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Market Swine (63) Market Steers (61) Market Lambs (60) Market Goats (45) Breeding Heifers (42) Breeding Ewes (27) Breeding Gilts (26) Breeding Does (16) Slaughter Cattle Grading (10) Feeder Cattle (8) Bulls (7) Feedlot Steers (2) Feedlot Heifers (1) Commercial Cattle Grading School (1) Prospect Steers (1 Dr. Richard Coffey Department Chair 900 W.P. Garrigus Building Lexington, KY 40546 859-257-268 When judging sheep, the evaluation should begin from the ground and then working your way up, and then from the rear and working your way forward. The animals in the class should be ranked based on the traits of importance they possess, while putting the greatest emphasis on the most valuable traits in the production of sheep. Contestants should also eliminate any easy placings in the class, and place the remainder of the class based on the volume of the important traits

Class Name Class Type Origin Questions View; Breeding Ewes 2 w/ Critique: Breeding Ewes: Blinn Online Judging Camp: 0 Breeding Ewes 1 w/ Critique: Breeding Ewes Stock judging: breeding ewes, finished lambs and lamb carcase. When stock judging sheep, the points below should help you to understand what to look for. Find out more about stock judging. Breeding ewes. The ewe needs to be healthy, with length, width and depth of body; she needs to eat, walk and feed two lambs. So, the order of checking is Key Points for Judging Sheep Evaluate animals first from the ground up and then from the rear forward. Rank the tgraits for their importance. Evaluate the most important traits first Steps to Judging Swine When judging swine, you should first view the animal from the ground and work your way up and then from the rear and work your way forward. The animals in the class should be ranked based on the traits of importance they possess, and contestants should always evaluate the most important traits first

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  1. the class. Marking the judging card An example of the Kansas 4-H judging card is shown here. With a class of four animals, there are 24 possible ways to place the class. Always be sure to mark both your contestant number and the name of the class being judged on each card
  2. Judging Performance Classes Kevin Laurent, Extension Beef and Swine Associate Richard Coffey, Ph.D., Extension Swine Specialist if cattle or sheep will be raised under range conditions with data that are given for a performance class of breeding animals, let's look at three example classes and see how this informatio
  3. Breeding gilt class provided by Chuck Real for the 2017 District 10 & 12 4H judging contest
  4. yearling class (two to four tooth) and be judged in that class. 2. Yearling ewes Two to four tooth ewes. (No breeding sheep with more than four permanent teeth will be allowed to show.) D. Two classes are offered for commercial ewes. The classifications for the district and state shows in the commercial ewes division are: 1)

Judging Classes - Sure Champ. Each month, we work to gather a high-quality judging class to use for practice and to brush up on your evaluation skills. Find them all with a corresponding set of sample reasons below this system is when judging beef cattle or sheep and the animals are haltered or are being held in racks. When this is the case, number the animals from left to right as you stand behind them. Livestock Judging Contest A livestock judging contest includes classes of beef cattle, sheep, and swine. You may judge either market or breeding classes. Ram Classes. Judging Breeding Ewes. Judging Market Lambs. Sheep Breed Character Discussion. Sheep Breed Character Discussion. Hampshire Breed Character. Southdown Breed Character. Judging Breeding Ewes. Breeding Ewe Evaluation Intro and Basics

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Breeding Ewes. When judging breeding ewes you must look at maternal characteristics, Structural Correctness, and Muscling. This diagram shows the body parts of a breeding ewe. These are important to know when your are judging an animal so you know how to address it. What to Evaluate Judging Sheep 4‐H Manitoba 2015 local sheep breeders, judges and breed associations to gather more information on judging sheep. Now - take these three things and put them to use. Good judging! I placed 1 at the top of the class and over 2 because 1 was a meatier, more heavily muscled Division: Commercial Breeding Sheep. Class: 3310: Ewe Lamb . Champion Commercial Breeding Ewe. Caelan Long Entry #368. North Scott FFA. Senior. 2020 Scott County 4-H and FFA Judging Results Author: Hornbuckle, Ethan M Created Date: 8/7/2020 2:19:12 PM. Classes Class - Market Lambs List Select to Filter Haired Market Steers Slick Market Steers Loose Breeding Heifers Haltered Breeding Heifers Loose Bulls Haltered Bulls Market Lambs Breeding Ewes Market Goats Breeding Does Market Hogs Breeding Gilt

Practice livestock judging from home! Start by sorting through the class and working on your reasons. Then, get tips and tricks for improving your skills whi.. over our own sheep; I would hold a sheep with one hand and go over it with the other, and in that way became accustomed to one-hand judging. An important point in judging breeding classes is to stick to type. Begin with the type which to you is the correct one, for the breed, and adhere to it. If one does this, one is not likel After the ram classes the ewes are judged, the breeding ewe will normally start if there is a class, followed by yearling ewes and then the ewe lambs. Very occasionally the older ewe and yearling class may be mixed and the schedule will say, ewe of any age but must be one year or older, not a favourite class of ours as we prefer the older ewes.

