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Get in touch with us at info@rainbowhealthontario.ca. This tool is designed to help trainers use an integrated anti- oppression framework in sexual and gender diversity training. It is geared toward education for health and social service workers and advocates. The Training for Change Framework is based on discussions among social justice. Join us for our lunch and learn style anti-oppression and anti-racism workshops. Closed Captioning will be available for these events. ASL Interpreters can be booked by contacting office@pridetoronto.com a minimum of five (5) days prior to the event. Pride Toronto thanks the TD Ready Commitment for their support in presenting ASL Interpretation.

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Anti-Oppression/Anti-Racism Resources for Educators #ScholarStrike is a labour action and teach-in happening on September 9 and 10, 2020. Our Faculty has created an. The mission of the Centre for Anti-Oppression Studies is to develop resources to support the development of a network of individuals and organizations to provide ongoing leadership to promote anti-oppression education, action, and practise. The Centre provides ongoing training to assist individuals, human service agencies, and communities to. Education and Training. The Canadian Race Relations Foundation is committed to providing support for transformative education and training initiatives in the pursuit of eradicating all forms of racial discrimination in Canada. Education and training initiatives focus on capacity building for organizations to create just, equitable and inclusive. the anti-oppression network. Leave a comment. this is a response to recent trans misogynist and trans antagonist flyers posted in the West End along Davie Street in Vancouver, BC and in parts of New Westminster, BC. this misguided campaign is financially supported by Paul Dirks and the New West Community Church

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• Rooting in anti-oppression work enables us to understand systemic and societal barriers that both uphold sexual violence and make it difficult for survivors to seek support . What we mean by oppression and anti-oppression — • The root of the word 'oppression' is the element 'press .' The press of the crowd Trends in Canadian Law Enforcement Today: Anti-Oppression. Over the past few months the WLU blog has taken a magnifying glass to some of the most pressing topics in Canadian law enforcement today, including cybercrime, fentanyl abuse and distracted driving. Our final post in the series is a shift in perspective Training for Facilitators. We offer rigorous training for emerging anti-oppression facilitators inside organizations and movements. With more highly skilled facilitators, the ground is more fertile for skilled, principled, and courageous action Rania El Mugammar is a Sudanese artist, anti-oppression consultant, and liberation educator based in Toronto. Rania's artistic and community work is deeply rooted in Black Liberation, Rania is a published writer, award winning organizer, speaker, arts educator, and multidisciplinary performer. Andrea Werhun is a writer, performer, and sex worker

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Anti-Oppression Consultants Leaders in Changing People, Systems And Cultural Outcomes KOJO Institute is a leading consultancy that partners with organizations to unlock their potential by navigating the challenges connected to equity, bias, diversity, inclusion anti-oppression and anti-racism Why an Anti-Oppression Perspective is Critical to Child Welfare Anti-oppression can be defined as the lens through which one understands how race, gender, sexual orientation and identity, ability, age, class, occupation and social service usage, (AOR, p. 2) can result in systemic inequalities for particular groups In an effort to raise awareness about oppressive behaviours, McGill has begun anti-oppression training for its students and staff who work in McGill residences Dr. Alina Turner and featured guests Jon Cornish (Co-Founder & President, Calgary Black Chambers), Jacky Habib (Journalist and Founder, New Lens Travel), Che.. Anti-oppression training allows students to understand power, privilege, and various forms of oppression while defining the diversity of our campus. Anti-Oppression Training, and working under an anti-oppressive framework allows organizations to operate in a fair, equitable and accessible manner

Anti-oppression Theory and Your Personal Role, Responsibility, and Agency in Indigenization In the Foundations Guide, [1] you learned about the many tactics that have been used throughout history and into the present to reinforce the oppression of Indigenous Peoples in Canada by settlers. Some examples include the creation of reserves and the theft of Indigenous lands; the residential school. This training presents actionable antiracism through an anti-oppressive and trauma-informed lens. Goals include ensuring that all employees receive an understanding of how to dismantle the system of white superiority that exists in our institutions while learning how to centre racialized individuals in conversations, projects and policies Anti-Oppression. Board-approved Feb 2007, Revised Sept 2008, Revised Aug 2014, Revised April 2018. The Board of Directors of the Alliance for Healthier Communities is committed to embedding anti-oppression in all aspects of its governance policies, processes and practices. Increase access, participation, equity, inclusiveness and social justice. Topic: Direct Action Diversity & Anti-Oppression Organizing & Strategy Training Fundamentals By themselves, rulers cannot collect taxes, enforce repressive laws and regulations, keep trains running on time, prepare national budgets, direct traffic, manage ports, print money, repair roads, keep markets supplied with food, make steel, build. * 3.5-hour anti-racism/racial justice training that is in the context of a many-day training for phone volunteers with a sexual offense services agency. In the larger training they are covering many aspects of oppression/liberation dynamics, as well as hands-on skills & site visits to hospitals, police stations, etc

