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Don't be fooled by the cute name: the nub theory isn't just another fad making the rounds in pregnancy forums. Numerous studies published in medical journals have assessed thousands of pregnancies to determine that the angle of the genital tubercle can predict gender in the first trimester very accurately from the 12th week If you're having a first trimester ultrasound, here's a checklist for getting the best picture for using the nub theory to determine your baby's gender. Schedule for 12th week of gestational age or later. The nub theory cannot be used in the 11th week, but by the 12th and 13th weeks it's highly accurate Understanding the Nub Theory. More Gender Prediction. DNA Tests, Fetal Heart Rate, Chinese Gender Chart, the Drano Test, and more. Gender Odds. Odds of having another boy or girl. X Sperm and Y Sperm. How sex is determined at conceptio

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Nub Theory Using this method is highly accurate. When your baby's nub (genital tubercle) is forming and visible around 12 weeks, the angle of the dangle can assist in predicting the sex of your baby. What is a nub Nub Theory: Boy or Girl? 12 Weeks 4 Days. 12W. mnd114 . CONFIRMED GIRL! Nub theory Girl or Boy?? 12 weeks 2 days. sixblessings . Just another nub pic. 13W. Gritton1978 . Dingle or dangle? Please guess x 13+6 thanks . 12W. MrsMxx . Calling all gender prediction experts :) 13W. Shoelace . 13 week scan - girl or boy?? 13W Ultrasound Gallery: Nub Theory, Confirmed Girl. From posts in the Ultrasound Foru The 7 Sway Factors. Ultrasound Gender Prediction. Understanding the Nub Theory. More Gender Prediction. DNA Tests, Fetal Heart Rate, Chinese Gender Chart, the Drano Test, and more. Gender Odds. Odds of having another boy or girl. X Sperm and Y Sperm. How sex is determined at conception

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  1. The Nub Theory The nub theory is the theory used to decide whether you are having a boy or a girl. Often called the 'angle of the dangle'. Boys angle upwards and girls lay flat, This is a FACT and not a theory
  2. What is Nub Theory? The Nub Theory is based on the hypothesis that you can predict the sex of your baby based on the angle of their genital tubercle. All babies have a genital tubercle or 'nub' between their legs that develops between 11-13 weeks. According to this theory, the angle of the nub will indicate whether a baby is a boy or girl
  3. THE NUB THEORY EXPLAINED The nub theory is a medical term used by healthcare professionals to identify the baby's gender from around 12 weeks in gestation. The nub (Genital Tubercle) is your baby's developing genitals, so no theory over here. All nubs will image as a fork

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  1. What is the Nub theory? The basics of the Nub theory are simple and straight forward (no pun intended), it's all about the angle of the genital tubercle. The confirmed boy nubs is usually angled upwards 30 degrees or more in relation to the spine, while nub theory girl says is either parallel or less than 30 degree from the spine
  2. The 'Nub Theory' suggests it's possible to tell the gender of your child in an ultrasound scan from as early as 12 weeks. It is supposedly the earliest point of prediction using modern technology; however it is only 40-60% accurate. Prior to 16 weeks, the baby will be no bigger than a small chocolate bar. There will only be a slight.
  3. Baby needs to be laying flat. You need to be 12+.... nub theory at 12w with a good view is 91%... says Ingender... and further along it increases. Middle nubs right at 12w in my own opinion are definitely less than 91%. They say it's not uncommon for early 12 weeker boys to be mistaken for girls. Violation Reported
  4. The nub on your scan picture looks the same as my ds2's on his 12 week scan, everyone said he was a girl 1 person said boy out of about 20 people! So, on my experience I would say boy, but could be either. The nub theory isn't 100% so I would just wait until your 20 week scan to find out for sure instead of relying on the nub theory
  5. The tech who did my scan didn't seem to know anything about the nub theory and just said that 13 weeks was far too early to even guess at a gender, and as for this site, I'm new to all this but having seen the amount of confirmed nubs that had correct guesses on here and ingender, I've read through a lot of posts and I know Jenaemma, Lovemy4.
  6. Yeah the nub was totally flat !!! Whereas Sean's scan last July wasnt, looked like a boy and was a boy! This baby's scan pic according to the nub theory this scan was a girl - aye right totally boy !!! Didnt use that site no, used the link someone posted on here thats on babycentre and it shows u how to look where to look etc, and how to judge.