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  1. Mark That Card - Angus Bred Heifers. Thank you, Oklahoma State Livestock Judging team, for the officials and reasons. Placing: 3-4-1-2Cuts: 3-5-4 3-4-1-2 is my rank of the Angus bred heifers. 3 has the right kind of maternal look and she hit me the hardest. Not only is the smooth shouldered heifer the most attractive up front and boldest and.
  2. What to look for when judging breeding ewes? The ideal breeding sheep (Figure 11) should be structurally correct. Her feet and legs should be placed square with an adequate amount of width between them. She should be heavy boned with a large foot. Like breeding cattle, correct angles of the skeleton are important for proper movement
  3. Wool Sheep Judging Tips. This past weekend at the University of Findlay, sheep breeders, judges, and enthusiast alike joined for a day filled with wool sheep breed judging advice, knowledge, and experience. The focus of this workshop was to expose judgers how to appropriately evaluate fleeces and wool sheep breeds
  4. You will take notes only on classes that have been assigned as reasons classes. once you have evaluated and placed the animals in the class, then take notes. a 5- by 8-inch steno notebook is suggested for use in taking notes. 7 judging beef cattle and oral reasons 101 introduction: # and id grant (good) criticize (bad) compare (good
  5. All ewes 2 years old and over are required to have suckled a lamb during the present year. A grade is hereby defined as being sired by a purebred ram. No rams shall be shown in Market Lamb Classes. All breeding sheep should be properly fitted and trimmed. All market lambs must be slick sheared one (1) week prior to the fair. All Breeding.
  6. ed by show management *Ewes may be shown in either market or breeding, but not both. *There is a 110-pound maximum weight limit to show for champion
  7. It was great to see youth circled around livestock classes and giving reasons in a socially distanced manner. The main components of the contest include judging classes of livestock, such as market or breeding beef cattle, swine, sheep and/or meat goats, and justifying their decisions through oral reasoning and question sets

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  1. Breeding sheep are required to have an ear tag identifying the flock of their origin. Judging Requirements: Up to two breed sheep per class (refer to Fulton County Fair Book for age breaks and class divisions). Participate in Interview Judging within your club. Bring completed project book to interview judging
  2. Open Class Sheep Department 104 2 of 2 CLASS M: WOOL/SHEEP SHOW 1. Open Class Registration Deadline - July 15. 2. Entry Day - Tuesday, August 24, no later than 6pm. 3. Judging Day - Wednesday, August 25, following Market Animal Sheep judging which begins after Junior Fair Sheep. 4
  3. Judging Market Sheep Showmanship - Livestock Show Complex - Judging Market Sheep & Breeding Sheep to follow: 9 a.m. Judging Draft & Haflinger Youth classes except hitch classes - Horse Arena: 10 a.m. (approx.) Judging Goat Showmanship 4-H/FFA & Open Show - Dairy Arena - Market Goat Classes and Dairy Breeding Goat Classes to follow: Noo
  4. Our Torddu judge for the progeny class is Mr Christie Joesph (Lloyne... y Flock) I farm alongside my family on our mixed sheep and beef farm in the Wye valley between Brecon and Builth Wells. Since a young age I have always taken a keen interest in livestock. The Lloyney flock was established in 2001 when dad and mum brought home 3 Torddu ewes from Abergavenny mart, purchased from Mr Paul.
  5. The breeding animal exhibitors and the market animal exhibitors will each have a Grand Drive, during their respective weeks of the fair. During this 3-hour event in Ag-Pro Companies Taft Coliseum, youth will have the opportunity to compete in the Grand Drive as the final event of the Ohio State Fair livestock competitions
  6. Supreme Ram and Ewe will be selected from the Breed Show ONLY (classes 1-12) at the conclusion of the show. Class 1- Wool and Woolies Revue. Premiums: 1st-$10 2nd-$8 3rd-$6 4th-$4 5th-$2. Judging starts at 10:00 A.M., Saturday, July 24, 2021. Peewee (have not entered the 4th grade as of January 1, 2021
  7. ant characteris-tics of the breed are associated with growth and carcass traits (ram) or reproductive characteristics (ewe). The dual breed class indicates that the breed is noted equally for growth, carcass, and repro-ductive characteristics

