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1-48 of 415 results for Starling Proof Feeders Stokes Select 38069 X Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, 2 Suet Cake Capacity, Brow, Pack of 1, Black/Brown. 4.3 out of 5 stars 3,450. iBron Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Hanging,Wild Bird Seed Feeder for Mix Seed Blends Heavy Duty All Metal Anti-UV Finishing, Copper Finish, 14 Inch (Seed is not Included Home » Wild Bird » Bird Feeders » Starling Proof Starling Proof. Hanging cable provided. May also be pole mounted. See feeders for details. Erva barrier guarded feeders are durable, easy to clean and keep out starlings and squirrels Types of Starling Proof Feeders. When it comes to starling-proof feeders, there are various types to choose from. Each type is designed to prevent starlings from joining in the feast with other smaller birds. Being left out of the party, starlings have no option other than to move to a more favorable location

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  1. Search Results for Starling Proof Bird Feeders Outdoor & Garden Outdoor Decor Patio Furniture Lawn & Garden Lighting Shades & Structures MORE + Shop By. sale All Products on Sale (1,146) 20% Off or More (663) 30% Off or More (380) 40% Off or More (240) 50% Off or More (170) pric
  2. Bluebird Feeder measures 13-1/2 x 11 x 8-1/8 inches tall. Bluebird Feeder holds dried mealworms, 5 oz. dish. Invite bluebirds to feed & keep starlings out of your mealworms. Your bluebird treats last longer with our overlapping wire grid. Easy to clean with filling from the top, removable dish. Made in the USA, available exclusively at Duncraft
  3. Using nothing more than an old hanging basket and plant pot base, I deftly fashioned this attractive and fully functional bird feeder for the little ones in.
  4. 1. Get a starling proof bird feeder. If you are looking for starling proof bird feeders then you will find a few options out there. However, because starlings are just about the same size as a cardinal, you could also be blocking cardinals, blue jays and other similar sized feeder birds from your feeder in the process
  5. Orioles, if you get the feeders out early will come to nectar feeders and grape jelly. I also get catbirds at my suet. Not a typical feeder bird. And a thrasher this year. Theres a small bird feeder called for clingers only by songbird station. Starlings and other perchers cant get on it. chickadees, nuthatches , woodpeckers can cling to its side
  6. 1. Change the type of feeders you use. There are several changes you can make to your bird feeders to help get rid of unwanted blackbirds, starlings, and grackles. First of all stop using platform feeders. These are open to all birds with a wide shelf for them to stand on and eat

Erva Starling Proof Cage Feeder Alternative Option 4: A Suet Cage Inside A Cage Feeder. Last summer I added yet another way to protect suet from starlings and grackles, an Erva Starling Proof Suet Feeder. This feeder is designed more like a double-wide traditional suet feeder but with an extra cage wrapped around it WBU Starling Proof Suet/Peanut Feeder: The WBU Starling Proof Sue/Peanut Feeder is designed to make it impossible for large birds and squirrels to eat your suet and no-melt dough cakes; but can also be used to offer smaller birds peanuts in the shell. The cage around the suet feeder allows only smaller birds to enter while the larger. Build Your Own Starling/Grackle Proof Feeder From: $ 81.98 This feeder combo will keep out european starlings, grackles, cowbirds, and red-winged blackbirds while still allowing goldfinch, house finch, chickadees, red & white-breasted nuthatches, downy woodpeckers, pine siskins, dark-eyed juncos, sparrows, and other small birds to feed The caged feeder that they have just started on is a Gardman Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder for Seed.I only had it there for one day before they discovered it.Strangely though it replaced a Gardman Squirrel Proof Fat Snax Feeder which they did not use (even though it is hanging in exactly the same position) which is odd seeing that they seem to.