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  1. Training & Workshops. The Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office offers professional development courses to increase faculty and staff's understanding of their roles/responsibilities and key strategies to advancing racial equity, diversity and inclusion at U of T. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all training sessions will be.
  2. Makram Ayache's workshop, Anti-Oppression and Canadian Theatre Criticism was of real value for the Canadian Theatre Critics' Association. His facilitation of discussion around the Pillars of White Supremacy, intersectionality and other topics, coupled with a series of practical scenarios particularly germane to arts journalism, was especially useful in the break-out sessions
  3. Kudos for anti-oppression training. HEIGHTENING AWARENESS—CUPE 23 members Bogdan Demidas (l) and Alistair Maduray say that anti-oppression training can make a big difference in culturally diverse workplaces. BURNABY—A new version of the Creating Social Justice course provided by CUPE's Equality department is receiving accolades from.
  4. 01/21/2020 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm - This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the basic principles of Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression. Participants will have an opportunity to consider how oppression occurs and is maintained in society and within the organization. Participants will be challenged to consider the ways they can act, individually and collectively to address oppression.
  5. 02/26/2020 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm - This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the basic principles of Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression. Participants will have an opportunity to consider how oppression occurs and is maintained in society and within the organization. Participants will be challenged to consider the ways they can act, individually and collectively to address oppression.

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In this series of modules, participants will, uncover the dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression in society; understand the definition and role of allies in creating anti-oppressive environments; take steps to become an ally. Featured Anti-Oppression Facilitation Training. ARC designed this training to increase the capacity of local anti-racism and anti-oppression trainers and educators, Anti-Racism Collaborative (ARC) is offering a low residency training (22 spots only) on best practices to ground facilitation skills in anti-racism and anti-oppressive practices understanding how racism, sexism, homophobia, and all other forms of oppression affect each one of us. • Until we are clearly committed to anti-oppression practice all forms of oppression will continue to divide our movements and weaken our power. • Developing an anti-oppression practice is life long work and requires a life long commitment

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The anti-oppression training motion is a direct result of the Black Lives Matter movement and a subsequent report submitted by Regina's Black-African Canadian Community to the RPSB last September Anti-Oppression and Equity Training. Urban Alliance on Race Relations. Tools for Change- Activism Training. Harmony Movement. Indigenous Cultural Competency Training. Children's Peace Theatre Anti-O Training and Workshops. Anti-Oppression, Inclusion, and Equity Education (Rania El Mugammar) Rainbow Health Ontario- LGBTQ+ Health-Based Training YK worked with Fractured Atlas on an ambitious anti-oppression training program for our entire staff. Over the course of a year [they] guided us through a thoughtful exploration of the systems of oppression, and challenged us each to better understand the roles that we play, both as individuals and as an organization

  1. The AOIP Foundations course began as a 6-hour training and has evolved into 3, 2-hour sections to increase accessibility and accommodate virtual learning. Anti-Oppression Informed Practice (AOIP) is a movement to align clinical practice with the wider vision of social justice
  2. Resources for anti-oppression and anti-racism including books, courses, video, articles, and helpful documents for talking to young adults and children. Training SE™ Professional Training Certificate Progra
  3. nature of anti-oppressive practice is evident from the phrase itself. Anti means it opposes, oppression is what it opposes, and practice is the context to which it operates (p. 1). Baines (2011) argued that anti-oppressive practice attempts to integrate the search and struggle fo
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  5. Anti-Oppression work seeks to recognize the oppression that exists in our society and attempts to mitigate its affects and eventually equalize the power imbalance in our communities. Basically there are certain groups in our society and communities that hold power over others based on their membership in those groups
  6. Anti-Oppression Training. Many groups ask for a basic anti-oppression training as a start to their group conversations around this question. At COCo, all of our anti-oppression trainings, including the more basic ones, are tailored to the context of your group and the particular anti-oppressive issues you are facing

