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a www.hi10spro.com productions presents how to slice a two-handed backhand. We did this with a slight release. you want a bow shape through contact high to.. VISIT CTW ACADEMY HERE:http://ctwacademy.com SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL:http://www.ctwacademy.com/youtube-sub... FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK:http://facebook... The two-handed backhand (2HBH) is a unique and deadly weapon that, when used properly (and backed up by a reliable one-handed slice), will encourage your opponents to hit to your forehand. Your browser does not support the video tag.2HBH Lock, Load and Explode:A conspicuous absence of a lag phase typifies the 2HBH In this video, you will learn how to hit the two-handed backhand. Djokovic, Agassi and A. Zverev have arguably the best two-handed backhands in the history o..

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Rotation of the body and backswing are second in line. When hitting a two-handed backhand, power can also come from stepping into the ball (lateral force), but also from rotating the upper body around the head (angular force) to lessen the degree from the backswing. So, it is obvious that the two-hander has an edge over the one-hander. 8 But the ascent of the two-handed backhand in the '70s, led by Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert and Bjorn Borg, soon enough purged the slice from the family estate. Though Steffi Graf deployed it superbly.. The motion of the slice backhand goes from high to low, so your first movement is up above the shoulders as you can see here with Nadal. To reach this position, he is going to turn his hips and shoulders, loading his weight onto his back leg, and bending his arms slightly in an upward position

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Jonas, Great topic for conversation. Yes, I absolutely believe that the slice backhand can be a weapon! I had a decent two-handed backhand when I was younger and have recently gained confidence in using it again, but during the time in between, I developed a decent slice backhand that allowed me to remain competitive at my level In this video, you will learn 3 ways to hit a slice backhand.1. The Federer Slice2. The Nadal Slice3. The Djokovic SliceSecond Channel (Intuitive Tennis Shor..

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And for advanced players the 2 handed backhand is usually an absolute weapon most times with a one handed slice backhand used to grab balls in a balanced manner that 2 hander doesn't allow for. THE GRIP. The Grip should be Continental (same as mentioned in my post about the Toss). You can also use a Double Eastern grip n today's game, the slice backhand is an essential shot that allows players to control and change the depth, height, direction, speed and spin of the ball. Almost every professional player, whether he or she has a one-handed or two-handed backhand, pos-sesses a slice backhand that can be used in some manner

On the two-handed backhand, you coil and uncoil much more than you do on the one-handed backhand. And let's just face it, two hands are going to be stronger than one. And this is the reason that not just a check mark goes in the two-handed box for the high ball, but a big check mark cause this is a huge difference Get your FREE membership to ET Academy and IMPROVE your game now: http://www.essentialtennisacademy.com/————————————Want to start winning. The two-handed backhand only began to catch on at Wimbledon 40 years ago. In 1974, Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert, then boyfriend and girlfriend, both won the tournament using two-handers. Starting.. Bjorn Borg's two-handed backhand was a looping marvel. The remarkably slow takeback on his off wing was mesmerizing, as if one could take two entire breaths, waiting for the stroke to develop...

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  1. The slice: a critical mitigation for the two handed game. Players who develop two handers from the beginning reduce the development of strength and coordination in the right arm. This hurts the player's backhand volley strength and agility. This can be mitigated with extensive compensation training on the backhand volley
  2. ant hand forward. This will lead to an over rotation of the body and affect the shot. Ideally, both arms should.
  3. For most of the 20th century, the backhand was hit with one hand using either an eastern or continental grip. The first notable players to use a two-handed backhand were the 1930s Australians Vivian McGrath and John Bromwich.Beginning with Mike Belkin, who was the first two-handed backhand player in the United States, and Chris Evert, in the 1960s many players began to use a two-handed grip.
  4. I've read from a number of different sources that the two-handed backhand slice is virtually impossible to hit properly. In addition, I've seen a number of teaching pros discourage hitting the two-handed bh slice. I am wondering however, haven't there been a number of top pros that hit the two..
  5. Two Handed Backhand There is a global misconception that learning technique that tour professional players use is something that is unobtainable for the average player and something that novice players should not attempt

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Eastern Backhand/ Semi-Western Two-Handed Backhand Grip. This tennis grip is done by putting your left hand in a Semi-Western forehand grip while your right hand is in the Eastern backhand position. This is a common variation amongst men on the professional tour. This grip is ideal if you want to produce topspin in your backhand His slice backhand worked in every way: as a rally shot, as a passing shot, for the lob, and on the return of serve. It was multi-faceted. It was incredibly versatile. And above all else, it was unmistakably elegant. 3. JIMMY CONNORS Watching Connors launch into one of his two-handed backhand drives was one of the great joys for all erudite. Generally speaking, players with two-handed backhands have fewer options on the backhand wing. Two- handers often lack solid one-handed slice backhands, which means their approach shots and their. I personally use the two-handed when I far from the net and I need to hit safe balls, and one-handed in the rest of the time or when I have to reach difficult balls that the two-handed wouldn't let me do it. I prefer hitting one-handed because of the slice bonus, but the two-handed helps a lot with consistence and power. So, switch it