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This makes it a starling-proof bluebird feeder that offers open access to the other parallel sides. The use of bird feeders is a good way to attract birds into your garden. Before buying a feeder, you need to consider several things including food, functionality and practicality of the feeder Our starling-proof bird feeders include: Our starling-proof feeders can be used throughout the year and will be enjoyed by smaller and more timid birds like robins and wrens, giving them a quiet feeding area. You can also feed your garden birds earlier in the day because starlings tend to eat later on Hardware Squirrel Wild Bird Bird Feeders Dove Proof Starling Proof Glass Dish Fruit Squirrel Proof Suet Thistle Sock Seed Cylinder Feeder Maintenance Bird Houses Bird Baths Bluebird Purple Martin Hummingbird Flower / Plant Display Packages Parts. Important Info. A Word About Display Units. Top and bottom 14 inch diameter metal baffles. All-metal with durable blue powder coated finish. 8 inches tall. Popular caged bluebird feeder with 1/2 cup capacity. Watch your bluebirds feed in peace, out of reach from predators. Features 1-1/2 inch fly-through openings to keep out larger birds. Easy to clean with filling from the top Wild bird suets and squirrel feeding products at great prices

Bird Food; Squirrel Proof Products; Starling Resistant Products. Starling Proof Bird Feeders; Starling Proof Bird Food; Bird Feeders & Accessories; Birdhouses & Accessories; Poles & Hanging Hardware; Garden & Birdbaths; Binoculars; Gifts; Books; Miscellaneous; Replacement Part We have gathered the best humane tips on how to get rid of starlings fast so you can get some rest and enjoy the nature around you. Switch up the bird feed. Use starling -proof bird feeders. Install spikes on starling roosting areas. Try falcon bird deterrent kite. Remove starling nesting options. Install a scarecrow. Why is the starling a problem Bushtits, flickers, woodpeckers, chickadees, and most songbirds can feed this way, but starlings have trouble. Or, eliminate any chance of a starling getting so much as a beakful by introducing a starling-proof suet feeder. A cage surrounds the suet, with openings too small for a starling to enter

Starling-proof bird feeders like the Erva Bluebird Feeder or the Kettle Moraine Cedar Bluebird Mealworm Feeder will let smaller birds like bluebirds access the food while keeping the larger starlings out. A good quality bee-proof hummingbird feeder will also keep the starlings looking elsewhere, while you watch the hummers enjoy their sugar water While starlings and House Sparrows do eat nyjer, both species prefer sunflower seed, and starlings in particular find it difficult to use tube feeders. Starlings have softer bills than most seed eaters, so peanuts (in the shell) and white-striped sunflower seed pose problems for them to open, so you might switch to those items while the. You could also purchase starling-proof bird feeders that dispense food from the bottom of the feeder. Starlings have weak legs so it's hard for them to hang upside down to eat from the feeders. Don't worry—birds like woodpeckers, chickadees, and nuthatches won't have a problem hanging upside-down to feed Remove feeders and baths and allow the birds time to move on before reinstating feeding areas that are less starling-friendly. At no time, however, should starlings be shot in order to deter them. Doing so is illegal in many urban and suburban areas, and the risk of accidentally hitting protected bird species is too great Use starling proof bird feeders along with foods that they don't enjoy. For example, you could put striped sunflower, safflower, and whole peanuts in your hopper, tube, or tray feeders.Then put food that starlings love like sunflower chips, peanut pieces, or cracked corn inside a starling proof bird feeder

Controlling House Sparrows & Starlings at the Bird Feeder. The Magic Halo: Developed and patented by the University of Nebraska this is a device that can be used in two separate manners. The Magic Halo itself, when used in conjunction with either a post mounted or hanging feeder will deter up to 86% of the English Sparrows from that feeder. Starling-Proof Suet Feeder. Shop Now. A special starling-proof upside-down suet feeder, in which the suet can be eaten only from underneath, is also a good choice. Check out natural ways to keep bees and ants away from hummingbird feeders. Keep the Feeding Area Clean to Deter Grackles and Blackbird

Starling proof bird feeder. Discussion in 'Wildlife Corner' started by luciusmaximus, Nov 6, 2017. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > luciusmaximus Total Gardener. Joined: Apr 18, 2014 Messages: Starling proof bird. Rosy Starlings. strongylodon, Jun 2, 2021, in forum: Wildlife Corner. Replies: 3 Views: 111. strongylodo My mealworm feeder has holes 5cm high by 3cm wide. It allows sparrows, robins, tits in. It occassionally lets in very young starlings but this is only a problem for about a week, the starlings soon grow. Any smaller and I don't think robins would find it so easy. I use the CJ guardian feeder which I'd recommend

