notch wood for pergola 01 Aug 2020 Made of eucalyptus wood and protected by a color-retaining finish, this glider bench by Member's Mark will make your days more relaxing for years to come Drill a hole in the corner of your notch rectangle. Use the jigsaw to cut two straight lines and then use the drilled hole to place your jigsaw blade and cut the top of the notch out. Repeat this for the remaining 3 notches on the same board. Fit the board back on the pergola supports and make any adjustments needed to insure a good level fit Custom Structures that Provide Shade at Incredible Prices! - Notched. Welcome to Notched. A Better way. to Shade! We specialize in custom structures and Old-World timber frames - from Pergolas, Pavilions, Gazebos & Ramada's. Whether you are a business or individual, we can provide you with superior quality and value! Check out our. Subsequently, question is, how do you make a homemade pergola? How to Build a Wood Pergola. gravel. lag bolts. Select the site for the pergola and mark the placement of the four posts. Use a post-hole digger or two-person auger to dig holes to a depth of 24 and width of 9. Cut joist beams from 2 x 10 boards to span the pergola posts

Figuring out proper pergola rafter spacing can be tricky. We've got instructions and examples to show you how to space rafters when the numbers don't make it easy, when to use an even number of rafters and when to use an odd number, when to start your spacing with a rafter in the very center of the roof, and more The tails impart the pergola with its signature elegant design, and can be cut to a curved scalloped profile or a more angular geometric design—or anything in between. The longest edge of the boards should always be positioned at the top, but aside from that rule of thumb, the pattern is completely up to you The cost of building a pergola depends upon the material, size and placement. The average ranges around $3,600 for a 10-ft. cedar pergola, including materials and labor, although you can find quality DIY kits for less than $1,000. High-end custom pergola kits cost up to $10,000, plus $500 to $1,000 in installation costs Remove the cross beams that run the width of the pergola. After the vertical supports are propped-up, remove the cross beams one at a time and stack them away. Pull down or cut down the vertical support beams. You can now remove the props and either pull down or cut down the vertical supports. Once these are down, you can then dig-up the base. How to Design and Cut Signature Rafter Tails for a Pergola One of my favorite things about pergolas is how unique they can be. Each one, while built on the same principles, can look vastly different

Everything is rock solid at the deck level, and there is no wobble in the in/out direction. The span is 12' from post to post. The beam is 2x6 cedar, with 2 x 2 notches where the pergola joists connect with a six inch screw coming in from the top Wooden Pergola & Gazebo - select the right wood for your outdoor Pergola and Gazebo Pergolas and Gazebos are a wonderful accent structure to add to a garden, patio or uncovered deck. They are extremely versatile and the perfect way to set apart a seating or entertainment area from the rest of the yard Wood beams used for structural frames or supporting posts are often notched to make strong joints with other beams. Cut notches into the ends or the middle, depending on where the beams join. Half-lap joints are a common way to join posts to beams for deck rails or beams to posts on arbors and pergolas

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  1. Start a hole in the right side face of the brace, perpendicular to the face of the wood. As soon as the tip of the bit has a good bite, angle the drill until it is perpendicular to the opposite angle cut of the brace (the left face). Do this slowly and carefully, since only one edge of the drill will be making contact with the wood
  2. g, 1920s-era home in Chicago's northern suburbs, the team at Studio Brunstrum added a limestone patio sheltered by a natural cedar pergola trimmed with reclaimed barn wood. The pergola anchors and defines a curvaceous patio and rear entry while providing architectural interest, texture, and heft
  3. The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Sonoma Arched Wood Pergola 12×17 Redwood. Another option for red-colored wood is redwood. People prefer this type of wood because it has a dark red, natural-looking wood color and is a long-lasting material. It's similar to cedar but it doesn't weather as fast and maintains its reddish-brown color longer
  4. It takes a total of 8 bolts to attach all 4 header boards. With a basic jigsaw, decorative cuts can easily be cut into the ends. Using treated 2x boards makes the pergola strong and sturdy. We always use 2 x 8″ or 2 x 10″ boards for the header boards. They add strength and a beefy look to the finished pergola
  5. for Arbors, Gazebos, Pavilions, Pergolas, and Trellises. Pergolas, arbor and trellis roofs are most often semi-covered with a beam and rafter crossed for a lattice-like styled roof. Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape® pergola kits typically have 85% coverage because that is what a good shade tree offers
  6. Element of great importance in any garden, the pergola allows us to enjoy a living room in its own right. Make a pergola wood, therefore, allows us to go out into the open air, especially during the hot months, when we aspire to spend our free time under the open sky. An annex ensuring the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, the pergola enhances the home while providing a feeling of.