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19. Freedom School Toronto. As a youth- and parent-led group, Freedom School Toronto works to combat anti-Black racism in the school system, providing year-round opportunities to help generate systemic change. 20. Federation of Black Canadians At the heart of efforts and initiatives seeking equity in child welfare is the achievement of equitable outcomes for all children, youth, and families. Anti-oppression or anti-oppressive practice (AOP) can be understood as a framework for working towards equity. In the child welfare context, equity also entails A Rationale for an Anti-Racist Entry Point to Anti-Oppressive Social Work in Mental Health Services By Charmaine C. Williams, Ph.D., Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto, Canada Abstract. Anti-oppressive social work must address equity and social justice issues across a wide range of social difference

Anti-Oppression is an Approach, Not a Set of Rules. We may really want significant change in our organization. We may be seeing a lot of pain and hurt caused by a lack of structure, support or accountability. In that context, policy might seem like the obvious starting point. However, anti-oppression is an approach to analyzing our. Anti-Oppression, Equity, & Identity Workshops. We have co-facilitated transformative workshops on power, oppression, privilege, and intersectional identity since 2013 (and even longer as individuals!). Our trainings are grounded in current research, facilitation best practices, self-reflection, and applied exercises Anti-oppression education is directly linked to other socio- political sectors and institutions. Education reform isn't a cure-all, former U.S. president Barack Obama, tweeted recently. In 2017, we consulted with Barb Thomas to develop an anti-racism and anti-oppression workshop for our volunteers. Barb is a social justice facilitator, writer, and activist, and with Tina Lopes, the co-author of the award-winning book, Dancing on Live Embers: Challenging Racism in Organizations (2006) COMPETENCY, ANTI -OPPRESSION, & SOCIAL JUSTICE: Making Connections with Advocacy and the Experiences of Survivors . Michelle Dixon-Wall, Resource Sharing Project Coordinator . 7/2016 . Social Justice . Anti-Oppression Cultural Competency . Non-Discrimination . Diversity . 7/2016


Anti-Oppression CADA/West stands together with several other Canadian dance service organizations in support of fostering a healthy, safe and equitable culture to practice dance in Canada today. Read our statement in.. As many of you already know, Amnesty Canada (ES) engaged Anti-Oppression Consultant Yamikani Msosa in 2018 to help conduct staff surveys focused on understanding staff demographics and providing opportunities for staff to share experiences of oppression and other behaviours that undermine the emotional and psychological safety of a workplace Introduction to Anti-Oppressive Practice: Challenges for Social Work By Steven F. Hick . This Special Edition of Critical Social Work is a collection of papers from the Annual conference (2002) of the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work held in Toronto Anti-racism and anti-oppression frameworks of practice are being increasingly advocated for in efforts to address racism and oppression embedded in mental health and social services, and to help reduce their impact on mental health and clinical outcomes. This literature review summarizes how these t This training will introduce participants to a survey of anti-oppressive concepts informed by community conversations, academic research, and Makram's experience in socially conscious pedagogy. This workshop will be conducted over Zoom in two parts. Both sessions are included in the registration fee: Part 1 - Tuesday, October 20 - 6-9 p.m. ES

Anti-oppressive practice (AOP) has taken root in social work as an effort to raise social justice commitments in the profession, and to improve outcomes for those it serves. AOP's influence is strongest in Canada, the United Kindgom, and Australia (where it has been a feature of social work education for more than fifteen years), and to a. Anti-oppression and equity This includes training, technical assistance, resource sharing, events, conversations and short-term workgroups. We also host the following ongoing workgroups; anyone concerned with racial equity in the DV/SA advocacy field in Oregon is invited to contact us for more information regarding meeting times and membership Thesis: Oppression is a root cause of sexual and domestic violence. Therefore, doing anti-oppression work is sexual violence prevention. Many sexual and/or domestic violence prevention efforts seek to change conditions that directly contribute or relate to such violence. For example, they may strive to improve young people's understanding of, and ability or willingness t Right now I am doing my 200h Yoga teacher training and I am so glad that I found your Podcast with all this valuable information. I lern something new in every episode! Love from Germany. A breath of gratitude. April 9, 2021 by MicheleCormier from Canada Anti-Oppression in Sport: Resource Page As part of our ongoing commitment to anti-racism and anti-oppression (AR/AO), and in an effort to integrate an ongoing practice of decolonization into our organization, Quidditch Canada is making publicly available a database of resources to further disseminate this information and integrate the practice.