Living with Wildlife - Starlings. Starling-proof platform feeder. Saved by Mindy Stooksbury Moes. 25. Caged Bird Feeders Garden Bird Feeders Diy Bird Feeder Garden Birds Platform Bird Feeder Bird Feeding Station Bird Netting Pigeon Bird Birdhouse Designs Starling proof bird feeders I have a large square strong wire fat ball feeder which is supposed to keep the large birds from stealing all the food. Unfortunately, starlings, being clever birds, have found that they can get their heads between the square holes and also peck at the food from the top. I fill up the feeder daily, thanks to them An example of this is the Heritage Farms Absolute II Squirrel-Proof Feeder. If you don't want a squirrel-proof feeder, you can also just get a feeder with small perches designed only for songbirds. Grackles will be too large to grab a hold of the perches and won't be able to eat the seed. Put a cage around your feeders. Another squirrel. Suet Bird Feeders . so we dub these Starling Resistant but not totally Starling Proof. We do have an option that keeps any bigger bird out and only allows smaller birds & smaller woodpeckers inside, but will keep those pesky bigger birds out completely. It does make it tougher for the larger Red-bellied Woodpeckers to feed from. Like garden bird feeders, window bird feeders offer the same purposes: to provide a space for the colorful flying friends to feed comfortably, and an excellent way to watch the birds up close and personal as the window feeder is usually made of transparent plastic allowing a clear view from the living room or the kitchen

The product completely eliminates bird feeder problems from large nuisance birds that disrupt bird feeders. Cost: from $60.00 Where to buy: at www.RollerFeeder.com; Grackle Proof Bird Feeder - caged sunflower seed tube feeder that keeps grackles on the outside from eating the seed. Bird feeder has decorative cage design and four seed ports This feeder can be used several ways. As pictured, it's a great, all-purpose, squirrel-proof feeder. If you lower the weather/squirrel guard, the tighter spacing makes the feeder difficult for larger birds to use. For an additional challenge, the perches can be reduced, making it extremely hard for starlings to cling onto

The WBU Starling Proof Suet Feeder accommodates 3 suet or no-melt dough cakes and whole peanuts (in the shell). NOTE: Cages with 1½ mesh do not work to keep Red Squirrels or Eastern Chipmunks out. They can fit through the bars of the cage and are too light to trigger many squirrel proof bird feeders Starling Resistant Suet Feeder. Slip any standard-sized suet cake into the translucent plastic outer shell that provides all-weather protection. Birds including tits and woodpeckers can feed freely at the bottom of the feeder - but starlings that don't like clinging upside down are discouraged. With integral hanging chain and hook

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Use a bird feeder that is designated only to the birds you want to feed. Do not use large bird feeders where crows can enter. If you have a budget, you can invest in a bird feeder that automatically closes when a larger bird tries to enter and feed Many different types of birds like to eat mealworms, so this feeder is designed to keep out the larger and less desirable feeder visitors such as starlings, sparrows, and jays. The size of the entrance hole is key to keeping out the larger birds: The 1-½-diameter holes drilled through each side of the feeder lets in the bluebirds along with. If you have problems with starlings during the breeding season, we have an excellent range of starling proof bird feeders, specially designed to stop the long necks and beaks of starlings from reaching the food.These are not always particularly attractive but can be used during late spring to give your smaller and more timid birds a safe feeding area away from the noise and chaos of the. Bird Feeders Shop Collection. Accessories Shop Collection. BPA & LEAD FREE. 40% RECYCLED GLASS. NO LEAK-EASY CLEAN DESIGN. RUST RESISTANT. Learn more about Mosaic quality These feeders are so substantial, they could become part of a multi-generational legacy, something I won't have to replace next year, or the year after..

The Big Bird and Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder: This is the simplest and cheapest Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder not on the market anywhere. It only takes one thing to effectively foil all attempts of squirrels and large birds from gobbling up all of your expensive seeds. People spend hundreds of Another tip to get rid of blue jays is to feed nyjer thistle seed. Blue jays, like lot of bully birds, tend to leave this seed alone. Check out the 3 types of seed and feeders birds love best. Starlings, grackles, blue jays and the odd magpie come to my feeders and also stop for water. Instead of discouraging them, I spread several feeders. Because of their intermediate size, it is not possible to exclude starlings only from feeders in gardens. Timing the feeding to avoid the peak times of starling presence may help. Any audible deterrent (apart from distress calls) will not be starling-specific, but is just as likely to scare any bird within its effective range, and in gardens is. 1-48 of 246 results for starling proof bird feeders Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Seed Bird Feeder. 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,672. £24.04.