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The backhand grip chosen will depend upon whether you hold the racket with one hand or two and whether you intend to hit topspin or slice. The racket's angle in your hand will be adjusted to make the kind of shot you want to hit easier, although a few players even manage to hit the ball with the same grip for both forehands and backhands His two-handed backhand has long been one of the best in the business and of late he has improved it even more, having developed his own version of the slice. He uses the slice defensively. Two handed backhand. One handed backhand vs. Two handed backhand. October 26, 2016. CoachUp. Nadal-Federer and Sampras-Agassi are two of the biggest tennis rivalries of the last 25 years. They are icons looked up to by young tennis players. Both rivalries have a player that hits a 1 handed backhand and the other hits with 2

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  1. The Backhand Slice is a great alternative to the Backhand Topspin. The Backhand Slice is often used by One-Handed Backhand players because of their ability to disguise the shot. One-Handed and Two-Handed Backhand players use the Slice to:. Change up the pace; Hit Low or High Shot
  2. The two-handed backhand is an especially good stroke for a beginner to use. I have found many beginners, especially youngsters, don't have the coordination or strength to hit a solid backhand with.
  3. The Ending. The ending for the slice backhand is very simple. I will give you only four reference points to focus upon that are fundamental commonalities in all great slice backhands. The first reference point is the formation of the left and right arm during the final ending position of the stroke
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  5. Basically the backhand slice has some parallels to the one-handed topspin backhand. It doesn't matter if you are one-handed or two-handed, for the slice you always use one hand only. We consider the next steps from the perspective of a right-hander. Left-handers only have to mirror these steps
  6. It's not that suitable for flat or slice shots. It's a popular grip since Roger Federer uses it at times along with Justine Henin. Richard Gasquet also has a great backhand stroke with the Western backhand grip. Backhand grips for the two-handed backhand stroke: The Eastern backhand grip is the best forehand position for the left hand

Tennis Backhand - One-Handed vs Two-Handed Backhand Most tennis players, at some point, have questioned whether they should use a one-handed tennis backhand or a two-handed tennis backhand. In this video, Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov will analyze the major differences between both strokes and go over the pros and cons of each backhand The two-handed backhand is the middle child, the steady glue that holds the family together, but when necessary, able to flex its muscle. And then there's the one-handed drive, the special. Two-Handed Backhand Cons. Reach - You will be losing about 2 to 3 inches. Slice - Your slice isn't as natural as a one-handed backhand player's would be Novak Djokovic's two-handed backhand rarely falters. Its rock-solid reliability and excellence shine on both offence and defence, against diverse playing styles, and most impressively, when returning serve. Rick Macci, rated a Master Professional by the U.S. Professional Tennis Association and who has coached some World No. 1-ranked players, analyses the Serb's much-celebrated stroke To me at least in the modern era, he was the best player with a great two-handed backhand that developed a slice, Patrick McEnroe said. When I see young kids playing now, a lot of them that have.

Two-handed backhand. The reason why the majority of instructors coach their players to apply this backhand is that it ensures your shot has more stability and shot power. You might think you don't require an extra hand as you grow, but it would be challenging to hit balls around the shoulder, especially when using the one-handed backhand Mats Wilander, who was ranked No.1 in 1988, was one of the first of the stars with a two-handed backhand to make effective use of the one-handed slice. Now it's almost a prerequisite.

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The two-handed backhand gives players much more control of where the ball is going, improving accuracy. Angles. The two-handed backhand is by necessity a more compact stroke with much less arm extension. With a tighter stroke (where the racquet is close to the body, not extended), it is far easier to hit tight angles from anywhere on the court. The one-handed backhand allows for greater reach than the two-handed backhand does because it is not held back by the dominant arm. Accuracy. The one-handed backhand employs the dominant arm as the only part on the racket at contact, which allows the one-handed backhand to hit low balls, and give them much more pace and penetration The backhand is the tennis shot where the player swings the racket with the back of the hand moving towards the direction of the stroke. For a right-handed player, the backhand swing starts on the left side of the body and it ends on the right side of the body (opposite for lefties). This shot can be performed with one arm or both arms In the game of tennis, a backhand is a tennis stroke in which the racket travels across the player's body, striking the ball with the palm facing towards the chest and the back of hand moving towards the opponent on the follow through. In tennis, a backhand stroke can be one handed or two handed. There are advantages to each. With steady practice, aspiring tennis players can develop their. Even if you are hitting spin, such as a slice backhand dink, the spin comes from the paddle path, not the wrist. What can you do to stabilize the wrist and create a shorter swing for backhand dinks? The first is to hit a two-handed dink. Place your non-dominant hand to the top portion of the grip with the palm facing toward the net