This is why we recommend that you re-stain your pergola within the 1st year so that the wood has time to acclimate to the climate and then stain all the cracks. This is so common in timbers that there is a term for it called Checking which can seem to have the appearance of a split or a crack. Checking is a more common trait in Cedar timbers Lay out the plywood squares and mark where the 2 x 10s attach. Measure from the center column to each end and be sure to add 10 for the overhang. Make the miter cut needed for the alignment over the center column. Assemble the lentils upside down on the ground, repeating the previous steps for the front lentils We measured, marked, and cut the knee braces at a 45º angle then used the Forstner bit to bore the holes for the screws. Here is what they look like attached to the pergola: Finally, we attached the 2×4 rafters with 3 DSV Wood screws, spacing the slats about 7 apart. We used two scrap 2x4s to act as spacers for the slats so we didn. This step by step diy woodworking project is about 12x16 free standing pergola plans. This rectangular wood pergola has a modern design and it is budget friendly, so you can save a ton on money by choosing to make this on your own. This pergola is easy to build and it features a sturdy structure

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10 Gorgeous Wood Pergola Kits for Your Backyard. Pergola kits are a wonderful addition to your backyard. It makes you the epic host when you have friends and family over. One of the most popular pergola kits is wood pergola kits because they are sturdy and simply because they add a gorgeous addition to your backyard 27) Simple Steel Pergola. Aside from using wood to construct a pergola, metal would be a good alternative. Not only will metal pergolas last a long time but will also survive the harsh outdoor weather and climate. This DIY pergola plan looks simple but it requires knowledge about metal works and how to make materials out of raw steel Assemble the pergola roof, by cutting wood and inserting into the brackets, then screwing them together. Cut the leg pieces to height. Raise the roof and insert the legs into the brackets from underneath. To raise our roof we used a Genie lift because our pergola is very close to a fence and we needed better leverage

Screw the snaps into the pergola. To attach the snaps to the pergola, grab the screw-in snaps from your kit. Determine where you want the first snap to be along your wood beam and screw the piece into place on top of it using a drill with a Phillips head bit or a screwdriver If you're including a pergola as part of a new garden design be sure to read our feature. 3. Cut and chisel out the rafter housing. Cut out the housing with a saw, wood chisel and mallet. Make sure that it's a neat, tight fit. 4. Profile the ends of the rafters and crossbeams Use the jigsaw to cut two straight lines and then use the drilled hole to place your jigsaw blade and cut the top of the notch out. Repeat this for the remaining 3 notches on the same board. Fit the board back on the pergola supports and make any adjustments needed to insure a good level fit

The factors are: the height of the ceiling, the weight of the overall pergola, the placement of the posts, and the quantity of posts that are to be used. A standard pergola will most often use 6 x 6 inch posts for support. A very small pergola may use 4 x 4 inch posts as long as it has less than 4 to 6 feet between posts First of all, you need to cut the components for the rectangular pergola. Make sure you measure twice and cut once. Mark the cut lines and get the job done with a miter saw. Cut list 2. Cut the rest of the components, as shown in the diagram. Laying out the pergola - 10×16 pergola First cut all of your pergola top board ends into a fancy pattern of your choice. instead of 2x4s and to notch out your boards) as done in the link given in the author notes. Finishing Instructions. Preparation Instructions. Fill all holes with wood filler and let dry. Apply additional coats of wood filler as needed. When wood filler is. Create a Space - A pergola sets the mood for your deck. The parallel curved arches add intrigue to this otherwise simple, yet inviting, pergola over a bench. The Arches When it comes to building most things out of wood, straight lines are simple and inexpensive to create, while incorporating curves can increase complexity, expense and waste These free pergola plans will help you build that much-needed structure in your backyard to give you shade, cover your hot tub, or simply define an outdoor space into something special.. You'll find a wide variety of shapes and styles for pergolas here as well as plans for both free-standing and deck pergolas. Building a pergola can be a simple to challenging building project depending on what.