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To make your bird table for small bird birds only, insert a squirrel proof bird feeder on its side across the centre of the covered platform under the roof. Bird tables are designed in various ways, so it might be possible to stand a squirrel proof bird feeder upright, or in deed hang it up from under the table PC/Tablets & Networking. Cables & Connectors; Computer Components & Parts; Desktops & All-In-Ones; Drives, Storage & Blank Media; Home Networking & Connectivit

Dimensions: 10½ x 8″ x 9″ If you have starlings hogging your suet, turn their world upside-down. Our EcoTough® Upside-Down Suet Feeder is designed to allow birds to feed from below, a comfortable practice for woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees and other clinging birds but difficult for starlings Feeding birds is a fun, relaxing activity. But you want to feed the birds - not the squirrels. If neighborhood squirrels are invading your bird feeders and eating all the birdseed, we can help. We've found our top three favorite squirrel proof bird feeders Bird Feeders. Any Bird feeder is a great way to attract more wildlife your garden. The type of feeder and position in the garden will influence the wild birds that are attracted to your garden. Offering more than one bird feeder and bird food is the best way to see more birds in your garden. We have a range of seed feeders, peanut feeders, fat. AT LAST A STARLING PROOF FEEDER. NEW Starling Proof. (2xFatballs included) . This Wild Bird Feeding Station can look flimsy when the Big Birds try to get to the food, but the little birds love to tease them by freely flying in and out to feed This large high quality Solar bird feeder made from glass and plastic. The design of solar light softly illuminates the feeder in the dusk to dawn hours. Crafted from plastic and glass, this hanging solar birdfeeder have different hand painted stained glass designs on every side, making it a very unique and practical LED hanging light fixture. Easily to observe the bird more carefully at night.

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European Starlings have large families (5-7 eggs per brood) and often have more than one brood a year. Favorite foods. Grasshoppers and other insects are a European Starling's first choice for food, but a hungry flock will empty a bird feeder of seed when food is scarce There are also special weight-sensitive feeders that are triggered to close when large animals or bigger birds approach, preventing them from getting to seeds. For one, the Droll Yankees Squirrel X4 Proof Bird Feeder ($29.99, target.com) has a durable caged frame and integrated spring-loaded design. Small birds don't trigger the feeder's.

5. Squirrel Buster Legacy 5.5″x5.5″x24″ Bird Feeder. A slightly smaller tube feeder, this one holds about 2 ½ pounds of seed and costs about $65. The steel mesh of the tube provides another spot for small birds to cling to, besides the four perches next to the feed ports 3. Stokes Select 38200 Bird Feeder . Best Simple Design Option . It doesn't come simpler than the Stokes Select 38200 Bird Feeder. This product has two main components that combine to do all the feeding that the bluebirds need - the hook and the feeding tray.. Simplicity in design is one of the things to love about the Stokes Select 38200 product.. The bird feeder has a hook with perch. Adding a bird feeder or two to your outdoor area is an easy and fun way to interact with nature. You may want to grab an identification book along with your purchase to help you identify all of the colorful species you'll attract. Bird feeders come in a variety of styles and look great hanging from a porch entry or tree Starlings are adapting more than ever to exploit bird feeders, but you can strike a balance for them and other songbird species to feed in your garden. Although much of every daylight hour is taken up running the various aspects of our large farm and the bird food business, we still try to take time out to observe the birds and other wildlife. Mandarin-The Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder, Product No. ARU150. Arundale's original Mandarin squirrel-proof bird feeder #ARU150 is famous for its dramatic good looks, squirrel-proof 17 dome and large capacity. This birdfeeders seed ports are designed for the 'peck & pull' activity of desirable songbirds