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  1. 6. 4-H & FFA Breeding Sheep Exhibitors staying for the Open Show need to clean out their pens after 9 pm on Saturday, Sept 11th for re-bedding. (Judging will be held immediately following Open Class judging on Wed., Sept. 11) RESERVE CHAMPION EWE *All animals shown in a group class must be entered in an individual age class. of
  2. Judge 2 Win offers a variety of ways to hone your livestock evaluation skills. The first of these is through our premade classes. Judge 2 Win sources classes from judging contests and elite breeders throughout the nation. Another unique feature of our revolutionary platform is our groundbreaking Build Your Own Class Feature. You will be able to source contest indicative classes from our.
  3. Interview judging in this project will reflect individual's project experience. Members are to bring completed (to date of Interview Judging) 199 Sheep Breeding Project and Record Book. If a conflict arises, a member may attend Pre- Judging by appointment only. Members are not eligible for county interview placing if they attend Pre- Judging. 4
  4. Judging Market Classes . Friday, August 6 . 9:00 a.m. Commercial Ewe Classes . Saturday, August 7 . 9:00 a.m. All Breed/Division Champions will compete for Grand & Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb in Coliseum Saturday, August 7 at TBD . Release Time . Saturday, August 7 . at completion of the Commercial Ewe Show (except all breed and division.

• Members are permitted to show either a wether or ewe lamb in the market lamb class. Market lambs with any evidence of testicular growth will not be permitted to show. • Breeding Sheep: Members may show one breeding sheep per breed class. Members are limited to entries in two breeds. Slick shorn wether type ewe is considered a breed class. Breeding Sheep Rules and Regulations. Entry form must be in Superintendents hands by July 1. All substitutions must be made within the same breed, and must be approved by the Superintendent prior to check-in. All sheep (excluding market lambs) must be registered in the flock books of their respective breeds and bear the American Ear Tags of. Class 1. All Females Born September 1, 2019 - March 31, 2021 Breeding Sheep Show American System of Judging Entry Fee: $15.00 per Entry per Class 1. Flock numbers shall be used to identify all entries. Numbers shall be used on regular and practical tags attached to the ear or tattooed in the ear Breeding Ewe Class: Virtual Judging Sheep - Breeding Ewes. April 15, 2020 - Judging Goats with Dale Brown - Laramie County Community College Goat Judging Family Pod Scores Goat Judging Friend Pod Scores Goat Judging All Participant Scores Market Goat Class: Virtual Livestock Judging Goats - Market Goat Torddu Progeny Class Results Judge - Mr Christie Joesph - Lloyney Flock 1st Ewe Lamb Class - Sean Jeffreys - KTG Flock 2nd Ewe Lamb Class - Griff Jenkins - Creseli Flock 3rd Ewe Lamb Class - Oliver & Daniel Ruggeri - Tombrook Flock The society would like to thank the judge and also the exhibitors for both their time & effort involved, it is much appreciated

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• Youth Sheep Show - Exhibitors in the youth show are limited to a total of 8 head in the breeding classes and a maximum of 2 market lambs. The exhibitor must present his/her own animal in the ring unless they have 2 in one class Weigh-in 4-H/FFA Open Show Open Sheep must Superintendent 7:00 p.m. Breeding must be out be in place 6:00 p.m. 4-H/FFA Sheep by 10 p.m.) 3:30 p.m. All breeding Market Lamb 8:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. Youth Sheep & Meat sheep must Showmanship 4-H/FFA Sheep Goat Judging be out of barn BreedingFittingContes 19. Udder Class - The judge will have discretion of specifying animals from each of the Senior Doe lots to return for judging in this lot. Special Awards . 1. Jr Best Doe in Show - Grand Champions from each breed class competing - Trophy 2. Sr Best Doe in Show - Grand Champions from each breed class competing - Trophy 3