Based in Winnipeg, MB, Red Tent is a volunteer run organization that provides education and creates awareness about anti-oppression, safer spaces, and consent culture. We do this by providing evidence based consultation and training for organizations. We also partner with festivals, venues and events to create anti-oppressive safer spaces As many people focus on continued efforts toward demonstrations, resource sharing on social media and signing petitions to call for justice and racial equality following George Floyd's death, some may have heard about anti-oppression and cultural inclusion training and wonder what they are and where they fall within allyship. Anti-oppression is really about thinking about the power that.

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  1. The training is part of D.A.R.E.2 Project (October 2020 - March 2022) funded by the Government of Canada. Phase 1 of the training commences May 2021 and will include two virtual workshops via Zoom. Namely, Anti-Islamophobia 101 Workshop and Countering Cyberhate 1O1 Workshop. Phase 2 of the training will commence September 2021
  2. Allies for Change provides anti-oppression education, training, and resources for individuals and organizations committed to social change. Believing that justice work is deeply spiritual work, our programs invite participants to sharpen their tools for structural change while enlarging their capacities for compassion, hope, and joy
  3. ist, anti-racism, anti-oppression (FARAO) framework is a set of values and a way of analyzing and addressing social issues that is very important for service providers in the non-profit sector. According to the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI), an anti-racism, anti-oppression policy is essential for Recognizing, acknowledging and critically engaging the issue
  4. A clear effort is being made to indoctrinate people into opposing the ideas of individual rights and individual responsibility that are at the heart of the Western Civilization upon which Canada is based. The Post Millennial has reported on the so-called 'anti-racism' training being pushed by the federal government. And as absurd as you may have imagined it would be, the reality is probably.

Trends in immigration to Canada Personal and cultural biases in working with refugees Promising practices in working with refugees; About the Facilitator Fadi Ennab. Fadi Ennab is a Training Facilitator at Mount Carmel Clinic where he works on developing and delivering trainings on anti-oppression and social equity Anti-Racism Approach. This training approach examines racial oppression, white privilege, power, and social justice. It examines systemic forces that affect race relations and highlights the ways in which privileges for white people historically have been legitimized and perpetuated for centuries through laws, economics, and political and. Tri-County Domestic & Sexual Violence Intervention Network Anti-Oppression Training for Trainers Created by Carol Cheney, Jeannie LaFrance and Terrie Quinteros, 2006. 503.287.9628 ext. 2. www.actforaction.org Privilege Points Questions Use a blank piece of paper to score yourself based on the points gains or losses below. 1

Regina Public Schools to move forward with mandatory anti-oppression training. The latest numbers on COVID-19 in Canada for Tuesday, March 9, 2021. South Korea agrees to 13.9% increase in its. Mandate yearly and mandatory anti-oppression training for all faculty, staff, and students with a specific component on anti-Black racism, facilitated by a member of the Black community with expertise in diversity training and facilitation. More opportunities for Black and non-Indigenous students to build relationships with Indigenous students

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of Addressing Anti-Asian Racism: A Resource for Educators. The TDSB has been a leading board in addressing equity, anti-racism and anti-oppression. Strengthened by its Equity Policy and the Multi-Year Strategic Plan goals, the TDSB has centred the work of equity and anti-oppression as foundational in our work as educators Module 2: Anti-Racism in Action: Exploring Power, Privilege and Allyship in the Workplace; Module 3: Inclusive Leadership: Moving Beyond Diversity towards Racial Equity (For People Leaders) In addition to our Equitable Workplace program, we have developed several training options around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with a broader lens as well The University of Guelph is launching a new anti-oppression and anti-racism online training module for all students, faculty and staff. Developed by U of G's Office of Diversity and Human Rights, the module is called Principles of Belonging: Anti-Oppression and Anti-Racism and is now available on CourseLink.. The training provides core principles to foster more inclusive spaces and. passing the Anti-Racism Act, 2017, which enshrines the Anti-Racism Directorate in law, and legislates an evaluation and renewal of the strategic plan every five years. launching the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan, a four-year, $47-million commitment to help reduce disparities for Black children, youth and families