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Large Bird & Starling Proof Feeders. These feeders keep large bird such as Crows, Pigeons, Doves and more away from your bird feeders. Also take a look at our squirrel proof feeders, many of which are able to keep large birds at bay. Please note that juvenile birds may still get into the feeders due to their size Starling-proof platform feeder. Lots of wildlife information with awesome illustrations to match. Animal burrows, dens and skeletal drawing, etc.... Erva Starling Proof Bird Feeder. We investigated ten top-rated erva starling proof bird feeder products over the previous 3 years. Distinguish which erva starling proof bird feeder fits you best. Filter by model, material, color and feeder type Are Starlings Taking Over Your Bird Feeders? European starlings. Image by Richard Crossley.. I was eating dinner outside in downtown St. Louis recently and observed a large flock of European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris), known as a murmuration, select a group of trees in a nearby park for their nightly roosting spot.This is the time of year that Starlings finish raising their families and. Eliminator Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder. Shop Online Store Locator. Capacity: 3½ qts. Protect your bird seed bounty from squirrels with our Eliminator™ bird feeder. When a squirrel touches the perch ring, its weight closes the seed ports, foiling its seed-stealing plot. The Eliminator's unique technology allows you to set the sensitivity.

Offer the right seed blends, suet and seed cakes, and feeders. Trusted Products that Wild Birds Love. Find Beautiful Birds. Identifying wild birds can be rewarding and exciting for you and your kids. Bird Watching Tips. Learn from the best. We answer your questions, from the simple to the complex. Ask the Wild Bird Experts We invent, we innovate, we solve problems. Whether it be for the garden, DIY, travel, cars or anything else - if we think of an idea we create it with the same inventive, innovative thinking for everything we do 10 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas Homemade Bird Feeders for Feathered Friends. Written by. Lauren Thomann. Lauren Thomann is a freelance writer and business owner who covers DIY projects and home renovation on The Spruce. In 2014, she joined Dotdash as an expert writer, focused on fine jewelry topics New anti starling/grackle feeder. I finally cried uncle and refused to put out anymore seed for the birds Sunday. The numbers of large birds are putting me in the poor house (maybe bird house). There was no feed left monday so I took the feeders down Bird feeding is a fun hobby for all ages to enjoy. Here at FeedingTheBirds.com we specialize in helping you find the right bird feeders for your needs as well as many valuable tips and resources to help you enjoy bird watching and bird feeding as much as possible

Provide a birdbath and proper nesting sites and you'll be seeing blue too! Fence-Post Bluebird Feeder- Blue or Orange $32.50. Gilbertson Hanging Bluebird Feeder $69.50. Sky Cafe Bluebird Feeder by Arundale $94.50. Orb Mealworm & Multi-Use Bird Feeder $19.95. Recycled Bluebird Feeder $68.50 By BBC Gardeners' World Magazine. Published: Thursday, 28 February, 2019 at 11:40 am. Larger birds, such as crows and pigeons, can crowd out smaller species from a bird feeder and can devour the food in them rapidly. Discover how to clean bird feeders Add a Perch to your Barrier Guard Caged Bird Feeder! Perch assembly for BBF1 (Barrier Guard Mealworm Feeder Blue), BBF1C (Barrier Guard Mealworm Feeder Copper Tint), SUET1 (Double Suet Cake Feeder Green), SUET1C (Double Suet Cake Feeder Copper Tint), and PNF1 (Peanut and Sunflower Feeder) Starling Proof Barrier Guard Feeders This hopper style wild bird feeder has a capacity to hold 12 LB (2 gallons) of bird seed!! Fill the Absolute Squirrel Proof Feeder with a variety of seed such as sunflower seeds, safflower seeds or other seed mixes. Made from powder-coated steel this wild bird feeder is very durable

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Shop our outdoor bird feeders for sale & bird feeding accessories from More Birds, Droll Yankees, Squirrel-X, EZNectar & Bird Health+. Free shipping on orders $49+ Brome® Squirrel Solution® 200 Squirrel-Proof Wild Bird Feeder with 6 Feeding Ports, 3.4 lb Seed Capacity, Free Seed Funnel. Model #2004. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 38647BAB-4253-4399-BF34-F2AE8036D83D@1.00x. 197. Squirrel Buster. Squirrel Buster® Mini Squirrel-Proof Small Wild Bird Feeder with 4 Metal Perches, 1 lb Seed. The Best Bird Feeders for Your Backyard. First up is our top pick, followed by an economical bargain pick. To follow, we've included 13 of our favorite additional products, an overview of styles, and advice on humane practices for interacting with wild birds. Here we go! 1. Birds Choice Bear-Proof Tube Feeder This Bird Feeder is designed to attract a variety of feathered friends, including cardinals, grosbeaks, juncos, buntings, bluebirds, finches, sparrows and smaller songbirds. It is also designed to prevent larger, more aggressive birds like doves and pigeons entering the bird feeder. By on Jan 27, 2021 Report Copper Spiral Thistle Bird Feeder - Spiral, Squirrel-Proof, 2.5 Quart Capacity (1.5 Pounds) 20OZ Vintage Feeder. 4-Hook Feeder Station. 48OZ Strawberry Feeder. 9.5 Stone Cottage Red Black & White Fully Functional Outdoor Garden Birdhouse. Cast Iron Rustic Angel Birdbath Garden Bath Feeder Bird Fairy Pixie