Pergola Installation & Upkeep. Pergolas are durable and will last longer if treated and built correctly. The great thing about pergolas is that they can be built with wood such as cedar, pine, redwood, oak, cypress, and teak. If you are looking for an alternative to wood that will last longer and requires little maintenance, vinyl and metal are. Pergola Components are stocked by UK Timber, one of the leading suppliers of Wooden Pergola and Pergola Components. We stock a wide range available for delivery throughout the UK to the trade and public Cut out notches to the width of the timber on the cross beams along the width. If there are two beams you will obviously cut two notches. While a table saw with a dado blade is easier, you can also use a handsaw or sabre saw with the assistance of a wood chisel. Once cut, the cross beams [length] are fitted onto the top of the cross beams [width]

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  1. Notching of the rafter timbers is optional, depending upon how you want your pergola to look. Every notch cut out will weaken the structure! The pergola above, has neither notched rafters, nor bracing. In this instance the pergola was stabilised by sunken posts, braced by the sturdy decking
  2. Step two: lay out one side of the pergola. (Image credit: B&Q) Take three of the upright posts that will form one side of the pergola and lay them on the ground. Measure and cut two lengths of timber to 1.22m and use them to mark the correct distance between the uprights at both the top and the bottom
  3. How to Build a pergola - Cross supports. Simply cut one end of a 2 x 6 (or bigger, I used a 2 x 10) at a 45 degree angle, at your desired length, for us that was 4 feet in length. Then nail or screw it to each of the 6×6's and the inside of one of the 2×12's. This will add stability to the structure
  4. Pergola Plans: How to Build Your Own Pergola For me, though, a precut piece of sun fabric is a better alternative. You can buy it with varying degrees of sun-blocking performance
  5. Purchase supplies and cut wood. The first step in the actual construction process is to purchase, measure, and cut materials to the right size. Paint wood with primer If you plan to paint your pergola, Terry points out that it's smart to prime the pieces before construction starts. Make sure your contractor has enough room and a non-dusty.
  6. A pergola should be the appropriate size for a yard, patio, or deck, meaning that it doesn't crowd out other yard elements. Sizes range from as small as 7 feet by 7 feet to as large as 20 feet.
  7. You can use any dry, straight lumber that fits our brackets and is strong enough to build a pergola. By design, our products allow you the freedom to choose your preferred wood to suit your build and budget. Note: 4x4 wood is in fact 3.5x3.5 - the industry simply calls it 4x4. 6x6 wood is in fact 5.5x5.5 - the industry simply calls it 6x6

Step three. Cut out the housing with a saw, wood chisel and mallet. Make sure that it's a neat, tight fit. Step four. Profile the ends of the rafters and crossbeams Patio Pergola Roof Boards Creating a design. For the overall design of the patio pergola I grabbed several ideas from different pergolas I saw online, but I added small design touches like the curved ends. I basically cut a curved section out of the ends of each board. A really simple way to do this is with a paint stirring stick Pergolas have been adding character, elegance and value to outdoor living spaces and gardens for years. These stylish wooden structures are practical projects that can be built in a single weekend. Spring is an ideal time to consider outdoor architectural upgrades, like a pergola, as your appreciation for the effort will increase as plants grow. PREP YOUR WOOD Cut Beams and Rafters to length approximately 12 inches longer on each side of the posts. Your design will be cut out of this section of overhang on each end. Cut and rain-shed all the shade slats. Take your table saw and set it to rip the 2x4's in half. Once all the slats are ripped, rain-shed or dog-ear the slats

Pergolas can be placed at the entrance to your garden, over a pathway, against a wall to shade a seating area or are ideal for framing an ornament. How to build a pergola You can buy pergolas in kit form, but they're quite easy to build from scratch using treated softwood Position a large layout triangle along a two-by-two at the pergola's front edge. Stretch string to the back corner, ensuring that the angle at the front stake is 90 degrees. Align a stake at the back corner. This pergola/arbor design is rectilinear. Step 3 After I got all of the lag bolts in, and took a water break. I was ready to put up slats and last of the bracing. I used the 1×6 decking for the slats. After measuring and cutting out notches in each one, I threw them up onto the pergola. Math time. I had to figure out the spacing between each slat so they would be equidistant from each other