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a boy nub is more accurate as a flat nub can still move up. at 13 weeks its meant to be 90% accurate. i had a private scan at 13 weeks and the sonographer who was a fetal medicine specialist for 20 yrs was for the nub theory n said she was 95% sure we were having a girl n we are having a girl. @1Rose19- nub looks like it could be behind shadow of the babies leg/bottom so I wouldn't guess on that one. I'm not advanced in it and only been looking into it since about 2013. Try the posting on the one suggested above or the ingender site as forums like that see so many and do this daily

Our professional team is trained to find and analyze all gender markers throughout pregnancy and will use all methods of determination that apply to your images. The Nub theory can be used with images 12 weeks and beyond to determine the gender of your baby with 98-100% accuracy. $29 $14.99 Has the nub theory been wrong for any of you? Discussion in 'Gender Prediction' started by Rahma, Apr 2, 2014. Rahma Guest. #1 Rahma, Apr 2, 2014. Misscalais Well-Known Member. Joined: Sep 5, 2012 Messages: 7,47 Nub theory by The Nub techs If you are looking for a Nub Theory prediction to learn your Baby's Sex, The Nub Techs is the number one go to for 'Nub Theory accuracy,' an ultrasound scan will reveal the gender of your child in the UK r. roselane. Jul 8, 2014 at 5:44 PM. @jennismit1, All babies have nubs before they turn into a penis or vagina. The theory is, if the nub is parallel to the spine it is a girl a dog it is angled up at all, it is a boy. My ultra sound tech says it is pretty accurate around the 12-13 week mark! r. roselane

Nub theory is the same as Ramzi theory and Skull theory and all of the other BS sex determination theories out there that claim to have a scientific basis but always have the disclaimer of wait until the anatomy scan before making any major decisions/purchases I've heard the nub theory is very very accurate but i'm praying this baby turns into a boy somehow!!! Boys are so easy! I love my DD's to death but they're so much different from boys. Maybe one day you'll have your girl if you decide to ever try again... I know a few people who have 2 boys and then a girl What marketing strategies does Ingender use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Ingender 13 weeks nub theory. Another nub theory thread! I've put it on ingender too but interested to hear what people think. It's the first time I've had a scan at 13 weeks which is apparently the ideal time for guesses! I guess boy The Nub Gender Test Theory This one is all about testing the angle of the dangle. A first trimester fetus has a genital tubercle (the nub); this theory says that you can determine whether.

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This is why we never guess on a baby's nub if they're measuring under 12 weeks gestation. Picture credit: Ingender . #ultrasound #4dultrasound #4dscan #babyscan #babydevelopment #nubshot #thenubtheory #nubtheory #nubtheoryexperts #genderprediction #genderexperts #boyorgirl #heorshe #havingababy #pregnancybeyond #. Our ultrasound tech guessed boy at 13 weeks based on nub theory, and she was correct! Nub theory is actually very accurate at 12-13 weeks, but depends very heavily on 1) the quality of the ultrasound 2) the baby's position and 3) the experience of the tech/person using the nub theory angles. 1. level 1. backtothebloop I had my scan and at 13.1 and although i dont want to find out the gender i really would appriciate some guesses at the nub :) thank you in advance

Any guesses on gender using nub theory. Discussion in 'Gender Prediction' started by Browny, Feb 18, 2014. Browny New Member. Joined: Feb 18, 2014 Messages: 3 I would post on ingender and see what you get. How many weeks were you when this u/s was done #7 truthbtold, Feb 21, 2014. mazndave Mummy of 1 + bump! Joined: Aug 13, 2011 Messages. The experts on the nub theory have guessed correctly with my ultrasound pictures. I have also done the NT scans which is around the right time to make a guess with the nub about 11-13 weeks I believe. The doctor agreed that it can be accurate if done properly. You must have a perfect nub pictur Thanks for the link to this! I've been trying to read up on the nub theory and after searching nub theory in this group I came across this quiz. I got 7/10 so guessing my research has maybe taught me something haha!! Kateholly88 what is your guess for my 12 week scan ?!? X