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Large Bird Proof Feeders. We have a range of Large Bird Proof Feeders and Squirrel Resistant Feeders which will deter birds such as Crows and Jackdaws from accessing the food as well as squirrels. Please note juvenile squirrels may be able to get in due to their size. Items 13 to 21 of 21 total. Sort By Squirrel proof bird feeders are great if a pole and squirrel baffle just aren't going to work for your situation. These are perfect for hanging off of decks, tree branches and other locations where the best baffles in the world won't work. Our favorite squirrel proof feeders for many years now are the Squirrel Buster feeders from Brome Bird Feeder Problems with Grackles, Blackbirds & Mourning Doves. Some of the problem birds at Bird Feeders can include Grackles, Blackbirds, Crows, Mourning Doves, and Starlings. One of the common issues in Backyard Wild Bird feeding is how to attract and feed desirable songbirds and yet limit access to undesirable birds and pests

Perky-Pet Yellow Metal Tube Wild Bird Feeder. Walmart USA. on sale for $14.31 original price $15.99. $14.31 $15.99. CJ There are tough guys even in the bird world: Some large species, like starlings and grackles, try to take over the feeder but can be deterred by using cages similar to what's used with large mammals

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Stop Rats And Squirrels Eating Your Birdseed Rodent Proof. Bird Feeder Test The Verdict Life And Style The Guardian. Rspb Starling Proof Feeders Pusat Hobi. 6 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders For Your Garden. 12 Tips For Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Feeding Birds. 7 Best Bird Feeders For Small Birds In My Backyard 2020 Sheet1. This is the granddad of all caged feeders. The selling point of this feeder is its large capacity reservoir above the tube. Hang or pole mount, but best if hanging. 6 non-spill ports, 39.2 cup capacity, squirrel and grackle-proof. Made in USA: Bird Feeders Traditional seed tube cover designs block the escape of heated air. The patented Seed Tube Ventilation System in the Squirrel Buster Plus, permits humidity and the warm air to escape through vents at the top of the feeder. The escaping air is replaced by fresh air entering through the seed ports. The seed remains fresher and attracts more birds.

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3. Perky-Pet SBG101 Squirrel-Be-Gone Bird Feeder. If you're researching squirrel proof bird feeders that work but which don't cost a fortune, this is the feeder for you. The feeder is priced at around $25 and has a special shield that prevents squirrels from getting to the feeding ports Bird Proof - Squirrel Feeder: Most back yard feeders focus on trying to keep squirrels away from the birdseed. I had the opposite problem. Every time that I would put peanuts out for the squirrels, the birds would quickly carry them all away. So I built this bird proof squirre Our bird feeder guardians are designed to prevent large birds (as well as squirrels) from accessing your feeder while allowing smaller birds to continue feeding without difficulty. The guardians can be used with pole-mounted bird feeders and suspended feeders. Alternatively, you could... Invest in a pigeon-proof bird feeder You can opt to purchase a squirrel proof bird feeder. There is a huge variety available. Some of the newest designs even close down a bird feeder when a squirrel lands a jump. Many people have resorted to building their own squirrel proof bird feeders Little Wren Feeder White. £34.95. Bird feeding stations are easy to erect, and just as easy to move so you can find and change the best spot throughout the year. Ideally you'll want to find somewhere hidden away so birds can relax, yet still visible for you and your guests to view. We also offer bird seed, nuts, and suet balls to attract. Hopper Bird Feeder features an adjustable weight setting on spring operated perch which closes access to seed and lets you select birds to feed. Holds up to 9 lbs of birds favorite mixed seed, sunflower seeds, peanut halves, or safflower, large capacity requires less frequent filling. Durable, chew-resistant green powder coated steel body with a zinc-plated hanger. Simply unlatch and lift the.