Judging: CLASSES TO BE JUDGED AT 10.30 AM BEFORE SECTION CLASSES TAKE PLACE: Classes. 1 - TINY TOTS handler of sheep any breed - handler to be between age 3 to 6 on Show Day. 2 - Best Young Handler of Sheep, any breed - handler to be between ages 7 - 11 on Show Day Breed, Class, Flock ID, Registration Number, Birth Date, Gender and Scrapie ID . This information can be entered at the time of online entry. If you do not have it or enter it at the time of online entry you need to complete the supplemental entry form. Breeding sheep ownership deadline is June 1, 2021 Following the Goat Show; Sheep Showmanship, 4-H Breeding & Market Sheep Judging followed by Clover Kid Sheep Show at Pavilion 9 am-9 pm Extension Building Open to 4-H Exhibits 12 Noon Judging of Rabbit/Poultry Static Exhibits in Rabbit/Poultry Barns Saturday, July 24 8 am 4-H Market Beef Showmanship & Judging at Pavilio

We are looking at a new start again. We are looking at a new start for heifers and for Breeding sheep Just had an announcement. Come in on Wednesday. The livestock judging contest will start at 10 AM Livestock judging on Wednesday will start at 10 AM Also, please be aware that today is the last day to do your Maryland State Fair entries Scorecard for Judging Montadale Sheep adopted June, 2006 The Breed Standards are meant to be used as a guideline in selecting and judging Montadales. Some breeders will place more emphasis on certain aspects of the Breed Standards depending upon the goals of their individual breeding programs. Conformation and Soundness 50-60 All Sheep must be in place no later than Midnight on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 Market Lamb weigh-in at 9 AM on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 Breeding Stock Judging at 8 AM Friday, July 2, 2021 Market Lamb Judging IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING Breeding Stock Show - July 2, 2021 Sheep will be released at 6 PM Sunday, July 4, 202 b. Ewes eligible for the B&O class must show in their respective age class prior to competing for the B&O awards. c. The highest place B&O ewes in their respective age class will return to be placed in the B&O class. d. All Junior Breeding Ewe exhibitors who are going to show in the B&O class must indicate their intentions upon entry SHEEP Department 3—Open Show Amount Offered: $10,768.00 Entry Fee: $4.00 per entry (2 entries per Class maximum) Stall Fee: $2.00 per animal Judging Time Breed Show: Friday, August 6th 2021 at 1:00 p

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Start studying Sheep Livestock Judging Terminology. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. nicer balanced ewe with more breed character about her head and legs. Disadvantage fattest wether in class and I placed him fourth... A more correctly finished wether. The class of sheep that are evaluated more on the quality of their fleece than other sheep are known as: Fine-wool breeds. What is considered when judging breeding classes but not market classes? Sex character. Puberty is the age at which heifers: come in heat _____ cattle are dominant for black and polled the class. Marking the judging card An example of the Kansas 4-H judging card is shown here. With a class of four animals, there are 24 possible ways to place the class. Always be sure to mark both your contestant number and the name of the class being judged on each card Later that afternoon was based on the breeding section, where we were giving scenario for classes of gilts, hogs, Angus bulls and heifers, Hereford heifers and ewe lambs, plus a class of keep cull ewes. I would just like to say that the group which organised the stock did extremely well being able to obtain high quality performing live animals Darin Annuschat shows viewers what sheep judges look for

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17 Get of Sire, 4 breeding animals (any age or sex), the get of 1 sire. Need not be owned by the exhibitor $10 $9 $8 $7 $6 SUPREME CHAMPION RAM ROSETTE SUPREME CHAMPION EWE ROSETTE SECTION 1 BREEDING SHEEP JUDGING: Friday, July 30, 2021 - 9:00 AM (in conjunction with the Junior Show). JUDGE: Mallory Perchinski - New Columbia, P JUNIOR SHEEP - DEPARTMENT 104 Jr. Superintendent - Tim Ehlen, 608-201-0776 JUDGING DAY: THURSDAY at 8:00 a.m., Showmanship, Wethers, Breeding Stock REGULATIONS - Refer to Health Regulations in front of book RULES GOVERNING EXHIBITS - READ THEM CAREFULLY 1 However, in a final pair of frailer built gilts, 3 beats 4 in terms of sheer mass & substance. Her added top, hip & center certainly conveys visual breeding value. Simply put, she offers a bolder & more productive look. The female showing signs of estrus, is set higher at the base of her tail and closer to ideal in teat size & spacing Sheep & Goat Evaluation. Iowa State Sheep Videos. Iowa State Goat Videos. MSU Sheep Resources. Market Lamb Evaluation. Market Lamb Terminology. Breeding Sheep Evaluation. Breeding Sheep Terminology Breeding Sheep Try and find out what breed of sheep you are judging before the competition - the above points are applicable to ALL breeds BUT each breed has its own characteristics so if you can Tell the judge if you felt there were 2 pairs in the class today, or if you felt there was a.