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So I've been seeing post on other sites that swear by this nub theory this simply means the genital nub, when first developed sometime around the 10-13th week, the nub, that will soon either turn into female vaginal lips or a boys testes shows up on a profile view of baby at 12 weeks. The girls will be parallel with their spine while the boys. 13w2d - from inGender : Hi girls. Ive had no luck with getting a nub shot from my pics but InGender pointed out this apparent nub shot from a video I posted on their website. Thoughts? - BabyCenter Australi Nub theory info : Hi everyone, I have been doing a little bit of researching into the nub theory. It's just too exciting not to have a bit of a guess :) This site was particularly helpful. So thought I might share for the people who are as excited as I am Skull theory is not reliable at all in fetuses but nub csn be very. It's not just based on the angle of the initial white line for a boy, you also have to look out for stacking which sits on top of the nub, this is what gives the nub an angle even when it appears relatively parallel

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  1. PS For anyone interested, the nub theorists were about 97% certain it was a girl when I posted on ingender - so they and the nub theory were right!! 0. Replies. jimjamjem
  2. Saved from ingender.com. The Nub Theory: Don't wait, find out baby's gender at your 1st trimester ultrasound! Gender Selection and Gender Prediction: high tech sex selection and at home gender swaying. Saved by Lauren Sacchieri. 6
  3. Hi, I just went for my 13 week check up yesterday and I got the ultrasound done. The ob/gyn said that it looked like a girl nub and I would really like a girl, nevertheless I am obssessing over it and it looks a boy nub. What do you think, for those of you experienced in the nub
  4. Choose Ramzi Theory (most accurate between 6-8 weeks gestation), Nub Theory (12-14 weeks), or Skull Theory (12+ weeks) for our Experts to analyze to predict the sex of your baby as early as possible. If you are unsure of which theory would be best, choose Experts Decide, and we will apply the most accurate theory for your scan
  5. Apparantly boy forehead slopes where as girls is more vertical, am trying to find out more myself on the skull theory. Its supposed to be 92%accurate. If you look at my post of baby scan , the skull suggested girl according to theory but I am having a baby boy . I think it's so unpredictable
  6. 15/02/2014 at 6:04 am. Our very obvious boy nub! Confirmed by 3 scans and even a CVS x. 0 like. Reply. vic85vkm. 15/02/2014 at 7:18 am. My girl at 12 weeks and potty shot and 4d at 16 weeks. Proud mammy of DS 3 and Pink bump due 24th July

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Ifølge Ingender.com varierer korrektheden af forudsigelserne mellem 67 % og 100 % i uge 11 til 13 (for de billeder, hvor nub'en kan ses ordentligt). Nogle studier har, ifølge Thegenderexperts.com , vist en nøjagtighed på over 88 % ved scanning efter fulde 12 uger That definitely looks like a girl nub :)Im not sure about extending past the bum but I have noticed that boys nubs tend to be shorter with a bump or short line on top whereas girls tend to be longer with a long line and shorter line underneath The Nub Theory is as much a theory as evolution is a theory, you can't argue a nub, it's the infantile version of the genitals, it's both labioscrotal fold and the dense nerve endings that become the clitoris or the head of the penis Combining Ramzi, Nub and Skull Theories improves accuracy If you want to purchase this package, but are less.