My dad and I have recently built a DIY pergola in my garden. There are many ways you can build a pergola depending on its purpose and the style you prefer but I'm going to show you how we did it. Pergola's have been popular for a long time for various reasons, they provide shade in the warmer months, shelter in the cooler ones, or you can. We used the Bosch miter saw to cut out the pieces of Mom's original pergola swing that we could reuse. Unfortunately, we were only able to save a portion of a couple of 4×4's for the upper supports. Still, we were thankful we could at least save a portion of the original for the memories. Step 7: Setting the Posts and Structure in Concret

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Pergola costs can range from as little as $1,000 for a small prefab vinyl or PVC kit on the low end to $9,000 to design and install sprawling custom patio covers and structures made out of high-end materials like teak wood. Larger, more complex pergolas will exceed that average, and regional prices can vary Lay out and cut a pleasing curve on the end of one board using a jigsaw, and use the same piece to trace the same shape on the ends of the rest of the boards. Cut the rest of the curves out and paint the long 2-inch-by-8-inch support pieces. Next, cut all the smaller 2-inch-by-6-inch boards to the same length. These will make up the top boards The cost to build a pergola ranges from $2,134 and $5,904 on average.Large pergolas, custom-made structures or those that use high-end materials can cost $10,000 or more.An arbor is typically a smaller structure and starts at about $200 for a kit. A freestanding trellis can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,500 or more how to notch out wood for pergola roof How To DIY. I have this bench sitting underneath the windows in my breezeway at the moment, but we've carried it outside for extra se

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For this cut the wood at the place where it overlaps the post to the same dimensions as the post to ensure that the two pieces of lumber fit together tightly ad securely. The interlocking notches that form the lap joints can be made by first making small cuts using a circular saw and then knock out the remaining wood pieces using a chisel and. Take your post out of the bracket so we can cut the notch. We are cutting a notch to fit a 2″ x 8″ board, but since the actual dimensions of a 2″ x 8″ board is actually 1.5″ x 7 1/4″, that's the space we are cutting out (I know, it's weird how wood isn't the size it says) Building a pergola can be a lot like building a piece of fine furniture. The finished product exhibits great craftsmanship while showcasing the beauty of wood. But a pergola also needs to weather the elements. In this article, learn how to build a craftsman-style pergola that will look good and last Oct 30, 2020 - Explore Greg K's board Pergola rafter tails on Pinterest. See more ideas about pergola, rafter, rafter tails

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notching beams for pergola - doityourself.com community forums . the acceptable span does increase however the thicker and deeper the wood.. of the pergola posts and sit the supporting beam on the notch for extra support. it was a simple task with a hammer and chisel to clean out the notches How to Install Pergola Posts. Building a pergola is a wonderful way to add value to your home and your life. Pergolas are instant gathering places and provide a beautiful boost to the exterior of your home. In order to build a pergola, of course, you will need to install the pergola posts Step 3: Set out. Make a temporary framework structure at each corner consisting of horizontal boards (batter boards) attached level to stakes. The batter boards are used to establish the levels and the building line (boundary / perimeter) of the pergola. 3a) Cut 8 stakes 600 (2ft) long, out of 50×50 (2×2) stock


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Learn how to build a pergola for your backyard in this step-by-step guide. This simple pergola design uses pressure-treated lumber and decking materials available at your local The Home Depot store. Any new homeowner with basic tool knowledge can tackle this pergola design. The finished pergola will be eight feet tall by eight feet wide Here at Homestead, we've definitely noticed that rectangular pergolas are more popular, and we've built a wide range of sizes, from a 10x14 arched wood pergola to a 10x45 radius (read: curved) pergola! If you're buying an out of the box DIY pergola like from Lowe's or Walmart, you'll have less choice on size and style Use a circular saw to etch out 6-inch-deep cuts, two inches in at the top of the 6x6 posts (Images 1 & 2). This will allow the 2x6 boards to rest on either side of the posts once upright. Use a hammer and chisel to free the separated pieces (Image 3). Use an orbital sander to create a clean, smooth ledge (Image 4) Our standard wood pergolas are made of either pressure-treated southern yellow pine or cedar, depending on the style. Solid laminated 5×5 posts hold up solid roof joists and runners to create a stunning shade canopy from the afternoon sun. Heavy-duty double headers with braces, concrete anchor brackets, and stainless-steel screws are all used. Full Pergola Plans Step 2: Make Pyramid Cuts. After all of the 6-by-6 posts are set solidly into the ground, you'll need to mark and cut the tops to exactly the same height