A good slice backhand will go through the air like a bullet, stay down low off the bounce and penetrate deeper into the court. Variety and drop shots: By using a slice on your one-handed backhand. Pete Backhand Slice Return and Attacking the Net Posted on March 30, 2014 by Mike Van Zutphen Posted in NetPlay , Returns , Slice , VTreturn | Tagged Mike VanZutphe

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With the difficulty of using topspin on the backhand, the slice gives you the best spin early in your development. To hit a slice, there are three key steps. First, you will want to have your arm (or arms, if two-handed) bent when you reach back to begin the shot I have a two-handed backhand. I consider it my best shot. However, in juniors, my weak spots were the backhand slice and the backhand volley. I did not use them much. However, once I got to college, I was inspired by my coach Mel Purcell who was a top 20 ATP player with one of the coolest bunt one-handed backhands I have ever seen backhand definition: 1. (in sports such as tennis) a hit in which the arm is brought across the body with the back of. Learn more The Two-Handed Backhand. Many of the principles discussed for the one-handed backhand apply to the two-handed backhand as well. You want to set up sideways with your dominant shoulder, hips, and outside of your foot towards the net. Your knees should be bent, feet separated more than shoulder-width with the front foot further in front

There are two types of backhand shots. One is one-handed and the other is a two-handed stroke. The players decide their shot according to their terms. In this article, we are going to discuss the one-hand backhand stroke. There are many highlights to the one-handed backhand. The modern one-handed stroke has more torque and topspin Slice. Andy plays his slice as a classic one-handed shot and has a textbook take back and follow-through. He often incorporates this shot into his rallies for change of pace, change of spin and for approach shots. He sometimes just floats his slice backhand deep, without much pace and other times zips it over the net low and fast Tennis Backhand Slice #3: Step into the Slice. Now that you have your weight loaded on your back foot and the racquet back all the way you are ready to step into the slice. Step into the ball just as you would on your one or two handed backhand with your foot angled around 45 degrees give or take. Tennis Backhand Slice #4: Swing to Contact

The two-handed backhand is most commonly used with the forehand hand holding the racquet with a Continental grip and the non-dominant hand holding the racquet with a Semi-western forehand grip. While this is by far the most common way to hit a two-handed backhand, there are players who use different ways of holding the racquet for a two-handed. In some ways, the two handed backhand almost locks the arms in a position that may be very robust, but lacks the same flexibility in the wrists as the one handed backhand. Therefore, the one handed backhand allows you to whip up the back of the ball very quickly, using the natural flexibility and strength of the wrist to impart more spin on the. Two-Handed Backhand Power Lesson One; Two-Handed Backhand Power Lesson Two; Two-Handed Backhand Open Stance; Module 3; One-Handed Backhand Topspin Lesson One; One-Handed Backhand Topspin Lesson Two; One-Handed Backhand Power Lesson One; One-Handed Backhand Using The Legs; One-Handed Backhand Hop Step Footwork; Module 4; Slice Backhand Lesson.

Slice - Your slice isn't as natural as a one-handed backhand player's would be. Body Shots - It's more difficult to make a return close to the body. Preparation Time - The physics of swinging with 2 hands vs 1 hand is such that a one-hander is more flexible to a variety of heights and proximity to the body 4 Keys to a Stronger Two-Handed Backhand. Until January of this year I had a one-handed backhand that I wasn't too excited about. I had spent a lot of 2011 angsting over whether I should switch to a 2-hander. Clearly there were pros and cons to both. And the biggest advertisement for a 1-hander was Roger Federer (for a master class in the 1.

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His slice wasn't too bad either. 8. Bjorn Borg: The modern populariser of the two-handed backhand. He was one of the first players to be able to hit great two-handed backhands both with topspin and flat. Another really consistent guy with great passing shots on the backhand as well to deal with serve-and-volleyers in the past. 7 Footwork Revolution - First Step - Volley Footwork Reaction Drill 1. Footwork Revolution - First Step - Volley Footwork Reaction Drill 2. Footwork Revolution - First Step - Volley Footwork Reaction Drill 3. Footwork Revolution - First Step - Smash. Footwork Revolution - Before Contact - Shorter Balls in 2 Steps I BELIEVE a 1 handed backhand is suitable for more net play. A 2 handed backhanded is for more baseline play. Please someone expand on this. If you look at the pros, even players with great two handed backhands can hit slice one handers and one handed squash shots when stretched The two-handed backhand is used primarily as a topspin shot. While it is possible to slice the ball, it's more difficult to do and less efficient than using the one-handed backhand. The Two-Handed Backhand Grip. Place your dominant hand on the bottom of the handle in a continental grip Some like the one-handed backhand, and the advantages to that is it allows for better reach, a more natural slice, and more disguise on different types of shots. It used to be almost exclusively the type a backhand every player played with, but the modern game has a lot of two-handed backhand players as well. One-handed vs Two-handed Backhand