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In 2018, the first Wool Judging Clinic program was conducted to help sheep judges improve their ability to evaluate wool breeds of sheep. In early March, Ohio State University Extension, Ohio Sheep & Wool Program (Ohio's sheep, lamb, and wool check-off program) and OSU Animal Sciences, which prepared the meal, hosted judges to learn more. Gail has bred and sold show steers, heifers, breeding swine and show pigs, and in 1979 started Christian's Show Lambs. He added Boer breeding goats and market wethers to the program in the mid 90's. He has sold sheep and goats into 48 states and 7 foreign countries, conducted spring and fall lamb and goat sales for years, also adding a bred ewe. All breeding Market Lamb 8:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. Youth Sheep & Meat sheep must Showmanship 4-H/FFA Sheep Goat Judging be out of barn BreedingFittingContest Sheep6:00 p.m. must be Katahdin in place 2021 Sheep Schedule OPEN BREEDING SHEEP MAY ARRIVE: Sunday, August 15, 10:00 a.m Sheep Judging Contest - 7-8 Classes (Including 1-2 goat classes) Lunch.

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  1. REGISTERED BREEDING SHEEP DIVISIONS 1. Exhibitors of sheep entered in Registered Breed Classes must present Breed Association / Registration papers at check-in. 2. Exhibitors of Commercial Ewes must present a Bill of Sale / Ownership papers at check-in. 3. All sheep of each division will be shown in their respective class
  2. Our office can also be contacted at 574-353-7091 or 574-527-0967. Champion Drive strives to bring you accurate, timely show results, sale highlights and event information. In order for this service to be available, we rely on a number of people and offices to assist with compiling information. While we intend to only publish the facts, in some.
  3. g presence and look of 1 to win
  4. 2. Project books must be checked before breeding sheep can be shown. 3. All breeding animals must be shown to the judge in the show ring. 4. Junior breeding classes will immediately follow showmanship judging Tuesday morning. The show order for the open sheep will be followed. The Junior Show will be combined with the Open Show. 5
  5. — Wool Class Judging, Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 5:00 P.M. Wool Class Judge: Donna Jo Copeland — Sheep Shearing Contest, Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 6:30 P.M. — Open Class Breeding, Saturday, August 29, 2015 at 8:00 A.M. Open Class Judge: Jim Corbett Manure must be placed in containers provided for that purpose. Anyone found placin
  6. CLASS 01 - Top 15 Market Lambs The Top 15 Market Lambs will receive a placing ribbon in addition to the grouping ribbon. AWARDS Champion and Reserve Champion Rosette in each CLASS BREEDING SHEEP TROPHY AWARDS Supreme Ram all Breeds Sponsored by Kittitas County Sheep Producers Supreme Ewe All Breeds Sponsored by 3 M Suffolks, The McDowell Family
  7. Reserve Supreme Champion Meat Breed Ewe Rotation 1 $150 and Banner Third Overall Supreme Champion Meat Breed Ewe Rotation 1 $100 and Banner SUPREME CHAMPION AWARDS - ROTATION 2 A Supreme, Reserve Supreme, and Third Overall Champion Ram and Ewe will be selected from the breed show champions at the end of judging on Sunday, August 15th. The.
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Judging Day: Wednesday 4pm (Lead Class) followed by Breeding Class and 5pm (Market Lambs, followed by Sheep Showmanship) Judging Location: Sheep Barn Junior Meat Animal Sale Auction: Thursday 7:00pm Farm Progress Arena Awards and sponsors will be posted at the Fair-Sheep Entry Fee is $1.00 PER animal ENTERED -Only ONE animal per entry numbe All breeding sheep must have an official USDA Scrapie Tag. Pair of lambs must be owned by one exhibitor. 4H and FFA Rules. Members must be present and have charge of their animal at the time of judging. Lambs shown in breeding classes cannot be shown in market classes and vice versa. Section 7 - Breeding Shee Shorpshire will be the featured breed on September15 at 6:00 pm. Sheep must arrive from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm , Tuesday, September 14. Sheep must remain in place until 4:00 pm Thursday, September 15. Sheep must be removed by 7:00 pm. ALL out-of-state sheep are required to have CVI for the vets to check. If registration papers, health papers and. Large framed, English, meat breed with black face and wool cap. o. Very fine fleece breed with heavy wool production from Spain. p. Large frame wool breed developed from crossing Lincoln or Leicester rams on Merino ewes. q. Wool breed developed in France and Germany from Merino breed. r. Hair breed developed in U. S. that does not require. Management may combine or cancel Classes/Divisions for the betterment of Competition. TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2019 All Junior and Senior Breeding Livestock on grounds by 10 PM WEDNESDAY, JULY 31, 2019 9 AM - Senior Division Breeding Sheep THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 2019 9 AM - Senior Division Breeding Sheep 6 PM - Supreme Champion Ewe and Ram Judging