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2×6 boards for the cross beams (we used 22 12′ boards) Galvanized post bases. 4 1/4″ long 1/2″ wedge anchors (one for each post base) 4″ long 1/2″ lag screws (we used 36 for our 20′ header) 3″ construction screws. Framing nails. Paint. It took us 1 1/2 gallons to paint 2 coats on the patio pergola How much maintenance you do determines how long your pergola will last. If you stain it every year, you can expect it to give you 10 to 12 years of performance. How much does a 12x12 pergola cost? Some examples: 10 x 10 open-roof wooden pergola, $3,000-8,000. 12 x 12 solid-roof wooden pergola, $10,000-25,000+ 12 x 12 aluminum or vinyl pergola. The cost of a pergola depends on both the size and the construction material. The total cost for a vinyl pergola is typically $3,800 to $9,500 depending on the size. Fiberglass pergolas can range in price from $3,500 to $8,000 based on size. A timber frame pergola typically runs $43-$49 per square foot installed so a 10x20 would be about $8,700 Garage Pergola Installation Steps. 1. Design the Rafter Tail. Photo by Kolin Smith. Clamp a 2x4 to your work surface. Use a combination square to measure and mark lines across the board 1 and 4 inches from its end. On the 1-inch line, make a tick mark 1½ inches from the top edge of the rafter Attach and Secure Horizontal Ladder Trim. Measure down six inches from the bottom of the girders and use wood clamps to attach a cut 2x4 plank parallel with girders with the top edge at the six-inch mark. Level plank and secure using deck screws. Repeat on opposite side of the pergola. Remove clamps once attached

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How To Cut A Birdsmouth Notch For A Pergola Fine Woodworking'S 04 Jun 2021 (☑ Watch Anywwere) | How To Cut A Birdsmouth Notch For A Pergola Step-By-Step Blueprints!! especially when you are attempting to make cuts that have to be at exact depths in the surface of the wood (2) How to Notch out a pergola posts - YouTube. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select The top-selling product within Wood Pergolas is the Hampton Bay 10 ft. x 12 ft. Longford Wood Outdoor Patio Pergola with Sling Canopy. What is the price range for Wood Pergolas? The average price for Wood Pergolas ranges from $400 to over $5,000 We all like our garden to look good as well as being functional and one of the easiest ways of sprucing up your outdoor environment is by adding a bit of hard landscaping or creating a focal point. Step 1: Build Front Frame of Pergola Hammock Stand. First, I cut and assembled the front frame of the hammock stand. I used 4×4 posts and 2×6 boards. . The bottom board was 9′ 6″ long, the top was 11′ 6″ long and the 4×4 posts were both 8′ long. I assembled like shown using 2 ⅞″ timber screws (2 per joint)

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To cut sheets to fit, use an angle grinder fitted with a diamond cutting blade or a circular saw with a fibre cement cutting blade. Make sure you wear a dust mask while doing this. Step 26. Fill gaps around your pergola with an acrylic gap filler. Fill nail holes using an exterior wood putty and sand smooth Step 2. Dig out a planting hole 6 inches from the side of the pergola. Make the planting hole as deep and slightly larger than the root ball of the young grapevine. If the grapevine has arrived bare root, trim off any dead or diseased looking roots. Plant the grapevine in the mid to late winter in warm climates or early spring in cooler zones The wood pergola with string lights adds dimension and definition to a dining area with two picnic-style tables and a massive fireplace. Other elements that fit into the modern design are the pergola, use of steel and concrete, and decorative elements such as barrels 1. Measure the diagonal of the rafter. Start this measurement from the top (the long end) of the cut you just made. When the rafter is installed, this top/long end will be at the peak of the ridge beam. Hook your tape measure on to the rafter, and measure the diagonal rafter length that you calculated earlier

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