Nub theory. What's my baby's sex? BOY OR GIRL -> NUB/SKULL THEORY. Dan36hbt. 26/01/2014 at 8:25 am. 12 week scan, confirmed baby girl x. 0 like. Reply. Daisy X. 26/01/2014 at 12:53 pm. In answer to Jade T(18) 12 week scan then confirmed boy at 20 weeks (even though everyone guessed girl from this scan pic lol! Nub theory expert here! e. elizam826. Ok I'm not really an expert but I've been researching lots! If you'd like me to guess the sex of your baby send an US my way. . 11 weekers are moved to the just for fun threads on Ingender. Report as Inappropriate ' 'whyamihereagain' Eliza. Report as Inappropriate. b. braka_85. Yay fun! 12 weeks 1 day. Nub Theory - Ingender. Nub Theory Accuracy - Ingender.com. First-trimester determination of fetal gender by ultrasound - PubMed - NCBI. Fetal gender assignment by first-trimester ultrasound - PubMed - NCBI. This entry was posted in The Reality Check Episodes and tagged children, facebook, sex

Nubologists : So I got a little carried away with Facebook groups on nub theory and then paid £5.50 for a drawing and 'guess' from the nubologists. Anyone ever sent in their scans to them? Has their response been accurate? So far all Facebook replies say I'm having a girl and still waiting to hear back from Nubologists. Super curious if it's accurate Nub techs predicted 95% boy for me and when I went to a gender scan they told me I was having a girl, what they claimed was the nub was actually a leg! X. they are very often wrong. Wrong for me. Gender experts and nub techs both said baby girl 95% and 98% I was so excited but nope ! was our second boy It's the nub theory. If it pointing more up, it's a boy. If it's straight out it's a girl. Did you get a pic? My baby was 11w5d at my last ultrasound and her 'nub' was straight out. Confirmed gender with progenity test But theory has it if you draw a straight line through the spine and the angle of the baby's genital tubercle, an angle measuring greater than 30-degrees means it's a boy, and less than that means it's a girl. We did require an extra ultrasound around 12 weeks with number three and this theory proved to be correct for him The nub theory was started by the perinatologist that teaches all of us techs how to do the NT screening. He swears that you can tell the difference between a boy and a girl as early as 10wks. You.

My girls nub was super parallel.. and you have a very nice clear shot of the nub and spine, and that nub definitely has an angle! Post on ingender.com forum to be sure, they have some experts over. nub theory would anyone guess please I had my 12 week scan a couple of weeks back, we got three picts from it, one of which shows what looks to be a nub, i did post my picts on ingender and received mainly boy guesses apart from a few incl charliecats who said 50/50

How does it compare to the Ramzi Theory, Nub Theory, and Skull Theory? Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar and Guide 2020. Legend says, this calendar was discovered 700 years ago in an ancient tomb. The Ancient Chinese gender chart was found in a royal tomb centuries ago. It uses your age and date of conception to predict gender June 2019 Birth Club Does the nub theory really wor The nub theory: The nub theory is basically about 'the angle of the dangle'. Between 11 and 14 weeks' gestation both genders have a penis-like protuberance between the legs. They look incredibly similar at this point, except for the angle at which they are pointing For example, protruding part does not always mean a boy, it can be a swollen clitoris. And three bright lines does not always mean it is a girl as it can be seen at boy at times at early genitalia development. Only through the vast experience, the sonographer can determine accurately which one is which, same to nub theory

Tried nub experts and they told me boy. 95% sure. Everyone else from forums has also now said boy. I'm so upset. I really felt I was having a girl and was so excited. Now I feel I have no hope of it being a girl and I'm heartbroken I've attached the pics of my scan. #1 Jess162, Aug 29, 2019 Free nub theory There's a website called ingender.com that might help with anyone struggling with their nub photos. It helped assure me that while sometimes informative, the theory isn't always right and that I should be open to either a boy or girl based on my u/s. It has lots of pictures with confirmation later in pregnancy. Hope this helps some of you out. What marketing strategies does Genderdreaming use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Genderdreaming