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Two-Handed Backhand. It wasn't until the 1970s when players like Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors, and Chris Evert burst onto the scene that the two-handed backhand started to emerge. These days, the two-handed backhand is by far the most popular backhand across the sport Learn about the open stance on the two-handed backhand from USPTA Professional Mark Bey. Two handed backhand-Square stance. Two handed backhand-Closed stance . No comments yet. Slice (4) Transition (Approach) (48) Two Hand (171) Two-hand (168) Wide (10) Forehand (463) Center (79) Combinations (74) Inside In (34) Inside Out (54 On the men's tour, only three players use the one-handed backhand and the remaining 17 top players use the two-handed backhand. On the women's tour, all of the top 20 players in the world use the two-handed backhand. Because the two-handed backhand gives you more stability and support, it allows the top players in the world to easily return. For example one handed backhand creates the perfect slice and backhand volleys while two handed backhand is good for generating topspin backhand shots. Due to reflexes and the fact that most of us are comfortable using one hand, chances are that you will only be able to adopt one of these shots well

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The two-handed backhand is an effective shot in the tennis groundstroke game. Many players prefer to use the two-handed backhand because it is easier to learn initially, but this stroke will require the same amount of practice and repetition before it can be mastered c) Two-Handed Backhand Grip. The method for finding the right grip for your two-handed backhand is very similar, and your objective is to eventually hold the racquet with an Eastern forehand grip with your non-dominant hand and with a Continental grip with your dominant hand These are good times for the oft-criticised one-handed backhand. For the sport's first 100 years, the one-hander was the predominant weapon of choice for players at all levels. That changed dramatically after superstars Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors, and Chris Evert popularised the two-handed backhand in the 1970s. Recently, a surprising late-bloomer ignited the traditional one-hander's.

The slice backhand is a key part of any serious tennis player's arsenal. It can allow you to return a low-bouncing ball easily, facilitate an approach shot, return a ball more easily from a defensive position or prevent your opponent from getting into a rhythm by varying the pace of play If you are looking to hit your slice backhand, would be best off using a classic continental or slightly open continental grip. There are different extremes of eastern backhand grips, with Dan Evans or Ivo Karlovic using a more neutral, relaxed grip and Richard Gasquet or Stan Wawrinka using a more extreme eastern grip Two Handed Backhand. Now here's the modern backhand, the one that's only really recently came to prominence in the last few decades. Metal rackets and strings brought with them more of a focus on power and strength and that's where the two handed backhand really shines.. At first a unique oddity amongst professional players, the two hander became massive as the prominence of the ones. So, in my mind, every two-handed player should develop a strong and potentially offensive one-handed slice backhand. These slice shots can be particularly offensive when playing on faster surfaces like found on grass courts or indoors. The major disadvantages to the one-handed slice involve floating the shot A two-handed backhand would have allowed them to produce more consistent power off returns and balls struck above shoulder height and to better compensate on off-center hits. slice, flat and.

But his backhand also offers versatility that is hard to overlook. Tsitsipas hits a great topspin drive, he has mastered the slice and chip, as well as a block, that he sometimes uses as an effective return-of-serve tool. But what I like most about the Greek's backhand is the way he seems to be able to hit a top-shelf shot while on the move It would be great if you could do an instruction for the one-handed slice backhand. I feel that the principles are different than for one-handed topspin or two-handed backhands. Stefan Berg November 14, 2014 at 3:26 pm - Reply. This is a good session, with good demonstrations of how to hit the shot Make sure that the footwork is different from a standard backhand to a slice. This is especially true for people who have two-handed backhands most of the time. A slice is usually going to be one-handed, so the preparation is different. Players can reach a bit more with one hand, but won't have that off-hand to provide quite as much power

two-handed definition: 1. Something that is two-handed needs or involves the use of both hands at the same time: 2. Learn more The backhand is not an easy shot to master but once a player develops a proper backhand stroke, it is a very effective and formidable tool to summon in every game. You now know that the backhand can be performed with one or two hands. The one-hand backhand was the more preferred by tennis players for most of the 2oth century. However.

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Among the top players who followed Federer—Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray—the answer has been to develop a one-handed slice to complement their two-handed backhand First of all u didn't ask single or double hand one or u asked both . Best backhand doesn't mean power it means accuracy placing DOUBLE HAND - Novak & murray both can do whatever they want to do with this down the line cross court everything . I l.. What is a backhand in tennis? Wow what a question. My initial thought was, duh, so easy to explain. Then, I realized not so much. If you are right handed (reverse everything for left handed), you'll hold the tennis racket with your right hand and.