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Class and Junior Class must not touch their sheep while showing. The control of the animal must come from the halter. 6. The sheep does not have to be owned by the contestant. 7. Contestant will be judged on control of sheep, clothing and cleanliness of sheep. 8. Contestant must be from a sheep raising family. 9. Judging will be on the. 10AM Pan American Sheep Dog Trials, TSDA Sanctioned LJP 1PM Checked-In Deadline: Breeding Sheep, Cattle (SB, CB1) Release: Sheep Dogs 6:30PM Exhibitor Appreciation Dinner BCLC Saturday, October 9 7AM Check-In: Youth Dairy Judging Contest (BCLC) 8AM Youth Dairy Judging Contest, followed by awards LJP Pan American Sheep Show Swine Aren SHEEP BREEDING Judging Saturday 8:00 a.m. Entry Fee: $4.00 Premiums: General Rules: • Sheep will be judged for both wool and mutton characteristics, with special consideration for wool and mutton production in the respective classes. • All classes will be judged where there is competition in the arena Entries must be complete for both breeding classes and market lamb show. 2. Each exhibitor will be allowed to enter 4 ram lambs and 4 ewe lambs in the lamb classes. (Exhibitors will be allowed to show from one to four animals in any one class, but not more than 4 lambs total.) Yearling classes are limited to two entries per class. No limit i

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OSU Extension » Gallia County » 2021 Gallia County Junior Fair Judging Results July 13, 2021 - 11:22am -- green.84@osu.edu 2021 General Project Judging Result 13. Open class sheep are permitted to be hauled in Friday, shown and taken home. Only those hauled in on Friday can be taken home Friday. BREEDING SHEEP USDA IDENTIFICATION PROGRAM All intact breeding animals entered in the Hartford Fair for the purpose of participating in the sheep breeding class shows must follow guidelines as listed below: 1

SHEEP Superintendent - Mark Roembke Live Judging: Wednesday, 12:00 p.m. Performance Lamb Ultrasound: TBD All sheep to be in place between 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Tuesday Market Lamb Weigh-In Pen to Pen starting at 1 p.m. Tuesday • Market Division Sheep will be judged before Breeding Divisions Sheep. In the 4-H sheep project you can learn bout breeds, selection, grooming, production, management, showmanship, marketing, and careers. Learn basic principles of animal science by owning, caring for, and keeping records on one or more head of livestock. Gain knowledge of sound breeding, feeding, and management practices : Wether Dam Sheep Class Description 001 Yearling Ewe, born Sept 2014 - July 2015 . 002 Fall Ewe Lamb, born Aug - Dec 2015 . 003 Spring Ewe Lamb, born Jan -July 2016 (Spring Lambs must have their lamb teeth) JUNIOR BREEDING EWE PREMIUM SCHEDULE PER CLASS . 1st 2nd 3rd . $25 $20 $1 breeding ewe/doe classes or vice versa. 18. Commerc ial ews ill be sho n ybr ed t pe. Breed type ll e d termin d at the time of official weighing by a classification committee. The decisions of the classification committee will be final. Commercial ewes will be divided into the following 3 breed classes as follows 8 -11 am 4-H Exhibit Interview Judging 4-H Building 1:00 PM Fabric & Fashion Judging Rendezvous Center 5:00 PM CAT SHOW Brand Room SUNDAY, AUGUST 1st 11:00 AM HORSE SHOW * Check In at 9:00 am Pavilion Programmed Ride, Trail Class, Ranch Riding Rodeo Events (start w/ Goat Tying), Barrels, Poles 7:00 PM 4-H Style Revue Rendezvous Cente

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