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Does nub theory still count if baby upside down and spine curved? Discussion in 'Gender Prediction' started by Kato2, Aug 28, 2014. Kato2 Mummy to 1 and pregnant. Ask on ingender about the upside down thing there experts there #3 nickyb, Aug 29, 2014. Kato2 Mummy to 1 and pregnant. Joined: Sep 21, 201 About us; Management. Designated Partner; President; Internal Documents; Activities. Investments in construction of medical treatment and preventive care institution Free nub theory. Y: Choose Ramzi Theory (most accurate between 6-8 weeks gestation), Nub Theory (12-14 weeks), or Skull Theory (12+ weeks) for our Experts to analyze to predict the sex of your baby as early as possible. but have not started to change from its [email protected First cycle of Femara gave us our first miracle in May 2011. I was told girl at 14 weeks (confirmed at 16 and 20) and the was nothing between the legs at all. Sometimes though, girls can appear to have a bit of a nub if the clitoris is really swollen but by 15 weeks it should be fine

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Another nub theory thread! I've put it on ingender too but interested to hear what people think. In boys, the nub tends to point upwards at an angle of more than 30Scans to tell if you're having a boy or a girl. A much better visual can be obtained at 20 weeks when gender changes are more definitely complete. If you are expecting a baby boy. Anyone good at Nub Theory?? Please help, I am going nuts trying to figure it out!!! I think the problem is that the nub is in the middle (go figure). Yes nub is pretty flat and straight but the thing on top throws me off!! #7 Courtney917, Oct 23, 2012. jojo1972 Mum of 4. Joined: Jul 9, 2010 Messages: 2,737 Likes Received: 0. Try ingender. The nub theory really throws me off! In one image it looks somewhat straight and the next it looks like it's angled up. I cried all night last night! and on ingender it was most girl except 2 boy guesses but those two were the most accurate women in guessing Just don't count on a boy yet since 12 weeks I heard is pretty much shot of 50/50.

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Nub theory vs 3d scan. Have a look please :) : Hi ladies, Im 14+2 weeks, and very impatient to find out what I'm having.arent we all? I know nothing is accurate but would love you all to have a look at my 2d and 3d photos and let me know what you think? Comparing to your scans or just theories???the monographer guessed boy, but all she said was it looked suspicious to be a. 13 week boy nub So I've been told girl from multiple sources for ramzi, skull, and nub theories. I don't want to get my hopes up but I really want a girl. Next week is my gender ultrasound. How likely is it. Nub theory is an unproven gender prediction method that suggests you can determine your baby's gender at your 12 week pregnancy scan. It centers on the 'nub' - the genital tubercle -, that forms on the lower abdomen of the baby. The tubercle or tube will eventually develop into a penis in a male baby or a clitoris in a female baby About us. if you get a profile pic with a nub included you might be able to find out at WWW.ingender.com ALL will have a nub so don't let that make you think boy if you see one. its something about the way it tilts or something. those girls are pros and seem to be right a lot. you won't be able to tell before 12 weeks with the nub theory

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Boy nub wrong 12 week nub theory would anyone guess please I had my 12 week scan a couple of weeks back, we got three picts from it, one of which shows what looks to be a nub, i did post my picts on ingender and received mainly boy guesses apart from a few incl charliecats who said 50/50 The nub is the bright white line near baby's bottom Ingender nub theory. Ingender counseling abq. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. Central systems canoga park ca 1 . Te connectivity distributors usa 2 . Free bilingual test 3 . Kansai paint indonesia 4 . Sql server format function date 5 Well, I posted my first u/s a while back for nub guessing here and at Ingender and got 100% girl guesses- nope! He's a boy! Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed at first (I wanted a girl so. How does the nub theory work? - Page 2: This is bub number three and just interested in how you tell? Any ideas? I have 2 boys already. - BabyCenter Australi

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The gender experts accuracy keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this websit Free nub theory. nub theory: Here's our bean at 12 weeks! Gender based on nub theory. You may have found this page by searching for Sex determination, The nub theory gender prediction, angle of the dangle, sex ultrasound, gender ultrasound, boy or girl ultrasound scan, Gender scan, Jongen of meisje, Gutt eller jente, Garçon ou fille, Chłopiec czy dziewczynka, Мальчик и.

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