The Anti-Racism Learning Series was designed to provide information on issues around racism and systemic barriers that exist for marginalized and racialized groups in Canada. It provides access to tools, job aids, courses, workshops and events on topics such as anti-Black racism, unconscious bias, disaggregated data, mental health and the. Anti-Oppression Psychotherapy™ (AOP) is our approach which integrates an analysis of intersectionality, and More intersectional violence into psychotherapy. The model we developed examines the role of factors of identity and systemic oppression based on race/indigeneity (racism/anti-Black racism, anti-indigeneity, colonialism), socioeconomic status (classism), gender (sexism/misogyny. This two day, 6 hour training is designed for theatre artists, educators, and leaders interested in deepening their understanding of Anti-Racism and 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusion. Makram Ayache is a Lebanese-Canadian community-engaged playwright, director, actor, producer and educator who splits his time betwee As the next generation of social workers in a continent bedecked by oppressive customs, it is cardinal that the voices of social work students be heard. This study aims to share the reflections of Nigerian BSW students about anti-oppressive approach to professional practice.,Drawing on a qualitative approach, semi-structured interviews were conducted among fourth-year social work students at.

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Anti-oppressive practice is an emerging international framework for psychotherapy and counselling that stresses the clinical relevance of recognising privilege, as well as challenging systemic barriers in communities and societies beyond the confines of clinical sessions (e.g., Ansara, 2019; Brown, 2019; Corneau & Stergiopoulos, 2012; Reeve. ANTI-OPPRESSION RESOURCE AND TRAINING ALLIANCE www.aortacollective.org. the US women earn approximately ¾ of what men earn in a lifetime. White Supremacy and Racism • Black men and boys are incarcerated at 6 times the rate of white men and boys in the US Despite Great Progress in the Last Decade. Biphobia, homophobia and transphobia still exist in the workplace and remain under-represented in diversity and inclusion conversations. Only 59% of organizations communicate strong leadership message on the importance of LGBTQ2+ inclusion in the workplace to all employees Although it is not fully clear what the total organizational structure means, Tator and Henry (1991) list some of the major issues that anti-racist training addresses. These include the following: 1. Examining the historical roots and contemporary manifestations of racial prejudice and discrimination in Canada. 2

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Learn about the history of white supremacy and how it connects with capitalism, imperialism, hetero-patriarchy, ableism, and other systems of oppression. For suggestions about where to start, check out the reader from the 2015 Anne Braden Program Develop an equitable future in research and society through education and subsequent continual practice. We are offering a Certificate in Critical Consciousness and Anti-Oppressive Praxis (CCC&AOP) to graduate students and postdocs, specifically targeted to those individuals in STEM

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Our Commitment to Anti-Racism. Pflag Canada recognizes the historic and ongoing injustices caused by systems of racism and oppression in Canada and around the world. We also recognize our responsibility to approach our work within the LGBTQ2S community through an intersectional lens, and to elevate QTBIPOC (Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous and. Canada. KTG offers diversity and inclusion training. TR. By Tammy Lindsay Schneider, The three sessions include Applying Anti-Oppression in Communities, held on May 5 from 7-9 p.m.

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Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression: Anti-Bias Education Implicit Bias - Teaching and Learning in a Diverse Classroom Implicit bias, or unconscious bias, refers to subtle cognitive processes of forming judgments that happen so fast that they often operate below conscious awareness and can be based on stereotypes or unexamined and limited. Source: Wong, H. and Yee, J. Y. (2010),An Anti-Oppression Framework for Child Welfare in Ontario, Toronto, Canada, Anti-Oppression Roundtable for Child Welfare in Ontario, Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies. doing so will require critical self-reflective practice and educational training on what is privilege and oppression. The. Anti-Oppression. We believe that those seeking to engage anti-oppressive practice belong to a very special community. Our goal is ensure that we can tailor our services to those specialized needs. So whether you are looking to build on already established initiatives, or you are just at the beginning of your AOP journey, our client-centered. Using anti-oppressive and anti-colonial theoretical frameworks we analyze a recent example and demonstrate how the selection process to determine immigration eligibility disadvantages people with disabilities. Implications for social work are discussed. Keywords ableism, anti-colonialism, anti-oppression, Canada, disability, immigration. (July 6, 2021 / JNS) The government of Ontario, which includes the city of Toronto, is allocating $327,000 for teacher training and student support to combat anti-Semitism in the Canadian province. Anti-Semitism is a scourge and historic evil that must be eradicated from our schools and communities, said Stephen Lecce, Ontario's minister of education

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patients. 11 Recommendations for change include training health care providers in anti-racism, anti-oppression and decolonialization, as well as routinely collecting race-based data in partnership with racialized communities. Finally, the Black Medical Student Association of Canada provides recom